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  • マイアミ・ヒート、2015-2016シーズンのメディアデー(English)

    What would be doing if he weren't a basketball player? #HEATMediaDaySays they have remained good friends since then and knew Dragic would become a great player.Whiteside visited the Coliseum this summer. "I was kinda mad that I couldn't go out in the middle and yell 'ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?'"Amar'e says Dragic on Heat's roster appealed to him: "If he had stayed in Phoenix, I would have thought about going back to Phoenix."Spoism: "You have to deal what you have to deal with."Spo on Winslow (... 続きを読む
    1773pv 6 2015年9月29日
  • ALM Summit 2011 DAY 3 ( #ALMSummit )

    Which would you rather do? Optimize the mediocre or actually be a change agent? It is time for change. #almsummitRT : Which would you rather do? Optimize the mediocre or actually be a change agent? It is time for change. #almsummitWhat is your cycle time for a null build? #AlmSummitCode bubbles IDE is cool looking, I would like to try it out to see for myself.Tester focus - If I was a user would I use it? Is this the best customer value I can deliver? #ALMSummitHow many times have you built e... 続きを読む
    1815pv 8 2011年11月18日
  • アソル・フガード 『豚小屋』(起・承)

    (wandering around the sty) And to think that my greatest fear was that I would lose my mind.Have you been so brainwashed that you've forgotten what the world means?Praskovya ) Then shouldn't we abandon this crazy idea? Pavel ) No . . . no . . . it's not just that.and exploited working class of the world. I could embrace their cause, become a subversive element and breed rebellion.Praskovya ) Because any little child will tell you that hell is where you will go after you're dead.Praskovya ) Th... 続きを読む
    157pv 2020年5月27日
  • 記事「アニメは西洋の為にポリコレになるべきかと日本のアニメファン達が議論中」→外人「なわけ無いだろ!!」

    Japanese media, is what SAVING US from this woke bullshit, that the west is putting out! Japan, keep doing what you're doing.It is mostly free from PC, focuses on stories/content people would like.Saving ya a click, only person thought this and it was so the market could be expanded to more people.don't call yourself 'Otaku USA' if your whole site is just making it worse for otaku in Japan to be understood by the West This is the same siteOh man oh man I don't want " localized " anime at all ... 続きを読む
    26329pv 192 82 users 5 2020年3月4日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Mar 8, 2015 B

    You could have your own #selfie billboard for just $25. What would you put on it?Would you want to see your selfie on a billboard?Would you want to see your selfie on a billboard?Hi- this billboard caught my eye for your campaign - it would make a great Twitter voting card!My best friend is on billboards n shit...what are you doing with your life?! #rp #motivationalmonday…Don't U think could be considered as the new #AlexanderTheGreat of the worldwide #billboards ? #conquerUm got to laugh a... 続きを読む
    2690pv 5 1 2015年3月6日
  • エルシャダイプレイ感想など2

    El Shaddai is really good and you should play itYou should come over and check out El Shaddai soon. It's a trip.Well I am through a few hours of el shaddai , i would say the strangest game I have ever played.If you didn't like El Shaddai at first, I think it's worth a second look. Catherine was iffy after 15 mins, and look what that turned into!You should have bought El Shaddai instead -the style is incredible! I've also been enjoying playing Majin & the Forsaken Kingdom.the Book of Enoch wou... 続きを読む
    923pv 4 2011年8月27日
  • 初代WWFICチャンピオンパット・パターソンが79歳で亡くなる

    His favorite “rib” /“joke” with me was; “ Paul, do you know who was asking about you the other day? I would reply who Pat?He would say NOOOBBOOODDDYY! “ I loved his wisdom and treasured our friendship.No words can describe what he gave to us.Few could speak the art of our industry into existence.Pat Patterson lived life as it should be lived with passion, love and purpose.Whatever I can offer, it's simply not enough. #RIPPatPatterson -- your contributions to our lives will forever... 続きを読む
    790pv 1 2020年12月3日
  • WBCヘビー級タイトルマッチのデオンテイ・ワイルダーとタイソン・フューリーとの体重差は20kg

    Always love what you do no matter what it is. It makes living that much more worth while.Yeah, indeed, but at 212.5lb, that’s what a cruiserweight would weigh, and people are questioning Usyk stepping up due to weight.Head wilder. Heart fury. Weight wilder Skills fury Wish tomorrow would hurry up 😂It does make you question his diet somewhat. Everyone can get in decent nick with the right training and nutrition plan.I don't even know what to say. Except work ⚔️🇬🇧🇮🇪 🌍 #o... 続きを読む
    4577pv 2018年12月1日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Feb 1, 2015 B

