Sheytoons gig

2013年2月10日のSheytoons gig関連まとめ


Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

Back to work today. Looking forward to putting our songs together and trying out some new possibilities. #sheytoons

2013-01-04 19:12:20
Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

Resurrected one or two, evolved a few, created another one, covered some. Tis going to be a great night at The Derby.

2013-01-05 04:42:37
Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

Another day of rehearsals and photo shoot. Yes to those who asked, we should be having some Sheytoons merch to mark The Derby. See you soon

2013-01-15 16:34:55
Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

Hello to all new and previous followers. We appreciate all your support for us even though we don't gig as much as we'd like. See you soon.

2013-01-15 16:36:33
Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

Tunes and set coming together, souvenirs are getting sorted, we are very excited for the 10th. Thanks for all the support fellow Sheytooners

2013-01-23 07:53:54
Tom Deering @tomdeering

But 1st it's time to rehearse some folking folk music with the inimitable @hadleyfraser @raminkarimloo @Rosiemae @StringTuba aka @Sheytoons

2013-02-04 04:13:45
Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

Almost time for the Derby on the Sunday. We are aiming to meet folks after each show depending on time. May not be time for photos sadly.

2013-02-07 06:17:17
Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

We will endeavour to sit behind the merchandise table to say hello and thanks if you fancy, come say hi. Thanks all.

2013-02-07 06:18:16
Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

Only a couple of small pieces of merch will be available. When we do more gigs we will get official T Shirts made. Thanks for the support.

2013-02-07 20:18:39
Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

Here's Ramin getting ready for the Westminster Derby.

2013-02-08 02:31:16
Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo

Mr Fraser with his new guitar going over his solo contribution to the Derby.

2013-02-08 03:10:55


Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

Joining us on Sunday is the wonderful Miss @CarrieHFletcher. We're very lucky to have her on board.

2013-02-08 04:46:00
Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

On stage alongside Hadley & Ramin will be (in no particular order); on keys, naughty Wizard @tomdeering; on bass, the Duke @StringTuba...

2013-02-08 04:49:32
Sheytoons Official @Sheytoons

...on vocals, the Red Kite herself @Rosiemae; on drums, Uncle Roy from @BigSmokeFamily; on fiddle, the Swedish Prince Martin Lissola...

2013-02-08 04:52:17