• #IASL2016 Tweets Collection

    Enjoyed presenting on Brazilian school-based librarianship w/ at #IASL2016Enjoyed presenting on Brazilian school-based librarianship w/ at #IASL2016Interested in school libraries? Follow #IASL2016 for the International Association of School Librarianship conference in Tokyo this week!Japanese tv-shows are more colourful than Swedish tv-shows. Learning a lot besides schoollibrarianship. #IASL2016School librarians from all over the world! #IASL2016 #edtech #tlchatPP18:スウェーデンの学... 続きを読む
    3084pv 19 2 users 12 2016年8月22日
  • SPARC DR meeting day1

    Nielson: Librarians can work with scientists to develop, sustain, preserve tools. #spdr10Mark Newton, Digital Collection Librarian at Purdue University, next speaker at #SPDR10 on publishing from library repositoryNext speaker Gail Steinhart, Research Data & Environmental Sciences Librarian, Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University #spdr10Newton: interesting point about politics of working with and boundries between press and libraries for IR publishing partnership #spdr10Short-hand conculs... 続きを読む
    1267pv 2010年11月9日
  • DH2012

    Vampiryrology for librarians #dh2012Here a recension for vampyrology for librarians #dh2012 fromWhat are the Brasiliana USP Digital Library's projects? Check and and #dh2012RT : #DH2012 National Digital Library of Finland - cool!RT : #DH2012 National Digital Library of Finland - cool!RT : #DH2012 National Digital Library of Finland - cool!RT : #DH2012 National Digital Library of Finland - cool!RT : #DH2012 National Digital Library of Finland - cool!RT : #DH2012 National Digital Library of Fin... 続きを読む
    3629pv 4 2012年7月23日
  • DH2014

    Schell & Gabaccia discuss teaching #digitalhumanities - embedded librarianship ftw!~~ #dh2014Congratulations to , , & partners on what sounded like a very successful DH + librarianship workshop at #dh2014!Good question! I would think key for whoever works w/ scholars -- reference librarians maybe? #dh2014 #dh4libsLike 's framing of DevLibrarians rationale: 'How do you envision the future role of the research librarian?' #dh4libs #dh2014I hope DH folks in libraries see librarians not as ppl wh... 続きを読む
    3179pv 6 2014年7月11日
  • Code4Lib 2013 #c4l13 #c4ljp

    core values of librarianship. #c4l13still thinking abt the library degree ?-i do think the fundamentals of librarianship need to drive development of discovery apps. #c4l13#c4l13 way to go Penn State librarians and coders - ScholarSpere looks amazing!Dang I shoulda finished library school. #c4l13A Metadata t-shirt for librarians who rock hard! Love it! via #c4l13encoded archival description #librarian #c4l13 #notanarchivistSock puppet librarians can be arranged. #c4l13Jeff Gold: #c4l13 #libra... 続きを読む
    3707pv 2 4 2013年2月14日
  • DH2013:収集中

    Librarian metadata v. scholar metadata - scholars want what they want when they want it, but librarians want control - must fix this #dh2013. talking about MESA () and collaboration between lit scholars and librarians #DH2013's IFLA paper on DH and libraries has a great, concise overview of roles for librarians #dh2013and why on earth would librarians and libraries want to participate in impact analysis? #dh2013 ponderingCome help us manage our data. Or our metadata. Two jobs at KU Libraries:... 続きを読む
    5345pv 7 1 user 1 2013年7月17日
  • Code4Lib Conference 2014 #‎c4l14‬ (英語有)

    THANK YOU. "There is a class system within librarianship." #code4lib #c4l14Librarians never give up. Librarians never surrender. #c4l14#c4l14 Aurora Can't really claim that there is a genetic disposition for librarianship in women which goes away when a computer shows up.So great to see Arie-one of this yr's #c4l14 scholarship awardees-giving a lightning talk about his OS ILS built for Indonesian libraries!Librarian humor for the day: Dispatches from a Public Librarian #c4l14"We don't claim t... 続きを読む
    3582pv 6 1 user 8 2014年3月28日
  • NISO E-Book Renaissance Forum in Boston #NISOEbooks

    Brooks shamelessly pandering to the librarians in the audience: "We have a team of librarians working on metadata" #nisoebooksAdvice from Acquisition librarians should "get ready" to deal with flood of ebooks ##nisoebooksNext speaker: Alan Darnell (Ontario Consortium of Univ Libraries) discussing Scholars Portal on Managing e-boosk via Consortium #nisoebooksWard: Librarians want to buy ebooks, but sometimes publishers don't make it very easy. #nisoebooks: Darnton: you're all invited to apply ... 続きを読む
    1221pv 1 2012年10月20日
  • Code4Lib 2012 #c4l12 #c4ljp