    Proud to be at a company with this as a billboard. #wouldTapThat #vungleDoes anyone else think it would have been funny if they did these billboards so that they were face 2 face? 😄These billboards would perform very well.Nighttime would find me at Rosa's Cantina. Read/watch why here --> . #LANDMDWhat do you think of this ‘sensual’ Sampoerna billboards?": What do you think of the billboard that we put up? #DeflateGate #MortgagesMadeEasy at #1stBank "😝 #HardWorkOnly 😜 What #photog... 続きを読む
    1438pv 5 1 2015年1月29日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard May 4, 2014 B

    BETH J TOLD MY AUNT TO PULL OVER CAHSE I SAW U ON A BILLBOARD #motafam that's what a true family member would doWould you turn your home into a billboard to get a free mortgage?did you ever think would be on a huge billboard in Tokyo for a phone add?What do you think about it? #WSAZ#argusthechicagobeeryoushouldbedrinking“: #throwbacktuesday ” y'all should put this on a billboard. Or TV. That should be the new American flag.Hey , are you able to explain what this full-sized billboard is do... 続きを読む
    2190pv 1 2014年5月1日
  • 検索「」2011/05/06 2:15

    Question: if u could achieve the wealth u desired but would be censored in what u say/do would u take it...That show would get censoredSometimes if you don’t watch your back it will cost you. Sometimes you wonder who the CENSORED would care if they lost you....": NEW POST: What does NORMA JEAN mean to you??? " a workoutNEW POST: What does NORMA JEAN mean to you???That's just wrong! Cleavage should never be censored.I enjoy the comment on that page of "I gotta show this to my son, could you ... 続きを読む
    1107pv 2011年5月6日
  • ジョージ・ミラー監督だけど質問ある?(英語)※日本語訳なし

    Did Furiosa know that the storm would be coming that day when she planned to take the wives? #AskGeorgeMillerNux says "we're not to blame" - what's Joe's rhetoric around what happened to the world? How does he explain it to them? #AskGeorgeMiller#AskGeorgeMiller What is the tech do you think is mainly transforming story telling at the moment- VR, or course, what else?What do you think of events like Wasteland Weekend and the sorta rise of Post-Apoc culture in the mainstream? #AskGeorgeMiller.... 続きを読む
    1595pv 37 2016年1月13日
  • 2011年1月15日: チュニジア(4) #Tunisia #sidibouzid #jasminrevolt #O..

    Obama praised Tunisian people's courage. Now? It would have been encouraging to hear that from you any time during 4 past weeks #SidibouzidMeans Emir of Qatar not worried that his people would rebel against him. Others are certainly #sidibouzidMarc, great analysis. Would love to see you compare the events in Tunisia and Iran along the same lines (esp wrt sat TV)For hours we were wondering who would receive him. It looked like nobody was willing to do it, naturally.. #sidibouzid #tunisiaAny Ar... 続きを読む
    1531pv 2 2 users 2011年1月15日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Apr 5, 2015 A

    : What would you think if you saw one of these "Strip for Jesus" billboards? … "“: What would you think if you saw one of these "Strip for Jesus" billboards? ”hmmWhat you would put next to this #ReeferMadness billboard from New Jersey? See top 5 responses:How would you like to see your tweets on a giant billboard during the #FinalFour?If a 13 year old could see this billboard in warrington he would explode.Loved your #Mets rant today. You should chat with about these billboards up by Ci... 続きを読む
    1397pv 2 2015年4月2日
  • #Gackpo_extend

    #gackpo_extend Yes, please, that would make me so happy.#gackpo_extend I WANT GAKUPO VERY WELL EXTENDED, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. IF YOU DON'T, I MEAN HIS VOICE MODES 8DDDDo(≧▽≦)o This Gakupo fan would really appreciate it! ( .● ω●.)bI hope I made clear I would like #gackpo_extendI would love an angry extend >8D #gackpo_extendGackpo Extend would be so awesome! #gackpo_extendYeees, and #gackpo_extend would solve most wars. +-+and tweets even more #gackpo_extend, to make sure everyon... 続きを読む
    2034pv 10 2011年1月14日
  • 多野さん、自作AutoPagerize改変版をAMOに登録する

    If you would like to hide the autopagerize_page_info, it would be sufficient to register the style sheet to Stylish.Do you say separator that is unified in all of the pages it necessary? If you should make a AutoPagerize for yourself.What are you saying?What is your suggestion? I am interested in it.But the way that your believe I seem useful for someone.When will you update autopagerize? I have update suggestions.Congratulations on your release. After all, I'm not likely to keep up with your... 続きを読む
    2046pv 2 2015年12月28日
  • Serverlessconf Paris

