• 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Aug 4, 2013 A

    North Hollywood, #YoureNext! #billboardBillboard honoring local military personnel up on U.S. 11E in Greeneville. See my story today. #honorthetroopsMFA S.E Nodaway employees built a new billboard along hwy 136 this week, this is the north side, made for agriculturedohafilm #support #film #Doha #portrait #gooddays #billboard #brigittelacombeHey Korea! How about a grammar check next time you spend millions of dollars on a billboard in Times Sq.mobile billboard in Triad. 12:30pm presser - Old G... 続きを読む
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  • #自分自身を創り上げた海外のバンド10選 のまとめ

    Korpiklaani Korpiklaani Korpiklaani Korpiklaani LIMPBIZKIT Alestorm Korpiklaani Korpiklaani Korpiklaani Korpiklaani #自分自身を創り上げた海外のバンド10選 そういう#自分自身を創り上げた海外のバンド10選 SANTANA Weather Report Fourth World Azymuth Caldera Poncho Sanchez Band Jerry Gonzales and the Fort Apache Band Ralph Irrizarry#自分自身を創り上げた海外のバンド10選 Hatfield and the North Caravan Fairport Convention This Heat Slapp Happy Cass... 続きを読む
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  • 軍事板常見問題のためのリンク集め,2016.5.5

    Fake North Korea bills foundWrap up of the important news of the day Stories viaUPDATE: A source within the interior ministry reportedly denies that prisoners have taken over Hama prison.SOMALIA: Somali commandos reportedly overrun an #ISIS training camp in the south of the country. -BREAKING: Opposition forces in Aleppo reportedly detonate tunnel bomb ahead of assault on al-Zahraa. #Syria.BREAKING: Heavy air strikes being reported in #Raqqa. Planes still circling and ISIS trying to engage.Me... 続きを読む
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  • かんたんな にほんごで じしんの ニュース #jishin_ej 04/22 02:55 JST

    disaster info in English,Portuguese&Spanish.แผนที่จัดหาอาหาร Meal Supply & Evacuation places #jishin_ej #earthquake #thai #japan #sendaiแผนที่จัดหาอาหาร Meal Supply & Evacuation places #jishin_ej #earthquake #thai #japan #sendai【日本語に堪能な方はアクセスしないでください】 Disaster Info in English Español Français 中文 한국어 Português Italiano Deutsch русский #jishin_ejYou can get informati... 続きを読む
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  • 私が『勝手に』気になるDTM新製品情報~♪ 2012秋

    DrumJam is LIVE on the App Store! Go forth and drum!DrumJam is LIVE on the App Store! Go forth and drum!#korg #korg_import_divカラバリに埋もれてますけど、microKORG XLのパワーアップしてます。懐かしのビンテージサウンドを追加! RT : microKORG XL+ Synthesizer/Vocoder|KORG INC.カラバリに埋もれてますけど、microKORG XLのパワーアップしてます。懐かしのビンテージサウンドを追加! RT : microKORG XL+ Synthesizer/Vocode... 続きを読む
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  • 20110222ニュージーランド南島震災ニュースまとめ 初日

    No reports of S. Korean casualties yet in New Zealand earthquakeNew Zealand earthquake aftershock force 5.7 reported: GNS | Reuters viaEarthquake strikes New Zealand, multiple fatalities reportedChristchurch hit by major earthquakeMore on NZ quake: 6.2 earthquake recorded 3 miles from Christchurch -More on NZ quake: Buildings have collapsed, with persons reportedly trapped; fires in central city -At least 125 people reportedly rescued from rubble in Christchurch, more than 100 still thought tra... 続きを読む
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  • 各国の陽性者増加カーブ比較

    This version includes South Korea. They were on the same growth curve til 7 days ago - ahead of Italy.This is as true for UK, France, Germany as Italy; the latter is simply further down the path627 • UK still on steeper mortality curve than Italy, as Britain begins to lock down.NEW: Friday 20 March update of our coronavirus mortality trajectories tracker • Italy had highest single-day death toll of any country today:Measures taken a week ago could now start to reduce the exponential growt... 続きを読む
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  • 【質問】 北韓(北朝鮮)に日本からコロナウィルス・ワクチンを贈るのは良策?愚策?

