• DH2014

    tocayo, maestro, ¿vas a venir a #dh2014?Some brilliant researchers might want to improve on their PowerPoint presentations. #BoredomByPP #dh2014.: In the second test, pronouns and prepositions dominated. #dh2014Is that in re the "domain" vs. "set of practices" thing? #dh2014 Depends on definition of "domain" I guess.hey , just saw the Freedom Stories here at #dh2014Intellectual Property Rights vs. Freedom of Research: Tripping stones in international IPR law (W. Scholger): #DH2014#dh2014 #pe... 続きを読む
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  • 2020/06 CHIPTUNE Vol.23

    En nuestro último episodio de #RetroManiac podcast, el maestro repasa Silent Bomber, un curioso juego para PSX, repleto de acción, divertidoStream our 8-hour #chiptune #playlist on #spotify and every cent we get from ads goes to and ! Boredom obliterated!!I promised PR8 music video but due to my numerous discoveries improving the workflow, entire project needs to be redone, so I can release savechipbreak #confinament #confinamiento #joemquedoacasa #yomequedoencasa #istayhome #jungle #musicp... 続きを読む
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  • 2020/06 CHIPTUNE Vol.23

    En nuestro último episodio de #RetroManiac podcast, el maestro repasa Silent Bomber, un curioso juego para PSX, repleto de acción, divertidoStream our 8-hour #chiptune #playlist on #spotify and every cent we get from ads goes to and ! Boredom obliterated!!I promised PR8 music video but due to my numerous discoveries improving the workflow, entire project needs to be redone, so I can release savechipbreak #confinament #confinamiento #joemquedoacasa #yomequedoencasa #istayhome #jungle #musicp... 続きを読む
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  • FMXライダー佐藤英吾を追悼するコメントまとめ

    ": ¿Se murió Eigo Sato? Mae, mae, mae, mae" como??? :0Murió Eigo Sato :O ese mae era toda, qué van a ser los X-Knights sin ese mae :(Buuuuuh q mal Eigo Sato :( ese mae si era completo¿Se murió Eigo Sato? Mae, mae, mae, maeEigo Sato no mae, como se fue a morir mae no me lo creo.Mae! Como se va a morir Eigo Sato D: era una cerdota!mae Ariel murió Eigo Sato maeeeeee :OMae se murió Eigo Sato :'(Mae se mató Eigo Sato que mala vibraR.I.P Eigo Sato que Dios te tenga en la gloria, maestro de... 続きを読む
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  • #HTML5 1000

    Empresa: Solicito #diseñador, 7 años de experiencia en #IOS y en #html5, maestría en diseño y que sepa cocinar.Stock Market Website - Nasdaq Like by rforrandom #ajax #html5 #php #websitedesignNo se te olvide, hay plazas disponibles para el diplomado en Bogota #DiplomadoHTML5 120 Horas #HTML5 #CSS3 #JS #pythonMiss #owc4 & #innovatecon? Come to the #HTML5 & #microformats2 meetup Tues 7-9pm under Westfield DomeScratch CSS3 #html5 #firefox -- Adrian Quevedo ()Estuviera preparándome para el t... 続きを読む
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  • 軍事板常見問題15連ガチャ,2019.2.25

    Trump's Next Defense Secretary Could Be a Woman9:30am Guardia venezolano que desertó este #23Feb: Hay miedo, allá tu no puedes hablar. Tenía días pensando en esto".【Jane's】 Komatsu to stop developing LAV for JGSDF: Japanese vehicle manufacturer Komatsu has announced it will no longer develop new models ofContainer vessel overview Triple E. Maersk Line..Container vessel overview Triple E. Maersk Line..Neo-Nazi coast guard officer accused of domestic terror plot denied bail "Hasson...ap... 続きを読む
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  • [CLOSED] [JE3] Japan earthquake Info in English #jishin_e ..

    Kan: Japanaese will overcome this tragedy and it's all up to people of Japan #jishin_e #jpquake #nhkMay the second plant of Fukushima reactor become meltdown?? #jishin_eEdano says ministries and diplomatic offices in Japan are directed to send info to foreigniers in Japan and Japanese overseas #jishin_eSeibu Ln (Mon) Limited Svc: Ikebukuro - Nerima Takanodai, Nerima-Toshimaen, SB Shijyuku - Saginomiya. No Svc: All other Lns (END) #jishin_eTokyo:Seibu: RUN:Ikebukuro Line: Ikebukuro-Nerimatakan... 続きを読む
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  • Robert Venturi

