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  • 【20110119-20】ハイチ 2【前大統領、帰還と逮捕?】

    Jean Claude Duvalier has just arrived at the "Parquet" of Port-au-Prince.Jean Claude Duvalier and His Lawyers will go to the Court of Port-au-Prince to continue with the hearing. #babydocDear American news outlets: "Baby Doc" would not be in #Haiti right now w/o the blessing of France & America.Jean Claude Duvalier will have an exclusive interview with a popular radio station in Port-au-Prince before the press conference.#Preval #Duvalier RT : makes people forget the 800,000 under tents, ... 続きを読む
    1755pv 3 2011年1月19日
  • O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo ( #mysqlconf)

    Incremental backup in xtrabackup came before feature in Enterprise Backup says peterz. Rocking! #mysqlconf #bofLooking fwd to MariaDB & Drizzle talks. #mysqlconfLooking fwd to MariaDB & Drizzle talks. #mysqlconfHave your MySQL Passport stamped by companies in Expo Hall & enter to win cool prizes. Prize details at #mysqlconfNoSQL & dynamic columns is looking very interesting... #mariaDB #mysqlconfNoSQL & dynamic columns is looking very interesting... #mariaDB #mysqlconfXero... 続きを読む
    2925pv 1 2011年4月15日
  • 「あぶなっかしいなあ」とか「髪型w」とか「いる意味なくね?」とかで言及され名前がTT入りしたアーセナルのデニウソン・・・

    I am so fucking impressed by this performance. Denilson and Song were immense today.So wenger moans incessantly about bad tackles & then denilson almost cut tevez in half!#Arsenal Rosicky & Denilson conspire to waste a golden chance by too much passing!Photo | Manchester City's goalkeeper Joe Hart, left, is congratulated by teammate Vincent Kompany after saving #arsenalDenilson iz one prick u kno I swear wit iz fuckin JLS haircutSagna was great today both defesively & gave great s... 続きを読む
    6590pv 50 2010年10月25日
  • 現場記録

    KING & PRINCE ISLAND、行って来ました。紅白のリハの合間なんだよな〜と思うとすごいなぁと。平野くん、一年前から経験値を積んで、すごくおっきくなったなあ! という印象です。経験ってすごい。#ABCZ #goingwithzephyr#ABCZ #goingwithzephyr#ABCZ #goingwithzephyrってくらいおもしろくて、凄まじいなあKinKi Kids。ほんとに腹筋が痛くなるほどわらいました。なんだこら。パフォーマン... 続きを読む
    454pv 2019年10月9日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Sep 1, 2013 B

    Princess Purple Pictures at Billboards Purple Sky^^#Commercial #Print #Editorial #Runway #Glamour #acting #Billboards:Booking Email:Supermodelmanagement@hotmail.com#Commercial #Print #Editorial #Runway #Glamour #acting #Billboards: Booking Email:Supermodelmanagement@hotmail.com#Commercial #Print #Editorial #Runway #Glamour #acting #Billboards: Booking Email:Supermodelmanagement@hotmail.comCheck this one out @ King& Victoria in #DTkitchener! #TheatreIsHereOfficers from Hinckley Road Police... 続きを読む
    1219pv 2 2013年8月29日
  • トランプ大統領 - いいねされたツイート トップ30ランキング 2017年3月

    I am working on a new system where there will be competition in the Drug Industry. Pricing for the American people will come way down!Prime Minister Theresa May today to offer condolences on the terrorist attack in London. She is strong and doing very well.Since November 8th, Election Day, the Stock Market has posted $3.2 trillion in GAINS and consumer confidence is at a 15 year high. Jobs!There is an incredible spirit of optimism sweeping the country right now—we're bringing back the JOBS!... 続きを読む
    608pv 2017年4月6日
  • 国際会議 #ISWC2020 まとめ/Compiled list of tweets on #ISWC2020

    "Tough Tables: Carefully Benchmarking Semantic Table Annotators (RS)" by Vincenzo Cutrona et al. We did during SemTab2020 Round 4!The Posters & Demos session at #iswc2020 is taking place in Remo. Each day has a distinct set of submissions on display.Today's 1st #WikiData Workshop () at #iswc_conf is enabling professionals from science & industry to discuss trends & topics around ,knowledge engineering/science coursePhilippe Cudré-Mauroux () who will talk about "Sharing, Tracking,... 続きを読む
    474pv 1 2020年11月14日
  • ploneconf 2010 day2 and later

    Working on some Produce & Publish stuff today #ploneconf2010What an amazing sight, 80+ people working on improving Plone @ Plone Conference 2010, Bristol #ploneconf2010new #starwars #amberjack skin - made during #ploneconf2010 #plone sprintOH "You're the release manager, the drinking part of the conference is the most important for you to attend.Seems like the first after-the-conference sprint when I regret for not staying for the whole sprint. #ploneconf2010Beer & Pie party @ Plone C... 続きを読む
    2171pv 2010年11月1日
  • Wikileaks のtweet, 8月25日からあとの分

