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  • DH2013:収集中

    Jack Elliott - "the sun has set" on the heavily adverbial/adjectival romance novel, the consequence of "style" #dh2013Go get that cocky protoss!!! #DH2013Video game without characters or plot: Luxuria Superbia #DH2013 #DigitalCulture": Video game without characters or plot: Luxuria Superbia #DH2013 #DigitalCulture "via : Video game without characters or plot: Luxuria Superbia #DH2013 #DigitalCulture's just been eating them one after the other for days. It's been more than a little disturbing.... 続きを読む
    6308pv 7 1 user 1 2013年7月17日
  • G 7コーンウォールサミットでのXRの活動と争点、結末

    Uns steht das #WasserbiszumHals – Klimakrise in die Medien!HAPPENING NOW Extinction Rebellion block exit to G7 in Carbis Bay. all traffic stand still.Lockons & samba band blocking Higher Stennack, to prevent #G7 leaders leaving St Ives.BREAKING: Clean gas is a dirty lie! and are blocking the entrance to SSE Peterhead this morning.Due to carbon lock-in & path dependency, further #FossilFuels investments undermines achieving #ParisAgreement’s goals👇But only 19% of companies listed in G7 ... 続きを読む
    2197pv 25 62 2021年6月4日
  • 葬式でかけてほしい曲 - 松山晋也/JOJO広重/中屋浩市

    私の葬式でかけてほしい曲 vol.25 "Peter Hammill/Ferret And Featherbird "葬式にかけてほしい曲 その65 Gato Barbieri 「Last Tango In Paris」私の葬式でかけてほしい曲 vol.53 "Cockney Rebel/The best years of our lives"葬式にかけてほしい曲 その63 Ronnie Lane and Slim Chance 「Roll On Babe」私の葬式でかけてほしい曲 vol.68 "Tangerine Dream/Ricochet Part 2"葬式にかけてほしい曲 その61 Dolores Keane & John Faulkner 「Paddy's Gree... 続きを読む
    6501pv 34 2 users 2011年5月8日
  • #Readercon のハッシュタグついたツイートを集めただけのもの

    "cockblocked by doctor who." -- #readerconbut...but...newbie rhymes with boobie. RT : The word I loathe more than any other: "newbie" #readerconThe word I loathe more than any other: "newbie" #readerconAny chance others here for #readercon?The "Unexamined Assumptions" panel was ENTIRELY made by , who rocked the house when she got a chance to speak. #readercon#Readercon 's 6pm reading will not be naughty steampunk as I claimed. It'llbe naughty high fantasy erotica w/ exquisite verbiageWe are i... 続きを読む
    3436pv 4 2012年7月16日
  • #Twiliocon

    The team will be at #TwilioCon shaking hands and kissing babies.Jonathan Coulton performing at #twiliocon! #JonathanCoultonBack here again. #TwilioCon (@ Concourse Exhibition Center - )It is disturbing, but there are some bright and passionate people working to end it. #twilioconTwimlbin now validates the new Message, Media, and other MMS related verbs. cc #twilioconFeelin' verbose? can now handle 1600 characters per SMS. #TwilioCon #boomAre you leveling the playing field or exacerbating the ... 続きを読む
    5476pv 5 2013年9月19日
  • #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 のまとめ(3/1)

    #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 bulb CREA DISACODE el GANGLION LANCER>>Bee Accidentally Encounter e:cho GUARDIAN HACKER MECHANICAL TEDDY インディーズ限定でかつUVERworld L'Arc〜en〜Ciel abingdon boys school Acid Black Cherry ONE OK ROCK FACT coldrain Fear From The Hate sever black paranoia ヒステリックパニック ##自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 ACID MAN THE BACK HORN トルネード竜巻 凛として時雨 COCK ROACH fra-foa e... 続きを読む
    3446pv 2019年3月4日
  • ツイッター版『ロミオとジュリエット』パート1

