1001spikes プレイ感想等

1001 Spikes(サウザンドワン・スパイクス) 面クリア型2Dアクションゲーム Steam/PS4/PS Vita/Wii U/3DS DL配信のみ 価格1000円 XBOXLIVEインディーズゲームで発売されたタイトル「Aban Hawkins & the 1000 SPIKES」のバージョンアップ版 プレイ中詰まったり、クリア後に楽しみたいツイート集
ゲーム 死にゲー ダウンロード ドット絵 チップチューン アクションゲーム

オリジナル版「Aban Hawkins & the 1000 SPIKES」は日本のインディーデベロッパー、8bits fanaticsによって開発され、2011年1月、Xbox LIVEインディーズゲームで発売された。好評を博したそれを北米のマネージメント会社Nicalisと共同でブラッシュアップ、リメイクしたものが「1001spikes」。

Fragger [TFCon DC Prep] @Axnollouse
Oh god, 1001 Spikes hits today. I really liked it quite a bit on XBLIG but god damn was that hard as fuck
John Matthew @GreenZombie04
The guys who made #1001spikes don't have a soul. Love the difficulty! 3-1 is crazy
Jonathan Higgins @radicaldefect
I died 63 times in World 2-5 alone. I so love that this game keeps track of exactly how many times I've died in each level. #1001Spikes
Greg Wiggleton @GregWiggleton
Not only is 1001 Spikes awesome, the music is fantastic! #WiiU
bruh momeny @smurfee_mcgee
The new music in 1001 Spikes is damn good.
Kyle Ren, RN @getatmeperry
@ACMacKenZ reminded me that #1001Spikes came out yesterday on 3DS. 75 deaths in, I've now taken to laughing at every cruel trap the game has
Adonis Baldera @KoumaDunk
This would be funny if it wasn't so damn annoying. #1001Spikes #WiiU pic.twitter.com/DMwnikXeQO
Landon Peterson @lpeter31
2-5 was a beast. I don't know if I've got what it takes to finish #1001spikes #PS4share pic.twitter.com/cTb20sqzOA
James @Mmm_Doggy
Fuck you 2-5 in 1001 spikes. That is all.
Renaud Bédard @renaudbedard
The music in 1001 Spikes is soooo goooood
Johns @Johns____
Aban Hawkins and the 1001 Spikes is hard as fuck, but very fun. Music is also good.
たてあな @soranotateana
1000機使い果たすかもしれない勢いで減って行って笑う #1001Spikes
みちなが🦓 @fuji_michinaga
#1001spikes アクションの腕と関係ないとこで詰んでしまってる。かしこさがたりない。
OD @Origamidude
1001 Spikes is pretty rad, it's certainly tickling my nostalgia, and man is the music grand
Granilithe @granilithe
FUCK THIS FUCKING FUCK OF A FUCKING GAME! (p.s. game so good) #1001Spikes @nicalis @tyronerodriguez
Chris Fox @cjopant
I picked up Tomodachi Life and Mario Kart 8 yesterday, but I can’t stop playing 1001 Spikes. That’s damn near a perfect game right there.
Soma @Soma_XIV
I love that 1001 spikes costs 10.01 pic.twitter.com/KA82qell7y
Venni🐭 @vennimous
"Shit! fuck! dammit! shit! dammit! what the fuck I didn't know that was gonna happen!! FUUUUUCK!!!!" - Me playing 1001 Spikes
たてあな @soranotateana
やめられないとまらない。しかし精神力持たず一日に進める分は限られる。#1001Spikes #北米eShop pic.twitter.com/LVCTQVtsnW
Jacob J. Ritz @UltraJDude
I so did not know 1001 Spikes was out! Loving the new music, had no idea Rushjet was working on some of it, how awesome!
Psychedelic Eyeball @PsychEyeball
Damn you Key of Serpentis, you're my only obstacle in finally finishing 1001 Spikes and I have absolutely no idea where you are!