    The main sites are unavailable during scheduled maintenance work. We apologize for the inconvenience.Internet Information War will change the face of the world: political #wikileaks #hactivists, principles and moralsNick Turse speaking on our US Marines 20-country invasion predictionsWe promote "scientific journalism", where sources are cited accurately. The 700+ articles on us today are a prime counter example.'WikiLeaks Aafia Siddiqui’s incriminating purse' | Pakistan Express TribuneREMIN... 続きを読む
    1972pv 1 2010年10月21日
  • 【20110304-06】ハイチ 15【Twibbonも作っちゃうよ】

    Heavy Rain in Port-au-Prince!#portauprince #Haiti #sitevisitPassing through the cane fields east of Port-au-Prince #HaitiJe suis en dehors de Port-au-Prince, ensuite a Montreal et Miami durant le Week-end Miami serai de retour a PauP le lundi 7 marsIt's hard for foreign orgs to work w/ Haitians b/c of language, culture barriers. Hence most end up and prefer working w/ each other. #HaitiYou'll know soon enough, no scandal RT : Who is behind Mickeys campaign? Who is paying that PR firm driving ... 続きを読む
    2185pv 3 2011年3月5日
  • ハイチにおけるコレラ感染のニュースツイートまとめ2【暴動発生、他国へ感染拡大中】

    (News) #Haiti: #Cholera hits largest camp in Port-au-Prince #RedCross #RedCrescent #PAP#Haiti: Gov- #Cholera kills 1034, 16799 hospitalisations including 875 cases and 38 deaths in Port-au-Prince #fbProtestors clash in Haitian capital Port au Prince with UN troops they blame for the cholera outbreak affecting the countryPHOTO: #Haiti police fire tear gas dangerously close to quake survivor/IDP camp today during protest #choleraCholera unrest hits #Haiti capital Police fire tear gas into a cam... 続きを読む
    1762pv 2010年11月18日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Jul. 30, 2017(Week30)

    Grt experience cafe in Chicago. Needs tshirts for sale. 3 eager satisfied walking billboards hereSteel Art Billboards also offer Lamp Post Banners, are the most ubiquitous kind of advertising material. They are attached to lamp postsFinally did some manual labour for the campaign, and convinced my parents to put one up in our window!!Additional billboards created during Awareness Campaign in many statesok arianas photo is constantly on their billboards mayb she has a surprise & also they ... 続きを読む
    1455pv 2017年7月30日
  • 戦場ジャーナリストが伝えるバンコク

    RT : This guy -->, is reporting from Thailand. The unrest & violence is escalating.Spring News รายงานเหตุการณ์ปะทะที่ศาลาแดง สด (thx )Very close shots cracking past my window. Not at hotel but apparently toward Red camp.Another Spring News reporter said there have been no clashes @ Pratunam tonight. Only high tension in the air. #thaicrisisSerious explosions just now. Am thinking grenades. Close.Firing is on. No incoming grenad... 続きを読む
    2389pv 4 2010年5月17日
  • #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 のまとめ(~2/27)

    #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 L'Arc~en~Ciel PRINCESS PRINCESS Janne Da Arc Dir en grey Kagrra, ガゼット アリス九號. ナイトメア coldrain The Winking Owl#自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 SING LIKE TALKING Princess Princess ピチカート・ファイヴ YMO スターダスト☆レビュー 聖飢魔II 44 MAGNUM BOØWY LOUDNESS ANTHEM あかん、年齢がバレ… _人人人人_ >L'Arc~en~Ciel X JAPAN BLACK STONES TRAP NEST PRIN... 続きを読む
    5532pv 1 148 2019年3月4日
  • イングランドでの社会実験:マンチェスター警察ツイート24時

    Call 2901 Youths causing annoyance by drinking and smoking cannabis, Salford. #gmp24Call 076 - Turns out "loitering with intent" means taking a nap whilst camping. #gmp24Call 293 request from neighbouring force to pick up a prisoner #gmp24call 2605 youths kicking fence in Wigan. #gmp24Call 2636 Group of youths drinking and causing damage on a street in Bury #gmp24Call 93 Pirate turned up at primary school assembly, held children to ransom & began installing LimeWire on computers #gmp24Cal... 続きを読む
    3367pv 14 3 users 2010年10月15日
  • グラスゴーCOP26特集前半

    It can feel relentlessly bleak & heartbreaking but pressure by vulnerables & champions is working. Onwards!Meet Stumpy! A climate activist during an Extinction Rebellion protest on St Vincent Street.So incredibly privileged to be listening to amazing speakers including and others speaking so powerfully on ecocide, climate action and #FridaysForFutureThat’s what the #InsulateBritain 9 are asking for as they head towards a likely prison sentence.EVENING REFLECTIONS 💸 Despite police... 続きを読む
    1356pv 16 26 2021年11月2日
  • ジョニー・デップ:アンバー・ハードの大暴走(声明文を勝手に改変ほか多数)と、証人の暴露「私は脅迫された」、5年目の新証拠

