• #suchtweet英語版まとめ5/12

    anyone know how d original story ends:? havent read d whole story actually :p #suchtweethe'll turn it into a best selling fictional series that has a movie franchise rivalling Twilight's. #suchtweetI so want them to find that constellation. *sigh* Alas, we are but sorrowlings... #suchtweetplease live life for him don't do it juliet!!!! tears dont stop falling to my cheeks now #suchtweetRT : I so want them to find that constellation. *sigh* Alas, we are but sorrowlings... #suchtweet // :DRT : ... 続きを読む
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  • 北島康介選手の友人であり、最大のライバルであったダーレオーエン選手の全ツイート集

    true storytrue story!True Story :)Gryterett #FTWnei, skal vel ikkje skryte på meg nåkeCheck out this amazing story: Sydney 2000.Lars Froelander VS Klim and Huegill.nothing beats the sweet smell of anti-inflammatory ointment.. yuktrue story. 200 is a bitch"Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently." - Henry FordBT skryter av seg selv som Årets Avis, men forsidehenvisningen er til feil sider. Litt hard feiring続きを読む
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  • Museum Next 2012 (1st day)

    power of storytelling and experience in a museum visit #museumnextis curation still expertise, what about storytelling or the kind of diffuse knowledge that produces new connections? #MuseumNextInteractive learning Trails has been the best talk so far. Smart thinking and interactive story telling #MuseumNext- the organizer - telling us Barcelona makes him feel relaxed and inspired #museumnextRT : #museumnext Forget technology and AR, sell the story first.Nancy Proctor: "Telegraph was used for... 続きを読む
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  • SREcon16

    Prediction: tells a story about yelling at Thumper #SREcon16"No we know who is pulling the trigger. But what clown is handing them the ammo?" Rachel Kroll from Facebook telling great stories #srecon16“ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU DIFFERENTLY IS SELLING SOMETHING” #TruthAndOnlyTruth #SRECon16it's not just $bigcos talking to other $bigcos, it's everything from culture to debugging to management and history. much excite! #srecon16"Long tail often more telling than median behavior of a system" re SLI... 続きを読む
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  • Agile Testing Days 2019 #AgileTD

    The power of storytelling proven by in her #Keynote on ‘Testers, are you really engaged?’ #AgileTD #sketchnote #testing #storytelling#AgileTD story telling withon ”Bottlenecks, Brainscience & Breakthroughs” Great storytelling - ”Am I the bottleneck?!?” #AgileTDtelling the story about the unicorns #AgileTDYou change history in your brain quite literately by telling stories to yourself. Quite scary #agileTDI so relate to EVERYTHING is telling us in this talk! #AgileTD 🙌#AgileTD #... 続きを読む
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  • Games For Change Festival 2012

    Distributed Intellligence: Intelligence stored in a network of tools and people -JG #g4c12 #g4cskirball ~HLJulie tells the story of Audrey who programmed and produced the art for her own game. #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~bamTells the story of a student who improved his writing so he could build some of the most imaginative games! #g4c12 #g4cAMD ~bamWe have a world of intelligence going awry when its not connected to civic responsibility, social or emotional intelligence. -JG #g4c12 ~bamBest-selling autho... 続きを読む
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  • Thank youの日

    RT : Dreams are calling out / waiting for me to arrive / the story unfolds #haiku #goodnightku #thankyou Mar6/bestofDFANow I shall torment my husband by alternately yelling Milka-WHAT? and Milka-HO! at random. #ThankYouBitches keep telling me shit about my man as if I care. Worry bout urs b4 u worry bout mines. #thankyou#thankyou to for her dating horror story! THE REST OF YALL NEED 2 BE LIKE HER AND HELP ME! :) thanksthey telling me this #Avi8ted shit is hot and they aint seen shit yet.. #Th... 続きを読む
    3340pv 2010年3月11日
  • Code4Lib 2013 #c4l13 #c4ljp

    I'm telling you code4lib is said code4lib! #c4l13Yeah, there was definitely a very compelling confluence to your talks. #c4l13ok code4libbers, tell me he's joking that Aleph stores COBOL in an ORACLE db?! #c4l13in case you couldn’t tell, that was me yelling ”YES” :P thanks for the great talk! #c4l13My history major self is loving this presentation. #c4l13Brilliant, yet cruel, upgrade to the raffling randomizing selector thingy #c4l13UCSD sets out a compelling problem statement. Looking ... 続きを読む
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  • #IAL2010 Internet at Liberty (All the tweets are belongs t..

