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  • QuickCheck Lounge / Erlang Workshop 2011 in Tokyo

    I'd rather simply call my action process rescheduling :) (To save our time)Watch out for benchmark results of servers NOT FULLY SUPPORTING HTTP for an HTTP server #Erlang #ICFPModel-based testing is effective for generating massive number of tests for many different configurations #Erlang #cufp #QuickCheck #icfp#Erlang R15B: old SSL will be removed, invisio deprecated, full 64bit Windows supportNegative tests - very few software has it #erlang #icfp #quickcheckRace condition probability of "H... 続きを読む
    1361pv 4 2011年9月25日
  • PHP - Frameworks

    phpactiverecord #ORM + #codeigniter #sparks = +200% work rate.Govt to activate infra finance consortium: Government is expected to chalk out a #framework to activate a consor...HtmlHelper::tag() method implements a fully declarative behavior with CakePower! [] #CakePHP #CakePower #HtmlHelperVacature Interactive Developer - Lavagraphics (Gent) via #voltijds #codeigniter #developer#CakePHP Developer—Makes Project Cost Effective -#CakePHP Developer—Makes Project Cost Effective -I've decided ... 続きを読む
    4556pv 2 1 user 1 2012年7月24日
  • 【Advantages and Disadvantages of the Animator Dormitory】 -..

    by participating in drawing activities such as croquis drawing gathering (at which people practice sketching)gives me an opportunity to reflect and practice asserting myself.So if you wish to fully enjoy the benefits of living in the orm,practice drawing until 4:30 a.m., and then go home.It is fun to be there because I sometimes get to see other animators and some students practicing drawing there.I was always told by experienced animators that the efforts you put forth to improve your drawin... 続きを読む
    10075pv 1381 40 2015年7月10日
  • ジェイミー・カラム Jamie Cullum Q&A at #LeicaChat

    THANK YOU for taking time to answer questions during our #LeicaChat! See our full chat schedule here:. thankfully a lot! Putting yourself in new situations like collaborating with helps take you forward. Jx #Leicachat. all depends on what people make of "Interlude"! Hopefully soon. I love touring the states. Jx #LeicachatThe NOCTILUX! Jx #Leicachat. mentors are essential to getting anywhere creative I reckon. Always surround yrself with people better than you. Jx #LeicachatU see directly how ... 続きを読む
    1124pv 10 2014年9月17日
  • Terry Jonesの野望

    About the threatened Koran burning, I'm surprised conservatives haven't blamed media attention for helping to inflame foreign reactions.I am appalled by Terry Jones actions.Please don't see his actions as an overall viewpoint.if terry jones burns Quran, then he also insults Jesus (pbuh) & Moses (pbuh) coz they're also written in Quran in full respectAll breaking news, plus reaction from Prof. Michael Eric Dyson.Malaysian Christians to American Quran-burning nuts: We have to live with actual M... 続きを読む
    4852pv 9 2010年9月9日
  • Thank youの日

    #thankyou for being so objectiveSorry I'm Not Sexually active and I dont have Achene SO Birth Control is Not For ME :p ♥ [#ThankYou! #ComeAgain]RT : Sorry I'm Not Sexually active and I dont have Achene SO Birth Control is Not For ME :p ♥ [#ThankYou! #ComeAgain]I'm alive. #thankyou Sounds successful to me! :-)FULL AS EVA bout to watch precious #Thankyou REDBOX#sexualattractions Tattoos, one more time. Yes, please and #thankyou.I hate when dudes act like I'm thirsty for them...like seriousl... 続きを読む
    3666pv 2010年3月11日
  • ハドリーさんのあまりにもハドリー的なツイートコレクション

    Adjectives other than 'cheeky' DO exist.#ff The Little Ball of Creative Fury;It's utterly, wonderfully, continually mind-boggling.Au revoir à la productivité.Full respect to the elderly gent in the gym today wearing jogging bottoms & Crystal Palace Fun Runners vest over a crisp white dress shirtOnce you've put in the hard work, "ANY belief can have astonishingly powerful effects, providing it is held with sufficient conviction".Figured it might time for one that was actually me...GIVE US A ... 続きを読む
    6185pv 7 2012年10月6日
  • ツイッター版『ロミオとジュリエット』パート1

    please check out my cafe any advice gratefully receivedNot used 2 time off during the day. Think afternoon "chewing gum for the eyes" TV could get addictive...It was kinda an action shot that i actually look ok in haha!#montaguesarebullies FULLSTOP!dear ur all talk and no action yrs 'sincerely'You KNOW u goin 2that school was Dad's choice.Stop playin the Victim.Think how ur actions r gonna fuck things up 4 OTHER people.Distraction time. Will cook up some of my speciality muffins 4 when Jules ... 続きを読む
    5225pv 3 users 2010年4月17日
  • #cablegate 主に12月23日から、英語圏のウィキリークスに関するツイート(英語のみ) #WL_JP

