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  • #sagecon Sage Commons Congress 2011 day 1

    Stephen Friend: Citizens (not just scientists) must become activated, active. #sageconlots of social issue mentions (culture, incentives, metrics) at #sagecon. thankfully not ignoring the 800-lb gorilla in room. #happyKT"Be an active contributor to influence the direction of a project" lesson learned from Atul Butte on federation #sageconBe the contributor if you would like to influence the direction of the group... #alwayswordstoliveby #sagecon #collaboratingeffectively#sagecon Greg Hannum f... 続きを読む
    2734pv 2011年4月16日
  • 【FGO1945年騒動】韓国以外の反応をざっと集めてみた

    Btw I'm Indonesian and I'm not really active on twitter. It was because of that tag too that makes me active.very little perspective on the international impact of your own country.I'm barely active here as a Twitter user, but it's about that #FGODirectorsShouldApologize tag.Phantoms of the past, full of hatred still alive in this age about what happened in 1945 from the countries involved, but the history of ourGo be sensitive-I know WW2 is a sensitive topic, but are you SURE this event will... 続きを読む
    27161pv 16 10 users 2018年6月8日
  • ポケモンGOのルアーを設置する図書館のツイートなどまとめ

    there's a lure active at the library with ghost Pokemon.Have discovered how fun it is to set off a Lure in Pokemon Go! Should be active at Florence Library until 3:15 pmMiller Br Enchanted Garden Lure module 2B activated. 8/3, 7pThe Bronx Library Center will activate a...There's an active lure on the Main Library Poke Stop & we're catching super rare #Pokemon! Come visit us! #PokemonGOJust activated another lure at Kaiapoi library, be quick #PokemonATTENTION POKÉMON TRAINERS: The Library wil... 続きを読む
    5831pv 32 11 users 2 2016年7月26日
  • ALM Summit 2011 Pre-Workshop & DAY1 ( #ALMSummit )

    Interactive sessions are so much sticker. #ALMSummitMgmt Approach #1: Taylorism, Wrong measures of effectiveness: lines of code != productivity #almsummitinteresting point RT : Interactive story boards are better than a 45 page software spec? Yeah, that could be cool. #almsummitOoh, a room full of folks passionate about #ALM , #Scrum enthusiasts, and fellow geeks. Love it :)45 #tfs instances, 7500 team projects, 29k active users, 9.8 million work items, 108 million source code files at #Micro... 続きを読む
    2475pv 14 1 user 1 2011年11月16日
  • 「箸の持ち方」が話題になって安倍総理のお箸の持ち方を思い出される

    Here's evidence that he is an active shopper in the nation's stores.Prime Minister Abe actively considering taking the whole damn plate, to eat in the car afterwards.Shinzo Abe seems to be the only one actively tucking in at a supporters' dinner a few years ago.There aren't many attactive ways to eat this kind of hot dog, and it appears he didn't attempt to find one. /89I think I've figured it out! He's well educated. You're not supposed to talk with your mouth full.I thought I'd seen the ful... 続きを読む
    6129pv 7 2 users 2020年2月5日
  • しましまのSIGIR2019まとめ

    Full paper"implemented in lisp on a vax machine. It was neither interactive nor attractive" #sigir2019 it was pioneeringReally interesting work to create generative fact checkers though I'm a bit unconvinced that these tactics are effective improving social mediaMy full notes on the talk #sigir2019Full program available at: #sigir2019Markus Zlabinger on Efficient and Effective Text-Annotation (not through Active Learning) #sigir2019 DCFairness morally to minimise harm or to actively foster de... 続きを読む
    3089pv 22 2 users 2019年7月21日
  • アイスランド、ヴァトナ氷河北部で生じた2014年マグマ貫入事件と噴火(1)

    It flowed into Jökulsá á Fjöllum glacial river. No explosive activity #BardarbungaBárðarbunga Activity Causes 20 Centimeter DivergenceActivity in #Holuhraun has subsided a little. Only central part of fissure is active. Credit UoI/Ármann HöskuldssonActive Fissure at Holuhraun. #Bardarbunga #Iceland"system of Askja volcano and ignite a powerful eruption in that region. Still, he thinks it is more likely that the current activity willIncrease in conductivity detected in Jokulsá á Fjö... 続きを読む
    24029pv 215 12 users 23 2014年8月25日
  • DevRelCon London 2018

