INQUA 2015 Nagoya Day 4 (July 29)

Tweets associated with XIX INQUA Nagoya (#INQUA2015) on Wednesday, July 29, 2015.
radu ioviță @iovitza

Getting ready for session H21: Paleoenvironments and human adaptations in Central Asia at #INQUA2015 bright and early this morning...

2015-07-29 07:11:46
Open Quaternary @OpenQuaternary

Made a splash at #INQUA2015 #HaBComm meeting yesterday. People are ready for a gold #openaccess #Quaternary journal with low or waived APCs!

2015-07-29 07:41:42
Dr Nicki Whitehouse @Fossilbeetle

Nice to meet some #HabComm people at business meeting last night #INQUA2015 thanx for coming along after a long day!

2015-07-29 07:44:17
Christopher Darvill @chrisdarvill

Up and ready for #INQUA2015 Day 3. Be sure to catch MIS 3 Glaciation today: 11-1, 5-7 Room 131. The final talks are all about Patagonia :-)

2015-07-29 08:19:33
Yasuhisa Kondo 近藤康久 @yaskondo

#INQUA2015 Human dynamics in hot deserts session opening at 224. Atsushi Noguchi @fujimicho invites us for dinner.

2015-07-29 09:04:28
Christine Lane @ChSLane

Great to see old friends & new faces at the INTegrating Ice Core MArine & TErrestrial records network evening #inqua2015 Thanks for coming!

2015-07-29 09:06:04
Yasuhisa Kondo 近藤康久 @yaskondo

[Cont.] Please contact Atsushi @fujimicho if you want to join sake party of H14 "hot deserts" people this evening. #INQUA2015

2015-07-29 09:11:48
Christopher Darvill @chrisdarvill

Really excellent opening sea level talk by @DrTashaBarlow at #INQUA2015 on gradual change in Nar Valley MIS 11 record

2015-07-29 09:27:21
IAG GeoarchaeologyWG @IAG_geoarch

.@INQUA2015Nagoya participants are actively tweeting about the congress this week. Check it out the hushtag #INQUA2015 ! #geoarchaeology

2015-07-29 09:34:20
Ed Garrett @EarthquakeEd

Big audience for a great talk by @DrTashaBarlow on interglacial sea level to kick off today at #inqua2015

2015-07-29 09:39:18
Dr Becky Farbstein @beckyfarbs

Honoured to be part of yesterday's session on origins of ceramics @INQUA2015Nagoya & great to meet everyone @EarlyPottery ! #INQUA2015

2015-07-29 09:39:32
David Nash @davidjnash

Come and have a chat about MSA human mobility in the Kalahari (14:00-15:30 today, poster #125) #inqua2015 #silcrete

2015-07-29 09:55:41
Wiley Earth and Space Science @wileyearthspace

Are you interested in #QuaternaryScience? Take a look at this free sample issue from 'Boreas' #INQUA2015

2015-07-29 10:31:09
Abi Stone @AbiStone

Come talk about using a portable luminescence reader for rapid first assessment of ages. Poster 204 #inqua2015

2015-07-29 10:45:41
Pete Langdon @Palaeolimnology

Top talk from @HelenMackay_ at #INQUA2015 on peatland carbon accumulation rates and the env factors that influence it over long timescales

2015-07-29 10:53:24
David Nash @davidjnash

Great talk by @markthesandman on the controls of aeolianite formation & preservation. Key is linking the onshore/offshore record #inqua2015

2015-07-29 11:30:17
Simon Goring @sjGoring

Sad I'm missing #INQUA2015 but I'm pretty stoked about booking a houseboat in the harbor for #ESA100! @Pal_EON

2015-07-29 11:53:40
Christoph Gruetzner @ch_gruetze

Beautiful desert images shown by @SLBurrough plus great work on OSL dating in arid areas #inqua2015

2015-07-29 11:59:03
Christoph Gruetzner @ch_gruetze

Interesting session on the latest hot stuff in quaternary dating now at #inqua2015

2015-07-29 11:59:05
Suzanne Pilaar Birch @suzie_birch

Great morning session so far (I'm coauthor on Vander Linden and Wragg Sykes-presenting for @LeMoustier!) #INQUA2015

2015-07-29 12:06:04
Christine Lane @ChSLane

Looking forward to the SHAPE project meeting Sat 13:00-14:00 [432]. Hear about progress connecting records around S Hemisphere #INQUA2015

2015-07-29 12:07:45