    "Calls by public officials for illegitimate retributive action are not acceptable" ( ) #Wikileaks"Calls by public officials for illegitimate retributive action are not acceptable" ( ) #Wikileaks #cablegateAfrica: poor security exploited; dangerous radioactive material smuggled across continents #WikileaksLamo gave Wired the full chats - Kevin Poulsen admits he has them - Lamo also gave the full chats to the WashPostUh, you do know that Wired admits it has the full chat logs, which has nothing t... 続きを読む
    2137pv 4 2010年12月27日
  • #Wikileaks tweets: 26 Oct - 18 Nov 2010: #IraqWarLogsから、8月..

    More on US intel activity in Stockholm"US regrets all of the activities that WikiLeaks has done--past, present, and future""Cast your vote"... unless we retroactively "John Connor" your candidate... that's Bush-league class. #wikileaksPack Assange off to Guantanamo, US conservatives tell Obama | IndependentBureau of Investigative Journalism talks about Iraq War Logs collaborationUN urges full U.S. torture investigation into WikiLeaks data | ReutersMIT researcher wrongfully detained by US gove... 続きを読む
    1341pv 2010年11月19日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Jan. 3, 2017(Week1)

    CA Winner: created weather-reactive billboards showcasing members of the .Our simple billboards released a Convulsive Flurry- stream of invective.CA Winner: created weather-reactive billboards showcasing members of the .FB needs helps with physical ads - they used a PPT slide as a billboard. Billboards should motivate people to take an action/build brand...more of these billboards and less of those emotionally manipulative anti-abortion onesThere are #CarrieFisher billboards popping up all ov... 続きを読む
    782pv 1 2017年1月3日
  • ASHG 2010 No.1

    Popgen session not as full RT : #ashg2010 high throughput sequencing session too full.#ASHG #NIH #NYU #Panoincell qx: #Genes p53 is suppressed, defective #cells multiply, fueling #BreastCancer#ASHG2010 Media #Panoincell qx: #Genes p53 is suppressed, defective #cells multiply, fueling #BreastCancerKatrina goddard discussing comparative effectiveness research #ASHG2010#ashg2010 high throughput sequencing session too full.What do u think about full PDF reports/printouts? #chs10 #ASHG2010Katrina ... 続きを読む
    2203pv 2 1 2010年11月4日
  • 第48回DAC

    Activated#ARM Partner activity , Steve Wozniak Keynote 2:00pm today - Sponsored by Magma#Brian Fuler televising live from #48DAC. Can't miss TV.Social media activities at #48DAC - Conversation Central, Twitter, LinkedIn, free books from #SemiEDA#48DAC #NASCUG Lots of activites this yr. SystemC IEEE std, AMS, CCI (Conf, Control, Inspect)RT : Social media activities at #48DAC - Conversation Central, Twitter, LinkedIn, free books from #SemiEDART : Social media activities at #48DAC - Conversation... 続きを読む
    1448pv 2011年6月7日
  • プラネタリー・リソーシズ記者会見

    We will bring commercial innovation to space exploration thru cost-effective, production-line spacecraft 4 #AsteroidMiningPlatinum gained thru #AsteroidMining would drive innovation in automotive, health & renewable energy industries#PlanetaryResources Chief Engineer is now demonstrating the Arkyd Series 100 full-scale spacecraft model.Opening space frontier & extracting resources via #AsteroidMining is multi-year to decade-long endeavor.Check out this beautiful infographic to see how asteroi... 続きを読む
    1452pv 4 1 user 2012年4月25日
  • Miami Heat 2016-17 Season Media Day Tweets

    Spoelstra said the trip to the Bahamas will hopefully reduce the distractions around the team.Whiteside said he won't give anyone "satisfaction of saying I told you so" about him (anything negative).Heat add full-time shooting coach for first time.It's pretty definitive for us."Whiteside on critics: “I will never give anybody the satisfaction of saying, ‘I told you so.’ That’s what my whole life has been like.”Justise Winslow told me today that he thinks the Heat can be his team soo... 続きを読む
    609pv 2016年9月27日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Nov 16, 2014 A

    Top 70 Interactive Ideas in November - From Funy Talkative Billboards to Scary Poster Pr...Walking Billboards - a cost effective way to target trade show attendees and commuters. Contact us for more details.It doesn't have to be just law firms and fast food on billboards. The times they are a-changin'. #activelifestyleHire our mobile 2X5m billboards and get the best visibility in multiple locations for a fraction of the cost!Another exciting day in Millbank! Our billboards are up! Hopefully n... 続きを読む
    1397pv 5 2014年11月11日
  • #suchtweet英語版ハッシュタグ感想まとめ4/18-23