    Inclusivity is fundamental for an active community #devrelconGreat group discussion about proactive vs reactive DevRel, questions like “Who here has a formal roadmap for next 3 months?”“Designing an effective talk is a lot like buliding effective products” - #DevRelCon4 steps to learn/teach effectively: connect, organise, practice, and reflect #devrelconActive BoF discussions on day 1 unconf of #DevRelCon LondonPractice active listening (pay attention to body talk, take action on the ... 続きを読む
    1046pv 2 2018年11月15日
  • 【TOEICの参考書より】知らない英単語まとめ

    be active in 〜て活動する #suni_toeiccollectively 総合的に #suni_toeiccautious 用心深い、慎重な = careful, wary #suni_toeic cautiously 注意深く、慎重に = carefullyeffective 効力のある #suni_toeicrespective 各々の、各自の #suni_toeicdistinctive 独特の、典型的な #suni_toeica full security deposit 保証金全額 #suni_toeicthoroughly 徹底的に、几帳面に (carefully) #suni_toeic thorough 徹底的な、几帳面な thoroughness 徹底transacti... 続きを読む
    6328pv 112 2012年9月18日
  • しましまのRecSys2018まとめ

    #recsys2018 started - full room for the tutorial on mixing quantitative and qualitative methods for evaluating recommendationsand cumulative effects impact outcomes #recsys2018First step towards hopefully more #theorydriven #usermodeling in #RecSys.Full text: #recsys2018Multiple perspectives and objectives to consider in recommending news for K-12 teachers ComplexRec at #recsys2018It is full of new topics.Full text through link here:"MMCF: Multimodal Collaborative Filtering for Automatic Play... 続きを読む
    3938pv 22 2018年8月31日
  • 北アイルランド主要政党党首討論(2010年4月22日)

    Note punctuation - full stop that is - Peter. Adams.According to Mr Adams, he's an "active abstentionist", the others are "lazy abstentionists".P/R hits back at Conservatives.Adams --Protect the most vulnerable.Reg wants corporation tax reduction - a competitive corporation tax.The forming of election pacts - "alien to sharing" says Margaret Ritchie, who denies she refused to meet Gerry Adams over a nationalist pact"People are disgusted" over expense scandals says Sir Reg, but he says it shou... 続きを読む
    1374pv 2 users 2010年4月23日
  • 国際会議 #ESWC2017 まとめ/Compiled list of tweets on Int'l Conf #..

    Successfully extracting measurements from Wikipedia and add them to DBpedia at #eswc2017 byWell back to Bonn after a wonderful productive week in Portorož #eswc2017 was great! First PhD Symposium, first independent talk, 🤘#ActiveLearning to Rank for #Semantic Associations! #eswc2017 Try #DaCenaMet many very active people on semantic & NLP & text mining fields!"Interactive Relationship Discovery via the Semantic Web” received the award of best paper after 7 years.Full day workshop underw... 続きを読む
    1014pv 6 2017年6月23日
  • Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2011

    Ingalls simplifies interactivity with its own green thread scheduler, but amazing mouse interactive widget compositions #erlangfactoryLively + Protovis + Infovis = live webpage => SVN for client-side wiki #erlangfactory #sap should allow active iPad end user control.#erlangfactory is wrapped up. My brain is full and I'm very tired so i think it was a success.Observing keynote at #erlangfactory. Fun, interactive nerdy stuff. Shades of his #qconsf keynote.Ingalls' literate programming via webpa... 続きを読む
    3312pv 5 2011年3月25日
  • ICWSM2012 Day 1

    Two perspectives #icwsmYoung men (self-monitoring, open to new experience, active) disclose more #icwsmStill no full paper speakers using anything but a Mac. I smell a sponsorship opportunity. #icwsmAfter activities in physical neighborhoods current talk abt activities in digital spaces. Nice transition whoever clustered the talks #icwsmthe full papers for the #socmedvis workshop at #icwsm are available at#ICWSM helpful theme uniting different studies: importance of notion of reciprocity to m... 続きを読む
    2152pv 4 2012年6月6日
  • 日本時間2020.3.4 #新型コロナウイルスに関する WHOメディアブリーフィングより要点文字起こし #おしどりマ..

    The full briefing on #COVID19 by 👉"We have called on governments to develop incentives for manufacturers to ramp up production.This will give us further insight into the extent of infection in populations over time"- #coronavirus"The actions these newly-affected countries take today will be the difference between a handful of cases and a larger cluster"- #COVID19 #coronavirusWHO has guidelines on how to rationalize the use of personal protective equipment in health facilities & manage supp... 続きを読む
    1042pv 11 2020年3月4日
  • INQUA 2015 Nagoya Day 7 (August 1)

    #activefault #INQUA2015 I gave the talk for Gosta today. Guess where he is?Palaeo-environmental records from mound springs in Kimberley appear to be useful archives of past monsoon activity. Emily Field #INQUA2015I know it's hard to believe, but there will be even more #paleoseismology & active Tectonics today at #INQUA2015 !in action at #INQUA2015 again today with 's Laura Lamair speaking about the Fuji Five Lakes.Concept of opposing oceanic and atmospheric seesaws provides fuller picture of... 続きを読む
    948pv 6 2015年8月2日
  • Agile Testing Days 2019 #AgileTD

