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    it's his Dad expecting him to be at the Swan. I've a feeling Merc'll bail to party with Romeo instead #suchtweet #teamchorus#suchtweet #teamchorus Tweeple are all atwitter about & 's impending deaths...RT : #suchtweet #teamchorus Tweeple are all atwitter about & 's impending deaths...Almost forgot they'll all die. How sad! RT Tweeple are all atwitter about & 's impending deaths. #suchtweet#CheechAndChong #UpInSmoke - goes well with the Friar's best #suchtweetconstantly impressed by the #sucht... 続きを読む
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    Glad they reinstated this element #html5With the Realtime® Framework you can increase your conversion rate with instant on-the-fly information about your visitors #HTML5 #cloudREAL-TIME COMMUNICATION WITHOUT PLUGINS #HTML5 Getting Started with WebRTC -Schöne #Infografik: Die wichtigsten Meilensteine in der Geschichte der #HTML5 EntwicklungWith the W3C and WHATWC split can we please start calling the WHATWC version HTMLNext since it will always be the "next" version? #HTML5#Azure has a previ... 続きを読む
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  • サンライズムーブメントがバイデンのWHを包囲するなか米加太平洋岸はヒートドームの特異日

    This isn’t a bipartisan plan — it’s the #ExxonPlan. Joint statement with :This heat wave coincides with a devastating drought impacting 50% of the country.A staggering 85% of the state is now under extreme drought conditions, up from just 29.5% of the state 3 months ago.Instead they show happy people on beaches, pools or playing in fountains.European Heat Wave-Germany: 18 June saw new 2021 highest temperature peaks in Germany. 20 stations recorded 35C or more, with a maximum of 36.2COr ... 続きを読む
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  • Link download video viral dan film semi dewasa terpopuler

    top Rushdie and Atwood join calls to restore citizenship to critic of Modi: More than 250 authors urge India’s prime minister to reinstate overseastop India strips Kashmir of special status and divides it in two: State taken under federal control and split into Jammu and Kashmir, and LadakhDelhi has formally revoked the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir’s constitutional autonomy and split it…top 'Divisive tactics': WhatsApp messages urge Hindus to vote against Labour: Messages sent to... 続きを読む
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Aug 23, 2015

    London & Brazil FKA twigs Apple Music Billboards (Credit to original uploaders on Instagram)“: Billboards of #RobertPattinson & #FKAtwigs on the walls of the London Underground: ”Billboards of #RobertPattinson & FKAtwigs both adorned the walls of the London Underground:Lucosade's billboards certainly stand out against the crowd"Turning every1 against me" team crew with one of the coolest billboards on the yearYuk sobat sobat #decorintex2015 kalo lagi di jalan trs liat billboard kita, foto... 続きを読む
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  • インド・パキスタンの熱波2022年

    With Western media turning a blind eye on it,a massive heatwave is hitting Pakistan and NorthWest India with temperatures ~45C/113F.These conditionsExtremely hot widely across Europe with many notable station records in several countries.#ClimateCrisis #food #water #AgTwitter #farming #agricultureBut the critical response is not technocratic - it is creating a non-linear uprising against governments - without this you can kiss goodbyeAn Unprecedented Heatwave in India and Pakistan Is Putting ... 続きを読む
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  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その60 22年5月前半

    Stand against madness: join the #InsulateBritain & #JustStopOil coalitionWith Western media turning a blind eye on it,a massive heatwave is hitting Pakistan and NorthWest India with temperatures ~45C/113F.These conditionsRussian Twitter users are now using the hashtag #своихнебросаем (“we aren't leaving our people”), first used by state-funded media to supportCOP27: Call for Enhanced Implementation | World Resources InstituteThis is why continuing to drill for oil and gas is... 続きを読む
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  • この数日のシリア: ロイターのアカウント乗っ取りから、首相ら4閣僚の政権離脱、はた迷惑なガセネタ野郎のお騒がせまで

    RT Russian interior ministry denies issuing any statement on Assad's health via Twitter.(5) "FSA is not fighting against a state, rather few states of the region such as Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah of Lebanon are on the field"#Syria needs two coups, one against the regime and another against the opposition. Time for opportunists to get out of the way.Syrian defections follow strictly sectarian pattern, likely hardening core support. 1st big Alawi defection, if it comes,will be devastatingMost im... 続きを読む
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  • この夏の気候災害への反応が未来を変えるか 22年版

