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  • JIN's Twitter 1

    she has angelic voice! LOVE her voice so much!Japan?i miss u japan~All my prayers eternally go to Japan.「educate urself "aho" means idiot n japanese idiot lol」ってかなり強気に出たな、と思う。morning dude(´∀`)yeah its 5AM. i gotta go shooting from now.just watched the video n i love her voice! what a beautiful gift!!yes this is real. i just got twitter~much love to all my ppl in japan. hope ull have a great day!!!!!ppl's assumptions amuse me.cuz somebody thought i ca... 続きを読む
    5728pv 25 1 user 1 2011年4月5日
  • 国別対抗戦2012に続々到着するスケーターたちTL

    Japan:)))Japan!)Japan)I also love the happiness in everyone's voice here. They are just this side of singing all of their words. I feel like I am in a musical :)Nous voila !!!!Japan is amazing! I love it here <3It will open on May 22nd and is the tallest structure in Japan! #WTT12Tomorrow : let's go to Japan for the 2sd edition of the World Team Trophy !Off to World Team Trophy in Tokyo, Japan! Follow our team for tweets and updates throughout the championship! Go USA!!!Tomorrow : let's go to... 続きを読む
    11827pv 78 3 users 4 2012年4月17日
  • Message from Professional Cyclist to JPN

    This voice arrives in Japan. Will be very helpful! Arigato #EarthquakejapanThe people of the world, to support people who are suffering from this disaster. Those voice may not reach directly, But Hope you feel it.Ready for a nice weekend after busy day at work, but thoughts go out to all the nice Japanese people I knowAnd all the Italians are with him today. Forza Beppu, Forza Japan! RT : Beppu races for japan tsunami victims today in #TirrenoWhat's up??? Give us a break. Please. Shocking sce... 続きを読む
    3773pv 65 5 users 1 2011年3月12日
  • eifonenライブ動画+リリース(2020)

    Voice of Scull#rap #japaneserap #trap free DL↓eifonen 2020.11.7(sat) 高円寺4th VOICES vol.1見る度に名義が違うvoice of scull (eifonen solo) さんeifonen(voice of scull) 1 9.5.2020 at 川崎ボトムズアップeifonen(voice of scull) 2 9.5.2020 at 川崎ボトムズアップThis EP contains 4 songs with voices. Very nice, listen!! #electropunk #industrialHymne live at Hisomine, Japan (11/28/2019) - YouTube 11月のヒソミネでのライブ映像です。Hymne Live at Hisomine,... 続きを読む
    302pv 2020年12月31日
  • 22/7(ナナブンノニジュウニ)天城サリー、海を越えて"バズる"!

    WATCH: New Japanese idol, voice actress speaks fluent English on live streamsI just realised Sally could voice Sakura in both the Japanese and English dubs of the 22/7 anime. I really want to see that happen! #天城サリーSally on her super secret tumblr and being a Japanese weeaboo #天城サリーReally hope many anime production and video game companies would give Sally Amaki voice acting gigs next year. #天城サリーThe japanese version of Mic Drop is looking good #天城サリーSa... 続きを読む
    11213pv 17 1 2017年10月4日
  • ROB SMITHに関するツイート (2009/01/01 - 2018/02/15) まとめ

    Voice of Dub Vol.8 -ROB SMITH JAPAN TOUR 2014 in SAPPORO- 】 viaVoice of Dubは7/25(金)、ROB SMITH JAPAN TOUR 2014とMANTIS Collapsizm Tourが交差するのは札幌だけ!promotion video for "Voice of Dub feat. ROB SMITH & KURANAKA" Voice of Dub 4周年は2週間後の6/10(土)!PVをUPしました。WEBサイト「News」イベント【Voice of Dub Vol.8 -ROB SMITH JAPAN TOUR 2014 in SAPPORO-】、更新!“ブリストル・ミュージック”の代表格として君臨する... 続きを読む
    2264pv 5 2018年1月26日
  • YokosoNews Breaking

    Docomo Disaster voicemail service (Japanese) ( #YokosoNews live at )RT : Docomo Disaster voicemail service (Japanese) ( #YokosoNews live at )RT : Docomo Disaster voicemail service (Japanese) ( #YokosoNews live at )RT : Docomo Disaster voicemail service (Japanese) ( #YokosoNews live at )RT : Docomo Disaster voicemail service (Japanese) ( #YokosoNews live at )RT : Docomo Disaster voicemail service (Japanese) ( #YokosoNews live at )Softbank Disaster Voicemail service ( #YokosoNews live at )KDDI ... 続きを読む
    2516pv 2011年3月12日
  • Pic.... 📸 📞 🚵 Food🍰

    It's a Japan like posterCat Fight(damm, small voice)A little voice came in due to an accidentIt is a familiar sight in the countryside of Japan.Kagoshima city panoramic viewSide dish with only boiled eggs source recipe: Sesame oil Soy sauce salt Powdered chicken glass soup +boiled eggWho threw an empty can on the roof of an unmanned vacant house under my apartment roomThe strange evolution of pogchamp emote makes us stupidKatsuobushi pack that came as a bonus when I bought 10 kg of low-budget... 続きを読む
    1524pv 67 2020年9月2日
  • 20110311 JAPAN MEGAQUAKE M9.0 -ENGLISH NEWS TL (42)- [06/0..

