AWS Summit 2011 @ New York

NYC で開催されていた AWS Summit のまとめです。ひとまず、ハッシュタグ #awssummit ベースで集めました。
AWS Startups @AWSstartups

Busy week on West and East coast, with Startup Weekend Seattle and #awssummit in NYC, both happening tomorrow. :)

2011-06-10 12:01:12
Matt Wood @mza

NYC is kicking off the first #awssummit today. RT @Werner: Big room to be filled at the #awssummit in NYC -

2011-06-10 21:07:58
Paul T Maurer @cryptochaos

Let's hope this is worth the train ride into NYC today... #awssummit

2011-06-10 21:57:29
Paul T Maurer @cryptochaos

I wonder if they'll address the outage... #awssummit

2011-06-10 21:59:01
Michael Scovetta @scovetta

Getting ready to hear @Werner at the #awssummit in NYC in a little while.

2011-06-10 22:01:28
paul mooney @moon

@cryptochaos I think it's a Hilton #Fail $20 bagels #AWSSummit NYC no breakfast

2011-06-10 22:03:33
Aaron Fleming @agflem

#awssummit about to kick off - what a full house!

2011-06-10 22:08:25
davidleith @davidleith

At #awssummit. Interesting there's almost no vendor overlap from #CloudExpo

2011-06-10 22:10:03
Aaron Fleming @agflem

anyone here have a Motorola Atrix charger?? my phone is dead as is the charger! #booo #awssummit

2011-06-10 22:11:13
Michael Scovetta @scovetta

$25/day for wifi access at @HiltonNewYork?! How is this not free in 2011? #ripoff #awssummit

2011-06-10 22:12:39
Mike Ormerod @mikeormerod

Last day of a Cloud packed week in NYC. Today is the Amazon AWS Summit, should be interesting #awssummit #PRGS

2011-06-10 22:19:07
Paul T Maurer @cryptochaos

I know! Makes my data plan look like a bargain... “@scovetta: $25/day for wifi access at @HiltonNewYork?!" #ripoff #awssummit

2011-06-10 22:19:13
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