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  • Code4Lib Conference 2014 #‎c4l14‬ (英語有)

    O'reilly publishers provided a free ebook for every #c4l14 attendee #hellsyea feel like I'm on OprahGeohydra published a xsl to transform ISO 19039 GeoData to mods. #slurpsAllTheXSL #c4l14#c4l14 OH: "Well, it's academic publishing. So the review will last forever."Ronallo found that American academic libraries publishes under 10000 instances in 2012 - let's bump that # up #c4l14#c4l14 Westrum Active shelves - Extending the book at Oslo Public Library on VimeoLibrarian humor for the day: Dispa... 続きを読む
    3364pv 6 1 user 8 2014年3月28日
  • PyData London 2015

    : talks are recorded and will be published along with the slides (might be a few weeks though!) #PyDataLDN15"If you want to support open source projects publicly say you use them and write testimonials" - at #pydataldn15 YES PLEASE.Pub: The Flying Horse, 2mins east of Bloomberg, just off the squareGuardian's describing journalist project on Swedish water qualityThere are a number of pubs near the Old Red Cow that are decent so we've room to spread out.DESTINATION PUB: Bierschenke 10min walk s... 続きを読む
    1107pv 5 2015年6月20日
  • "Future Earth" tweets, January - June 2015

    My take on the #post2015 #SDG 0-draft published on the blog.We've just published our April 2015 newsletter with funding opportunities, vacancies, news on #SDGs & moreWe're publishing a scientific review of the proposed #SDGs today at 8pm CET/2pm EST, make sure you check back!Join us this evening for a public lecture on science policyJoin us Monday 1 June for a public lecture on science policyHow to better measure #post2015 progress? Submit comments to draft report public consultation atIntere... 続きを読む
    1144pv 2 2015年7月24日
  • 軍事板常見問題用データ集積現場,2018.10.19

    You can find Jamal’s latest column published in print Thursday. It is up now online:The Washington Post has published the final column of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi journalist believed to have been killed inside a Saudi consulateI hope it will be helpful to any RE newcomer who's afraid of x86 :) * Not for mobile. * Solutions to be published soon. * I feedback.The National Iranian American Council slammed Republican senator and demanded an apology after he said it would be 'terrible' if a DN... 続きを読む
    2649pv 5 2018年10月19日
  • What were you doing in 2001?

    , In 2001 bailed from doing vfx on tv commercials and started working on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (xbox 1)In 2001 (and the following 3 years) I worked on Fable for the original Xbox. Then foolishly did another 4 year project...in 2001 I was working in Dublin at Funcom and later in the UK at climax making Sudeki (the best damn looking xbox1 game ever)in 2001 we had just finished our work on Desperados :in 2001 I was at the same studio as working on their other stellar game. Numbe... 続きを読む
    875pv 1 2011年4月21日
  • #ESWC2015 のまとめ / Compiled list of tweets on #ESWC2015

    Publishing and interlinking geospatial linked data #eswc2015is not impressed being told to publish papers in PDF. #eswc2015TALN presenting work on Semantic Publishing at #eswc2015#ESWC2015 - Tutorial on Publishing and Interlinking Linked Geospatial DataCome check out our poster for the #Semantic Publishing Challenge at #ESWC2015 :)Semantic publishing challenge award goes to Poland. Gratulacje !! #eswc2015For those joining #ESWC2015 via Twitter: here's our poster about #CERMINE for the semanti... 続きを読む
    1046pv 2 1 2015年6月6日
  • FOSS4G SEOUL 2015

    Published a paper on our work on polio and Ebola. Downloadable from: #GIS #Nigeria #FOSS4GSo do we still use flickr to publish #foss4g pictures?Map publishing with or without programming skills! Soon at GBR B! #foss4gVisit our booth this week at the #FOSS4G conference for help with publishing spatial data on #OSGeo software from #ArcGIS desktop.Visit our booth this week at the #FOSS4G conference for help with publishing spatial data on #OSGeo software from #ArcGIS desktop.Public call for test... 続きを読む
    2119pv 13 15 2015年9月20日
  • 国際地図学会議 International Cartgraphic Conference 2019 TOKYO

    and most powerful tools for map-making in #Adobe come from Avenza #mapublisher #mapping #GIS #makegreatmapsPapers and abstracts of #icc2019tokyo is now online! They are published on the following pages temporarily.Digital version published *for free* by end of year. Pleased to be coeditor with MJ, , & ! #icc2019tokyo #SDGs #uwcartGreat meeting today with Tokyo City Government discussing map production and delivery solutions using #mapublisher #geographicimager #icc2019tokyo#MAPublisher and #a... 続きを読む
    560pv 1 2019年7月21日
  • Code for America Summit #cfasummit

