• memo: OccupyWallSt

    Wall Street protesters releasedConfirmed: #OccupyWallSt protesters are lost. Currently invading Brooklyn RT : Protesters on the bridge/Region: Wall Street Protesters SpeakCity Room: Police Arresting Protesters on Brooklyn BridgeCity Room: Police Arresting Protesters on Brooklyn BridgeNBC New York is on site interviewing protesters. #OccupyWallStCity Room: Wall Street Protesters Broadcast Arrests on Social MediaHundreds arrested after protest on Brooklyn Bridge Saturday.City Room: Video Appear... 続きを読む
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  • 天安門事件記録 その3 by @prchovanec

    May 17, 1989 - Young student protester in Tiananmen SquareMay 17, 1989 - Young student protester in Tiananmen SquareMay 17, 1989 - Buddhist monk joins protesters in Tiananmen SquareMay 18, 1989 - Torrential afternoon rainstorm soaks protesters in front of TiananmenMay 16, 1989 - Student leader rallies hunger strike protesters in Tiananmen SquareMay 18, 1989 - Student protester occupying Tiananmen Square through the nightMay 17, 1989 - Protesters supporting student hunger strikers, in front of... 続きを読む
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  • 11/6(木) 香港雨傘革命 39日目

    Hong Kong police pepper spray, arrest protesters in Mong Kok during clashRT This protester went down earlier. #OccupyHK #UmbrellaMovementRT The police are announcing that protesters should leave Mong KokVideo: Protester got kicked when surrounded by police in Mong Kok last night #OccupyHKVideo: Appledaily reporter got pushed down and stepped on by police when police charge into protesters #OccupyHKHK democracy protesters in fresh clashes with police #UmbrellaMovement #OccupyCentral #香港デ... 続きを読む
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  • 天安門事件記録 その5(閲覧注意) by @prchovanec

    June 1, 1989 - Student protester in Tiananmen Square, amid flags from each universityJune 4, 1989, afternoon - Protesters fill Chang'an Ave in front of Beijing Hotel, just west of TiananmenJune 4, 1989, 10:30am - Angry protesters take to the streets again in Muxidi (western Beijing)June 3, 1989, 3:30pm - Another injured protester is carried to safety, west of Tiananmen SquareJune 3, 1989, 3:30pm - Injured protester screams at soldiers, just west of Tiananmen SquareJune 2, 1989 - Female soldie... 続きを読む
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  • 「すべての命が重要」とBLM支持者に説いたとされるJessica Doty Whitakerさんが待ち伏せに遭い射殺..

    24-year-old Jessica Doty Whitaker Killed by BLM protester for saying "All Lives Matter"24-year-old Jessica Doty Whitaker Killed by BLM protester for saying "All Lives Matter"Young mom, 24, shot dead ‘after telling Black Lives Matter protesters “all lives matter” during argument about movement’Young mom, 24, shot dead ‘after telling Black Lives Matter protesters “all lives matter” during argument about movement’#BLM Young mom, 24, shot dead ‘after telling Black Lives Matter p... 続きを読む
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  • .@gjmorley 緊迫するバーレーン情勢 リアルタイムに

    BBC News - Bahrain police 'attack sleeping protesters' #egyjpバーレーン・真珠広場が攻撃される瞬間-- Lulu Roundabout protest in Bahrain - The End Part II via#Bahjp RT Lulu Roundabout Protest - Tanks arriving in Bahrain roads #Bahrain #Feb14Just to let you know most of #Bahrain police/army are foreigners who were granted citizenship to protect the king!!!!ぼくがフォローしているTwitterアカウントを辿っていけば、現場で目撃した人に電話アポを... 続きを読む
    1170pv 1 2011年2月17日
  • 英国、大学学費値上げの法案、下院での採決の日~London's nearly burning

    Protesters climbing structures to display protest signs #demo2010 #solidarity #dayx3On Soviet Whitehall, protester kettles you #demo2010I'm afraid no hard numbers on injured protesters yetWe've had the youngest protester, is this the oldest? #demo2010 #dayxRT: The MPS is urging protesters to return to agreed route for today's protest march & make their way to Victoria Embankmentyoungest protester I've seen so far.poster on the pram says mum won't be able to send me 2 uni #demo2010Protesters a... 続きを読む
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  • 【2017/9/28】 反グローバリズム国際保守連合によるヘイト街宣@新宿駅東口 【都知事のおひざ元でヘイトスピーチ..