    北朝鮮はSinovacCOVID-19ワクチンの投与量を断る– WSJ-KFGO News North Korea turns down Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine doses – WSJ - KFGO News #北朝鮮 #NorthKoreaKorea)(#WoWKorea) 💙 #拉致被害者全員奪還 #特定失踪者全員奪還 #拉致問題Korea) #Yahooニュース 草。まあ北は情報収集はがっつりやってるだろうから、『いらんわ』ってのは真実だろうな……☛Total tested exceeds 31,000, DPRK tells World Health Organization, ... 続きを読む
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  • いっそシャリ抜き,ワサビのみの寿司に挑む人のための軍事板常見問題用リンク集,2016.10.4

    Is Myanmar in cahoots with North Korea?:A tougher approach on North Korean nukes:A tougher approach on North Korean nukes:US turns screw on China to rein in North Korea:Let Japan and South Korea Go Nuclear. 日本と韓国の核武装を許可しろ、そうすれば中国は真剣に北朝鮮のことを考えざるを得ないだろう。. unpacks the challenges/opportunities #Iran may present the next US president:EU signs deal to deport unlimited numbers of Afghan asylum seekersExpert: Ke... 続きを読む
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  • 猫とルンバと軍事板常見問題,2018.7.8

    drifting to sleep #freedom #LegalizeIt #revolution #syria #northkorea#art #Gaza #Israel #Iraq #trump #putin #northkorea #music #yemen #syria #Iraq #yemen #syria #povertyAlso, North Korea should be wary, because has a nasty habit of ordering airstrikes whenever the investigation heats up.I just hope countries like Syria and North Korea can one day hear fireworks of celebration going off in the distance while being super high andI base in northwest Aleppo vía#disaster #Survival #weather #flood... 続きを読む
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  • ToshI お誕生日2011

    #HappyBdayToshI pls say Happy Birthday to Toshi!!!!!!♪( ´▽`) Love you! See you at the Seoul, South Korea!!!! Miss you!!karamitsuku koori no zawameki koroshi tsuzukete samayou itsu made mo until i can forget your love #happybdaytoshiEn Chile tuvimos la oportunidad de verlo también con T-earth, ¿quién fue? #HappyBDayToshIdecinos que llevamos la torta (??) #HappyBdayTOSHI#HappyBdayTOSHI Wherever you're I'd to let you know how important are you for everyoneNo me importa que sea medio po... 続きを読む
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  • Source Han Sans / Noto Sans CJK 祭り

    Also, I think that uses a North Korean example, not the more common South Korean Hangul?Google and Adobe launch the first-ever open-source font to support Latin, Japanese, Chinese and Korean #fontSource Han Sans: Adobe Releases Open Source Font Family That Supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean LanguagesSource Han Sans: Adobe Releases Open Source Font Family That Supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean LanguagesSource Han Sans: Adobe Releases Open Source Font Family That Supports Chinese, Japane... 続きを読む
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  • 軍事板常見問題のためのリンク・デポ,2016.8.23

    Number of elite North Korean defectors on the rise:South Korea holds largest-ever live-fire artillery drills:After THAAD, What's Next in South Korea's Missile Defense Plans?Pakistan: The rebirth of jihad:Lawmakers amplify criticism of US support for Saudi bombing campaignZawahiri calls on Muslims to support Taliban, reject Islamic StateHong Kong and China: The language barrier:>RTTo Become a Deadly Sub-Hunting Force, the Indian Navy Needs to Think Bigger Than Just P-8IsIraq Executes 36 Accu... 続きを読む
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  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Mar 9, 2014 B

    #northwesthour read the latest blog on Audi vs BMW really funny article..."Korkunun Ecele Faydası Yok!!!" Billboard Yetmedi Duvarları Reklam Panosu Yapıyorlar..On my way to Jakarta airport, billboards with Ronaldo KFC advertising!One of the billboards for the "Birthplace of Barbecue" campaign I got to work on. #scbbqtrail #scbbqBizden Korkamayın Bu Kadar Biz Kazanınca Sizde Kazanacaksınız. Billboard Yetmedi Duvarları Reklam Panosu Yapıyorlar.Thank you for your support of our campaign... 続きを読む
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  • 軍事板常見問題の正体はレッサーパンダ, 2017.9.13

    North Korea is one of world's most secretive small arms exportersNorth Korea nuclear test maybe have been twice as strong as first thoughtAnalysis: More than ever, South Koreans want their own nuclear weaponsUno: Nordkorea umschifft Sanktionen - und scheffelt Hunderte MillionenA report card for Liberia’s charter schoolsOnly 27% of South Koreans favour keeping their country nuclear-freeTrump is a smaller, shallower figure than most Shakespearean heroes—or villains, for that matterA few mor... 続きを読む
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  • (改訂版)日本軍への冤罪・ニセ写真を中心に Fake photos of 'Japanese war crimes ..

