#Jindependence Tour fan-repo 21.Sep.2014 @ Osaka Dojima River Forum (en)

It's not finished yet. I'm gonna keep trying when I have time.
せろめぐ@ズッANY担 @thelomeg

Here starts #Jindependence Tour Osaka 21.Sep @ Dojima River Forum report. @tc0704

2014-11-22 03:55:49
せろめぐ@ズッANY担 @thelomeg

Translated and summarized from what i added to fav list. Unorganized order, just like tweets came into my TL.

2014-11-22 03:56:27
せろめぐ@ズッANY担 @thelomeg

Setlist was almost the same as Hokkaido & Nagoya but no encore, which means no HWU.

2014-11-22 03:57:29
せろめぐ@ズッANY担 @thelomeg

He introduced “HeatBeat” as (・゚∀゚)My favorite tune! but unfortunately he lost some parts (couldn't sing or lost pitch).

2014-11-22 03:59:40
せろめぐ@ズッANY担 @thelomeg

Apparently Jin was disappointed himself and he slightly clicked his tongue and put it out like this -> (・>ρ<) ,which was soooo cute.

2014-11-22 04:01:55
せろめぐ@ズッANY担 @thelomeg

No “bra” when MC started. Also no glasses after Oowah.

2014-11-22 04:02:35
せろめぐ@ズッANY担 @thelomeg

Tick-tac challenge of changing clothes before Slow Jam, he made it in 2min.

2014-11-22 04:03:07
せろめぐ@ズッANY担 @thelomeg

but from backstage, Jin yelled (・゚ρ゚`) Oh my Pxxxx!! OMP!! repeatedly, seemed something hurt his special place;-p while changing clothes.

2014-11-22 04:04:05
🍳るい🍳 @rui0704

Bits of Jindependece tour MC 11/21 Read: tl.gd/n_1sik86m

2014-11-22 04:37:30