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    ph call: some fled 2 small town in #Fezzan from #Sebha shelling a few days ago via dangerous road.ph call to South #Libya: the town is calm but the road to North is very dangerous. think only how to feed kids tomorrow, no idea about Eid.Libya: Is there a danger Gadaffi wil use Eid as a time to counterattack and also to strengthen his defences is Sirte, Sebha and Bani Walid?Aug27 Muammar+Aysha Gaddafi ARRIVED in Salooncar @ #Khamis Compound in #TRIPOLI then changed in2 4x4 headed2 #SEBHA Khami... 続きを読む
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  • #DataVizTruth at #WCSJ2017 by @albertcairo

    Since l’m from an evangelical background, let’s just call these the Four Commandments. #DataVizTruth #WCSJ2017 #dataA pie chart may be good for the bigger picture, but a line chart with X&Y axis is better to show change accurately #DataVizTruth #WCSJ2017And we're back to hard rock again... Love this talk! (Graphic doesn't show change over time) #WCSJ2017 #dataviztruthTalk about BOTH the trend in the data and the outliers that may skew it. Provide context on graphics. #DataVizTruth #WCSJ20... 続きを読む
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  • #ベスト平成ソング #ベスト平成アルバム をまとめました

    #ベスト平成ソング 2/2 鬱P - 風邪 (13) DISH - 49 (13) Boris - Angel (14) lynch. - EVOKE (15) Poppin'Party(藤永龍太郎) - Light Delight (18)6: AAA『HEARTFUL』 7: LOCAL SOUND STYLE『HOPE』 8:ポルノグラフィティ『ロマンチスト・エゴイスト』 9: Janne Da Arc『JOKER』 10:ORANGE RANGE『ORANGE RANGE』 #ベスト平成アルバムtoe「the book about my idle plot on a vague anxiety」(05) ストレイテナー「nexus」(09) ent「Welcome Stranger」(09) GRAP... 続きを読む
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  • ウクライナーロシア戦争でのISWの戦況レポート

    of Ukraine on February 24 likely aimed at full regime change and the occupation of Ukraine.most or all of their positions within artillery range of the city.Russian forces remain largely road-bound and unlikely to secure any major breakthroughs.efforts on other axes of advance, including #Izyum, remain largely stalled.Both sides await the outcome of Russia’s ongoing offensive in eastern Ukraine as they attempt to build leverage for future negotiations.Russian forces near #Kyiv have continue... 続きを読む
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  • 2014 年間ベストアルバムまとめShortVersion

    5.Swans/To Be Kind 4.Caribou/Our Love 3.D'Angelo And The Vanguard/Black Messiah 2.Ogre You Asshole/ペーパークラフト 1.くるり/The Pier8:Owen Pallett『In Conflict』 9:The Bug『Angels & Devils』 10:Tycho『Awake』洋楽 1.Weezer『Everything Will Be Alright In The End』 2.Blackbird Blackbird『Tangerine Sky』 3.Tycho『Awake』 4.Beck『Morning Phase』 #2014年ベストアルバム6.Flying Lotus 5.Lana Del Rey The Jewels11.Gotch/Can't Be Forever Young 10.坂本慎太郎/ナマ... 続きを読む
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  • 最新海外サッカーまとめ4月23日1週間随時更新 #とは #定期 #サッカー #soccer #sports #スポー..

    Ball is wellied at Mertesacker, close-range - handball? #SUNARSFrancesco Totti urges debate about his future not to split fans.Both sides threw everything at each other but in the end it is who prevail. #UCL36: Fabinho gets the yellow card for for his body check on #NYCFC 0-1Here's Allardyce after Sunderland climbed out of the bottom three. Watch:"Kami memiliki fans sempurna yang selalu memberikan dukungan kepada kami" kata Luis EnriqueHT: #SAFC 0-0 #AFC Van Aanholt & Sanchez went close with ... 続きを読む
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  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その58 22年4月前半

    2./..And when it does the world will change for ever. Gradualism both in the human and physical systems is finished.Turns out that #climate change is largely a political and social problem, not simply/only a technical one. 🌱Analysis: How UK newspapers changed their minds about climate change | Read here:New Zealand sabotaged critical climate action advice by IPCC, viaWe can have a livable future or billionaires. Not both.Our brave scientists on the front page of the Guardian Who do you tru... 続きを読む
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  • みんなの「 #ふぁぼされた数だけ自分の好きなCDアルバムを紹介する 」

