International Conference of Crisis Mappers

Annual International Conference of Crisis Mappers - 2014 #iccmnyc
Yves D'Eer @YvesDEer

In 1854 John Snow used #crisismapping to investigate Broad Street cholera outbreak…#Ebola #learn #ICCMNYC

2014-10-31 22:47:46
Fumi @Fumi

“International Conference of Crisis Mappers” will take place in New York on 11/6-9! #iccmnyc

2014-11-01 06:32:49
Drakontas LLC @Drakontas

Looking forward to Intl Conf of Crisis Mappers ICCM 2014 NYC Nov 6-7 @CrisisMappers #iccmnyc

2014-11-01 22:33:33
HeatherLeson @HeatherLeson

Today is the last day to register for the @crisismappers Conference NYC Nov 6 - 9. Join us :… #iccmnyc

2014-11-01 23:57:47
Tom Weinandy @TomWeinandy

Getting ready for this conference #iccmnyc @ House Mother Jones

2014-11-02 09:36:17
Jirka Panek @JirkaPanek

Almost ready to leave for #iccmnyc Cant wait for NY, can't wait to hear @PatrickMeier and others to speak about progress in #CrisisMapping

2014-11-02 22:46:58
GreenMap @GreenMap

#ICCMNYC @CrisisMappers looking forward to meeting you at #LowerEastSide neib Sandy impacts tour & maps 9:30 Thurs. #Goles #MorusNYC

2014-11-03 14:43:18
Yves D'Eer @YvesDEer

Checking #iccmnyc agenda I was just wondering if someone made an eventmap w all venues @CrisisMappers ;-)

2014-11-04 01:11:04
Ariel Sim @arielsim_

@CrisisMappers any last minute registration spots available at the #iccmnyc from our team would love to join!

2014-11-04 02:53:48
Jen Ziemke @jenziemke

"Holy smokes, I forgot to register for #iccmnyc." - so say the crisis mappers, 3 days after reg closed. Get it together, guys. #toughlove

2014-11-04 12:38:16
Bert Brugghemans @BertBrugghemans

preparing for #iccmnyc #iccm conference. Flight tomorrow. Follow us live on… and I will do some blogging too

2014-11-04 22:12:29
Patrick Meier @PatrickMeier

Excited to announce that @HeatherLeson is joining QCRI as Co-Director for Social Innovation! #iccm #iccmnyc

2014-11-04 22:40:08
Ariel Sim @arielsim_

@HeatherLeson @CrisisMappers so excited to have gotten a last minute spot to join the community in this week's conversations #iccmnyc

2014-11-04 22:51:28
Kuo-Yu slayer Chuang @darkensiva

Can't wait for the pre-conference training (mobile track), tech fair demo, and the ignite talk by @GeoThingsTW in #ICCMNYC, see you soon!

2014-11-05 03:19:31
Leesa™ @viequesbound

Headed to #ICCMNYC in the morning! Safe travels to all! #SBTF #crisismappers

2014-11-05 10:35:13
Leesa™ @viequesbound

On the plane heading to #iccmnyc. Doing ignite talk Fri about Emotional impact on the digital humanitarian. My radio interview airs 2day 2!

2014-11-05 21:40:13
Leesa™ @viequesbound

#iccmnyc lost ignite talk notes so will speak from my heart with many of U in mind & keywords on tablet Hugs & TU 4 the inspiration! #info4

2014-11-05 21:44:55
Patrick Meier @PatrickMeier

The website for my forthcoming book "Digital Humanitarians" is now live! Book tag: #DigitalJedis (cc #iccm #iccmnyc)

2014-11-05 22:40:08
Dr Cobi Calyx @cobicalyx

wish I could be at #iccmnyc this week! Though glad for recovery time in Geneva after London & Melbourne travel last month #Australiaistoofar

2014-11-05 23:18:59
Drakontas LLC @Drakontas

We will be demoing DragonForce - our mobile collaboration platform - at ICCM 2014 @CrisisMappers #iccmnyc

2014-11-05 23:40:51
Patrick Meier @PatrickMeier

T'is time: off to NYC for the UN Experts Meeting on Humanitarian UAVs #UAViators and the International CrisisMappers Conference #iccmnyc

2014-11-06 02:37:18