    I love - great narrative and story telling to make his technical, moral, and political point. #ial2010(corrected) I love -great narrative and story telling to make his technical, moral, and political point. #ial2010Speaker from Pakistan telling us about the scene there. Indian and Pakistani in opening panel of #ial2010 together. All hail South Asia!Greetings from #ial2010. Ongoing panel: "A moment in time: A short history of the internet"history of the internet & censorship - #ial2010Rob Fari... 続きを読む
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  • May 7 2020[Attack of the Grey Lantern | Mansun] #TimsTwitt..

    It's the storytelling, as well as the music, that makes it so special #Mansun #TimsTwitterListeningPartyNever understood how doesn’t like this album. Killer guitar amazing voice and lyrics and it tells a story. Everything he likes.Thank you so much for this wonderful album and for spending the time with us and telling us your stories.Tell us the story behind the Taxloss video - and getting in trouble with the police for the cash drop! 💰💸💷💴💶#TimsTwitterListeningPartyFollow and... 続きを読む
    505pv 2020年5月7日
  • Scala Days 2011(1日目)

    computer history museum で写真撮りまくったら電池なくなった(´・ω・`)IDE: IntelliJ, Ecliopse。Test: ScalaTest, Specs, & more --> 簡潔で表現力のあるユニットテスト。 #scaladaysand + ivy. don't have to change everything at once.IDEの品質向上中: IntelliJ, Eclipse, NetBeans。引き続き作業を続ける必要がある。 #scaladaysしかし、やはり今Scalaを実用で使っている人はIntelliJ IDEAが多いっぽいな。今の発表の人... 続きを読む
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  • DH2013:収集中

    I had a google trainer next to me interested in digital storytelling working in NE. When he saw the #dh2013 program he flippedMT ": "We're all digital humanists now" - A compelling history of DH via " #dh2013Father in law (History prof @ U Utah) is describing stat analysis in '70s using SPSS & IBMs. He should tell this story at #dh2014!Fox Harrell's & 's gestural modeling of micro-agressions = a superb teaching & story tool. #dh2013Thanks for everything, Lincoln!I'm sick of everything being r... 続きを読む
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  • 【まとめ】日本初開催 Apache Hadoopとそのエコシステムの国際イベント「Hadoop Summit Tok..

    #futureOfData is happening now, enabling #ActionableIntelligence increasing the value from connected data#HS16Tokyo oza_x86 talks about the history of timeline server in BOF.Daimler creating a single source of the truth to move from reactive to proactive model with actionable intelligence #HS16Tokyo #FutureofDataOpen source innovation & shift to connected data architecture leverages all data to unlock revenue streams #actionableintelligene #HS16TokyoTop story: : '. to demo Hortonworks Cloud o... 続きを読む
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  • Code4Lib 2012 #c4l12 #c4ljp

    #c4l12 Thanks again for stretching my brain. Am inspired and exhausted by your collective intelligence.Test your indexing process with small indexes before you ingest everything. #c4l12#c4l12 IRC log at - not aware of a twitter archive (although I'm building a Storify story of some tweets)killed it! I didn't have an intelligent question, what I should have said was: just keep talking! #c4l12I'm glad I'm not travelling right now but I feel like I'm def missing a ton of great stuff at #c4l12. T... 続きを読む
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  • re:Invent 11/16-11/18

    Digital Intelligence Systems Launches Sirro 2.0 #cloud #reInventYou've been quoted in my #Storify story "AWS #ReInvent Recap of Day 1.. Cloud overload!"Everything happens for a reason. Stop wishing & start doing. Live your life with no regrets! #reinvent #motivationStorm-Front - Kinesis looking like a great implementation for Storm spouts. Kinesis/Storm looking complementary. #reinvent"Everything fails all the time" - Amazon's CTO #reinvent"Everything fails all the time” #aws #reinventMeasu... 続きを読む
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  • Code for America Summit #cfasummit

    Learning #storytelling from master at #CFASummitattending digital story telling session Smart Chicago | - #cfabrigade #cfasummitOur fearless leader, , telling the #CfAbrigade origin story. #cfasummit @ Code for America. rocking telling the design process story of creating a digital ballot that EVERYONE can use #cfasummitStory of how came about from Best Practices not bring right and be willing to change. #cfasummitDavid Post's book "Jefferson's Moose" is absolutely brilliant on the role of ne... 続きを読む
    5712pv 1 2013年10月16日
  • 感謝祭の食卓。

    Real Thanksgiving History, Shopping & Dinner-Table Conversations (The Po...: viaEverything I cooked for thanksgiving dinnerSince we worked tonight, Thanksgiving dinner at Sikdorak w/@ninchendo_, Kevin, Dylan, Hailey, & Michaelllll ^o^Thanksgiving dinner from my store manager :)Oh hell yes. My #Thanksgiving #dinner > yours. #absolutelyamazingNot my normal thanksgiving dinner, but still really awesome!!! So thankful for everything that I've been bleOur beautiful Thanksgiving table ready! #dinne... 続きを読む
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  • Internet Governance Forum #igf2013

