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  • 常見さんへの@May_Romaさんからのパクリ疑惑 の続きのまとめ

    If you blame him "publicly" like this, you have to prove he copied your idea. If he sued you for defamation, what would you do?うるせえ寝ろRT : If what he is saying is right, or "his source" stole from you (it is also a likely scenarioIf what he is saying is right, or "his source" stole from you (it is also a likely scenario, actually), it is a different story.I really like your tweet and learn a lot from you, san. But I feel this is a bit over the top. Is there any benefit of doubt?う... 続きを読む
    4144pv 8 2012年9月28日
  • 超私的趣味 タイバニングリッシュまとめ 7話

    それとも今すぐ~= And If I were, what would you do to me? Catch me and rip off my suit, tear my body limb from limb?=I’m sure Bunny would thank you.(バニーもお前に感謝するよ)→ And I thought this would be a good chance for two of you to test it out. two of you=君達二人 chamber=小部屋・ここではカプセルのことタトゥーがあれば証明できるかもだけど、死体は丸焦げだし=Maybe, finding that tattoo on their bodies would prove ... 続きを読む
    4587pv 60 2013年5月30日
  • 2017/09/15- 09/30 #twhz 21h(JST)/ English

    #twhz So, If I take that route, I would not know what to do with my anger. (You would say) "Then why don't you take your favorite route."#twhz Q: If you are allowed to take a break from playing music for a couple of years and do whatever you want to do, what would you do?#twhz If you ask me, "Which would you buy, Japanese pears, or apples?", I would answer that I would buy Japanese-pear-apples for sure.#twhz At that time, you can wear whatever you would like, and the gauge of your curling iro... 続きを読む
    4315pv 54 2017年9月14日
  • 【BoycottBlizzard】Blizzardの「中国への配慮ではない」の公式説明は、ゲーマー以外に配慮した大嘘。

    To me, that's not a big deal. This is what you would do, include your best minds in the territories affected.Blizzard knew this would piss you off. They don't care, it's not FOR YOU.Legal brief: state the facts, state the intent, state what you did to mitigate damages and prove you acted as fairly as you could.What you don't know, and what Blizzard hopes you don't care to know, is that US game companies can't operate directly in China.A contradiction that has not been resolved. Blizzard is sm... 続きを読む
    2871pv 5 2019年10月14日
  • ハイチにおけるコレラ感染のニュースツイートまとめ10【事態が展開を見せない。】

    Today 1,000,000 made homeless by the #Haiti earthquake are still living in tents. What would you do? What should Plan do?Do you remember where you were and what you were doing last year when you found out about the earthquake in #Haiti?We all remember what we were doing on 1.12.10 when the earthquake devastated #HAITI. Now, what do you plan on doing on 1.12.2011?I urge everyone. Do what you can. But Please Do something. #Haiti desperately needs your help. #communityserviceIt is the greatest o... 続きを読む
    1608pv 1 2011年1月4日
  • Adam Lambert Twitter Party (January 10, 2013 JST)

    If you could name your facial hair, what would it be? Would you keep the fandom name of Melvin?!? hahaSo what body parts would you name ;) Don't answer me lolthat would be fun!would you dye your hair purple or something crazy like that?if you could just take off, anywhere you wanted to, right now, where would you go?I wouldn't name it at all. Ha!who would the target audience when writing a monologue about activismWhat's your favorite position? I mean what! Too much?would you see rock of ages ... 続きを読む
    2698pv 45 1 2013年1月10日
  • ボルトン・ワンダラーズが公式Twitterで募集した宮市亮への質問「#askryo」まとめ

    What would you like to do instead of playing professional football? would u be an artist? #askryo#askryo Ryo, if you could play any other professional sport, what would it be and who would you play for?If you hadn't been a footballer, would you have chosen to be a sprinter, if not, what would you have been? #askryo#askryo if you wasn't a footballer, what would you be?what player would you like to play along side and why? #askryo#askryo if you was to go back to arsenal or sign for at the end o... 続きを読む
    17592pv 79 5 users 6 2012年3月15日
  • ジナカニシがツイートしたら消す前にメモするトゥギャったー

    Would it be dope if and I did a collaboration? I think Japan would love so sleepy rite now. cant fall asleep quickly recently. what would you do when you got into this situation??my shoulder hurts...its so hard~thats what she said~cuz i would rather have a rainy day with my girl~would you rather have a rainy day with your girl (or boy)friend than seein sunshine alone??i would love to check them out but where can i find them??my shoulders r mad at me!!nahhhh im filmin in london maaan. bu... 続きを読む
    16476pv 93 6 2011年4月5日
  • PyData NYC 2015