    Very interesting discussion between and on interactive drama #suchtweetNever been acted out so well, beautifully - and 'horny' XD #suchtweet: I'm now a maniac !!!Anyone seeing a possible connection betwen and another WS character whose first name looks awfully similar? #suchtweetindeed - but tres effective #freeromeo #suchtweetBeautifully prefaced. #suchtweet should get interesting soon.Today 1 of the #suchtweet characters RTd my critique out of context. Interesting question of how you review... 続きを読む
    1987pv 2010年4月25日
  • 左翼側のSJWに飽き足らず、右翼系のSJW、宗教保守が力をつけてきた。

    You're NEVER right when you are forcing your subjective values on others.Yes that second part is true, but I think things are a little less subjective than you think.Worst case, they are deceptive snakes that just want to use the chilluns as a weapon with which to get emotionally driven idiots to voluntarilygab went full sjwtard on all those that supported free speech which is why i no longer support themIf peaceful coexistence is not an option, then we shall prepare for war.give up their rig... 続きを読む
    3961pv 7 4 users 2019年12月10日
  • 2011 Galaxy Community Conference #usegalaxy

    Trackster visualisations can be published within Galaxy pages and are still interactive - useful for supplemental data for papers #usegalaxyRT : Trackster visualisations can be published within Galaxy pages and are still interactive - useful for supplemental data for papers #usegalaxyOn demand, and would stay alive until some period of inactivity. #usegalaxyJeremy Goecks: trackster demo: using sliders for interactive filtering #usegalaxyEnis Afgan: Possible to share a fully functional Galaxy ... 続きを読む
    2299pv 1 1 2011年5月25日
  • A summary of the press conference by Dr. Obokata on Apr 9

    Future perspective 1: supported by sympathetic public opinion, investigation on STAP will be interrupted. No papers retracted. #STAPgateShe said there are some people who reproduced STAP successfully but she cannot tell any of their names to protect their privacy #STAPgateFuture perspective 6: This result was entirely predicted. But it looks almost nobody prepared this rage of public opinion. #STAPgateFuture perspective 5: In conclusion, Dr. Obokata won. RIKEN and Japanese science community l... 続きを読む
    4070pv 26 4 2014年4月9日
  • Oaktable World ( #oaktableworld ) 2012 Tweets

    Hive meant for analytics, not for transactions. #oaktableworldI have tons of Oracle ACE activities planned as well. We need to find out. Anyways I'll c u @ Oaktable worldTomorrow 4pm at #oaktableworld, I will present my perspective of Oracle "tuning" and how you can do better.talking #oaktableworld to a house full crowdAdaptive? Execution Plan の解説が聴けるようです。11gの知見が活かされているはずです!期待! by rw #oowjpNot only a beautiful view but the temps sh... 続きを読む
    1028pv 4 2 2012年10月4日
  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その9 20年3月前半

    "The #science demands action, #citizens are calling for serious policy, but the government has no more legitimacy given its failure to act meaningfullyin fossil fuels 🔥🔥🔥 Full story: #Divest #DivestScot #ClimateCrisisJoin Extinction Rebellion today: Full video: #ExtinctionRebellionDon't regret not taking action on climate while such action it is still meaningful.A group of climate activists who study or work at universities.Full clipAs people researcj science and take action on coron... 続きを読む
    988pv 7 2 2020年3月3日
  • パトリック デンプシー(Patrick Dempsey)2014 【24】 0529-0606

    Mobil 1 Radio Le Mans full live coverage from Test Day now at's perfect perspective: knowledge, respect, competitiveness & enjoyment of &Beeeeautiful....Beautiful morning at Le Mans about to do install lap@GoDempseyRacingduring the administrative checkings #LM24 #goodluckJoe knew exactly what to do. [funny story from Ep 5]Live will be back on in 45min: #LM24. The WebTV still continue: #JourneeTestWalking to engineering stand during practice at Le Mans, a rare moment with no cars moving in the... 続きを読む
    912pv 2 2014年6月7日
  • しましまのKDD2017まとめ

    Inspiring talk at #kdd2017, with ethical imperatives for AI practitioners by Margaret Mitchell (Google)Defining bias as a “systematic deviation from full ground truth”. #kdd2017 #fatmlfull house launch: Session 2 #ADSIT #KDD2017 & talking democratizing #AIThe future of #ag productivity and innovation will be guided by data - Dan Dyer #KDD2017Hopefully boarding in a few minutes to finally get to Halifax. It had been a day. #kdd2017Prof Cynthia Dwork #kdd2017 keynote talking about individua... 続きを読む
    4767pv 19 4 users 2017年8月6日
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