    #EnergyTwitterDevastating marine #Heatwave in the #MediterraneanSea is threatening 700 species w/ extinction.災害時のTwitter活用法まとめです。On Oct 1st people will come together to We'll go to Westminster and we will stay there until our failing gov't act ⌛️ It's time to step up asJapan Heat Wave:Today 3 August the temperature rose to 39.7C at Sano with 202 stations above 35C.The Mediterranean Sea is experiencing a brutal marine heatwave this July, which will have devastatin... 続きを読む
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  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Sep 1, 2013 A

    #billboard #board #instagram #hk #hongkong #instahk #instahongkong #instame #instatrip #instatravel…Haha... x @ London Gatwick…Wet POP billboard #ad #instaplace #street #mx #mexico @ Camellon de Vito Alessio Robles#@resalaoula #sticker #adhesive #banner #sign #signboard #advertising #print #kuwait #q8 #q8insta…quite possibly the best billboard at the train station?? (Second to wicked ones, of course 😉)tough competition with GNC on top your #one store in NYC with two billboards over y... 続きを読む
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    Creating a #3D Rotating Menu with #CSS3 | InsertHTML viaCreating a #3D Rotating Menu with #CSS3Creating a 3D Rotating Menu with #CSS3Creating a 3D Rotating Menu with #CSS3Creating a 3D Rotating Menu with #CSS3Creating a 3D Rotating Menu with #CSS3“: Creating a 3D Rotating Menu with #CSS3 ”Full #CSS3 #Twitter #Icon viaFull #CSS3 #Twitter #Icon viaDecent link roundup on the state of Responsive Ads: #bannerAdvertising #rwd #CSS3 続きを読む
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  • 海外広告 - OOH billboard jul 7, 2013 A

    #sexy&Iknowit #officiashotsbyshawn #shotsbyshawn #Instagram #instamood #billboard #funny #jokes…With a woman I hugely admire at the #BatWoman billboard this morn #votegreens2013My billboard for 24hr fitness! #gym #24hrfitness #weho #fitness #modeling . #instaquoteBEST BILLBOARD EVER 3, 2, 1...til leann rimes sues this radio station She already angrily tweeted the original posterTwinkie billboard ad on Hollywood and Highland.True indicator of what's to come in #manila -removal of billboard p... 続きを読む
  • #uiewamt 2011/6/28 7:00 までのまとめ

    I was starting to twitch with WiFi withdrawl #3Gsavesall #uiewamtwould you add me to the #UIEWAMT twitter list?We'll start back up at 12:45 with Noah Iliinsky followed by Josh Clark. #uiewamtPro tip: Don't use your phone as a presentation remote, w/o physical buttons you'll look down & Twitter interrupts your flow #ppap #uiewamtA new twitter list of everyone attending and speaking at the Minneapolis #UIEWAMT stop: /wamt-minn-2011Neat feature: InstantMe. Track how you're feeling right now, mul... 続きを読む
  • イーロン・マスクに反論したツイッターのエンジニアがクビになった話の流れ。

    Correct, in India right now even if we have good internet speed, Twitter is slow compared to other social media like Insta.Part of today will be turning off the “microservices” bloatware. Less than 20% are actually needed for Twitter to work!So then why is Twitter only slow on Android? Does Twitter on iOS lack features or runs on a different architecture?In your opinion, is this statement incorrect? Did this warrant a public rebuttal from an employee?You will be discussing this face to fa... 続きを読む
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  • フロリダ・キーズのサンゴ礁にお別れを

    What's Causing the Ocean Heatwave? (With Jeff Berardelli) よりAttached is a coral bleaching video provided by Dr. Craig Dahlgren of the Perry Institute.Attached is a coral bleaching video provided by Dr. Craig Dahlgren of the Perry Institute.⇒ Climate crisis made spate of Canada wildfires twice as likely, scientists findStill not in the News? Collapse was never Mainstream.Heatwaves in Europe will become more frequent, more intense & will last longer.32 of 34 Regional Virtual Stations in t... 続きを読む
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  • 気候の危機、気候災害編

    As the devastating heatwaves and fires of the past week sadly demonstrated, you don't need to go anywhere to see climate change.It pains our heart as youths over here in Kenya to witness such devastating Aftermaths of Climate crisis such as Increased floods owing to theGlobal warming means more insufferable heatwaves and sleepless nights in West Africa, a scientific paper finds, with effects on mental and physicalただ、twitterの履歴のせいか、前のサムネが出てしまうよう... 続きを読む
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  • ファンボロー・エアショー 2014 関連ツイート集