    Officers Saenz & Hadden spent 14 minutes checking the PH/Heard then left when they didn’t see evidence of a crime & didn’t see any propertyJohnny has been wearing the same mf broken hat since he was in his 20s, pleeeeaseToday she has posted about the importance of wearing the same dress.It was obtained during the discovery process in the TMG/Bloom lawsuits prior to settling with both.Oops - that's the kitchen they pass just after entering, everything pristine, perfectly arranged o... 続きを読む
    4422pv 8 2021年3月28日
  • 事業仕分け英語tweetまとめ

    #sasshin_e #shiwake_b Q: What is the difference among mecena projects of each enterprises. A: We each have distinct knowhows.#sasshin_e Edano: My intention is to enhance genuine competition. Privatization is good way in case of minting enterprises.#shiwake_a #sasshin_e Q: From what theory? A: For example, choice of cars maybe influenced by awareness. Q: wrong.A: In reality, no entry after privatization despite price-downs.. Q: we are talking about the whole picture. #shiwake_b #sasshin_e#sass... 続きを読む
    2964pv 2010年5月25日
  • PUBLIC MEETING ** STOP THE GCSB BILL ** via @endarken 19TH..

    Helen is now referencing all the recent examples of state leaking private citizens information (of which there many) #gcsb #a19"We are already being spied on". Now talking abt increased surveillance in the workplace #gcsb #a19"Let us ensure that any surveillance is in our interests & not in the interests of Wellington & Washington" #gcsb #a19Winston says the (National Party & allies) r suffering frm "group think" #gcsb #a19Seeby talking us through what was foreseen for technology ... 続きを読む
    732pv 2 2013年8月19日
  • アメリカ国会議事堂への乱入とトランプ大統領,2021年1月6日午後1時(現地時間)

    Protest Update: RING IN THE NEW YEAR by standing in solidarity with our incarcerated comrades & working for abolition 🎉 #dropthechargesTrump told the audience to give the kind of pride and boldness to Republicans the weak ones at Jan-6, 2021.BREAKING: Mike Pence rejects Trump's call to overturn Biden electionRead: Vice President Mike Pence's statement breaking with Trump on Electoral College vote countTrump has ordered the declassification of intelligence docs from Obamagate, including... 続きを読む
    1891pv 5 2021年1月18日
  • blackhat2012 2日目まとめ

    Good's own VP of Products & Mgmt, Dimitri Volkmann, is attending #blackhat & is going 2 tweet his experiences @ the event.Gov service isn't 4 everyone & working for THE MAN can be problematic for many. I do like what I am hearing from DHS though #BlackhatTake 30s & ask people questions instead of just ignoring when walking by. Makes us much more approachable. #BlackHatMy #BlackHat talk went surprisingly well... Now I can go back to drinking.Researcher monitors #cyber-espionage... 続きを読む
    2854pv 2 1 user 2012年7月27日
  • 【20110307-09】ハイチ 16【二年振りのカーニバル】

    #haiti -#Carnival returns to Port-Au-PrinceStreets downtown in Port-au-Prince blocked by police and MINUSTAH starting at 3:30 for #Karnaval, but no action yet. #HaitiHuman Rights Chief salutes women taking risks "to stand up & fight for dignity, justice & human rights" #IWDI take back the complaint re: enterprising viewing stand builder and his $20. Thank God he added zinc roofing. #carnival #HaitiAfter the Haitian earthquake: saving priceless murals, artifacts, and other … – Chri... 続きを読む
    1604pv 2 2011年3月8日
  • #suchtweet英語版ハッシュタグ感想まとめ5/7~5/8

    OMG emo prince of denmark, that was the best! #suchtweeti wnder wht is #sucht_weet preparing 4us, since the next step is & misunderstanding and then suicide. #suchtweeti wnder wht is #sucht_weet preparing 4us, since the next step is & misunderstanding and then suicide. #suchtweetWill give out the URL once it's up. Any ideas for songs welcome - will include sad, funny/ironic, whatever is appropriate #suchtweeti don't have to hide it, i wrote an article about #suchtweet so "technically"... 続きを読む
    1798pv 2010年5月12日
  • 737MAXの件 経過の続き 7

    Final update for print on new Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun's first press conference.UPDATE to breaking Boeing labor news: Some details on the new contract with engineering union SPEEA In surprise move, Boeing and engineeringBoeing’s CEO expects 737 Max production to resume this springBoeing 737 MAX Woes Hit One Sector of Wall Street Deal Making as Senior halts aerostructures sale via &Boeing will not cancel CEO incentive award tied to 737 MAX returnBoeing 777X Launches Into Flight Test Campa... 続きを読む
    4617pv 14 2020年1月17日
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