    日本盤リリースがあるんだけど、最後の最後にやってくる「Angels Over Kilburn」がボロボロでクソッタレな時ほど明るいので無性に聴きたくなる。 「僕らはどうしようもない失敗作 / 支え合い生きている」Rage Against The Machine『The Battle Of Los Angeles』ここから全てが始まった、自分が初めて買った洋楽のCD。最初がこれだったため、政治的な歌詞に全く抵抗が無いマンになって... 続きを読む
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  • #ESWC2015 のまとめ / Compiled list of tweets on #ESWC2015

    Angelo di Iorio presenting the SemPub challenge success story #eswc2015 from SemPub2014 to SemPub2015 room AndriaAnybody at #eswc2015 want to meet up to exchange #PGP signatures?#WaSABi2015 #dfap #tripactuk #eswc2015: Now Andreas Both; GeoKnow - linked geospatial datafrom talking now at #salad2015 #eswc2015 about "Building REST APIs for the Robot Operating System" Go Felix!public benchmark to cover a wide range of integration challenges in Relational-to-Ontology Data Integration #eswc2015#WaS... 続きを読む
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  • ニューヨークで開催されたOpenVideoConferenceのイベントログその2

    #ovc10 #video4change#ovc10 Wesch: when learning style changes, they can use participatory tools. No longer meaning seekers, they are meaning makers.Coffee and a bagel then on to #ovc10 (@ Birch Coffee)"The most human thing we can do is take action that changes the course of events" ~ Susan Crawford at #ovc10 #openinternetNow up at #ovc10 the Transmission Network - online distribution for videos on social changeWe have to think about human rights video both on open platforms and comm... 続きを読む
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  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その43 21年8月前半

    I am cited for claiming that degrowth is not about climate change.What does the new #IPCC say about extreme weather and climate change? A lot, and it's not good.Time to get real about the tactics necessary to change an economic and political system that elevates psychopaths like Scott Morrison to thea Prime Minister who has long challenged established scientific fact based on his own, largely baseless observations.Hear why Naomi Klein wants to change how you think about the climate crisisRoya... 続きを読む
    1115pv 5 2021年8月4日
  • Celebrating Simon's 55th birthday♪

    The girl in the middle is Simon's daughter, Evangelin☺️This ever fantastic bassist became 55! How Fabulous!Marvelous!! #SimonGallup #TheCure2014 05 30 Give me it, BottleRock, The Cure This sounds like really PUNK!Robert & Simon would be forever young.happy belated one old boyHave you forgotten how to age?I'll never 4get that gorgeous boy who introduced me 2 this awesome music ♡ #HappyBirthdaySimonGallup 6/1/60 #TheCureLes presumo que yo también tengo una foto con mi hombre, Simon Gal... 続きを読む
    2059pv 8 2015年6月3日
  • 第21回ライトノベル読書会「1年の新作ラノベを振り返ろう2019」

    A romcom about an angelic girl who spoils her neighbour with her kindness.This one is a lot like Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki, I hear. (Same label too)"Otonari no Tenshi sama ni itsu no ma ni ka Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken".A romcom about a guy who discovers that his step mother's daughter is his ex-girlfriend whom he still has feelings for."Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Romcom". A romcom where the childhood friend absolutely does not lose :)"Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni... 続きを読む
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  • サンアントニオ乳癌シンポジウム「SABCS 2009」

    #SABCS briefing, Angelo Di Leo: 500mg fulvestrant more active, still well tolerated, vs std 250mg in postmeno adv breast ca pts#SABCS, Angelo Di Leo's group now have Trans-CONFIRM study to see if higher-dose fulvestrant "mandatory" in all the pts, or just subset#SABCS Robert Weinberg: EMT doubly dangerous because allows cells to disseminate & ?? [missed!]San Antonioきています。シンポジウムは3時間後から開始です。昨日gene expression プロファイル教育sessionだ... 続きを読む
    4834pv 1 user 2009年12月13日
  • 適応策/喪失と被害/食糧危機/難民移民の論点

    A largely unnoticed consequence of delaying by a year, was that climate change didn't take the year off and in fact moved into attributable toHow about: "If you think about the likely impacts of #climate change, if pandemic diseases are one of them, we’re talking about the potentialDefinitely worth a watch, especially for those thinking about debt relief in the context of climate change #Lossanddamage"If you think about the likely impacts of #climate change, if pandemic diseases are one of ... 続きを読む
    1232pv 9 3 2021年10月7日
  • PyData London 2016

    Examples of robot detection from Eszter Windhagel-Pokol #PyDataLondonTetiana talking about her transition from project manager to data scientist. Reminds me of my change. #PyDataLondonwidgets: `ipywidgets` - sliders - interact for variable assignment - change title, variables within function of graph #PyDataLondonRelativity, gravitational waves and now laser rangefinding all before 9:30am. #headhurts #PyDataLondonA/B Testing: Harder than just a color change with Or Weizmanat #PyDataLondonusin... 続きを読む
    1928pv 8 2016年5月8日
  • パトリック デンプシー(Patrick Dempsey)2015【50】0301-0331

