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    #nowplaying Boston Bass [Prod. Clinton Sparks] - Clinton Sparks #blockfm #INSIDE_OUT#nowplaying Watch You (feat. Pitbull & Disco Fries) [Prod. Clinton Sparks] - Clinton Sparks #blockfm #INSIDE_OUT#BLOCKFM #INSIDE_OUT 2013-04-01 ON AIR タイムラインの様子→ ▼ゲスト CLINTON SPARKS & DJ JUNE ▼N.O.R.E.インタビュー ▼5/3 ageHaでのパーティ出演者発表渡辺志保 執筆 #AKLO 表紙の にて「HIP HOP FRONT LINE」コーナー執筆&今月から によるMIXTAPE... 続きを読む
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  • アングロサクソンなbotが急に飛んできた!

    Hillary Clinton Drops By!Hillary Clinton Drops By!#Hillary #Clinton Drops by=>#Hillary #Clinton Drops by=>#Hillary #Clinton Drops by=>#Hillary #Clinton Drops by=>#Hillary #Clinton Drops by=>#Hillary #Clinton Drops by=>#Hillary #Clinton Drops by=>#Hillary #Clinton Drops by=> 続きを読む
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  • 【20110130-0202】ハイチ 5【Celestin棄権したのしないのどっちなの】

    Secretary Clinton will face 3 likely scenarios in Haiti by Stanley Lucas #haiti #Clinton #electionClinton: No freeze for Haiti aidClinton tries to break Haiti deadlockClinton tries to break Haiti deadlockClinton: I'll pressure Haiti on electionClinton hails cholera progress in HaitiClinton: Big concern over Haiti electionsHillary Clinton is here. #haiti #electionsClinton presses OAS solution to Haiti impasseClinton seeks to give Haiti 'post-quake boost' 続きを読む
    1073pv 2011年1月31日
  • 【2011/04/09-20】ハイチ 22【政権交代待ち期間】

    #Haiti Bill ClintonPresident Clinton & Clinton Foundation launch National Cholera Education & Awareness Campaign in #Haiti:Contrary to the #Haiti rumor mill and declarations #BillClinton did not ask to retain #Bellerive as PM, Clinton folks say.In Haiti, Bill Clinton eyes faster reconstruction #haitiSecretary Clinton to Meet with President-Elect MartellyFrmer POTUS Bill Clinton says intl commity "skepticism w/ #Haiti" unwarranted.Haiti president-elect to meet Clinton on US visit – AFP #hait... 続きを読む
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  • 【20110214-17】ハイチ 9【復興してない写真など】

    Clinton, candidates discuss Haiti reconstruction #haiti #Clinton #reconstructionClinton meets with Martelly, Manigat in Haiti#Clinton meets with #Martelly, #Manigat in #HaitiBill Clinton says "this commission has no money." #haitiClinton meets with Martelly, Manigat in Haiti – Washington Post #haitiMirlande Manigat meeting with Clinton now. #haiti #electionsMichel Martelly and Bill Clinton in meeting now. #haiti #electionsClinton, candidates discuss Haiti reconstruction – The Associated P... 続きを読む
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  • ハイチにおけるコレラ感染のニュースツイートまとめ8【開票やり直し発表後の小康状態】

    Clinton urges resolution in HaitiClinton says no to cutting off #Haiti aidBill Clinton backs #Haiti reconstructionClinton calls for end to #Haiti vote crisisBill Clinton to visit #Haiti, urges vote recountClinton says #Haiti must do more to tackle crisisClinton: #Haiti Must Do More to End Political CrisisClinton says she expects more from Haiti #haitiHaiti, Dominican leaders may meet with Clinton on urgent aid #haitiSecretary #Clinton comes down hard on Haitian gov't - #Haiti #election続きを読む
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  • 米大統領候補のトゥルシー・ギャバード「ヒラリー・クリントンの”世界の警察”政策は米国も世界も破壊する」

    I can defeat Trump and the Bush-Clinton Doctrine - YouTubeWhether Clinton is on the ballot or not, her foreign policy will be.Many Dem candidates adhere to Bush-Clinton doctrine being the world's police—wasting trillions $, spreading death and destruction, and underminingour national security. 続きを読む
    1180pv 2019年11月15日
  • 【2011/04/21-28】ハイチ 23【大統領決まったお!】

    Clinton gives full backing toClinton gives full backing to new Haiti leaderLes USA resteront aux côtés d'Haïti, promet Clinton à Martelly#Martelly: #Clinton gives US #support for #Haiti's new presidentHaitian President-Elect MeetsClinton During US Visit - Voice of America...Clinton pledges support for Haitian president-elect – Xinhua #haitiHaiti's met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. #HaitiHaitian President-Elect MeetsClinton During US Visit – Voice of America #haitiYouTube... 続きを読む
    1064pv 2011年4月22日
  • 米国民主党大会/ミシェル演説とクリントン演説を視聴しつつ