    Counter protester 2017.9.28 アルタ前 #0928新宿ヘイト街宣を許すな Hate rally in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Sept. 28, 2017 #racism #ヘイトスピーチCounter protester 2017.9.28 アルタ前 #0928新宿ヘイト街宣を許すな Hate rally in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Sept. 28, 2017 #racism #ヘイトスピーチCounter protesterのトラメガ群。これでヘイト街宣を無力化 2017.9.28 アルタ前 #0928新宿ヘイト街宣を許すな Hate rally in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Sept. 28, 2017 #r... 続きを読む
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  • 香港デモの嘘、暴力、破壊行為。(1) デモ隊が警官を取り囲みメッタ打ち/助けようとした警官隊に「殺される」とデマを拡..

    Arson attack by Hong Kong protestersHong Kong protester fabricating the truth.I wonder why this reporter (for New York Times) always ignores violence of the protesters?Is this the reason that foreign press kept writing in favour of Hong Kong protesters?[VIDEO] Hong Kong police beaten up by dozens of protesters in Shatin on July 14. At least 11 injured.Where in your article can we find the facts such as violence and arson attacks by the protesters? 😂😂Foreign media such as New York Times ... 続きを読む
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  • 2011年3月26日、ロンドン、UK Uncutデモ(数十万人規模)

    Group of protesters just occupied McDonalds Leicester Sq. #26MarchMore dangerous protesters #march26 #UKUncutPig propaganda spokesman says protesters are "not protesters, they're criminals". Yea: al-Qaida too I'm sure. #26march #mach26Protester throws a Unison flag at the police. #march26Disgusted by protests in London. Nice to see protestors bravely covering their faces. I feel ashamed to be English. #ukuncut #londonprotestsPolice & protesters chewing the fat #march26 #UKUncutProtesters shut... 続きを読む
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  • 2010年11月10日、ロンドンでの学生デモ

    Arrested protester brought out and led away by riot copsProtesters now on the roof of 30 MillbankStudent demo: Protesters seen on the roof of Millbank Tower in Westminster.Hardcore protesters still being held in inner cordon.Protesters managed to smash windows on fourth floor.Kettled protesters being videod and interviewed as they leaveStill questioning and filming protesters and searching offices here/ Nick Robinson loses it with anti-war protester | Politics |Standing nxt to grp of proteste... 続きを読む
    3728pv 2 2010年11月11日
  • London is quite possibly BURNING ~英、大学学費アップ議会採決の日 part 2

    Fees protesters kick prince's carLondon Protesters Break Into TreasuryProtesters vandalise Treasury buildingProtesters attack car containing Prince CharlesCharles and Camilla's car attacked by protesters in West EndSome protesters reportedly being kettled on westminster bridge #dayx3 #demo2010BBC News - Police on horseback charge at protestersProtester thrown to ground by police to screams from crowd. Led away by 2 officersA day of protest over tuition fees#dayx3 latest - 43 protesters treate... 続きを読む
    1386pv 2010年12月10日
  • 茂木健一郎さん @kenichiromogi『抗議者は身体の大切さを教えてくれる』とMAQIO私見