    In this photo, Professor Seo Gyeong-duk of Korea advertised as "a Korean recruiter on warship island" at Times Square in NY, but in fact it wasPeople accused of crimes were often horribly tortured and those who confessed their crimes or were found guilty were subsequently punished.全て関東大震災の犠牲者・惨状です ※From the Great Kanto Earthquake Japan of 1923, courtesy of the UHM Library Asia Collection #1923JapanEarthquake #fake #Nanjinga Japanese coal mining worker in Fuku... 続きを読む
    1756pv 13 2021年3月4日
  • 投票箱コレクション

    Apparently 99.97% of North Koreans just 'voted' in an election【写真集】世界の投票箱 The ballot box Photos of the world 欧州は水槽みたいなの多いね。韓国のはボール紙?やや柔らかそうな素材で使い捨てっぽい。ポリタンクみたいなのも多い。 続きを読む
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  • 20110311 JAPAN MEGAQUAKE M9.0 -ENGLISH NEWS TL (24)-

    KoreaSPECIAL REPORT: Japan: Kessennuma, a town in ruins#Japan's PM: Attention now shifts to post-earthquake reconstructionAP video of a dog being rescued off Japan coast after three weeks adrift in Pacific: #earthquake #tsunami -JMJapan: highly radioactive water leaking from crippled nuclear plant into Pacific: #earthquake #tsunami -JMU.N. nuclear agency to send reactor experts to JapanJapan's Kan, in tsunami-damaged area: 'The govt. will be working ... together with you until the end' - Reut... 続きを読む
    893pv 2011年4月3日
  • 宇宙飛行士 若田光一さん(@Astro_Wakata)がISSで撮影した写真まとめ

    My first time to see Angkor Wat, Cambodia.Manicouagan crater in northern Quebec, Canada. It is a huge crater.The Nile river as seen flying north bound – opposite direction from the previous night shot.Very easy to spot from low earth orbit!The sun does not set on low earth orbit for another few days as the ISS is tracking parallel to the terminator.Straight line objects such as runways are easy to identify from the low earth orbit.It looks like the Aurora curtain over Canada is extending up... 続きを読む
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  • 世界中の凍った川 2014.1.8

    This ice-fishing festival on a frozen South Korean river looks risky.Delaware River ice north of #EastonPANiagara River ice jam, near north GI bridgesNiagara River ice jam, near north GI bridges 3 of 3Niagara River ice jam, near north GI bridges 2 of 3“: Niagara River ice jam, near north GI bridges 2 of 3 ” OMG!“: Niagara River ice jam, near north GI bridges ” the ice jam is pushing over riverThe Hudson River iced over in Kingston, NY 100 miles north of NYC with (Taken two days ago). ... 続きを読む
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  • 【2021.01.06】行政書士試験 ・時事問題対策は、毎日のチェックの積み重ねなのだ!!

    中国共産党、朝鮮労働党第8回大会へ祝電 - via #デイリーNKジャパン #北朝鮮 #朝鮮民主主義人民共和国 #조선 #북한 #DPRK #NorthKorea #デイリーnk #dailynk #金正恩 #김정은 #KJU #KimJongUn #金正恩氏 続きを読む
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  • NBAオールスター前夜祭まとめ

    Each of the Top 5 leaders this season in 3PM represented! (Korver, Curry, Wes, Klay, Harden):Missed in the #TacoBellSkills Challenge? Watch here: #NBAAllStarNYC #WeTheNorth #RTZTonight's order for #FootLockerThreeAbout to hit the court for #FootLockerThree withAbout to hit the court for #FootLockerThree withAbout to hit the court for #FootLockerThree withAbout to hit the court for #FootLockerThree withAbout to hit the court for #FootLockerThree withAbout to hit the court for #FootLockerThree ... 続きを読む
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  • ソチ五輪でのキム・ヨナ 日本や海外スケーターたちの反応

    We just saw two programs that were Olympic gold worthy. Unreal! Thank you Carolina and Yuna!But, couldn't disagree more that Yuna &Satnikova had basically same Component marks?..in Both short & long?I wanted to start playing at the end of 's short. "I woke up like this, I woke up like this".To the people of Korea: At one point, I had doubts regarding Yu-Na Kim - not after today. She was superb, elegant, charming. Never a wilt.Did she just look complacent when her score came up? Only 74? Ok I ... 続きを読む
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