    RT : Bill Clinton: "Now, that brings me to health care..." #DNC2012RT : RT : Bill Clinton should be the Secretary of Explaining Things.RT : Bill Clinton just made me get the checkbook out! #DNC2012RT : Clinton said more nice things about GW Bush than all RNC speakers combinedRT : watching Pres Clinton's speech!i feel like it's the best concert EVER and i'm a HUGE GROUPIERT : A longtime hallmark of Clinton's speeches is believing that voters want to hear more about policy than they usually get... 続きを読む
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  • 20110311 JAPAN MEGAQUAKE M9.0 -ENGLISH NEWS TL (37)-

    Clinton visiting post-quake JapanClinton visits Japan, US relief effort warms tiesIn Japan, Clinton offers sympathy and supportClinton pledges Japan support as PM Kan calls for "rebirth"Clinton pledges Japan support as PM Kan calls for "rebirth"SecState Clinton in #Japan announces majority Japanese joint reconstruction "public-private venture" b/t US, JapanDeath toll climbs in Japan as work goes on at nuclear power plant.AP VIDEO: Robots sent into Japan's crippled nuclear plant find radiation... 続きを読む
    1013pv 2011年4月18日
  • ヒラリーが黒人蔑視で炎上中

    Hillary Clinton Jokes About 'CP Time' With De Blasio: ←ABCHillary Clinton makes awkward joke about "CP Time". Why do this?Today As sensitive as ppl are over anything at total random.. #HillaryClinton why risk it making a #CPTime skit joke? Why lady why?! Smfh!ヒラリーがチャリティーディナーの寸劇で、ニューヨーク市長のビル・デブラシオのCP timeにcautious politicianの略と言ってる。CP timeは"coloured people’s time"で愚鈍な黒人は白人様... 続きを読む
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  • アメリカの副大統領にお手紙書いてみた

    Full Speech: Vice President Joe Biden Speech at Hillary Clinton Rally in... 「生きた英語」(キリッ)ってこーゆーもんだよなあ。。。。Full Speech: Vice President Joe Biden Speech at Hillary Clinton Rally in... さんから バイデンスピーチってこれか。便利な時代になったものだFull Speech: Vice President Joe Biden Speech at Hillary Clinton Rally in... さんから バイデン副大統領応援演説。例の発言は23:30頃。Full Speech: Vic... 続きを読む
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  • 【20110301-03】ハイチ 14【祝祭と夜明けの余震】

    Bill Clinton, smiling, has just arrived inside the room for the IHRC meeting. #Haiti#haiti - #Clinton's Testimony to the House Foreign Affairs Committee - RealClearPoliticsBill Clinton Global Initiative has a fiduciary duty problem in Haiti viaJoining#Clinton at the table is #Haiti PM JM #Bellerive. We are finally ready to begin.Next #IHRC meeting will coincide w/a donor conference on #Haiti, Bill #Clinton says.Bill #Clinton says it's very important donors register their projects with the IHR... 続きを読む
    1281pv 2011年3月2日
  • ハイチ震災一周年、ニュースと現地ツイートなど

    Select Press waiting for exclusive interview President Clinton at the IronMarket #HaitiPresident Clinton comes to the #IronMarket Inauguration; Pink Shirt #Nice #HaitiAt site of old DGI building. Preval, Clinton others here to lay stone for a memorial. #haitiI hear the police sirens. President Clinton is getting closer to the Iron Market inauguration Port au Prince #HaitiPresident Clinton tweeting live today from #Haiti to mark the one year anniversary of the earthquake.In case you missed it:... 続きを読む
    1622pv 6 1 user 2011年1月13日
  • 【2011/06/09-】ハイチ 28【】

    Clinton launches Haiti housing project – Montreal Gazette #haitiClinton promised the same housing project in Oct. 2010. #HaitiClinton to Meet with Pres. of Haiti on New Housing Project. Actually, not so "new." Troubled.Clinton and Haiti's renewed initiative. RT : Haiti - Reconstruction : 400 houses built in 100 daysPresident Clinton has just arrived in #Haiti to tour the progress of the BBBC Housing Expo and other projects.Tomorrow's IHRC meeting in #Haiti has been canceled. But frmer Presi... 続きを読む
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  • BLOCKFM presents "INSIDE OUT" 2013-04-01 ON AIR

    #nowplaying Boston Bass [Prod. Clinton Sparks] - Clinton Sparks #blockfm #INSIDE_OUTdj june&clinton sparks!! #blockfm#nowplaying Watch You (feat. Pitbull & Disco Fries) [Prod. Clinton Sparks] - Clinton Sparks #blockfm #INSIDE_OUT#np #blockfm #INSIDE_OUT #clintonsparks #djjuneRT : ": 4/1月 23時 #blockfm #INSIDE_OUT ▼ゲスト Clinton Sparks今夜‼4/1月 23時 #blockfm #INSIDE_OUT ▼ゲスト Clinton Sparks マジで必聴‼‼【番組情報】今夜23:00から #AKLO による INSIDE O... 続きを読む
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  • モーリー・ロバートソン氏の「ウラニウム・ワン疑惑」に関するツイートをまとめました。