    What’s the outlook for #Japan, three months after the disaster? Listen to one voice:Japan PM Kan planning to leave office by August, sources say - Japan TimesJapan mayor wants tsunami-hit rice paddies to go solarFed chairman Bernanke ties economic slowdown to gas prices, Japan crisis, sees higher growth in 2nd half of year - APPresident #Obama blames Japan earthquake and high gasoline prices as US unemployment rate rises to 9.1%Seoul's chief nuclear envoy to visit JapanJAPAN: Japan marks th... 続きを読む
    1446pv 2011年6月5日
  • 2021.6 #AskHikaruPaisen

    #AskHikaruPaisen #ヒカルパイセンに聞け I am embarrassed when I listen to my voice record. I and everyone love your voice, I think.Your voice and Yukimi’s would harmonize beautifully I think. 💖#askhikarupaisen #ヒカルパイセンに聞け After COVID-19 pandemic, where do you want to go? Which country? And which prefecture in Japan?#UtadaHikaru #宇多田ヒカル #InstagramLiveStream #AskHikaruPaisen #ヒカルパイセンに聞け #June #JapaneseMusic #MusicChannel_JWe Japa... 続きを読む
    135pv 2021年5月24日
  • 4Stars

    Packing for Osaka while catching up on #VoicePHBlinds. Oh, this episode was one for the ages!!!Today's moment of greatness is brought to us by and his gorgeous voice and soul!!thank you for the gift of your voice and soul tonight. You are one of a kind!!!!!!I cant wait to sing with you( ´∀`)♪ BTW ,it's a niiiiice picture!!RT : Get ready Japan!!!!#4Stars article in JapaneseGet ready Japan!!!!requested to sing some Michael Bolton. Of course nag-oblige si Jed. Galing kasi!!! Proud of ... 続きを読む
    28586pv 76 5 2013年4月15日
  • ロンドン大封鎖Day4

    #NoCoalJapan私たちは日本が石炭火力発電への支援を即時停止することを求めます #NoCoalJapannew video voiced by that imagines a post-Green New Deal world.Japan should #stopfundingfossils, including coal.Protest at the Japanese parliament building this morning.Get to #parliamentsquare to lend your voice and love #conscientiousprotectors #internationarebellion国内外50の環境団体がフィナンシャル・タイムズに意見広告を掲載・新たなウェブ... 続きを読む
    1060pv 5 15 2019年4月19日
  • TWICEの"慰安婦支援Tシャツ"着用やGAMAROチキンのCMメイキングについて注目する人もいる中、allkpop..

    Help give them a voice...support them by listening to those who have suffered. Hear their stories.TWICE JAPAN 3rd SINGLE『Wake Me Up』が「第60回 輝く!日本レコード大賞」優秀作品賞を受賞致しました!本当にありがとうございます! #TWICE #WakeMeUpA Japanese politician attacks TWICE for Dahyun's comfort women shirtSome Japanese say that they were paid prostitutes and not forced to it but did it voluntarily.Japanese politicians just have an anti Korean a... 続きを読む
    2356pv 2 2018年11月16日
  • Funimation、異種族レビュアーズの配信を止めた結果・・・叩かれまくる。

    Or better yet, Japan start distributing to US directly.Hopefully this is a wake up call to Japan to ditch those lunatics. Funimation isnt the only game in town.>Funimation did zero research and bought a hentai series by mistake, hired translators and voice actors, aired an episode and cancelled itSins are still available for viewing on their streaming service?Viz Media is more than capable to giving their anime distribution instead and more likely to be unaltered these days.they should rename... 続きを読む
    9530pv 18 1 user 2020年2月2日
  • Stars on Ice に来日中のスケーターのまとめ

    ティラミスさんのファッションショー始まり始まり〜U^ェ^U 演目は"The Voice"です♪Finished rehearsal and practice for today. Tomorrow is the first Osaka show of Japan. I'm excited!!I've had a fantastic time here:) Thank you Japan!!😊👍🇯🇵Check out my debut of 'Swan Lake' Swan Prince from Osaka Japan !Thank you for my new japanese fans. XoxLeaving Japan now! Thanks to all the skating fans for your amazing support I always love coming here🇯🇵En-route to ... 続きを読む
    6366pv 29 8 2013年1月12日
  • ジナカニシがツイートしたら消す前にメモするトゥギャったー

    she has angelic voice! LOVE her voice so much!Voice lesson with my music buddy now!i miss japan~hope everyone is fine in Japan!!all my prayers go to Japan!i miss u japan~i posted new pic on my facebook. driving in Japan~pray for japan!!!your japanese got better huhsending good energy to japan!!All my prayers eternally go to Japan続きを読む
    16653pv 93 6 2011年4月5日
  • 【四面楚歌】岡村隆史の結婚報道に、"捏造・歪曲"記事を執筆した"社会活動家"の藤田孝典が困惑気味に祝福 数時間後には..

