• Web Directions South 2010 TL Part 2 (after 16th Oct, 2010)

    Enforcing learning rituals . Started a support chart / feature demos for HTML5 / CSS3. Got plenty out of your session at #wdxRT : Enforcing learning rituals . Started a support chart / feature demos for HTML5 / CSS3. Got plenty out of your session at #wdxRT : Enforcing learning rituals . Started a support chart / feature demos for HTML5 / CSS3. Got plenty out of your session at #wdxRT : Enforcing learning rituals . Started a support chart / feature demos for HTML5 / CSS3. Got plenty out of yo... 続きを読む
    1665pv 2010年10月19日
  • [JF3] JP(Japon) earthquake(Séisme) Info in French(Français..

    Un seisme fort de force 4 au nord d'Ibaraki a 8h 15 #jishin_fSeisme force 6 a Ibaraki, ressentie 4 sur Tokyo #jishin_fUn seisme de magnitude 4,5, de force 3 a Hamadori Fukushima a 21h 24, de peu profond #jishin_fUn seisme de magnitude 5.5, force 4 a Hamadori Fukushima a 12h 09, de 10km profondeur #jishin_fUn seisme de magnitude 4,3, de force 3 a Hamadori Fukushima a 20h 24, de 10 km de profondeur #jishin_fUn seisme fort de magnitude 5.0, de force 4 au sud d'Ibaraki a 23h 10, de 50 km de profo... 続きを読む
    4399pv 1 2011年3月20日
  • 「ドーナツの日」ではしゃぐアメリカ各地の警察公式アカウント

    The speed limit is 25 as soon as you hit the bridge and it’s being enforced. Blowing by our command center isn’t a good idea either.HPD Northeast night shift officers and waiting on #donutday are like: #openopenopen #isittimeyet #NationalDonutDay #NationalDoughnutDay #NationalDonutDay2018#LASD SEB SWAT operation in the city of #Arcadia concluded. Armed suspect in custody. Short St.reopened. Neighborhood safe.Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into what a Gang Unit does on a daily basis. Thank you... 続きを読む
    142734pv 287 25 users 8 2018年6月2日
  • SELinuxの夜

    最後setenforceがTypoってますが。setenforce 0 #SELinux(E) RT: : RHEL6.2のAMIで試してみましたが、getenforce -> Enforcing でした。 RT “: #AWS 上の #RHEL の #SELinux は初期値 enable でしょうか? #jawsugRHEL6.2のAMIで試してみましたが、getenforce -> Enforcing でした。 RT “: #AWS 上の #RHEL の #SELinux は初期値 enable でしょうか? #jawsug と、ブロードキャストしてみる”SELinuxをenforceで構築してアプリ動... 続きを読む
    9008pv 69 21 users 7 2012年3月20日
  • #OpenLeaks: Daniel Domscheit-Berg's presentation (Berlin, ..

    Since OpenLeaks does not ultimately release the raw material, can a transmitter "enforce" the recipient to do that?#openleaks only provides the structure for: information, submission and cleaning #27c3saal #27c3watching stream of #27c3 on #openleaks - argues that sources should pick media partners who will initially be offered leaked info.idea is to have a deadline for desired target by the source for using the data, past the deadline the entire community can use it #openleaksI think that's a... 続きを読む
    1316pv 2010年12月31日
  • ermine language

    In Scala the answer is usually to stuff the Eq definition into the set at construction time, but that's not enforced.We've open sourced the new work-in-progress haskell-based compiler for it so far. More goodies will be coming. :)MHF has quietly made available the source for Ermine, a programming language that I worked on for nearly 3 yearsScala's SortedMap. Former can have efficient merge operations, latter can't.Is there a means to do locally scoped, value-dependent typeclasses similar to w... 続きを読む
    2373pv 19 7 users 2 2013年7月17日
  • 2012 NIST/NSTIC IDtrust Workshop

    I'd say the enforceability of a contract, plus reputation, combine to establish business trust. #idtrust"we need to separate the consumer's notion of trust from the actual legal framework that enforces it." #idtrustEach Identity System has: Business and Technical Rules (implementation), an Enforcement Element (contract), and Legal Rules. #idtrustLegal Rules (contractual) include liability, warranties, termination rights, dispute resol, damages, and enforcement mechanisms #idtrustscowling heav... 続きを読む
    1812pv 5 2012年3月16日
  • Biocuration 2019 4/10 0:39以降のみ。

    Varsha Khodiyar: NPG not “guilting” people into data sharing. I beg to differ, I think data sharing needs to be enforced.VK Want to make submission simply but enforce community standards, don't just dump the data in figshare and call it a day #biocuration2019You can use the Recommended Interoperability Resource to perform ID mappingopen and ready for use #biocuration2019Thank you for sharing your slides! #openscience #biocuration2019Paper just mentioned by #biocuration2019 : open Access p... 続きを読む
    550pv 1 2019年4月19日
  • 2010年6月5 日、レイチェル・コリー号(ガザ自由船団)が本当に拿捕されるまで、およびその後