    Less is bore. Il bello del brutto contro la noia del modernismo. Saluti al maestro che ci ha spiegato come Imparare da Las VegasI may not have shared his aesthetic, but I appreciated the social aspect of his writings.He opened my eyes to classicism, mannerism, complexity, tension, beauty and the sheer aesthetic thrill of great architecture.hasta en la arquitectura más anónima, banal y hedonista con su libro “learning from Las Vegas.”“This lesson we must keep in mind above all else” ... 続きを読む
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  • Personal Democracy Forum

    #UKBizoffer #smartbizuk #UKBizevent #artpromoter #Twitmaes #hubspot 22 #PDF15like sulla fiducia, poi leggo - mi raccomando, segui #pdf15 oggi e domani"Choose freedom, choose open." at #pdf15Like I say: 'internet freedom' often isn't about anything more than freedom for the usual suspects to make more money #PDF15Open knowledge is freedom - #PDF15 #opendata #civictechShe is the Oprah for the freedom fighting set #PDF15We are all Tyndale choosing openness and freedom. #PDF15#PDF15 Tydale knew t... 続きを読む
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  • [JE4] Japan earthquake Info in English #jishin_e 3/18 01:0..

    Hibiya, Oedo Lns moving along. Less congested Roppongi -> Shiodome #jishin_e., use "MichinokuGinko(Bank) Mae" #jishin_eYaesu South Exit) is running all day. info from Facebook page. #jishin_eEdano Chief Cab. Sec, asks all 2 NOT HOARD gasoline, diesel & fuel oil.He also requested aids to come to the SECURE area. Rescues are not now coming to even secure area and causing serious problem #Jishin_eReuters Japan said secretary-general of IAEA visit Japan on 17th March to collect info about nuclear... 続きを読む
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  • キケロについての書き込み

    res maximaeの直訳だが前後の文脈から「宇宙」を指すらしい。Sed plerique mortales postrema meminere et in hominibus impiis sceleris eorum obliti de poena disserunt, si ea paulo severior fuit(Caesar).出展は Domo 73節。これと同様に、格言の ”Seditio civium hostium est occasio” でも述語となる後半の意味のまとまりの二番目にestがある。Shackleton Bailey: Cicero :Back from Exile Six Speeches. p.124.Before sec.40 the last part of 39 sec.'... 続きを読む
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  • BossaNovaに関する自分のためのまとめです。

    Vox Populi, Luiz Eça, Júlio Medaglia, Maestro Mário TavaresのCidade Grandeサンパウロのボサノバ派にはお馴染みのJequibauですが先に紹介したOs Tres Moraes(Brasileiros)でもMario Albaneseの一派が実際の録音にかかります。ギターデュオでやることが多いのですが。Ademilde Fonsecaは1942年のキーも高い人気フルートのBenedito Lacerdaのバンドとの共演版も!PixinguinhaのLamentoやMundoMelhorの歌詞はVinicius de Morae... 続きを読む
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  • Code for America Summit #cfasummit

    ships passing at #cfasummit -- of meet of you are both brigade maestros & must raise one for me!FOIA (Freedom of Infomation Act) legislation would not be possible without the invention of the photocopier. - #cfasummitsocial media archive honors freedom of information policy in Austin TX #cfasummitSit next to and chat up super cute College professor. Ahh #newfoundfreedomyou can join w/ a .gov domain email and add to the community. Or for everyone. #cfasummitTopTag(3hrs) 1:#WeWill 2:#OrlandoMag... 続きを読む
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  • RIP J.J. Cale

    JJ Cale se nos ha ido,DEP maestro.Nunca un tópico fue más real: se murió el maestro de maestros. Aquí dejo "Starbound" de JJ Cale (hoy no es día para "Cocaíne")Profundamente consternado por la muerte de JJ Cale. DEP, maestro.#SEO #Hosting #WebDesign #Domain US singer-songwriter JJ Cale dies - viaMurio JJ Cale, maestro de Clapton, un viajero de la musica. Salud!Murio JJ Cale, maestro de Clapton, un viajero de la musica. Salud!Murio JJ Cale, maestro de Clapton, un viajero de la musica. Sa... 続きを読む
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  • ベネズエラ都市弦楽について

    ¡Saludos maestros! Estudiantina Komaba con Caracas Sincrónica - Niña de Hilos Rojosとはいえ、共演曲はAlma Llaneraになりましたが(笑):Estudiantina Komaba con Maestros - Alma Llanera“Los Sinvergüenzas nos están demostrando cuánto han heredado de nuestras canciones, valses, danzas, merengues y tonadas”, Domingo Moret.曲はサンクリストバルの作曲家Marco Antonio Rivera Usecheの"Rayito de Sol"Agradezco el apoyo de Paul Desenne y Satoshi Tomotda.Estudiant... 続きを読む
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  • CHI勉強会2016まとめ