    一方、自民・民主・共産を敵に回した橋下さんを市長に当選させた大阪市民はsilent protester。こか(1)米国のタイム社恒例の2011年「今年の人物」(Person of the year)に、抗議者(The Protester)が選ばれた。他にはスティーヴ・ジョブズ氏らの名前が挙がったが、もっとも世界に影響を与えた存在として、抗議者が選ばれたのだという。フェイスブックやツイッターと... 続きを読む
    873pv 3 2011年12月16日
  • ハイチにおけるコレラ感染のニュースツイートまとめ7【選挙中間発表から再びの暴動なう】

    Haiti protesters attack party HQ与党本部襲撃…… RT : Haiti protesters attack party HQHaiti protesters rampage against election resultsYoung protester killed in #CapHaitien by UN. Protests are understandable. But not helping the response to preventing #cholera in #Haiti.I'm begging all the protesters to go back home. #Haiti #ElectionsProtesters take to the streets in Haiti - Haiti - via #haiti #electionsThere isn't heavy RAIN, , We really need it #Haiti #Protesters #ElectionsStreets o... 続きを読む
    1632pv 2010年12月9日
  • 戦場ジャーナリストが伝えるバンコク(5月19日)

    "Thai troops open fire on protesters" -protesters at dindaeng plan to storm saladaeng nowThai army prepares crackdown on red-shirt protesters in BangkokReports that a red shirt protester has been shot dead at the Satasin IntersectionMap showing location of Sarasin Intersection where red shirt protester was shot and killedTwo bodies of civilians were found on Rachadamri Road in the protesters' encampment (Reuters)Hundreds of Red protesters gather at main stage as battle rages a few hundred met... 続きを読む
    2303pv 2010年5月19日
  • エジプト市民革命27-混乱

    Aliはまだ争いの現場にいるよ #egyjp QT Clashes are closer, horses being hit by protesters #Jan25#egyjp QT There's a televised crime against peaceful protesters occurring now...金で雇われてるんだろう、と #egyjp QT Notice that all pro Mubarak regime protesters are men in their 20's-40'sどう動くのか…) #egyjp QT BBC Arabic now interviewing protesters in Meydan Tahrir who say t...#egyjp RT : Happening now: street battles erupt between Mubarak thugs and peaceful prot... 続きを読む
    1120pv 2011年2月3日
  • ANTIFAとBLMのまとめ

    BLM protesters rush inside a Trader Joe’s again in Seattle.They held a BLM-themed protest in Seaside yesterday but were outnumbered.This officer got separated from other officers and this group of protesters created a human shield to protect him.This protest is not in Iran, it's in New York City. Protesters chant "Death to Israel. Death to America". Strip them of their citizenship!Photographer captured this photo of the BLM-antifa armed protest in Louisville, Ky. yesterday.Without reading o... 続きを読む
    7664pv 15 81 2020年7月1日
  • #jan25 #egypt エジプト、大規模反ムバラク政権デモ (2)

    VIDEO: Cairo protesters call for democracy #Jan25New post: #Jan25 Alexandria protesters destroy Mubarak's poster" started very hard breakdown on Egyptian protesters.using criminal thugs again to attack protesters #Jan25 #Egypt"The Mahalla protesters also set tires on fire. More protests r planned tomorrow in Mahalla. #Jan25New post: #Jan25 Mansoura protesters smash NDP officePolice started very hard breakdown on Egyptian protesters. Police is using criminal thugs again to attack protesters #J... 続きを読む
    4010pv 18 6 users 1 2011年1月26日
  • 英国、大学学費大幅値上げに対する学生の抗議運動、現場からの情報(2010年11月30日)

    Protesters running. Police trying to kettle us.Protesters gather in Trafalgar square - #demo2010 ”Police already decided to kettle protesters in Trafalgar Sq before protest has started? #demo2010 #dayx2one more protester now arrested in London – bring total to three – Met policeProtesters kettled at Buckingham Palace #ukuncut #dayx2Apparently shop keepers round Trafalgar Sq been told protesters will be 'held' there till 6pm, protest agreed to finish at 3pmProtesters being kettled in St ... 続きを読む
    3673pv 14 2 2010年12月1日
  • 「香港雨傘革命」経過 10/15(水)