    Another superb performance from City Blue shirt is it !?!2 hours Jess, 2 sodding hours and he finally rocks up. What an absolute cock! Now four hours of pleasantries. Bite me.The Prince of Pussy's has just walked in - the "courageous" captain of cocks!The only thing I FORBID is anything evening hinting at Twilight or Edward Bloody Cullen! ;o) Other than that, go wild girl! xxxHaving cocktails with the younger members of the workshop programme. Great fun.Dick head dad in the morning. SUPERB!Wa... 続きを読む
    5431pv 3 users 2010年4月17日
  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その52 21年12月後半

    Serbia blocks Rio Tinto’s plan to mine lithium after protests#ChKoch, #MitchMcConnell, #JoeManchin, #MZuckerberg, #RMurdoch, have an unimaginable sway over the fate of humanity. :For an act of peaceful civil disobedience to block an oil pipeline, a judge designated Jessica Reznicek a "terrorist" and gave her a draconianUnblock and restore their account!There is nothing more important right now than being in nonviolent resistance to force that power to shift.Train fares going up, aviation su... 続きを読む
    596pv 8 1 2021年12月19日
  • DH2014

    They've implanted computers in cockroaches - should not be too far from there! #dh2014#dh2014 fascinating talk by Geoffrey Rockwell on the history of viz in text encoding. New insights on Busa's concordance processVacances 😍 maintenant c'est direction #SuperBesse #frenchcup #bike #dh2014Sperberg-McQueen: many humanities models "show", rather than "do" #dh2014#dh2014 #WanderingRocks #Ulysses are there approaches that offer productive engagement with the text, enhanced reading#dh2014 and now... 続きを読む
    4110pv 6 2014年7月11日
  • ツイッター版『ロミオとジュリエット』パート2~4/17朝から4/25ロンドンマラソン朝まで

    COCKY PRICKLittle scroat spilt alcocrap all over me. Muppet. Quick change already! No chance that tool was coming in. No chance.are an ABSOLUTE COCK!There is no chance he is leaving in one piece. No chance!hey babe thanx for the tweet of encouragement to earlier xRomeo won't stand a chance. If he takes after his father it'll be over in seconds. Maybe I should tie my hands together, give him a chance?Eye eye captain of cocks - that's funny coming from the Prince of Pussy's. How Is the eye by t... 続きを読む
    3653pv 2 users 2010年4月25日
  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その45 21年9月前半

    #fairyCreekBlockade protest on Vancouver Island now considered largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history with 882 nonviolent directWe are the living that defends itself Love and rage Harrie/Anaïs , France #ClimateEmergency #ecocide #earthfastRead this thread and tell me again how climate activists blocking roads inconvenienced you on your way home.Please Support France We must act now to protect biodiversity and Earth #ClimateEmergency #ecocideIn first-ever joint statement, the w... 続きを読む
    535pv 4 2021年9月3日
  • #twittermodeltrainshow 世界中の鉄道模型マニアが自慢の模型を投稿

    One of the first Roundhouse models to be retrofitted with working draincocks.#TwitterModelTrainShow Here is Mostar Yard in OO gauge. Belgrade, Serbia ThxLAYOUT - Gunterbahnhof Frankenland: This is a HOe Scale layout set in Franconia, built by John Hills.Thank you! #TwitterModelTrainShow Layout Tour (2019) - Llancot Railway #1 viaMore #TwitterModelTrainShow from #Serbia 🇷🇸: some scale models in different sizes.Freelance in concept, a mixture of prototypical shire tramway rolling stock an... 続きを読む
    7339pv 24 2 users 2020年3月25日
  • #sagecon 3rd Sage Commons Congress