    Limits of state power in foreign intelligence? The speaker from Sweden May want to review sweden's rich Cold War intel history #IGF2013Our writers are telling stories abt people under threat in their own countries who post their opinion online #igf2013 #FHdel"The story of the Internet in Pakistan is very depressing." #IGF2013GV editor now at plenary hall. "Our authors tell stories about threatened bloggers, also targeted themselves" #IGF2013#ICANN Applicants for #newGTLDS have a long-history ... 続きを読む
    5630pv 2 2013年10月25日
  • Internet Governance Forum #igf2013

    Sad, traditional media looks for more compelling story when deciding to help GV and org.alike when it comes to raising awareness #IGF2013What I learned from Jhunjhunwala: always ask scalability qs from people telling feel-good ICT stories #IGF2013tells it like it is. Who is to be telling Brazil what this meeting will be about? #IGF2013#igf2013 Sunil: Tells story about malaysian politician Jeff EUI also blogger. Who had informers called 'little birds'. Needed FOSS for commSpeaker rehashing the... 続きを読む
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  • #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 のまとめ(~2/27)

    #自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 ONE OK ROCK MY FIRST STORY UVERworld ELLEGARDEN a crowd of rebellion coldrain Nothing's Carved In Stone Fear, and Loathing#自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 L'Arc~en~Ciel UVERworld ONE OK ROCK MY FIRST STORY シド R指定 the GazettE ANOTHER STORY Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas.#自分自身を創り上げた日本のバンド10選 Falilv Abstracts Sable Hills FACT Crystal Lake Earthists. Alternations FOAD 「Story... 続きを読む
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  • CHI勉強会2016まとめ

    SwiVRChair: A Motorized Swivel Chair to Nudge Users' Orientation for 360 Degree Storytelling in Virtual #chi2016jTelling Stories about Dynamic Networks with Graph Comics #chi2016jTelling Stories about Dynamic Networks with Graph Comics #chi2016j わかりやすい図解とはStoreoboard: Sketching Stereoscopic Storyboards #chi2016jModelling Error Rates in Temporal Pointing #chi2016jStories We Tell About Labor: Turkopticon and the Trouble with "Design" #chi2016jIt's Just My History Isn't It?: ... 続きを読む
    6798pv 7 2016年6月26日
  • RubyConf2013_JP

    "We Are Storytellers"everything found?link: Blog | Full Stack Ops and Monitoring Tool Set for Developers -link: Vedis - An Embeddable Datastore Engine -toryist写真であるsorry have to deal with my hotel this morningstop the world markingI'm not garbage collector. I just request to clean garbage collecting machine (like Rumba)!Plz tell him that I just sent him a DM.make on ruby build directory 続きを読む
    2334pv 1 2013年11月13日
  • Code4Lib JAPANカンファレンス2013 #c4ljp

    The Minami-Sanriku Library Director tells our #c4ljp group about 3.11, and how they have restored Library services.sorry, I wouldn't know how to tell! it has been too long since I lived among the rice fields. might have even able to tell you in '92art, like everything else in life, goes on: a Marc Chagall exhibit is coming to the Miyagi Prefecture Museum.sorry to read about the store closing, best to you both... btw there's a train station here named after youat first, public library service ... 続きを読む
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  • Game Developers Conference 日本語呟きまとめ

    User Driven Storytelling だと #gdc17jVR Story telling はなんで全く異なるのか。手が出せると、みんな好き勝手なことをするし、望まなくても、面白いことが起きちゃう。 #PANOLIVE #gdc17jVR Story telling はなんで全く異なるのか。手が出せると、みんな好き勝手なことをするし、望まなくても、面白いことが起きちゃう。 #PANOLIVE #gdc17j#gdc17j #PANOLIVE Story StudioのDear AngelicaとQuillについての... 続きを読む
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  • GDC2017 + VRDC tweetまとめ

    User Driven Storytelling だと #gdc17jVR Story telling はなんで全く異なるのか。手が出せると、みんな好き勝手なことをするし、望まなくても、面白いことが起きちゃう。 #PANOLIVE #gdc17jVR Story telling はなんで全く異なるのか。手が出せると、みんな好き勝手なことをするし、望まなくても、面白いことが起きちゃう。 #PANOLIVE #gdc17j#gdc17j #PANOLIVE Story StudioのDear AngelicaとQuillについての... 続きを読む
    1535pv 2017年3月6日