    What didn't you learn in library school? #AskAnything #c4l12MiniFig Librarians @ #c4l12Loud librarians getting crazy at #c4l12"Librarians are zombies" -Nelson #c4l12Scholarships are great! #c4l12You want to see this, librarians: RT : #c4l12 slideson contract, here thanks to #c4l12 scholarship so big thanks to Oregon State University and the Digital Library Federationlibrarians should stop doing web design by committee. like now. #c4l12RT : librarians should stop doing web design by committee.... 続きを読む
    9302pv 3 1 2012年2月10日
  • #SemTech 2011

    librarians rule!! #semtech #loc :)#SemTech at the #LoC - a long overdue talk! We need MORE librarians here - I promise it's not scary or hard; all good. :)RT : #SemTech at the #LoC - a long overdue talk! We need MORE librarians here - I promise it's not scary or hard; all good. :)RT : #SemTech at the #LoC - a long overdue talk! We need MORE librarians here - I promise it's not scary or hard; all good. :)RT : #SemTech at the #LoC - a long overdue talk! We need MORE librarians here - I promise it'... 続きを読む
    4283pv 2 2011年6月5日
  • 2011 Books in Browsers Conference 1日目 (10/27) in S.F. #bib11

    HOLY HELL. announces the Open Library has been endorsed by the state librarians in all 50 US states. #bib11 #librariesAll 50 state librarians endorse the lending open library project #BiB11Just joined Posting this from , where "Books In Browsers" #bib11 conf is quite the buzz. #librariansPublishers sell ebooks to libraries. libraries, buy ebooks from publishers #bib11For those confused about #bib11, there are 2 concurrent conferences - 1 w/ techies & publishers & 1 w/ librarians & digitizatio... 続きを読む
    4280pv 13 2 users 1 2011年10月28日
  • Games For Change Festival 2012

    Games in libraries? discusses their complex relationship, live now: #g4c12Our favorite mad scientist librarian and board game designer is now talking about games in libraries. ~JL #G4C12 #G4CSkirballLibraries as space for Makerbots? Awesome. #g4c12Find out why thinks libraries should have International Gaming Day, live in 30: #g4c12Schools have historically segmented play into a separate space -.'s Shael Polakow Suransky #g4c12 #G4CSkirball ~JSMore libraries in the nation than all major fast ... 続きを読む
    2880pv 3 2012年6月23日
  • pagxx

    We get chloroplasts w/o jumping libraries, w/o PE libraries, all the time with genome of ~150kbs ; if you want just cp #PAGXXZhang: using a combination of different insert libraries, from 170 bp (for filling gap) to 40 kb (scaffolding) #PAGXXNystedt: starting with jumping libraries, 2.5 kbp., enabled one scaffold for chloroplast #PAGXXAyliffe: an inverse relationship exists between wheat stem rust and stripe rust susceptibility #PAGXXIB ABYSS: planning to incorporate using read overlap for sh... 続きを読む
    2044pv 3 2012年1月18日
  • 英国版「事業仕分け」(のようなもの)における文化部門削減案

    Hunt proposes closure of the Museum, Libraries and Archives CouncilHunt proposes closure of the Museum, Libraries and Archives CouncilCharterhouse School : No excuse for Hillsborough slur by Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for ... - Liverpool EchoRT : Hunt proposes closure of the Museum, Libraries and Archives CouncilMLA = The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council ←ここも、文化大臣の今日のスピーチで「廃止」がアナウンスされた。How can this be a good thing... 続きを読む
    2455pv 2010年7月27日
  • #Gaza2 - Tweets in English, Arabic, Spanish, German... キャス..

    #NeverAgain should the world allow any government to conduct a deliberate massacre of innocent people in schools, homes-Anywhere ~|~ #Gaza2Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian children while eating chocolate & chips [bbc] ➽ Never Forget.... #Gaza2RT : During the Genocide: 10 schools, 8 kindergarten, 15 hospitals, 43 clinics, 30 mosques were completely destroyed by israeli shelling.Israeli soldiers shoot children while eating chocolate & chips (bbc video) Never Forget... #Gaza2Israeli soldiers... 続きを読む
    2468pv 5 2010年12月28日
  • gov2.0SUMMIT_1st_DAY (前半がない中途半端なまとめ)

    #g2s Singaporian adoption of collaborative government similar to adoption of #SCORM in Korea's public school system."How can libraries get better the more they're used?" Kindle books have collective highlighting, for instance. #g2s1.3 million US high schools students that stop out or drop out, and 50% of high school gards are not ready academically for college #g2s1.3 million US high schools students that stop out or drop out, and 50% of high school gards are not ready academically for colleg... 続きを読む
    2618pv 1 2010年9月8日
  • AGBT tweets 2012 (1)

