SciPy 2015

Scientific Computing with Python on July 6-12, 2015
Anaconda @anacondainc

#SciPy2015 - we're giving tons of great talks next week! Find our table and join us for #Python conversations:

2015-07-03 08:30:41
Anaconda @anacondainc

Catch us at #SciPy2015 starting Monday - our devs are giving great talks/tutorials on #Python #Bokeh #Blaze and more:

2015-07-04 06:00:36
Phil Elson @pypelson

Just landed in Austin for #Scipy2015. Happy to meet up for food or beers with others who are in town early for the conference.

2015-07-04 06:52:05
Sebastian Benthall @sbenthall

I've been super impressed by the #scipy2015 review process. Such thorough and kind feedback. I don't know whether it's FOSS culture or what.

2015-07-04 09:05:54
Sebastian Benthall @sbenthall

The #scipy2015 organizers have solved the review infrastructure problem with a paper build system hooked up to GH pull requests.

2015-07-04 09:08:39
Eugene Van den Bulke @3kwa

flying to Austin (TX) tomorrow for #scipy2015 exciting! Judging by how much I don't feel like packing wish I was taking @benconservato and G

2015-07-04 12:14:34
Carol Willing @WillingCarol

Looking forward to analyzing body dynamics and balance with PyDy @moorepants and James Crist @SciPyConf tutorial. #scipy2015

2015-07-05 03:46:49
Jess Hamrick @jhamrick

Super excited for my first @SciPyConf this week! See everyone soon! #SciPy2015

2015-07-06 00:53:00
Dan Chudnov @dchud

great to be back in Austin after much too long. a week full of #scipy2015!

2015-07-06 01:56:39
katy huff @katyhuff

On the train to SFO! Looking forward to seeing everyone @SciPyConf (and probably tons of you on the plane very shortly)! #scipy2015

2015-07-06 02:06:02
SciPyConf @SciPyConf

#SciPy2015 mobile app - scan the QR code & bookmark for the conf schedule, restaurant suggestions, & announcements.

2015-07-06 02:42:40
Kelsey Jordahl @kajord

In Austin for #SciPy2015! Looking forward to a great week.

2015-07-06 03:56:37
Dr. Margaret Mahan @DrMargaretMahan

Check out our poster @SciPyConf using @statsmodels for ARIMA modeling of long time series #scipy2015

2015-07-06 05:40:38
Ryan May @dopplershift

Alright, in Austin for #scipy2015 Let the fun begin!

2015-07-06 05:41:04
Greg Wilson @gvwilson

Hope everyone has a great time at #scipy2015 - will there be a swimming hole trip this year?

2015-07-06 06:36:05
Shaun Walbridge @scw

In Austin for #scipy2015, looking forward to the week of scientific computing mania

2015-07-06 06:53:28
Vicky Scowcroft @teagazer

Just checked in for #scipy2015 and got my bag. For the first time *ever* I have a women's conference t-shirt :)

2015-07-06 08:13:08
Chris Fonnesbeck @fonnesbeck

#SciPy2015 runners! There will be morning group runs leaving from the lobby. Short route, conversational pace. Details to follow.

2015-07-06 08:29:11