    Don't miss the Luftgekühlt exhibition of tomorrow if you are near Los Angeles.Hanging with at the booth atWho answered his phone...?! #KindaCliffHangery #GreysAnatomy #TGIT ;-)Me and out for dinner. I called shotgun on the booth. Madison"can we both sit in the booth??" so romanticPatrick Dempsey and Dax Shephard are both racing in General Tire-equipped Zero One cars in the…Trivia: season 1 we shot pilot + 12 eps but only aired thru 8, turning Addison's arrival into our first cliffhanger. #... 続きを読む
    2102pv 4 2015年4月8日
  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その31 21年2月前半

    , Los Angeles, Melbourne, Montreal, Berlin, and and and...First-of-its-kind national survey shows "eco-anger is uniquely associated with greater engagement in both personal and collective pro-climateIn 1991, Shell produced a video about climate change and it's impacts.Talking about the change to renewable energy (supporting my earlier tweet about what Shell were claiming in the 1990s).Hot air from banks fueling climate change.I believe all scales are important, and that individual change infl... 続きを読む
    2591pv 9 9 2021年2月7日
  • DevRelCon Tokyo 2019

    Great talk about at #DevRelCon! I use to live in the Bay and now NYC. Could you please intro me to the dev evangelist based in NYC?#devrelcon #devreljp putting our goods on the exchange table.Thanks for such a great talk on how dev evangelists can measure their success and work strategically and sustainably, I've experienced this firstLet's enjoy sticker exchange using sticker notebook in your bag📖 #DevRelCon Tokyo #devrel #devreljpAI Technology Changes so Fast. #DevRelConThis talk is on c... 続きを読む
    3017pv 13 38 2019年3月10日
  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その55 22年2月後半

    Pretty wild given how these companies say they care about addressing climate change."An ecocide law should help change that perception and get managers to work in harmony with the environment instead of just thinking about profita word about how this will impact marine life and even more business growth to fuel catastrophe climate changeInstead of saying climate change is not true, they are now spreading disinformation about the 'cost of net-zero'. But we are not fools...They both should stop... 続きを読む
    1317pv 9 22 2022年2月17日
  • 英NMEベストアルバム500レビュー #400-301

    Gram Parsons『Grievous Angel』カントリーミュージックをロックンロールに組み入れたという実績がどうしてここまで褒め称えられるのかがよく分からんが、ストーンズやバーズに影響与える位だからイイのか。 #NME500Beck『Sea Change』素っ頓狂な楽曲の数々により洗練された見事な編曲の下に繰り出されるアコースティックブルース。新しいカントリーミュージックとも言える... 続きを読む
    2224pv 1 2015年3月29日
  • DH2014

    #dh2014 #ReceptionStudies Looking at LaHaye's 'Left Behind' - evangelical Christian fictionI love Laura Miller (of ) emphasizing that #dh4lib exchange of knowledge/skills goes both ways. #dhlibs #dh2014Compelling iconography and soundtracks of migrant experience curated into YouTube videos in Salzbrunn/Santangelo's paper #dh2014#DH2014 Salzbrunn and Mastrangelo's phrase 'the protection of being undocumented' is a jolting reminder that identity isn't always positiveMonika Salzbrunn + Simon Mas... 続きを読む
    5720pv 6 2014年7月11日
  • 737MAXの件 経過の続き 6

    Lots of changes occur with a new model that are just adapting, not changing. Where is the line?Anger over ex-Boeing chief’s potential $80m payoutOne of the key exchanges released tonightI wouldn’t," said one internal exchange, among many communications released by Boeing$BA - Boeing: The Challenge Is Changing The Culture.Anger over ex-Boeing chief’s potential $80m payout 「『うんざりだ。その金で何人の優秀なエンジニアを雇えた?』」Boeing changes stance, reco... 続きを読む
    6054pv 22 2019年12月21日
  • G 7コーンウォールサミットでのXRの活動と争点、結末

    about tackling climate change!Climate change is the greatest threat to human health that we face.” Dr Angela Wilson #Oxford #ActNow Photo: S.WilliamsNo wonder people get cynical, when all the talk is about climate change & protecting nature #G7#Bangladesh is Suffering A Lot for Climate Change.WATCH: Forres Extinction Rebellion stage Make The Wave protest at Findhorn beach warning of the dangers of rising sea levels and climate changeus to bother coming to Glasgow for#ClimateChange.Around 50... 続きを読む
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