2020/06 CHIPTUNE Vol.9

Tomas A P @TomasPraestholm

So in two weeks' time, @Jummbus and I churned out a little album, it's called Woodcutting and it's available here: miragey.bandcamp.com/album/woodcutt… Made in Jummbox, based on Beepbox, by @shaktool

2020-06-12 06:19:55
リンク Miragey Woodcutting, by Miragey & Jummbus 10 track album 14
Tomas A P @TomasPraestholm

Cover art! Dropping in like, a week? I hope. Made in Asesprite by myself and Jummbus. pic.twitter.com/pWqzOZ9aHu

2020-06-06 05:04:47
crabsound @CrabSound

Follow today this #spotifyplaylist about Mexican and latin #chiptune music - "Latin Chip Essentials" - open.spotify.com/playlist/5LWLH… pic.twitter.com/sFNV1K5AiA

2020-06-11 23:26:27
Popskyy @Popskyy

Due to people being DMCA'd on Twitch I've decided to release this album early to get new stuff out for you <3 Its Free/Pay what you want. Original date was June 15th. popskyy.bandcamp.com/album/the-drea…

2020-06-08 06:09:53
ドコカノうさぎ🐰メタバースアイドル🎤VIVE公式アンバサダー @patsupyon

昨晩のMSXプログラミング配信で作ったマトリックス風エフェクトを観てぴょん! カタカナと01が流れるエフェクトです。けっこうそれっぽくなってと思わない? マトリクス風エフェクト完成シーン▶️ youtu.be/I9YY8stiClo?t=… #MSX #WebMSX pic.twitter.com/1o8PlJrvVw

2020-06-11 18:05:08
bandcamp @Bandcamp

New & Notable: An essential greatest hits compilation from pioneering indie pop band Bis is packed full of candy hooks and punk politics bistheband.bandcamp.com/album/i-love-b…

2020-06-12 05:50:04
Lizard NES @Lizard_NES

A video tour of the Lizard Tool. How an NES game was made. youtube.com/watch?v=NBNnjR…

2020-06-10 10:16:17
𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 "𝑇𝑜𝑤𝑛 𝑜𝑓 𝑊𝑜𝑙𝑣𝑒𝑠" @EstebanVLobos

I received (and restored) a very rare PCG card for the PC-8001 today, it allows the use of programmable graphics and high quality sound. someone along the way salvaged all of the ceramic caps off of it. I tested it out on an equally rare bootleg version of Dig Dug. #pc8001 pic.twitter.com/y03AzAnSQL

2020-06-11 13:23:42
beek @beekChiptunes

All @bandcamp proceeds from my new release will be going to the @NationalBailOut fund for protesters and activitists. #chiptune for change. Happy to unleash a new collection on yall my fam! pic.twitter.com/7R8FV4Gf2x

2020-06-12 04:22:30
Boxic 🏁 @BoxicFunk

So for the past 2 weeks i've been working on a game jam project called Quack n Smack! It's finally done! Everything in this game was painstakingly drawn with a mouse to fit the theme. Never again😂 You can play it here -> morganh.itch.io/quack-n-smack #gamedev

2020-06-12 03:56:30
ゲーム音楽館チャンネルbot @game_melody_com

ゴリジンのお家(ごきんじょ冒険隊) ※再録音UP youtube.com/watch?v=AAwtft… 投稿: 具無しおにぎり 掲載: 2011/12/25 おすすめ作品 SMAFタイプ: MA7 [128和音] -- 作品ページ game-melody.com/n.cgi?n=206061 pic.twitter.com/z9Z3J67nyI

2020-06-12 03:34:16
MIDIs on Display @OnlyMIDIs

8pg3.mid ??.??.96 / 45 KB Attack of the Zolgear - Theme of Dragoon J2 Roland SC-88Pro 「MASA」 pic.twitter.com/llAzjgvkZ1

2020-06-12 05:00:00
MIDIs on Display @OnlyMIDIs

SR01_8p.mid ??.??.?? / 173 KB Sonic R - Can You Feel the Sunshine? Roland SC-88Pro 「 KapapooFX」 pic.twitter.com/5iPZdPtURN

2020-06-12 10:14:52
オホーイク海 @ebidead

twitter.com/ebideath/statu… pic.twitter.com/V5zbG0qyof

2020-06-12 10:45:37
アナル @ebidead


2020-06-08 09:51:38
🍌🍔 banana burger 🍌🍔 @bananamanzero

LSDj v8.6.6 now out! *fixed: crash bug in phrase screen. broke in 8.6.5 *fixed: visual bugs when using kit inst's in pulse/noise phrases *when creating new inst's in phrase screen, numbering now starts from 10 in wave channel, 30 in noise channel *R8F now turns off fast retrig

2020-06-12 06:14:44
💅 Y* N*rukami's Flavorful Fingernails 💅 @spankmaths

just recorded a shitton of wips i'll never finish, i'm making a big video for my yt channel here's one of them pic.twitter.com/JZzyEtKB7B

2020-06-08 12:05:06
💅 Y* N*rukami's Flavorful Fingernails 💅 @spankmaths

spent an hour trying to figure how to get this to work lmfao anyway i fixed that video of bad apple so that both black and white themes are playing at the same time pic.twitter.com/u5VsFrPfuN

2020-06-08 15:06:52
ThronoCrigger · comms open @CriggerThrono

i just made this chiptune loop, now i don't know what to do with it pic.twitter.com/VAR1YdTeMM

2020-06-10 22:43:02
ゲーム音楽館チャンネルbot @game_melody_com

ななこのテーマ(ごきんじょ冒険隊) ※再録音UP youtube.com/watch?v=sXl__K… 投稿: 具無しおにぎり 掲載: 2011/09/04 おすすめ作品 SMAFタイプ: MA7 [128和音] -- 作品ページ game-melody.com/n.cgi?n=205710 pic.twitter.com/GYMibrdqdi

2020-06-12 08:01:06
ゲーム音楽館チャンネルbot @game_melody_com

パワフルエネミー(ロックマンエグゼ5) ※再録音UP youtube.com/watch?v=RSG3S6… 投稿: 具無しおにぎり 掲載: 2011/10/23 おすすめ作品 SMAFタイプ: MA7 [128和音] -- 作品ページ game-melody.com/n.cgi?n=205864 pic.twitter.com/KY4T6uMXyd

2020-06-12 08:03:39
ゲーム音楽館チャンネルbot @game_melody_com

STAGE1(ホットドッグストーム) ※再録音UP youtube.com/watch?v=Jm5iIw… 投稿: 具無しおにぎり 掲載: 2010/11/15 おすすめ作品 SMAFタイプ: MA5 [64和音] -- 作品ページ game-melody.com/n.cgi?n=107831 pic.twitter.com/srJICsdDhA

2020-06-12 08:06:07
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