Axiata’s Indonesia Subsidiary Sells 3,500 Telco Towers for RM1.5b

Reuters reported the sale by Indonesia's second-largest telecoms was aimed at paying off some of its debt after XL acquired telecommunication operator
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Axiata’s Indonesia Subsidiary Sells 3,500 Telco Towers for RM1.5b…

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Fall candles all lit up🍁🍂 I've missed these smells

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"@IdaGiancola: casual conversations about camel toes at dinner with Erica's parents"

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"LIVESTRONG is going after the most important goal by helping the patient today and not tomorrow" @weezieman #ireport

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¡Felicidades @Marifer_0618 por responder correctamente! Escríbenos por DM para reclamar tu premio.

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¿Cómo se llama el director de la obra El crédito? El primero en responder correctamente se lleva los 3 boletos

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¡Perfecto! Vamos con una trivia, el primero en responder correctamente se lleva los tres boletos.

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Tenemos 3 boletos para la obra El crédito ¿Quién dice yo?

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I would really like to emphasize that these are not opinions or theories. It's just a feeling I have.

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BIG THANK YOU! Top 5 fundraisers this week: @jerry_kelly (again!), Karen Ubelhart, Michael Martin, Jo Anne Iaciofano, and Joyce Baysinger

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Love hearing stories of why people still wear their @livestrong bands. Never gets old. #hope #stillstrong #wefirst14

2014-10-09 04:54:53
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"We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." ~Ayn Rand #leadership

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¿Quieres ver la obra El crédito mañana? Sigue pendiente que estaremos regalando boletos.

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