    , IL publishes restaurant inspection data using LIVES standard, integrating w/ ! #cfasummitAwesome ETL session led by , hands-on data publishing using DataSync #cfasummitRethinking procurement w/ : Cities are publishing problems, sharing solutions via #cfasummitPentaho || kettle || spoon, breaks down ETL for publishing #opendata to . #cfasummitIs an online forum a legal alt for public comment anywhere? “: “Public meetings are dead.” #cfasummit”Likely that many in yr. micropublishing f... 続きを読む
    8691pv 3 2014年9月24日
  • ICWSM2012 Day 1

    possibly contributing to why men share more than women publicly. #icwsmGood point from audience: men and women are possibly socialized differently online (get different reactions when sharing publicly) #icwsm4sq check-ins are usually private, but we can utilize check-ins public in Twitter. This is a nice point of their observation. #icwsmfounders and in Dublin...great gathering of the best minds in social media...Lance and Hassan of in Dublin @ #icwsm330 delegates today at the #ICWSM. Sounds ... 続きを読む
    1897pv 4 2012年6月6日
  • PyData NYC 2015

    Awesome thing I learned at #PyDataNYC today: Buzzfeed publishes its data and code for every data article on Github:Excited about 's talk on The Cost of Public School! #PyDataNYC.’ presentation on NYC public school costs is one of the few that mixes data and social science. There should be more. #pydatanycThe public schools presentation by at #PyDataNYC nailed what data scientists and data journos have in common.#PyDataNYC, know a great contract Python developer in NYC interested in collabor... 続きを読む
    1285pv 8 2015年11月11日
  • 研究紹介リスト

    Mathematicians aim to take publishers out of publishing/Ecology: Mother frogs arm their tadpoles : Nature : Nature Publishing GroupEcol Lett, published online/Unifying cornerstones of sexual selection: operational sex ratio...> The drivers of tropical speciation : Nature : Nature Publishing Group/Art sales fund science : Nature : Nature Publishing Group/生態生態系相利共生ネットワークの構造特性および動態特性の出現 : Nature : Nature Publishing Group/Evolution: Bird... 続きを読む
    4885pv 5 2012年11月10日
  • Debconf19 のまとめ #DebConf19

    The Marseille mini-DebConf 2019 videos have been published:Many #DebConf19 videos already published! Thanks Debian Video team!Many #DebConf19 videos already published! Thanks Debian Video team! : 動画の公開が始まった#DebConf19 finished the DebCamp. Today Open DayThere is a barefoot woman here at the #debconf19 dinner. She is brave.The morning continues with "Caninos Loucos: Enabling Design and Manufacture of FOSSH in Latin America", "What's new in the Linux kernel (andet #liberté d... 続きを読む
    298pv 2019年7月25日
  • Code4Lib 2013 #c4l13 #c4ljp

    Got the publishing timing of my blog post wrong #c4l13#fedora4lib ok, think the Glacier-publishing sequencer is working/tested. Now to start looking at validate/restore REST resource #c4l13: Include public libraries!! #c4l13Digital Public Library of Americaの話。ドメイン名がいかしてる。 #c4ljpGoose Island Pull Request party for #Code4Lib! #c4l13 (@ A.J. Hudson's Public House w/ 3 others)#c4l13 Digital Public Library of America, Metadata Application Profile V3"Hacking the Digita... 続きを読む
    3411pv 2 4 2013年2月14日
  • 軍事板常見問題用データ集積所,2018.9.29

    to remain silent regarding this potential public relations nightmare."Seen through the prism of public opinion, the two-state solution is not dead in #Israel or #Palestine. But other dynamics are interfering.But now they are being punished.After flirting with authoritarian rule, voters in the tiny island republic of the Maldives made clear their preference for democracy last weekPolitical unrest and misinformation in the Democratic Republic of Congo is complicating efforts to control an alrea... 続きを読む
    2066pv 6 2018年9月29日
  • 北島康介選手の友人であり、最大のライバルであったダーレオーエン選手の全ツイート集

    Spanish Public Transport is shit!! Said 1,5 to the Airport.. took 3 hours.nice"It is a bad plan that admits of no modification." - Publilius Syrusaltså, eg går for mottoet "Less Is More", så eg anbefalerlite så mulig. Viktig å frekke seg for publikum!Svømmer bare stevne. Er i Pieter Van Der Hoogenband swim arena! Trenger noen norske publikumere!Thanks, will forward the wishes to her :)"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something." - Thomas Edisondoubling it... 続きを読む
    4587pv 2012年5月1日
  • JS.Geo 2015 まとめ