    Schwartz: Electrophoretic stretching enables 5-8 kb libraries binding directly to flow cell! #AGBTRoss: Bias changes with changes to library prep #AGBT#AGBT Scott Devine: looked for rare variants in centenarians, found 279 rare SNPs shared by 8/8 high cov centenarians, not seen in 1KG/dbSNPHealy: two libraries (PCR primer and sequencing probe) come preloaded on cartridge #AGBTVery cool High School student summer project! “: Olivier Elemento discusses HiC viewer #agbt”JGI has sequenced the... 続きを読む
    2190pv 2 2012年2月17日
  • AGBT memo@2011-02-06T11:50JST

    Genome Biol "Analyzing and minimizing bias in Illumina sequencing libraries" #AGBTLibrary quantification kit compatible for Ion Torrent instrument. Library quant. kits available for all current NGS platforms. #AGBTChris Boles from Sage showing off the Pippin Prep for automated size selection for NGS library prep #AGBT#SOLiD Workflow Automation: AB Library Builder featured at #AGBT.Chad Nusbaum on Ion Torrent applications: mutation validation, targeted resequencing, QC nextgen libraries, reseq... 続きを読む
    2842pv 3 users 2011年2月6日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Apr 13, 2014 A

    Windy pic with the #BL16 billboard in #Birmingham! #CaliforniaOrBust #TakeAChanceOnMe #LoudLibrarian #LaughsAtSelfThis is a billboard outside of my school....Belmont wins the billboard one-liner game. 👌😂 #itstrue #lovemyschoolHaving a billboard of a graduate with an internship rather than a real job #gonzagaproblems#pto #brick #billboard #oldschool #19thcentury #gaslampdistrict #sandiego #619 mrssuperrc @ Downtown…On billboards in Liverpool for ! #jawaadansariGreeneville City Schools ... 続きを読む
    904pv 2 2014年4月8日
  • AGBT tweets 2012 (3)

    MinIon can be used to QC your DNA libraries. Whatever libraries. That is great. #AGBTGray: describing relationship between RNA-Seq read densities and mRNA processing time #AGBT - too much calculus this early in the morningvariant analysis able to collaborate variant hypothesis in less than an hour #AGBTHappy 2 provide tutorials RT : Boland final conclusion: he needs to go back to school for bioinformatics. Don't we all? #AGBTLevy: variant analysis helps find rare disease novel variants #AGBTJ... 続きを読む
    1400pv 2 2012年2月19日
  • 【2011/03/21/14:00-04/04/14:00】ハイチ 20【大統領選開票待ち】

    The Haiti Library Foundation – Muncie Star Press« PEACE & POWER Christian FellowshipThe school #Shakira is rebuilding is #Haiti's first vocational training school for girls. It's run by the Daughters of Mary.Mission to Haiti touches soles and souls for North Carroll Community School – Explore Carroll #haitiCanadian Construction Association raises $600,000 to rebuild Haiti trade school #haiti #aidShakira donates $400000 to rebuild Haiti school – AFP #haitiShakira helps rebuild Haiti sch... 続きを読む
    1111pv 1 2011年3月25日
  • Open Data on the Web Day 2

    Licensing library & authority data under CC0? The German National Library has done it! #odw13 #OpenData#odw13 Lars Svensson at Deutsche National Bibliothek changing business model to stop tax payers paying twice in data flows between libraries次はドイツ国立図書館の Licensing Library and Authority Data Under CC0: The DNB Experience #odw13Florian Bauer on the Reegle API, a tagging tool for publishing resources in the clean energy and climate area #ODW13"we eventually were convinced t... 続きを読む
    1367pv 9 4 2013年4月24日
  • Open Science Fair 2017

    Collection: Open Access Scholarship and its Impact on Scholarly Communication and Library Science #osfair2017Georgopolou: Early 20th cent. American School introduced fellowships for women.#RRI theatrical workshop with great performances! All actors engaged! #researcher #repository #librarian ... #osfair2017A new mission for Libraries at #osfair2017What we really need is a vision whereby universities + their libraries are the foundational nodes in a global schol. comm. Syst #osfair2017Our exec... 続きを読む
    516pv 2017年9月11日
  • Code for America Summit #cfasummit

    Librarian helped launch & movement is hosted at the library innovation center. #cfasummit"Go find a librarian and hug them." #cfasummitWhy the libraries? Public libraries have been collected public data for years - #cfasummitLet's do more to involve all librarians and information holders and records managers with #opendata. #cfasummitChattanooga's public library worked w/Mayor's office on project. Libraries are original data sharing forums. #cfasummitPublic libraries are an agreement to share... 続きを読む
    9338pv 3 2014年9月24日
  • ICWSM2012 Day 1

    Our #icwsm12 paper on privacy and relationship management in location-sharing is now on the AAAI digital library:All of the conference papers for ICWSM are available via the AAAI Digital Library:If an online interaction renegotiates an existing relationship boundary, then privacy concerns arise #icwsmTCD School of Medicine. 300 years and going strong. The future of medicine is Information. #icwsmPost-graduates spend three times as much time on health sites than adults with only some high scho... 続きを読む
    2048pv 4 2012年6月6日
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