    What you need to know about Clinton and the Uranium One deal →Fox News's Shepard Smith debunks his network's favorite Hillary Clinton 'scandal,' infuriates viewers →→(2)2015年のオバマ政権時、ニューヨーク・タイムズが最初に「クリントン氏のロシア疑惑」を大々的に報じ、この報道が後々トランプ氏の選挙キャンペーンで材料として使われました>> Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian UraniumMystery death ... 続きを読む
    3666pv 29 1 user 2017年12月2日
  • 【2011/04/04/14:00-04/08】ハイチ 21【大統領選開票キター!】

    Haiti election, transition ‘small miracles’: Bill Clinton – AFPPresident Clinton returns to Haiti to help in ongoing recovery – CNN InternationalClinton: Haiti’s post-quake reconstruction a "small miracle" – Monsters and": has switched to English. He's meeting with President Clinton tomorrow to discuss plan. #Haiti"At IHRC meeting, pdt Clinton is not here but will join the group tomorrow. #Haiti #electionsis back in #Haiti and will meet w/former POTUS Bill Clinton who's meeting w/... 続きを読む
    1134pv 2011年4月5日
  • 町山智浩氏、ヒラリーがALT=Rightに言及した

    Hillary Clinton’s "alt-right" speech, annotatedWhy Hillary Clinton is talking about the fringe 'Alt Right' movement さんからI coined the term "Alt Right," a movement Hillary Clinton just denounced. I'm visiting Japan, atm.Clinton's alt-right speech doesn't include the phrase "anime avatars" are we sure this was researched properlyHe represents the largest chance the USA has had in decades to shatter the oligarchy controlling our politics.#AltRightMeans calling yourself brave for yelling... 続きを読む
    23644pv 238 83 users 30 2016年8月26日
  • ヒラリー・クリントンがグラミー賞でトランプさんの暴露本を読んでみた時のアメリカ人の反応【これはひどい】

    Hillary Clinton roasts Trump at the #GRAMMYs by narrating "Fire and Fury"Hillary Clinton makes a surprise cameo at the #Grammys and reads excerpts from "Fire and Fury."A bunch of whining losers have turned another awards show into a political rant.Instead of bringing America together through music, we have politics. #PoliticsSuck #Grammys2018 #OverPlayedOnAllSides #DisappointedThe only way you could get entertained is stop watching these shows and they will get the point5 deferments to serve ... 続きを読む
    26149pv 122 27 users 4 2018年1月29日
  • 【20110223-25】ハイチ 12【ネット選挙活動ができる国】

    Where is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in dealing w/American Danny Pye in prison in #Haiti?What do Michel Martelly and Bill Clinton have in common? They both want to save lives in Haiti.It's too late for Bill Clinton to apologize for destroying Haiti's agricultural system.Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, Bill Clinton has given Haiti a bad check, a check which has come back marked insufficient fundsWe appreciate Bill Clinton concern for Haiti. But Haiti recovery and reconstruct... 続きを読む
    1076pv 2011年2月24日
  • 【20110209-13】ハイチ 8【米政府はAristide氏帰国に難色?】

    President Bush and President Clinton~WHERE IS HAITI'S AID MONEY? { Clinton Bush Haiti Fund } #p2 #sgp #tlot #tcot #teaparty #Haiti #aid.: leave #Haiti alone, dammit. you force out an elected president and bring back a murderous dictator. #Bush #Obama #Clinton• #Haiti's current worst enemies: Jose Miguel Insulza, OAS Secretary General & Hillary Clinton. Time to rise up partizan.• Clinton is lunatic. On a former DICTATOR's return 2 #Haiti she's quiet. On a democratically ELECTED leader's re... 続きを読む
    988pv 2 2011年2月10日
  • 北丸雄二さんによる米民主党候補者討論会のツイート

    「A Night Goes Clinton’s Way, After Months of Problems」(数ヶ月の問題の後でやっとクリントンの思う通りの夜に)バイデンが’出づらくなったという読みもNYタイムズは「Clinton’s Steady Performance in Debate Quiets Talk of Biden」(クリントンの安定したパフォーマンスがバイデンの話を沈静化させた) 続きを読む
    1235pv 11 2015年10月15日
  • 米大統領選テレビ討論で「ファクトチェッカー」に注目する人々

    Live Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First TimeVia : Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First TimeVia : Live Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time> Via : Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time候補者の発言の真偽を検証する“ファクトチェック”もライブへ|Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time最初の大統領選テレビ討論でトランプがついた11のウソ(ファクト・チェッ... 続きを読む
    11944pv 113 8 users 6 2016年9月28日
  • 120502-03 「陳光誠氏、大使館を出て病院へ」から始まった情報のカオス

    RT : Statement by Hillary Clinton on Chen GuangchengRT : Chen apparently told Clinton "I want to kiss you."Chen now begging to be able to leave China on Hillary Clinton's plane陳氏、ヒラリー国務長官に「I want to kiss you」と。> : Chen apparently told Clinton "I want to kiss you."米誌「ニューズウィーク」北京支局長、メリンダ・ラウ氏による陳光誠氏事件記事:Activist Chen Guangcheng: Let Me Leave China on Hillary Clinton’s PlaneAfter speaki... 続きを読む
    2304pv 9 1 user 2012年5月11日
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