    Cool video-gaming inspired #UAV control station inside the Thales pavilion at #FIA14Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner - Lots of test equipment and stations inside the 787-9. #FIA14On board the Air Seychelles Twin Otter at #fia2014 - friendly crew/staff at Viking. To be S7-LDIDay 3 at #FIA14 cadets inspected and ready to go on duty, deliver the morning publications. #aircadets #whatwedoSo lets start the ball rolling with the Airbus A380. #FIA2014Cessna Citation X+ completed its first trans-Atlantic trip... 続きを読む
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  • #cablegate 12月15日から、Wikileaksとガーディアン、エフゲニー・モロゾフのツイートを中心に(英..

    If Assange thinks that Visa and MasterCard are "instruments of US foreign policy", I'm curious what he makes of Google, Facebook, Twitteron Twitter:Appears that OpenLeaks has lost their twitter accountInteresting (albeit very brief) study of global attitudes towards WikiLeaks on Twitter [pdf]Have you read Milton Mueller's Networks and States? I wouldn't have been surprised by that statement before WikiLeaksex-FBI agent on Twitter saying the FBI back-door rumors aren't totally nuts:The Interne... 続きを読む
  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その41 21年7月前半

    I often encourage ppl to use their various networks so that what's on #climatetwitter doesn't just stay on climate twitter...I think if we allXR Boston statement of support for the 26-hour occupation of Waltham office, against #Line3 and #WeymouthCompressor, and in solidarity with andAs the devastating heatwaves and fires of the past week sadly demonstrated, you don't need to go anywhere to see climate change.For the first time, a state will push insurers to bring their investment and underwr... 続きを読む
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  • ※更新終了※日本時間:2015.11.14早朝に起きたパリにおける同時多発テロに関してジャーナリスト堀潤(@8bit..

    #BREAKING UN warns states against 'backtracking' on migrant commitments after Paris attack→Canada PM Justin Trudeau reaffirms withdraw from combat role against ISIS #jwaveGatwick evacuation: Police arrest “suspiciously-acting” man who had discarded itemBelgian ambassador encourages Justin Trudeau to stick with air strikes against ISIS #jwaveUK PM David Cameron to set out a "comprehensive strategy" for dealing with Islamic State extremistsSpectators poured onto Stade de France following ... 続きを読む
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  • US Tour

    Can't wait for tonight's instalment of #roadtofindoutSeen a Amish store the other day with the lights on kinda goes against what they believe in dont itGoing off twitter now until I watch UFC 152.Likewise my friend, we all levitated on that stage. Most excellent job :-)Begins tonight in Atlanta .S P Karimloo and Empire State Building.ok, going off line, will check out more suggestions when I'm back online. Thanks folks. Constant Angle, and Broken are in. Here I Go, TooBISPING vs STANN!!! ” ... 続きを読む
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  • The 13th International Disability Law Summer School (June ..

    They have their own informal channels using Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or Instagram." - #13IDSSAll our State institutions of social welfare were shut down. NC #13IDSSI just created a twitter accounts’ list of the #13IDSS staffs, panelists, organizations, and participants.of states between 2021-2022.of instability, and also the impact of natural disasters." #13IDSS#13IDSS #DisabilityTwitter #UNCRPDCandidates held twitter chat, questions about disability issues were raised at events.rely on pl... 続きを読む
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  • 気候災害/喪失と被害/適応策/食糧危機/難民移民の論点

    Instead, demand adaptation with as much energy and outrage as you demand mitigation.#ClimateCrisis #food #water #AgTwitter #farming #agricultureSo please don’t play into the obstructionist tactic of pitting adaptation against mitigation.⇒ Violence and instability lead to widespread hunger across Chad | PBS NewsHourWe are a UK statutory body, with a UK-focused remit.The #CVF Forum of Vulnerable Nations is LIVE on Twitter. Follow for news updates and tap below to watch now.that will help co... 続きを読む
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  • IPCC第六次、ワーキンググループ2報告書の公表

    I sort of wish, instead of saying the window of opportunity is closing, the IPCC instead said: "hey...all those climate plans you've been talkingFujio Mitarai, CEO and Chairman of Canon Inc. to take a stand against the Canon think tank climate denial.The US, UK, Australia, EU and others argue that climate change will lead to increased conflicts and migration and instability that require militaryIt is essential that the scientific community accurately understand + convey the scale of Arctic wa... 続きを読む
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