    ファンでもなんでもないが、藤田孝典の妄想記事やVoice Up Japanによる悪質改変職業差別私刑署名の被害にあってたから祝ってやろう。 おめでとうございます。#ナインティナインANN#ナインティンナインANN #岡村隆史ナイナイANN復活させて、岡村さんも人生の決断をして。ありがとう!でもまぁ間接的とはいえ、藤田発言のおかげでナイナイANNも復活し岡村さんも結婚でき... 続きを読む
    32633pv 114 2 users 2 2020年10月23日

    Voice of Russia radio station helps find relatives in disaster-hit #JapanState Dept. advising Americans to avoid traveling to Japan at this timeVolcano erupting again in southern #JapanDeath toll in Japan #quake and #tsunami rises to 1,597, police say.Japanese police say they've recovered another 200 bodies in coastal areas - APDeath toll after Japan #quake and #tsunami rises to 1,353, police say.Toyko Power to delay planned power outages; train services reduced - Japan Today#Miyagi police ch... 続きを読む
    1293pv 3 2011年3月14日
  • サッカーアジアカップ2015の各国のサポーターの楽しげな風景

    本日の日本 #japan #nippon#IRQvPLE Palestine fans in full voice just an hour before ko#japanese fans @ #asiancup #uae #ac2015even the Japanese are going for Australia #GoSocceroos #KORvAUSGates open 6pm, so come in & warm up your voices!The Iranians are in full voice early. Its gonna go off #AC2015 #IRNvIRQ#CHNvAUS and fans with young "home stay" Japanese recruitsThe crowd noise at the #IRNvBHR is immense. The Iranian supporters are here in numbers and in great voice.At Australia for the ... 続きを読む
    3456pv 8 1 2015年1月11日
  • イル・ディーヴォ 東京公演、MC日本語訳

    Went for dinner with the boys and Lea for Sushi. It was wonderful. Sing with us1 of the guy has an amazing voice. xIL DIVO's finale show of the Japan tour at Budokan tonight will be nationally live at 7pm (Japan Time) on WOWOW TV.More of what's happening in Japan --Conichiwa Tokyo. Are you ready for the party?Our first concert in Japan of 2014 Tour at the Budakan.Put your lights up will put ours heartsxIL DIVO's final show of the Japan tour at the Budokan tomorrow will be broadcast nationally... 続きを読む
    10334pv 14 2014年2月27日
  • 【2011/04/09-20】ハイチ 22【政権交代待ち期間】

    Final Haiti Vote Results Delayed – Voice of AmericaFinal Haiti Vote Results Delayed – Voice of America #haitiHaitian President-Elect to Visit US – Voice of America #haitiBelievers offer help to Japan and Haiti – Fresno Bee #haitiAlumnus’ business helps Haiti, Japan – The Orion #haiti#Japan, #Haiti, #Chile: Are We Living In An Age Of Giant Earthquakes? - -Bill #Clinton commends #Japan for fulfilling its funding commitment to #Haiti despite quake.Martelly entrevoit d’amnistier Duv... 続きを読む
    1154pv 1 2011年4月12日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Mar 22, 2015 A

    Voice-over students' field trip lends voice(s) to billboards:matters: Miranda Lambert Automatic #TheVoice80's Time: Sabrina Boys | #TheVoice【Chart】Billboard Japan Hot 100【Chart】Billboard Japan Hot Animation【Chart】Billboard Japan Hot Overseas#Music it's Now: The Pretty Reckless Heaven Knows | #TheVoiceI really need to go to Japan to steal the Billboards hahahahahaahahaha.Fancy a bit of politics with your Game of Thrones? Making art relevant, giving community a voice billboardsabsol... 続きを読む
    1964pv 3 2015年3月18日
  • Adam Lambert Tweets

    I love u back Japan!#prayforjapan Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to Japan's emergency relief!Her voice is beyond!His voice? Gorgeous!I adore Japan!! I miss glamajuku!!Japan: forever strong!! I love you!And Bruno's voice was on point!! Sing boy!Striking a pose in Japanese press...Thanks to all my fans in Japan!!! RT: FYE (single) is #1 on Billboard Japan's Hot Top Airplay! (week of 4/5)My thoughts and energy are towards japan続きを読む
    2882pv 2011年9月24日
  • 20110311 JAPAN MEGAQUAKE M9.0 -ENGLISH NEWS TL (14)-

    Aflac holds an open call for new duck voice after firing comedian Gottfried for his Twitter posts about Japan: -MSRadioactive particle traces from Japan reach IcelandTiny traces of Japan radiation spread to IcelandMT Survivors within 1 mile of atomic bomb faced a 0.3% increase in lifetime cancer risk #Fukushima #japanRussia will double oil exports to Japan to 18 mln tons and increase oil product supply by 28.5% to 4.5 mln tons in 2011Energy costs to face upward pressure on Japan quake: minist... 続きを読む
    1100pv 4 2011年3月23日
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