    Start by detailing your "ideal experiment" - what would you do with all the data you could ever want? #PyDataNYCWhen choosing tools, think abt how hard it would be for someone to replace you. Use tools that have talent pool, avoid tech debt. #pydatanycNoticed your name badge laying around when checking in to PyData NYC 2015. If you're at the conference, would be great to meet up!no but seriously, does anyone at #pydata #PyDataNYC have a slide remote I can borrow at 5? Would love to not be tra... 続きを読む
    1386pv 8 2015年11月11日
  • Luke Evans Q&Aまとめ(2014年6月)

    "If you weren't an actor, what would you like to do?" — #AskLukeEvans#AskLukeEvans I'm not sure I'm sold on the idea. You'd lose loved ones and it would be a very lonely existence. On the other"what was your reaction when you were told that you got the part?" — #AskLukeEvans"..what draws you to a role? What makes you choose a particular role?" — #AskLukeEvans"What was the first word/ thought that came to your mind when you saw yourself as Dracula the first time" — #AskLukeEvansWhat ca... 続きを読む
    1869pv 14 2014年6月29日
  • J's tweeeeeet :P

    im so sleepy rite now. cant fall asleep quickly recently. what would you do when you got into this situation??shouldn't say that honey~~ what a rude boy!!!cuz i would rather have a rainy day with my girl~my shoulder hurts...its so hard~thats what she said~would you rather have a rainy day with your girl (or boy)friend than seein sunshine alone??would u rather be the firecracker? or the bomb?Ok new song time - what do you think I should write? Rock/pop/happy/sad/slow/fast/dance etc!i would lov... 続きを読む
    2808pv 2011年4月4日
  • 140101 Nichkhun radio

    DJ: "If you had to suggest a place for the visitors coming to Korea, what would you tell them to do or where (cont)NK: "I would see these seniors in stations and I would just smile and wave at them naturally, but they expect you to bow 90 degrees andNK: "Me as a foreigner I couldn't speak Korean that well and I had to come on TV shows when I couldn't speak Korean. It was like 맨봉."DJ: "What type of music do you like personally?" NK: "I like slow songs, like ballads." DJ: "Do you ever (cont... 続きを読む
    3017pv 46 38 2014年1月1日
  • #リーンイン 第1章「怖がらなければ何ができる?」

    What would you do if you weren't afraid? はリーンインするための魔法のフレーズだと思う。クロ現でこの本が取り上げられた時も出てきてた。「こわがる」って何だろう?とふと。 #リーンイン": What would you do if you weren't afraid? はリーンインするための魔法のフレーズだと思う。/「こわがる」って何だろう?とふと。 #リーンイン"women as competent professionals and happy mothers- or even happy... 続きを読む
    3307pv 17 2013年9月28日
  • ANTIFAとBLMのまとめ

    What would you do in this situation?Had this been fliped the other way what would have been this head line??George Kirby or Greg Floyd or whatever his name is would be really proud.To argue is to appeal to reason Only the reasonable can argue Whatever it is that unreasonable people do would be better described as politicsThe grandmother: "For the cowards that did this, you should be ashamed of yourself...I never thought that I would ever have to say this but my big brother got shot in the lin... 続きを読む
    6692pv 15 15 2020年7月1日
  • 40歳過ぎてからオンライン英会話に挑戦してみた!(151〜200回編)

    【レアジョブ181回目終了】YouTube で偶然見つけた"WWYD?(What would you Do?)" というTV番組についてフリートーク。どんな番組かを先生に説明するのがとても良いトレーニングになったと思う。この番組オススメです! #レアジョブ #オンライン英会話「目標達成はdifficultだ」と言ったら「challengingというコトね」とのコメント。日本語と英語のマインドの違いにハッとさせられた... 続きを読む
    2767pv 2 2016年2月4日
  • #AskGaryShore

    would you like to do a musical someday? What would it be? #AskGaryShorewhat would you say is Luke's best quality as an actor? #AskGaryShore #DraculaUntoldIf U could choose a period.What would it be? What about Vlad samurai or in French Revolution to give french lines to Luke :)would you rather do a period piece or a modern one? Which is your favorite? #AskGaryShorein a sequel, would you make Vlad more monster than man? Or would the aim be to preserve his humanity? :)Would you like to work wit... 続きを読む
    2338pv 31 2015年3月9日
  • Dom & Billyときどきイライジャ3

    Willhelm If you could replicate me by 7 what would you get 5 of me to do? It can only be one's also called fibrosis and podophilia. But what's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. BB xAnd you would be mahhhhhhhhhhhhhrvelous darling.I could do that but have both dvd's...what else you got? I'll take soup or picture of a dog with an apple on its head xwhat could be more beautiful than to travel to Indiana Boyd? :-)I would follow you anywhere! My brother, my captain,... 続きを読む
    2512pv 4 2015年1月17日
  • 2011年3月4日、シドニーでのMusica VivaによるAndreas Scholl&Tamar Halperi..