    Today , , Salam Fayyad & Mahmoud Abbas must be delighted Rachel Corrie stopped, murderous Gaza siege enforcedIDF will enforce maritime closure. Rachel Corrie will be invited to Ashdod Port, can transfer aid over landIsraeli spokesperson said they hope not to be forced to use violence, but they will use all means to stop the RC. #FlotillaWill you use force?Do Israeli forces intend to board the ship?IDF Announcement: IDF forces boarded the Rachel Corrie without incident,Israeli forces board Gaz... 続きを読む
    1827pv 1 user 2010年6月6日
  • Horizon 2020 France

    La France du #numérique doit renforcer sa compétitivité dans un contexte de rude compétition mondialeLa France du #numérique doit renforcer sa compétitivité dans un contexte de rude compétition mondialeJournée d'information Horizon 2020 #h2020 - 6 March 2014, Paris, France: La coopération internationale est un...Journée d'information Horizon 2020 #h2020 - 6 March 2014, Paris, France: La coopération internationale est un...National Opening of #Horizon2020 in France, at the Sorbonne... 続きを読む
    1353pv 6 2014年10月31日
  • All conversations in #compatchat at Aug. 15th, 2016

    AMP is an example of trying to enforce the “simple is better” approach, but the idea applies with standard HTML as well.(some even have free options — for open source, or limited test windows). Emulators + VMs also a good option! #compatchatIf you work on open source projects, tools like Sauce Labs and BrowserStack have a special free tier available! #compatchat /cc#compatchat for opera bugs, report them at & tweet me bug number. It's not an open tracker, which I regret.Looking forward ... 続きを読む
    943pv 2 2016年8月17日
  • [2020/06/04]今日のおすすめマジックTweetまとめ

    Theres some relevant questions unanswered: Decklists will be open? Deadline for deck submission? will you enforce outside assistance? ThxWhile I applaid wotc for fostering a community open to all genders and races, the only thing that their latest PR stunt did for me (and I know《アヴァシンの帰還》 Open AVR Pack #トモハッピー #MTGWizards' Greenlight Fund—"$1 million to seed new Magic series this year"—is now open for applications. #MTGThe Greenlight Fund is now open to all... 続きを読む
    208pv 1 2020年6月4日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Feb. 14, 2016

    Billboards pop up in Burns, Harney County to thank law enforcement. #KOIN6NewsBillboards go up in support of law enforcement as 5th week of Oregon standoff passes#OregonStandoff: Militia group backs down, billboards go up in support of law enforcementMarijuana Supporters Unveil Phoenix Open Themed Billboard … #MME #cannabis #AZ #voteMarijuana Supporters Unveil Phoenix Open Themed Billboard … #MME #cannabis #AZ #voteMarijuana Supporters Unveil Phoenix Open Themed Billboard … #MME #cannab... 続きを読む
    1081pv 1 2016年2月10日
  • Linux女子部07「firewalld&Linuxセキュリティ勉強会」 #ljstudy

    setenforce 1のひとー? #ljstudysetenforce Tシャツこれかな? #ljstudy「setenforce 1」と書かれたTシャツ #ljstudyオンラインでsetenforce 1買えますwwww #ljstudy会場の6割が使っているiptablesとsetenforce 1 #ljstudyRHELはEnforcingでしかテストしてない。 Enforcingで動かないようなソフトウェアとか怖くない?信じていいの? #ljstudySELinux 「RHはEnforcingでしかテストしてません」 #ljstudyRed Hat は enfo... 続きを読む
    5989pv 34 6 users 11 2014年3月20日
  • Freedom to Connect 2013 #f2c

    Vint Cerf criticizing "6 strikes" copyright enforcement system. #f2c#F2C Google opposes not only SOPA but any attempt whatsoever to enforce copyrights.Darcy Burner at #F2C: Money, politics, and enforcement don't scale. Consent scales. And that's the basis of Internet power."Any country that signed that treaty, chooses to enforce restrictions on what ppl can say on the internet, "We're following intl regs" #f2cVint Cerf says internet didn't start with open source, but did use open protocols (w... 続きを読む
    889pv 1 2013年3月5日
  • WikiLeaksの件(リアル『藪の中』)

    Julian Assange of Wikileaks, indeed, is not present at this panel. He's apparently avoiding law enforcement who may be here for him. #IRE10We base our operations in Sweden, where it is an offence for journalists to reveal their sources.Collateral Murder source allegedly arrested after speaking to an informant.We never collect personal information on our sources, so we are are unable as yet to confirm the Manning story.The opposition is the restraining force on government. Obama in power means... 続きを読む
    3332pv 5 10 users 2010年6月12日
  • #MWC13

    Hope is worth #CountforCongressSoon, #Barcelona will be capital of #Catalonia, next State in Europe. #FreedomforCatalonia #MWC13It's Europe for Christ's sake... Suffering in Barcelona, presenting at #mwc13Mira el segundo smartphone accesible con #FirefoxOS, es el ZTE Open: #MWC13 #ZTEOpen. ofrece soluciones a operadores para enfrentar demanda de datos. Agencia Mediatelecom #MWC13Infografía: El Mobile World Congress de Barcelona, en cifras: vía #MWC13#GSMA Announces OneAPI Exchange, Platform... 続きを読む
    1845pv 1 2013年2月26日
  • PUBLIC MEETING ** STOP THE GCSB BILL ** via @endarken 19TH..