    Merely a mockup “: : Journal of Open Science - is that a mockup!? #sagecon”Coase model... cool cockroach being used by flies... Larry Lessig from Harvard #sageconCockroach again being pushed by gnats, i.e. the lobbyists. Larry Lessig from Harvard #sageconJournal of Open Science - is that a mockup!? #sageconRT:“: Journal of Open Science - is that a mockup!? #sagecon”'Endpoints are largely arbitrary from patient perspective' #sagecon #unplugged#SageCon Rocks #OpenScience, our latest pos... 続きを読む
    2582pv 5 1 user 2012年4月21日
  • #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 のまとめ(2/28)

    #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 L'Arc~en~Ciel BUMP OF CHICKEN CHARCOAL FILTER THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT 蜉蝣 176BIZ メトロノーム the studs cocklobin R指定MY FIRST STORY LOKA Fanta Zero Coaster サザーランド ONE OK ROCK BREAKERZ CYNTIA Acid Black Cherry ViViD 403 Forbiddena #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選#自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 ORANGE RANGE UVERworld SHAKALABBITS ONE OK ROCK GOLLBETTY BIGMAMA KNOCK OUT... 続きを読む
    7206pv 2019年3月4日
  • 2020 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting

    #rat #scammer #help #adoptmetrading #adoptmetrads #barbie #tradingadoptmetrading #tradingroyalehigh #barbie #keisyo #meganplayz #earthquake #A 105 year old Co-operative Bank #CKP Bank in #mumbai will now be closed after the #rbi decision.🏦 #stockmarket #business #bankingexams #businessmotivationIn other news, Buffett, 89, is enjoying a Coca-Cola #YFBuffett #cocacola#UnlimitedHolidays #LOCKDOWN2020 #whenwewereoutside #WhenWeTravelAgain #Whencoronavirusisover #TheWorldoftheMarried #YFBuffett... 続きを読む
    1140pv 2020年5月4日
  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その33 21年3月前半

    We have proof: Wind turbines can thrive in cold weather.Good thing, you didn't make it over to the Mickerbrook shared path as well. A frames at both ends. You would have no chance. 😢Eine sichere Zukunft bietet nur ein konsequenter #Atomausstieg.Superb radio interview with international lawyer & Ecocide Law legal expert panel member recently aired on Clarification on drafting &Why has silenced ? Peaceful anti-HS2 campaigners another #HugeInconvenience for the powers that be? #UnsilenceHS... 続きを読む
    1563pv 8 1 2021年3月2日
  • Agile Testing Days 2019 #AgileTD

    Agile lessons from the ski slopes - Linda Knickerbocker. Thanks to for the advices and encouragement to just get started and share!on #testing strategies at #AgileTD with a sample template for it and also a beautiful background of Serbia :) #SoftwareTestingLinda Knickerbocker shares what she's learned on the ski slopes that helps people learn agile development. #agiletdUnconscious bias. Eat before an interview... otherwise you’ll be “hangry”! #AgiletdDetection, Absorbing, Deduction and ... 続きを読む
    2027pv 1 2019年11月12日
  • #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 のまとめ(3/2~)

    #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 GASTUNK DIR EN GREY CRAZE COCK ROACH THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT lynch. アヲイ LUNA SEA ムック ACIDMAN#自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 PADLOCK WRENCH ヌンチャク SOBUT FULLSCRATCH BACK DROP BOMB COCOBAT envy Hawaiian6 X JAPAN#自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 Janne Da Arc Acid Black Cherry ONE OK ROCK MY FIRST STORY 鬼束ちひろ 上木彩矢 Cocco 天野月子 Aimer 阿部真央#自分... 続きを読む
    6447pv 7 2019年3月4日
  • lakiさんの英語教室(2010.8~2011.8)

    ambience: 周囲の状況、環境、雰囲気(atmopsphere) >ambient:周囲の(surrounding)、場所全体のThere is a chance 可能性はある。どうだろ~っていう時に使えます。強調するときは普通はstrongです。good chanceも聞きますかねぇbuffet:1)a blow, as with the hand or fist. 2)a violent shock or concussion. 3)strike, as with the hand or fist.herbal tea:ハーブティー。herb teaではない。Hは発音されない。アーボーチくら... 続きを読む
    5268pv 4 2010年8月1日
  • Thank youの日

