INQUA 2015 Nagoya Day 2 (July 27)

Compilation of tweets on XIX INQUA Nagoya, posted on Monday, July 27, 2015. Please inform @yaskondo if you want to add your tweets. Tweets before July 26: Tweets on July 26: Conference twitter: @INQUA2015Nagoya
INQUA Zaragoza 2019 @INQUAZG19

Spanish Quaternary committee supporting #INQUAZG19 at the nice icebreaker #INQUA2015 See you all soon at conf. venue!

2015-07-27 05:47:54
Early Pottery @EarlyPottery

Exploring Nagoya before the start of #INQUA2015 - looking forward to the opening ceremony today

2015-07-27 06:11:33
Keely Mills @KeelyMills

talk practice run complete - now time to get it together to get to the #INQUA2015 opening ceremony!

2015-07-27 08:36:45
Open Quaternary @OpenQuaternary

Still looking for somewhere to publish your #INQUA2015 session? Contact us about a special collection in Open Quaternary! #openaccess

2015-07-27 08:43:24
Prettier in Pink @PalaeoEnto

Worse. No coffee or food provided for those who have to wait 4hrs outside conference. Poor show. #inqua2015

2015-07-27 09:15:44
Prettier in Pink @PalaeoEnto

People starting to complain now in the little room. Making the point of having paid but cant go to the ceremony. #inqua2015

2015-07-27 09:32:27
Prettier in Pink @PalaeoEnto

And also turns out there are no shops or cafes near congress centre. Badly organised opening for the sake of royalty. #inqua2015

2015-07-27 09:39:17
Steven J Phipps @StevenJPhipps

Opening Ceremony starting shortly, plenty of security around, excitement is building! #INQUA2015

2015-07-27 10:02:58
Yasuhisa Kondo 近藤康久 @yaskondo

Here is a compilation of tweets associated with #INQUA2015 , tweeted before July 26 @INQUA2015Nagoya

2015-07-27 10:38:42
INQUA Early Career Researchers @INQUA_ECR

Hey, young earth scientists out there, don't miss today's ECR session at the #inqua2015 congress in Nagoya, 5pm.

2015-07-27 11:11:36
Jean Louis Morel @JeanLouis_Morel

26 Jul/2 Aug, 2015, Nagoya, Japan - Quarternary research to minimize the effects of environmental disasters #INQUA

2015-07-27 11:20:18
Steven J Phipps @StevenJPhipps

Enormous honour to have the Emperor and Empress of Japan attend Opening Ceremony for #INQUA2015. Charming and politely attentive throughout.

2015-07-27 11:36:44
Helen @helenC_P

#INQUA2015 officially open after the opening ceremony with the Emperor and Empress of #Japan !

2015-07-27 11:39:40
Shaun Eaves @GIShaun

Spotted a landslide dammed lake in the mountains between Tokyo and Nagoya #INQUA2015

2015-07-27 11:41:42
INQUA Early Career Researchers @INQUA_ECR

There will be two ECR sessions at #inqua2015 - today 5 pm and tomorrow 9 am, in room 143. Don't miss them!

2015-07-27 12:18:29
Jessica Blois @jessicablois

Off to #INQUA2015 for my plenary talk! Excited for it, and all the talks this week!!

2015-07-27 12:58:39
Dr Robyn Inglis @rhinglis

#INQUA2015 survival strategy for those used to the higher latitudes

2015-07-27 13:27:55
Sea Level Research @SeaLevelNTU

Congratulations to @bobkopp receiving the Sir Nicholas Shackleton medal at #INQUANagoya for his work on Quaternary sea-level change.

2015-07-27 14:26:23