    Protesters prepare. #live #URHK #hongkongSome 30 protesters remain at Causeway Bay protest site this morning #UmbrellaMovement #香港デモBottom/Police HQ: num of protesters keep increasing. #URHKProtesters have retreated from Lung Wo Road, back to their earlier protest site in front of the Legislative Council.➡︎☝️ Reuters: Hong Kong tensions rise as police use pepper spray on protesters, arrest 45Protesters outnumber// #UmbrellaRevolution #HongKong #OccupyCentralRT": Protesters ral... 続きを読む
    3757pv 59 7 2014年10月15日
  • #Egypt #Jan25 エジプト、カイロ、タハリール広場から、2月3日 #egyjp (英語ツイートを中心に)

    Meanwhile Iran's state run Press TV showing pictures of protesters being beaten in #Egypt that are so similar to what Iran did to protesterSays Mubarakites retreated then threw showers of rocks at protesters. #EgyptThere is also a symbolic protest of 5 americans protesting against US aid to Mubarak#Egypt: Protester & Blogger: We were attacked yesterday by paid thugs NOT Mubarak supporters #Jan25Now on AFP: 7 youth leaders of protesters arrested in Cairo by police #jan25 #egyptInterview: prote... 続きを読む
    3222pv 6 2 users 2011年2月4日
  • エジプト市民革命33-恐怖

    一部のプロテスターprotesterは敵対的である」 #egyjp ※文脈がないのでprotesterが誰なのか不明。/ AP: An injured anti-government protester gestures as he is tr... on T…RT : Reuters says 20,000 now protesting in Yemen. #JR_YemenRT : Al Jazeera: 50 protesters injured in clashes by 6th of October bridge near Meydan Tahrirアルジャジーラ、タヒリル広場の人びとについて"Pro-Democracy(民主主義支持) Protesters"って呼称も出しはじめた?... 続きを読む
    912pv 2011年2月4日
  • イングランド、極右団体の大規模なデモ&左派のカウンターデモの当日

    Apparently injured #EDL protester was hit by a brick thrown by another EDL protesterRT : Apparently injured #EDL protester was hit by a brick thrown by another EDL protesterBride is welcomed by protesters...RT : - Photos from #EDL Bradford Protest Yesterday#Protest VIDEO: Large numbers for EDL protest and counter-demonstration in Bradford ...: Police today kept protest...A few photos from yesterdays Bradford Protest #EDL #copyrighted#Protest Large numbers for EDL protest and counter-demonstra... 続きを読む
    8413pv 26 1 user 2010年8月29日
  • 11/18(火) 香港雨傘革命 51日目

    Protesters restoring some barriers on one side of island #OccupyHKAnd another further north where protesters are gathered #OccupyHK#OccupyHK protesters voluntarily starting to retract barricades.new painting: remember that scene a mong kok protester turned his back at police to protect people? #OccupyHKProtesters themselves are removing some barriers at #OccupyHK to 'save them' for later.Hong Kong police to start clearing #OccupyHK protesters from Admiralty district#OccupyHK RT : Dozens of po... 続きを読む
    3704pv 49 3 2014年11月18日
  • "Saturday December 18th is Pay Day" #UKuncut 英国大規模直接行動

    Protesters with megaphone. #ukuncutI count about 30 protesters at #topshop #ukuncut protest. Police here but no trouble yetMassive police presence to protect Topshop from #ukuncut protesters. (@ Urban Outfitters w/ 2 others)Protesters in Churchill Square, #Brighton #ukuncutProtesters outside BHS in Brighton #UKuncut #payday#ukuncut #payday Swansea Vodafone closed by protesters!protesters outside topman in woolshops Halifax #ukuncutOh and all the best to the protesters out and about today :) #... 続きを読む
    2365pv 4 2010年12月18日
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