    If you can take a minute break and fill the #Serverless Security Survey, that would be great:#ServerlessConf Paris is two days away ! We spoke with about what you should know before diving into ServerlessIt's a lovely day for a Firebase workshop, wouldn't you agree? See you soon...What could be more fun than spending Valentine's Day in Paris? At 😂 I'm looking forward to meeting you guys.I don’t see why you would want to train with lambda since the function only lives 5min. To train yours... 続きを読む
    2606pv 1 1 user 2 2018年2月17日
  • 3/15~3/27dick party

    What should I do with this feeling ... draw DICK.............I was sick and couldn't eat meal and lay down for about 4 hours, but would I be fine if I drew Sylvain's dick?However, he was so pleasant to lick his mouth that he would expect every time he met Sylvain. Sylvain: "you want to kiss?What is your sylvix relationship?When Felix heard it, he could only hug him.It looks like kat secretly bought me a keychain ... I'm dying if I couldn't be surprised if I could draw something more.After rea... 続きを読む
    588pv 2020年4月1日
  • 【Pornhub】The New York Timesに掲載されたNicholas Donabet Kristofの..

    But I do outline steps that would help. These survivors risked so much to tell their stories; I hope you'll read and share and speak up:The rapists would touch the eyeballs of the women to show that they were completely unresponsive.I thought that would have been enough then. Governments have been made aware of this for years.This wouldn't have happened without survivors bravely speaking up.Whatever this decision cost you,it was worth it.I understand that there are no perfect solutions, but g... 続きを読む
    5359pv 5 2020年12月15日
  • Fred Dyke of Dyman Judo Club Association & Dyman Karate As..

    Would You Want a Dead Loved One to Come Back to Life? ‘The Returned’ poses this most difficult q. By“Pay What You Want: The Ultimate Sales Strategy” by“How Often Should a Board Meet?” byDyman Judo Club Association & Dyman Karate Associates International: What is Judo?Dyman Judo Club Association & Dyman Karate Associates International: What is Judo -Dyman Judo Club Association & Dyman Karate Associates International: What is Judo? -“Designers: you can Objective-C, too!” by“Se... 続きを読む
    655pv 1 1 2013年11月26日
  • @SteveStuWillさんの新著『The Ape That Understood the Universe:Ho..

    What would it make of our sex differences, our sexual behavior, our chi...It opens with a question: How would an alien scientist view our species?via "[A]ny trait that increased the chances that a man would end up investing in his own offspring, rather than the offspring of his good-looking5 Things an Alien Scientist Would Find Weird About Humans: Very nice review of my book The Ape That Understood The Universe, by viaWhy Blood is Thicker Than Water via "[T]he default assumption should be tha... 続きを読む
    733pv 3 2018年8月12日
  • 【Struck By Lightning】 監督コメンタリー

    I thought it would be a good idea that dad was buildingbaby crib in the background because we thought that would be so sad. love the lighting in this scene. move your balls! move your balls!roberto's first screen role... god, how much do you love rebel? more out takes coming-- we couldn't stop and we couldn't stop laughingi had the idea that rebel would collate kitten pictures at the last minute...she was really sick that day-- stomach flu. we added robertoWe shot that from the roof because w... 続きを読む
    747pv 1 2013年1月9日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Sep 14, 2014 A

    That would be billboard hit!❤️😊 #katyperry…This billboard is gonna lie on God like that. Why would anyone love HIV? That disease is terrible. No…What is this filth? We should start a petition to have any billboards like this in Nigeria torn down.Well would ya look at who got themselves a Times Square billboard? The proudness I feel.…“: this is actually really cute 😍 ” i would need a billboard for my ugly picsNational NZ election billboard, defaced but totally amazing. What... 続きを読む
    2068pv 3 2014年9月8日
  • まんがの英訳でカンを磨こう

    Otherwise things would go wrong disastrously.」His Highness would be in a rage if he knew it.」「Besides, if he knew how she's dressing herself when cooking...」 「What do you mean? What's she wearing in the kitchen?」「When you give some of them to someone, you'd better not reveal these are of her own handmaking.「I'm still in a fog for a few days since I woke up and found myself starting living the reincarnated life, except that...」「I sometimes feel uneasy about her rather than ... 続きを読む
    899pv 3 2017年12月22日
  • #uiewamt 2011/6/28 7:00 までのまとめ

    would you add me to the #UIEWAMT twitter list?Every app should be a flexible content reader. The content is what matters and the app, wherever it resides, should be agnostic. #uiewamton Coke rewards mobile sign up CAPTCHA : "how many non humans would go through all that?" #uiewamtDude...I was just thinking that #uiewamt would be better with mexican wrestler action figures. And then delivers!Q: what do you do with color when a client reacts negatively to a color. #uiewamtwould rather be there,... 続きを読む
    1037pv 2011年6月28日
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