タイラーだけど何か質問ある? #TalkToTaylor 2

アプリゲーム「lifeline」「Silent Night」の主人公タイラーくんが再びブラックホールの淵からファンの質問に答えてくれました。 独断で何となく色分けしています。 ■ 赤→おそらく初出であろう世界観、キャラに関する設定 ■ ピンク→設定と必ずしも直結しないけどかわいい台詞 続きを読む
Lifeline @lifelinegame

Ok. Like a LOT of lights are blinking now.

2016-03-23 03:40:49
Lifeline @lifelinegame

Ok, there's this loud siren type thing making noise .. that's I guess .. a siren? I am pushing more buttons.

2016-03-23 03:44:02
Lifeline @lifelinegame

I think i'm getting a transmission thingy. But it's kinda garbled. It sounds like Taylor but it also sounds like animal from the Muppets.

2016-03-23 03:49:02
Lifeline @lifelinegame

Ok the computer panel i'm looking at is definitely confusing, but it seems like i've triangulated (eh...look at me!) the signal.

2016-03-23 03:52:24
Lifeline @lifelinegame

The computer here at HQ says 7 minutes. I'm guessing that's a good thing. I need a donut.

2016-03-23 03:53:11
Lifeline @lifelinegame

Thanks to everyone for helping me not freak out during this. If you could've seen the SCIENCE I just pulled off you'd be proud.

2016-03-23 03:54:44
Lifeline @lifelinegame

Ok .. I hear something. Oh geez.

2016-03-23 03:57:06
Lifeline @lifelinegame

The transmission is loud and clear and Taylor just said "I guess it's time to stop doing my Muppet impressions and get down to business..."

2016-03-23 03:57:37
Lifeline @lifelinegame

Ok y'all .. i'll see you later. Turning over the transmission audio and feed to Taylor. I'm gonna go get a donut. #tired #TalkToTaylor

2016-03-23 03:59:21
Lifeline @lifelinegame


2016-03-23 04:00:05
Lifeline @lifelinegame

[UPLINK ESTABLISHED] [incoming communication] [establishing connection] [receiving message] Hello? Anybody want to #TalkToTaylor ?

2016-03-23 04:00:39
Lifeline @lifelinegame

Is this thing on? I think I pressed the "ON" button, but it might be upside-down. I might've pressed the "NO" button by mistake.

2016-03-23 04:01:21
Lifeline @lifelinegame

@fetching_souls I miss normal gravity. I miss the smell of Earth. I miss SHOWERING. Oh, my gosh, do I stink.

2016-03-23 04:03:15
Miss Darkness @fetching_souls

@lifelinegame I thought you missed me more than everything else 😏

2016-03-23 04:04:22
Lifeline @lifelinegame

@fetching_souls Hey, fair enough... but until I've had that shower, you wouldn't want anything to do with me.

2016-03-23 04:27:18
fidaa @wtfidaa

@lifelinegame #TalkToTaylor hey Taylor, how's it going? I'm really hoping I'm not talking to a ghost right now

2016-03-23 03:55:59
Lifeline @lifelinegame

@fi_daaa I'm not a ghost! (Or, if I am, I don't know that I am. Which is the saddest kind of ghost.)

2016-03-23 04:04:03
fidaa @wtfidaa

#TalkToTaylor @lifelinegame I'd hope so, lol I thought I failed at being your lifeline last time we spoke. You're alive! I missed you man

2016-03-23 04:12:47
Lifeline @lifelinegame

@fi_daaa Missed you too! I'm a tough cookie, and I'm betting you are too. I'm not about to let you fail. Give it another shot.

2016-03-23 05:11:25
joy✨ @spcejoy

@lifelinegame #TalkToTaylor Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Very important.

2016-03-23 03:59:40
Lifeline @lifelinegame

@h8alyssa They both make some good points. I lean toward personal freedoms... but I sure like repulsor boots.

2016-03-23 04:05:25
Lifeline @lifelinegame

@fetching_souls Aww, thanks! I'm glad we could have this time together, then!

2016-03-23 04:05:52