    Couldn't agree more in all these reactions after #AgileTD ! Full of positive energy back at the office!Ideas gratefully received 💡#AgileTDI had such a wonderful time in my workshop at #agileTD today. Such a great group of attendees and so interactive.Learned a lot, met many great peole, now back to work recharged and full of positive energy.My Fitbit says I had yesterday 48 active minutes.It's amazing what can happen when you use sticky notes questions and actively listen. I made many new,... 続きを読む
    1781pv 1 2019年11月12日
  • ICML2013読み会まとめ

    昨日のICML2013読み会の資料をアップロードしました "Active Learning for Multi-Objective Optimization" on #icmlyomiさん"Active Learning for Multi-Objective Optimization"、複数目的関数のパレート最適なパラメータセット集合(?)を探す話、かなり実用的な感 #icmlyomiにfull paper #icmlyomi SGDに十数行足せば実装できる去年の さんの研究で複数の評価尺度をパレート最適になるように最適化したACLの論... 続きを読む
    2219pv 5 1 user 6 2013年7月11日
  • 国際会議 #ISWC2020 まとめ/Compiled list of tweets on #ISWC2020

    As the #ISWC2020 conference is coming to a close, we've been rather active at the event, as usual. Details on our latest blog atOn Wednesday (November 4th) is the presentation of #FunMap at , a "fully reproduced" research paper on the efficient execution of functionalThe “#KnowledgeGraph Construction using declarative mapping rules” tutorial is about to start!Check out the full paper at:See the full announcement here: #iswc_confDoctoral consortium presentations and group discussions were ... 続きを読む
    341pv 1 2020年11月14日

    Downward: RAS is a molecular switch; it is “on” (active) when bound to GTP and “off” (inactive) when bound to GDP. #Targets13TAS-5567 and TAS-4335 show antiproliferative activity in ABC- and GCB-DLBCL cell lines. Live from #Targets13Chemilo presents CHE202 as new active microtubule depolymerizing vascular disrupting agent. Live from #Targets13A second potentially active combo against RAS-driven cancers: PI3K/mTOR inh + MEK/ERK inh #targets13Two genetic (ERK reactivation or ERK indepen... 続きを読む
    2694pv 1 2013年10月21日
  • 第24回 PostgreSQLアンカンファレンス

    maybe the following tool has some hints #pgunconf # src/tools/git_changelog # # Display all commits on active branches, merging together commitsI'm thinking to give a talk about full_page_writes at the next #PostgreSQL Unconference Japan. #pgunconfTop から、TopTransaction, CacheMemory とかとか。 MemoryContext さんはデーモンの起動シーケンスのソースチラ見したときにほんのり見覚えあるなあとはOracleのようにデータレプリカが別にあるこ... 続きを読む
    566pv 3 2021年6月8日
  • しましまのKDD2018まとめ

    New AI powered markets are coming: - need to be carefully designed - need to be regulated - establishing rights for personal data may not effectivelyfew tips on how to write a successful collaborative proposal from at project showcase track #KDD2018Hopefully available through the #KDD2018 video recordings collectionfor a functional consortium it is imperative to have complimentary partners not internally competitive ones #KDD2018 project showcase trackActive learning and transfer learning at ... 続きを読む
    6185pv 24 3 users 2018年8月17日
  • #cablegate 主に12月27日から、英語圏のウィキリークスに関するツイート(英語のみ) #WL_JP

    "One of the most egregious examples of active truth-hiding by a "journalist" I've ever seen." - #WikileaksHopefully back without issue on the 10th of January.By the way, this NPR correction - - was the result of a reader badgering the NPR Ombudsman. Everyone can be effective.Provocative piece at New Republic: WikiLeaks may lead to "extinction" of corporations and gov't bureaucracies.UAE 'held back full story of hotel assassination': Authorities in the United… #FreeAssangeNow#wikileaks WikiL... 続きを読む
    2004pv 2010年12月31日
  • Alteryx Inspire Conference 2018 at Anaheim 2018/06/04 - 2..

    My head is full of macro knowledge. Now I need to practice. Any ideas? #alteryx18Executive sponsorship is key, as is successfully operationalizing data science.A full arena filling up for the main acts and Ashley Kramer!Interactive data grid got me like #Alteryx18“It’s a very social (communal) activity, collecting #data.. day got its name because they wanted an active verb.Alteryx Your Experience - [ ] Data Profiling - [ ] Interactive Data Grid - [ ] Interactive Chart Tool - [ ] Insight T... 続きを読む
    1869pv 2 2018年6月8日
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