1,000 #Flotilla #Gaza tweets as of 19:00 JST, 31 May: #Twitterfail

The #Flotilla hashtag is off and Twitter search is corrupt ("technical problems" or whatever) at the moment, so here it is. the first 1,000 tweets found by "flotilla" word search. An un-edited list. May contain duplication. News articles (just some of): 続きを読む
Abdelrahman Ayyash @3yyash صورة معبرة جدا عن القافلة ، ياريت تبقى في بروفايلاتنا كلنا #freedomflotilla #flotilla #Gaza #Palestine #Israel

2010-05-31 18:53:13

RT @Sarabughazal: "your blood reached the shores of Gaza before your aid" #flotilla #freedomflotilla

2010-05-31 18:53:13
Anne Spapens @Ponckster

Wel een mooi woord, flotilla. Ik zou wel een Tante Flotilla willen hebben. Die hebben vast altijd zelfgebakken koekjes, Tante Flottila's.

2010-05-31 18:53:13
Diah Ismawardani @deedui

RT @icblues: Well I can open #flotilla again.. While our accounts are not closed down yet, let's use them as our weapons. #FreedomFlotilla #Israil

2010-05-31 18:53:13
Asper @AsperAstrum

I didn't think such conspiracies could be true but #twitter is actually preventing the search and trending of the word #flotilla #fb

2010-05-31 18:53:14
Donagh @irishleftreview

RT @freegazaorg: Boats are in Ashdod, so are the activists. #Flotilla

2010-05-31 18:53:14
Daniel William @sayitfrenchy

ISL news on #flotilla intr'l H20 claim: Israel can stop a belligernt w intent of enterng its H20 even if in int'l H20- like ANY othr nation

2010-05-31 18:53:14
John Dean @JohnDean

@twitter & @twitter/team why are you censoring #flotilla tag from trending & search? the values expressed by your company have no truth now

2010-05-31 18:53:14
FishFries. @FishFries

RT @juanajaafar: "Good article from AFP: World in Shock at Deadly Gaza #Flotilla Raid via @palestinalibre"

2010-05-31 18:53:15
Tilosophist @tilosophist

RT @naoisen: And still #flotilla is not appearing on Twitter's trending list despite the fact that it is on Google trends. Tell us why @twitter

2010-05-31 18:53:16
Derek Brown @Delboy167

RT @ralqasem: RT @hashtager: # Please switch your hashtag to #FreedomFlotilla instead of #Flotilla in order to trend

2010-05-31 18:53:16
Mary Wareham @marywareham

#Greece has withdrawn from joint military exercises w #Israel in protest at attack on #Gaza #flotilla. 30 Greeks on board the ships.

2010-05-31 18:53:17
Last Hours @lasthours

RT @dimireider: REMINDER: How many Israelis were killed by #Gaza rockets in 10yrs? Yep:Less than number of peace activists massacred this morning. #flotilla

2010-05-31 18:53:19
kramput @kramput

cc @nukman @iimfahima RT @katarangga: If there's a user with the same name, a word can't be a trending topic, right? Check out @flotilla...

2010-05-31 18:53:20

RT @aisha_88: @lizarddawg RT @AnaRevolution: What will the US do? Do they condemn the international crime of Israel or come to their aid? #flotilla

2010-05-31 18:53:22

RT @guardiannews: Israel attacks Gaza #flotilla, killing activists - live coverage with @AdamGabbatt

2010-05-31 18:53:22
Ali Bulut @alibulut

RT @guardiannews: Israel kills activists as forces storm flotilla bound for Gaza

2010-05-31 18:53:22
Kinan Jarjous @jarofjuice

@moryarti: RT @ArabCrunch: do you know that #Flotilla currently forms 83% of total tweets on twitter? Please RT #Gaza #FreedomFlotilla

2010-05-31 18:53:22
Ichsan M Nasution @ichannasution

Oia, bener jg ya. Hmmmm.. RT @monstercantik: ngetwit topik #flotilla ke topik Israil aja.

2010-05-31 18:53:23
Sāṭeʿ ساطع @sate3

On AJA: Turkish Relief Commission: 15 Turks died in the Israeli attack on Freedom #Flotilla

2010-05-31 18:53:23
RevoluZionist @RevoluZionist

"peaceful" flotilla crew chanted: " Jews, remember Khaybar, .where we slaughtered Jews in the town of Khaybar.." #israil #israel

2010-05-31 18:53:23