    Jon says NZ defence force staff openly threatened him & bragged abt having personal info abt him #gcsb #a19Spent an hr trying 2 find anon mask but figure since my gas flap was mysteriously open this morning they know my beautiful smile alrdy #lulzOur info is stored searched and shared overseas says Jon #gcsb #a19Helen is now referencing all the recent examples of state leaking private citizens information (of which there many) #gcsb #a19PasteBin Media Resources 4 #A19 #GCSB please RT 2 all Oc... 続きを読む
    674pv 2 2013年8月19日
  • 日本ゲーム業界への裏切り。ソニー、性的表現のポリコレ検閲規制ガイドラインの存在を認める。

    Sony’s enforcement is much broader than they claim, and it’s pissing off developers.Conformity. Yay... n o t.I hope they start jumping ship, the games aren't going to sell in Sony platforms with all the censorship, there's no reason to complyHey I haven't spent money on your games since Spider-man because of your puritanical censorship.young people" must also be the same kind of parent that doesn't check the ESRB ratings on games for their kidsHope everyone leaves Sony and moves their gam... 続きを読む
    42841pv 310 55 users 5 2019年4月17日
  • 黒人女性「アスリートが後押ししたせいで 犯罪者は自分がヒーローだと信じて警官を殺すようになった」

    My son is a Sheriff Deputy for East Baton Rouge parish. I take this and every senseless attack on law enforcement very personal.Update: The gunman walked up on the deputies and opened fire without warning or provocation.Any “athletes” saying a prayer for these officers? Any athlete wearing something on their uniforms for these men and women blue.proper press credentials on her person.(1/3) #LASD Century Sheriff’s Station Watch Commander reports the following: After deputies issued a dis... 続きを読む
    16102pv 436 1 user 16 2020年9月19日
  • JV監督Q&A ①

    legally enforce interviews with riders, but Garmin policy meant your riders had to give full disclosure to USADA regardless?why not make it team policy to make public riders previous doping once informed team? No questioning about omertà/cover ups?Hey JV You've received lots of questions, appreciate your willingness to answer them openly. Did I get this right: USADA couldn'tI am not privy to the full content of the interview, but I was informed there were no infractions within statute of lim... 続きを読む
    495pv 2013年11月3日
  • WorldAffairs 2014

    "We spend more on #immigration than on FBI, BATF, and all other federal law enforcement agencies combined." #WA2014Tara Magner: US spends more on #Immigration Enforcement agencies than FBI/DEA/Secret Service/Marshalls/ATF combined budgets. #wa2014"O Admin radically changed way tht enforcement strategy is implemented, putting more focus on border crossers &criminals" #WA2014"#FISA not adequately resourced for proper oversight; classified info designed to protect, not harm Americans." Herb Lin ... 続きを読む
    6073pv 2 1 2014年3月15日
  • #cablegate 12月15日から、Wikileaksとガーディアン、エフゲニー・モロゾフのツイートを中心に(英..

    social media, its not just for friends but for employers, law enforcement, competition, stalkers, your parents etc. gotta love itTiming relating to current #wikileaks infowar. Foggy at present, but people at #openbsd IRC are investigating.Air Force defends WikiLeaks news cutoffAir Force bans troops from reading The New York Times |US Air Force blocks Guardian #wikileaks< abadidea> Kaepora: if it's true, all open source projects that deal with network security are going to have to suspend prog... 続きを読む
    1783pv 2010年12月18日
  • #自分の好きなアーティスト6組で理想のフェスを創り上げる ハッシュタグまとめ

    METALLICA SLAYER Children Of Bodom Dragonforce Bullet for my balentine 金魚草 #自分の好きなアーティスト6組で理想のフェスを創り上げるStratovarius Queen Yngwie Galneryus いきものがかり Dragonforce #自分の好きなアーティスト6組で理想のフェスを創り上げる#自分の好きなアーティスト6組で理想のフェスを創り上げる Metallica Slipknot DragonForce Suicide Silence BABYMETAL ももいろクローバーZ#自分の好きな... 続きを読む
    1503pv 4 2014年8月21日
  • 2011年1月16日: チュニジア(8) #Tunisia #sidibouzid #jasminrevolt #O..

    RT : RT: : #Yemen security forces on ALERT for fear of a Tunisia repeat #SidibouzidRT -- former head of presidential security force to be charged with fomenting violence #SidiBouzid #OpTunisia#Tunisia LiveBlog: Video circulating of captured European "mercenaries" for #BenAli regime #sidibouzidThanks to for this video of what is said to be arrest of European mercenaries in Tunis #sidibouzidReports about European mercenaries captured today in Tunis #sidibouzidBREAKING: Ahmed Ibrahim, head of Et... 続きを読む
    1822pv 1 2011年1月17日
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