    KK: What else would you like to do in Australia besides concerts? #askandreasAsk AS whether more contemporary composers should be writing for countertenor & would such work get programmed? #askandreasKK: Andreas, would you consider singing contemporary music, e.g. Oberon? #askandreasProbably best to pop by on Friday, but feel free to send some through now if you would like. #askandreasT: Every Sunday in Israel, they would play early music on the radio and that was my favourite music. #askandr... 続きを読む
    1244pv 2011年3月4日
  • Adam Lambert Twitter Parties

    If you could name your facial hair, what would it be? Would you keep the fandom name of Melvin?!? haha#ETAAdam if you could be any animal what would you be?What words would you describe your #BTIKM clip?if you weren't a singer, what would you be?If you were to sing another genre, what would you sing?If you could describe the new album in 3 words, what would they be? :)let's turn it arround if you could ask your fans any question what would that be?So what body parts would you name ;) Don't an... 続きを読む
    9030pv 62 6 2011年4月25日
  • @GEMtvAsia さんKAT-TUN関連ツイまとめ #GEMxKATTUN

    😱 What do you wish #TatsuyaUeda and #KazuyaKamenashi would do for #Hyphens?What Hong Kong treat would you recommend for #KazuyaKamenashi then?Don't you wish you could watch #YuichiNakamaru beat box with your own eyes? 😍 Well, here's your chance!Are you excited to hear what KAT-TUN has to say about the questions YOU?!#YuichiNakamaru would descend from a 1200m height for his fans?!To get to see #KazuyaKamenashi in front of our eyes would be a dream come true!😏🎵 Stay tuned for the bi... 続きを読む
    1197pv 2019年7月2日
  • ポーカーNOW!2019-04-18

    I vlogged my experience of staying in a $19 Capsule Hotel in Sri Lanka. What do you reckon, would you spend a night there?Would it be possible to create a poker players union or other model that would allow people who file as professional poker players access toI would happily devote effort to help facilitate discussions if possible.Thank you ! 現地にいると反映も早い!Macau Chief Executive Fernando Chui again deferred to answer about time or process of a fresh public tender after ... 続きを読む
    294pv 2019年4月18日
  • ulto お気に入り gov2.0SUMMIT_2nd_DAY (前半がない中途半端なまとめ)

    would that include your health info? #g2sKathy Sierra @ #g2s: What would you do if you were told you must change your lifestyle or you will die? Only 1 in 9 make the changeRT : Kathy Sierra @ #g2s: What would you do if you were told you must change your lifestyle or you will die? Only 1 in 9 make the changeQ1: If you saw a man drowning, would you save him, or photograph him? Q2: How would you tag the pics on Flickr? KathySierra at #G2s ;^/Kathy Sierra @ #g2s: If you could save a drowning man ... 続きを読む
    1882pv 2010年9月9日
  • 【歌詞翻訳】Empire! Empire!(I was a Lonely Estate) "What it take..

    #lyricsTranslate you would not apologize for what you claimed you’d never do. / 君が声を枯らすソレはいつだって頭の中にしかない#lyricsTranslate But you would not shoulder the weight you should bear. / だけど、君がいつまでもそうやって逃げてるんなら#lyricsTranslate How could I not see you for what you are? / どうしたらそれに気づかないでいられたのか教えてよ#lyricsTranslate You had yet to hit twenty-three (an age that would sw... 続きを読む
    3348pv 20 1 user 2014年12月2日
  • [2012.12.5] [2012.12.6] イアン・マッケラン(映画『ホビット』ガンダルフ役) Twitter ..

    RT : If someone told your younger self you would be the face of Gandalf one day, what would you have said? #AskGandalfRT : #AskGandalf If you could use Gandalf's magic for ONE thing, what would it be?RT : #AskGandalf If you could personally ask Tolkien about Gandalf, what would it be?RT : Sir Ian, if not grey or white, what color do you think Gandalf should be/would look good in? #AskGandalfRT : Sir Ian, what's one thing you would say to your 16-year-old self? #AskGandalfI would have said, "W... 続きを読む
    1793pv 3 2013年3月7日
  • The Case of Akko’s Tidied- Up Chaos

    You can tell what dogs are thinking. Something wrong with my canine recently. Would you help me with that? Then I can tell you about it."Diego cut in, “Officer, it would cost more than that.”She would rather get it over with than argue over such a petty thing as a coffee stain which would be easily removed.,” Diego huffed squaring his shoulders. “What? Do you think you can win over those muscles if anything ever happened?”It would be my pleasure” Mark said beaming at her. “Befor... 続きを読む
    690pv 6 2019年2月28日
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