Josh Grisettiが「宝塚では結婚が許されていないのは公正か?」と問いかけた結果。

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Josh Grisetti @JoshGrisetti

Japanese fans: Q. "Takarazuka" girls are not allowed to get married. Do you think that's good/fair for these performers? 🙄😐🤔 #discuss

2015-11-27 18:55:03
Hitoe Nishino @hitoen9

@JoshGrisetti Not fair at all!No one can't stop lovin someone💞but same rule in other performer groups(not musical)in🇯🇵.Is it our culture?Hmm

2015-11-27 19:03:56
Josh Grisetti @JoshGrisetti

@hitoen9 I agree!! I find it appalling. Anti-freedom. Anti-love. In America, there would be public outcry and probably a major lawsuit. 😡👎🏼

2015-11-27 19:08:06
Hitoe Nishino @hitoen9

@JoshGrisetti yeah, it would turn out to be a big strike in US! But it also means Takarazuka has such devoted & passionate fans, I guess.

2015-11-27 19:11:50
Josh Grisetti @JoshGrisetti

@hitoen9 but the fans are mostly other women. Why would they want the performers not to fall in love and get married and families? 😱😰

2015-11-27 19:15:17
Hitoe Nishino @hitoen9

@JoshGrisetti TOTALLY AGREE.Guess..some fans know they're women but think them as their'imaginary lover'so don't want them love someone else

2015-11-27 19:22:29
Hitoe Nishino @hitoen9

@JoshGrisetti ok..if I went too far(already?),I would be socially dead😱but I adore u as a performer&want u to be HAPPY in ur life #loveisall

2015-11-27 19:30:37
Josh Grisetti @JoshGrisetti

@hitoen9 that's not healthy. For the fans or the performers. So I can't accept that as a valid reason to continue this archaic practice! 😤

2015-11-27 19:36:20
Hitoe Nishino @hitoen9

@JoshGrisetti I can't either!But I'm not a fan nor organizer of Takarazuka so hope u can hear from them.Guess no valid answer would come out

2015-11-27 19:44:30
Hitoe Nishino @hitoen9


2015-11-27 20:07:32
Josh Grisetti @JoshGrisetti

@LovePhangel it's terrible!! The fans and the performers should stop this. #Takarazuka #CantStopLove Let's start a campaign!!

2015-11-27 19:09:50

@JoshGrisetti Agree I think Takarazuka culture is strict But people in Japan sometimes are strict with other performers when they're married

2015-11-27 19:17:10
AKI @tiktak_aki

@JoshGrisetti It isn't fair, but most pop girls' group r not even allowed to make boy friends. So Takarazuka rule didn't surprise me much!

2015-11-27 19:16:23
AKI @tiktak_aki

@JoshGrisetti Hard to explain! I would simply say it is culture!

2015-11-27 19:43:28
Waka @wacanoe

@JoshGrisetti In terms of Takarazuka 100years of history, it was originally established as training association for wedding, it's acceptable

2015-11-27 19:24:58
Josh Grisetti @JoshGrisetti

@wacanoe Tradition or history should not limit the rights of living, breathing and loving human beings! ❤️❤️❤️

2015-11-27 19:37:31
asuka @violet_str

@JoshGrisetti I disagree that.I think that it should be permitted a woman beyond the constant age(ex over35). be continued…

2015-11-27 19:12:15
ポンず。 @sayaramin

It's just not fair... I think marriage should be free.…

2015-11-27 19:34:36
Josh Grisetti @JoshGrisetti

@sayaramin YES!! ❤️❤️❤️🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

2015-11-27 19:38:06
KAHO/歌穂 @kahoinjapan

@JoshGrisetti that's not fair of course. I'm not fan of them so I can't say anything about it. But all we need is LOVE!

2015-11-27 19:55:58
KAHO/歌穂 @kahoinjapan

@JoshGrisetti your women..? You mean have so many girlfriends!? Haha

2015-11-27 19:58:12
Josh Grisetti @JoshGrisetti

@kaho19970325 no, I just admire them the most!! 😍😍😍😁

2015-11-27 20:40:53
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