    City of Philadelphia "there has to be a better way" re: publishing PDF maps about the pope's visit. #jsgeo#jsgeo looks like a great show. wish I were there!Another shout-out for 's Sheetsee.js at #jsgeo byGrab a Geotrellis sticker and some info about the Summer of Maps fellowship program at the back table!Amazing visualization of stylish base maps with #mapzen #jsgeo. Great addition to a #geodirected worlddon't blink or you'll miss an demo. #jsgeo #velocitySheetsee.js for transforming google ... 続きを読む
    1732pv 13 3 2015年10月13日
  • BlackHat2012 1日目まとめ

    Shawn Henry #blackhat keynote says he's seen companies go out of business because of network incursions. Wish there was published details.New research project on protocol-level evasion of web application firewalls published in #BlackHatRanum: DHS should publish a list of IP addresses that they know are exfiltrating data at a given time. #blackhatI like this idea -> DHS should publish a list of IP addresses that they know are exfiltrating data at a given time. #blackhat”Say hi to #Apple at #... 続きを読む
    3681pv 1 1 user 2012年7月27日
  • Chrome Dev Summit 2013 #chromedevsummit

    First time Chrome #spdy numbers were published, by #chromedevsummit #perfmattersevery time I see performance talks I get deja vu to working in yahoo 6 years ago. still relevant what was published then #chromedevsummitNo Chrome Store for now on Android; Chrome Apps on Android will be a Cordova plugin; APK to be published at Play Store #chromedevsummit// Anyone in the audience have some Fisherman’s Friend / Halls lozenges for and that sore throat of his? #chromedevsummitThe new featured during... 続きを読む
    5195pv 1 2013年11月26日
  • 2015/11/28(土)(#jjug_ccc)JJUG CCC 2015 Fall 15:00〜16:50

    戻り型がPublisherになる #jjug_ccc #ccc_ef3reactive streams が提供するのは、4つのインターフェース、4つのうち publisher と subscriber が重要 #jjug_ccc #ccc_ef3publisher はただのコールバック、単体だと使いにくい、コールバック地獄になる、実装側でいろいろツールは用意してねという仕様 #jjug_ccc #ccc_ef3今GlassFishってどうなってるの #ccc_ab3#jjug_ccc OR #ccc_ab3 glass fish => payara な感じ。 ただ... 続きを読む
    1818pv 6 2015年11月28日
  • WWW2012

    #internet #researchers this is a paper you do want to read #www2012 #publi3MRT : apache #stanbol looks like a nice framework to semantically annotate and then publish your content, including UI support for that.Should we trust public #data ? I think this is the main issue. #www2012 #websciencesMerci #www2012, , , merci , , , et merci au public :) #QualitéPowaaJe vais tâcher de mettre en ordre mes de #ciuen et #www2012 ; et de les publier quelque part, puissent-ils servir !RT : Effects of th... 続きを読む
    1914pv 6 2012年4月21日
  • Alteryx:Inspire 2019 at Nashville #alteryx19

    interviews: Steve Scott, CTO at , , SVP at GS1 US, & , CEO, Publisher & Author at !My girl got published on KDnuggets! #datascience #womenofanalytics See her in action at #Alteryx19 Thursday at 11am 😎#publicsector user group kickoff at #Alteryx19 Inspire. Lots of sharing and networking.Hot off the presses for #Alteryx19! We are announcing a public beta for three new modules for Alteryx!My amazing friends from the City of Tallahassee are about to share their stories of Data-Driven change in... 続きを読む
    699pv 1 10 2019年6月16日
  • #githubjp Summary of "Git Internals: Graphs, Hashed, and C..

    published!: Went to "Git Internals: Graphs, Hashed, and Compression" at Yahoo! JAPAN #githubjppublished!: Went to "Git Internals: Graphs, Hashed, and Compression" at Yahoo! JAPAN #githubjpcommitish、treetishはそれぞれ、commit hashesとtree hashesの略。マシューはこのネーミングはダサいと思ってるみたい。 #githubjpThe playlist gets longer and longer. ;) thanks for the tip!commitish = shorthand for commit hashes たまに見る用語だけど俺が推論した意... 続きを読む
    3192pv 6 2013年11月15日
  • EPUBで縦組を実現するには? EPUB EGLS台湾会議 第1日目

    これらはまだpublic working draftとしてpublishされていないが、tech plenary 1st week of Novemberまでに見通しが立つだろうHere is it: RT ElikaからCSS WGのcurrent Statusについての説明 #epub_eglsEGLS_O1 Solution B (kojiishi): INTERLINEAR ANNOTATION の説明 #epub_egls機能要求をgoogle spreadsheetに並べて投票して優先順位を整理中 #epub_eglsSolution proposals: pros / Cons , other business, 明日5時までに終了 #epub_eglsA, B, D3にはそ... 続きを読む
    4720pv 26 15 users 2010年10月5日
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