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    #wdys People have been trying force to solve problems in the middle east for centuries. It's time to try other paths.Surely invasion wld lead 2 another #iraq.Long drawn out seemingly un winnable war with intangible benefits to the public #wdysDoes that mean you think Ahmadinejad is at the root of the problem? #wdys #irannuclear bombs = human stupidity #iran is wrong in having them, war = stupidity, if we use force we will be wrong as well #wdysProblem 1: The NP regime now lacks any legitimacy... 続きを読む
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  • 2011年1月19日: チュニジア(14) #Tunisia #sidibouzid #OpTunisia

    The problem with social media is that nobody really owns the scoop...Arab street doesn't seem hopeful AT ALL that Arab Leaders could come up with real solutions to social problems at Arab Summit. #sidibouzidUne Algérienne s'immole! Première femme arabe qui se suicide depuis #Sidibouzid #algeria2 days filming & reporting in #sidibouzid driving back 2 tunis 2 file reports bout uprising & Bouazizy family Incredible people #tunisiaRT :That's the real deal.Strong Collective Intel via network med... 続きを読む
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  • [JF3] JP(Japon) earthquake(Séisme) Info in French(Français..

    Selon la TEPCO, Rien de probleme a la centrale Daiichi, l'operation refroidissement est continuee #jishin_fMETEO: Le froid continue, Pleuvra et neigera par intervalles au nord-est,et au Kanto, Redoublent de violence vers midi au nord-est #jishin_fRien de probleme a la centrale Daiichi via #jishin_fRien de probleme aux centrales de FUKUSHIMA #jishin_fMETEO: Au 21, Il neigera et il pleuvra temporairement en debut d'apres midi. Et attention, au demain matin, il fera encore froid. #jishin_fMETEO ... 続きを読む
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  • 冬場の乾燥する季節では、インフルエンザ等の感染症対策として加湿と暖気が重要。マウスの気管粘線毛クリアランスの動画で確..

    Humidifiers are cheaper than HEPA but if mold is already growing in the home it could worsen the problem & strain the immune systemAs for public buildings, please sign our petition to the WHO to set guidance on humidity to combat respiratory infection. (End)over humidifyingMeasure RH, and use humidifier, particularly for your bedrooms. I use two high capacity humidifiers to keep RH 40% while sleeping.The impact of humidity on MCC is quite striking 👆🏽 Indoor RH during winter can drop dan... 続きを読む
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  • 2011年1月16日: チュニジア(7) #Tunisia #sidibouzid #jasminrevolt #O..

    RT tunisia sources say the presidential guard to be out of Premiere Ghanouchi's control he's unable to reign them in #sidibouzidNot by choice Though in exile we still play role Ur problem quick to judge on basis of little info about usAm reminded of what member of Assad family told me before my exile: if we can't have it, we'll burn it. That's their mentality #sidibouzid#Gaddafi, me and Nipplegate: Gaddafi, the Feminist?: #LibyaAt the risk of editorializing, I would say that Western journalis... 続きを読む
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  • 頭の体操

    ここ実は「there's no way I must solve the elementary math problems not using solutions you learn at middle school.」でもいける。"Sis, there's no way you can solve the elementary math problems not using solutions you learn at middle school." "Oh, I see.""You must examine every possible theory to explain implausible things before categorizing them into supernatural phenomenon."I'm disappointed with you that you're trying to ridicule me however I love supernatural stories.""You're a ... 続きを読む
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  • 2011年1月20日: チュニジア(16) #Tunisia #sidibouzid #OpTunisia

    RASSEMBLEMENT- NON AU VOL DE LA RÉVOLUTION DU PEUPLE TUNISIEN - Jeudi 20 Janvier à 18 heures -Place Felix Poulat à #Grenoble #sidibouzidIs there an embeddable version of El General's latest available?Just published: My article in Canada's "Meeting the UAE halfway" #Emirates #EtihadRemember if you are a corrupt dictator, Swiss banks are no longer a reliable pension (post-regime) plan ! #sidibouzid #swiss #suisseNawaat: La révolution tunisienne, son deploiement et ses tâches prioritaires: ... 続きを読む
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  • ティアニー先生 in 茅ヶ崎 2010年10月27日

    <PMH> DM (Type2), Cerebral bleeding <Meds> Multi-vitamin, Glibenclamide (SH) Tabbaco 20p/y , occational drinker, Allergy: cimetidineWhen doctor ask patient "Did you have EYE problem test?" He answered "I treated [Uveitis] before" "Coordination: smooth (Finger to nose: terminal tremor) Gait: stable (leaning forward)<FH> unremarkableDDX ==> Lymphoma, Solid tumor with metastases, Multiple myeloma, LeukemiaCerebral bleeding at 53yo is rare (Maybe we need to consider HTN, Trauma, AVM, Amiroidangio... 続きを読む
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  • 生活の中の英語表現(2012年7月版)

    生活の中の英語表現 discomfort index 不快指数 湿度が高いと急上昇 The discomfort index rises sharply when the humidity gets higher. #eigo生活の中の英語表現 elementary particles 素粒子 神の粒子発見 Last of the 17 elementary particles, the Higgs boson, is said to be found. #eigo生活の中の英語表現 leftovers 残飯 飼い犬の食べ物なんてそんなものだった Dogs used to be fed with leftovers but now, many only eat premium dog food! #eigo... 続きを読む
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