    Somaesthetic Appreciation Design #chi2016jDo Users' Perceptions of Password Security Match Reality? #chi2016jWindowsXPのアイコン最強説Aesthetic Appeal and Visual Usability in Four Icon Design Eras #chi2016jMomentary Pleasure or Lasting Meaning?: Distinguishing Eudaimonic and Hedonic User Experiences #chi2016jRevising Learner Misconceptions Without Feedback: Prompting for Reflection on Anomalies #chi2016j#chi2016j |Aesthetic Appeal and Visual Usability in Four Icon Design Eras ”Win... 続きを読む
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  • 祝!ゼノブレイド2発売2周年祭 #Xenoblade2_fes19

    Feliz segundo aniversario a esta obra maestra, una de las mejores historias que haya vivido nunca, una experiencia inolvidable #xenoblade2_fes19Ya hacen dos años desde Xenoblade 2 y solo puedo decir gracias a aquellos que me hicieron entrar en esta maravillosa saga y en ese asombrosoLooking to make commissions for Pneuma from #XenobladeChronicles2 to commemorate the game's second anniversary.💖🔥 Seriously, getting to make all of these Xeno cosplays has introduced me to some amazing and ... 続きを読む
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  • ジージャーさんに関するあれこれ

    “The positive vibrations of unregulated joy, peace, happiness and tranquility is freedom.” Hodge#マリース・クランプ #marresecrump #ジージャー #จีจ้า #jeejayanin"No hay división entre mujeres y hombres en el mundo de la lucha: los entrenos son de 9 a 10 horas y los maestros no nos dividen por género".#ジージャー #ジージャー・ヤーニン These 7 kick-ass Asian women don’t need a man to save them よりワクワクするなぁ//Action Maestro JOHN WOO ... 続きを読む
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  • #ruby25th anniversary

    そこはmitamaeでどうにか #ruby25thRuby has taught me that you should not choose a programming language based on the problem domain but based on your personal needs and preferences.ThankThat and 's "Agile Samurai" changed what I wanted to do in my life. I didn't want to be a security researcher anymore.But it’s the one that gave me the freedom to travel the world & build products I love #ruby25thAt some point, my psuedo code all just became actual Ruby.still the one - first and only l... 続きを読む
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  • リビアの情勢 #libjp (14)

    いっそ視聴率ゼぇロぉ~♪feat.日テレ になったらオモシロイじゃじぃ~ら FREEDOM'S MARCH NOW #libjpFind the cost of freedom, buried in the ground... #libjp #yemjp #bahjp #Libya/ Caesar Maddness: Gaddafi « Occupied Palestine | فلسطين(チャットから、AJAニュースで聞いた事) emaetega airport has joined the protesters #libjpwe see tweeting from Tolipoli in #libjp (Japanese) "Protest flag reached to main Squere " we cant make it sure.Foreign Minis... 続きを読む
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  • Архивы минчанина.

    Лайв Himegimi no Sparkling - Freedom Shoujo Kaishingeki Новая песня, подесл я немного на эту парочку)MV Muzubizm - Maeomuke! Первый сингл, хотя группе уже больше годаРождественский медлей от Harajuku Ekimae Parties Хоть что-то по сезону)HaraEki Stage A - Label Одна из групп Harajuku Ekimae Parties, лайв из их театра. Из их групп наиболе нр... 続きを読む
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  • 近藤等則さんを偲ぶ -Rest in Peace Toshinori Kondo-

    RIP Mr smooth sailing maestro Toshinori Kondo!and wore that thing out. one of several cds that sparked my interest in random-seeming (nothing is random) collaborations that just gel.Toshinori Kondo & IMA - H Woman よりJapanese jazz trumpeter Toshinori Kondo, known for a series of improvised performances at scenic spots around the world, died Saturday in Kawasaki【LivedoorNews】 トランペッター近藤等則さん急死Omaggio a Toshinori Kondo (1948-2020)写真は2017年近藤等則LI... 続きを読む
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  • 僕達の股間をまとめました。

    俺の股間がFREEDOM DiVE↓ #俺の股間がの後に曲名を入れると性的俺の股間がmae-narae 笑 #俺の股間がの後に曲名を入れると性的俺の股間が千本桜 #俺の股間がの後に曲名を入れると性的 haesugi俺の股間がSecond Heaven #俺の股間がの後に曲名を入れると性的俺の股間がsecret base~君がくれたもの~ #俺の股間がの後に曲名を入れると性的俺の股関がReset #俺の股間がの後に曲名を入れ... 続きを読む
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