ALM Summit 3 - Day 1

米国ワシントン州で開催されている ALM Summit 3 の Tweets まとめ(開催前から初日終了まで)です。
Giovanni Bassi 🇧🇷 @giovannibassi

A track de agile do #ALMSummit tá fodástica! Pena que esse ano eu não vou. Pelo menos o #ALMSummitBR vai compensar!

2013-01-24 00:45:26
Christian Hassa @chrishassa

Proposed BoaF session at @almsummit for storymapping and impactmapping: #almsummit

2013-01-24 06:02:09 @Scrumdotorg

Another way for attendees to enhance or begin their #Scrum journey @almsummit: S30D book signing with @kschwaber.

2013-01-24 06:59:42
Aaron Bjork @aaronbjork

Starting to prep for my "Un-managing Agile Teams" talk next week at the #almsummit

2013-01-26 00:59:29 @Scrumdotorg

Are you ready for the @almsummit 3? Now it's impossible to miss the best Scrum sessions. #almsummit #scrum

2013-01-26 03:02:05
🕸🕷OakParkGirl 🕷🕸 @OakParkGirl

@EdHolloway @tfsbuck either of you going to be at the #ALMSummit next week? I totally owe you guys a beer! :)

2013-01-26 03:18:23 @Scrumdotorg

#ALMSummit is approaching! Make sure to download the Scrum Schedule to see talks by Professional Scrum Trainers.

2013-01-27 08:00:06
Microsoft Learn @MicrosoftLearn

Hello to @ALMSummit attendees arriving in Redmond. Welcome! Have a great week w/ @VisualStudio @ScrumAlliance! #ALMSummit

2013-01-28 10:09:57 @Scrumdotorg

@kschwaber's and @steveporter’s Scrum Immersion workshop begins in 30 minutes! Fasten your Scrumbelts. #almsummit

2013-01-29 01:00:00
Miguel Jimenez @majimenezp

Y en el taller de scrum que va a dar ken schwaber en el #almsummit

2013-01-29 01:34:07
Koen Maton @Matonko

Ready to start pre conf workshop about managing your application lifecycle with TFS 2012 by @AnthonyBorton. #almsummit

2013-01-29 01:34:24
Andrea Setti @andreasetti

Ready for the #almsummit day 1 let's start with a tfs2012 workshop

2013-01-29 01:36:55
Microsoft Visual Studio @VisualStudio

@MSLearning We here at Visual Studio Second that! Welcome all @ALMSummit Attendees!

2013-01-29 01:42:28
Scott Anderson @scotta808

Soaking up TFS and ALM cert prep material @almsummit workshop with @AnthonyBorton

2013-01-29 03:18:53
Assaf Stone @devopsjester

@almsummit, preconf workshop with @kschwaber: Don't commit in the sprint plan - forecast!

2013-01-29 03:47:01
Assaf Stone @devopsjester

@almsummit #Scrum preconf - before the sprint demo, you can send out a demo video to help the conversation about the delivery.

2013-01-29 03:48:43
Miguel Jimenez @majimenezp

"Scrum depends in common sense" -Ken Schwaber #ALMSummit

2013-01-29 04:57:26 @Scrumdotorg

Scrum sessions are happening all Summit long. Download the Scrum Schedule to find out where. #almsummit

2013-01-29 05:30:00
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