    #ampunkt Und der 333. tweet wird zur ehrerbietenden Verbeugung: HARALD FIDLER SUPERSTAR!!! #thankyou and #goodnightdont get #cocky now say #thankyou boyyHello Francois ! Thank you for becoming a follower! How is Paris today? #thankyou #followme#THANKYOU Nick. #confirmationconfirmed#DearBlackberry Please come up with a way 2 block all mass BBM messages with the next BBM upgrade. #thankyou#thankyou 4 the RT #YouRockDANCING!!!!! #GOCATSGO #thankyouhood chick jus went in for an interview my chanc... 続きを読む
    3872pv 2010年3月11日
  • 「ユーロ危機」で開催された欧州サミットで、英国が「26対1」の立場に。

    Serbia should have been given EU candidate status now. Shortsighted and unwise by the nations that blocked. All Balkans belong to Europe.Bagehot again, must read, on last night's negotiations: Bottom line: Cam got cocky, overplayed hand.As long as you recognise that it's what we'd propose, not what we wd insist on as we aren't the arbiter in these circumstancesTelegraph: Britain blocks EU treaty change: reaction: As Britain blocks EU treaty changes aimed at resolving the...Britain blocks EU t... 続きを読む
    7992pv 16 2 users 5 2011年12月10日
  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その18 20年7月後半

    Something alarming the barber told me: before lockdown, their commercial bin had to be emptied every month.I'm tired of encountering wilful ignorance, bigotry and hate. We have to do and be better. A thread 🧵We've been fucked over by politicians who have care more about their pockets than us.To #FaceTheClimateEmergency, we must acknowledge that mass damage and destruction of ecosystems - #ECOCIDE - has led us here.Join us right now to take action against #BlackRock together: #ClimateCrisis... 続きを読む
    1430pv 14 1 2020年7月16日
  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その40 21年6月後半

    HAPPENING NOW Extinction Rebellion block exit to G7 in Carbis Bay. all traffic stand still.Companies would far rather destroy this stock rather than sell it cheap or give it away, in case it depresses the ability to sell people moreGreat piece , thanks Vice. "The 200 Words That Could Save Life on Earth" is a superb headline.Gulf South marchers are blocking our white house entrance, and we aren’t moving 🔥🔥🔥🔥have ploughed billions into locking us into further climate chaos.”on u... 続きを読む
    1522pv 14 2021年6月15日
  • ジョゼ・アルド、マクレガーの試合後を笑い飛ばしたら世界中から「お前その相手に13秒でやられただろ」批難される。

    What are you laughing at?! I sneezed and end up missing your fight with McGregor. #13Seconds #AnotherBitterBumHerbThis dude is really a herbSame herb that got laced by Notorious in 13 seconds 🤣🤣🤣Seconds. You’ll never have another chance due to 13. Seconds. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Canvas. Unconscious.I'd last longer with Margot Robbie than you did with ConorCried like a little bitch wanting a second chance. Brazilian pussyFancy another shot at Connor in the octago... 続きを読む
    11784pv 2017年8月28日
  • ジョニー・デップの裁判:ACLUへの追及、証拠画像の科学捜査、ハードの愛犬密輸事件、ポール・ベタニー他(2021年6..

    #RobbieKaplan blocking dv survivors, talking about us like we’re less than, all the while her and Tina conspiring with predators.really takes the punch out of the YA epic she concoctedHer expert provides tables showing some of the images have inconsistencies (Pg 21) They ref UK Sherbornne doesn't dispute the Date and Time,Taking into account the fact that AH abused Tasya & accused Franco of sexual violence & Elon was generally shocked by her abusive behaviourShe acknowledges the conversatio... 続きを読む
    11975pv 2 2021年6月19日
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