ServerlessConf #serverless

2016/5/26,27,28 @ Villain
前佛 雅人 - Masahito Zembutsu @zembutsu

「サーバレス市場」をまとめた記事のようなので、業界動向の整理に後で読み直すつもり。 / “The Road to NoOps: Serverless Computing is Quickly Gaining Momentum -…”

2016-05-19 08:25:38
Charity Majors @mipsytipsy

@taotetek @ServerlessConf @IamStan naw, i think there are real solid tech trends they are surfing, just keep the term tongue in cheek :)

2016-05-21 06:05:53
Stimulus Functions @taotetek

@mipsytipsy @ServerlessConf @IamStan agree trends may be solid. just don't like "the conf about the thing sold out so it must be right."

2016-05-21 06:08:06
Chris Anderson ✨🪐 @crandycodes

Everything is all booked for @ServerlessConf next week. Really excited to meet the passionate group of people working in this space!

2016-05-21 09:07:15
Massimo Re Ferre' @mreferre

What's the dress code @ServerlessConf ? Will a neck tie do? I want to looK professional.

2016-05-21 17:19:24
Andrea Siviero @asivix

@mreferre @ServerlessConf kaki trouser and a black t-shirt with vmware logo will make you the most elegant ;-)

2016-05-21 17:42:06
Massimo Re Ferre' @mreferre

@ServerlessConf I like it. I will buy it at the nearest "Ross Dress for Less"

2016-05-21 18:00:53
Sam Kroonenburg @samkroon

No seriously. Please vote!! Should we run our @serverlessconf workshop in London in a of cpl weeks from now?…

2016-05-21 19:29:43
Andy Tarbard @andytarbard

@samkroon @ServerlessConf @acloudguru I’d attend & I’ll ask on Monday if there’s others interested at work

2016-05-21 19:45:46
A Cloud Guru @acloudguru

.@samkroon @ServerlessConf so for Londoners who are interested, we build a serverlessconf YouTube clone in a 1 day workshop.

2016-05-21 19:49:52
A Cloud Guru @acloudguru

@andytarbard @samkroon @ServerlessConf thanks! we build a serverlessconf YouTube clone in a 1 day workshop.

2016-05-21 19:50:44
guitarrapc_tech @guitarrapc_tech

この辺を更に推し進めると、Service Fabric や Orleans になっていく認識なんだけど、その前に一弾 Serverless アーキテクチャが挟まるかなと。フレームワークとしてのパッケージはまだ全然ないからツラいとこ

2016-05-21 21:02:39
リンク GitHub dotnet/orleans orleans - Orleans - Distributed Virtual Actor Model
Joe Emison @JoeEmison

@samkroon @ServerlessConf @acloudguru I'm in London 6/22-6/25... If you held it then, I'd swing by.

2016-05-21 21:34:26
Lars Trieloff @trieloff

Working on my @ServerlessConf slides. For the first time in years, I’m going to do a text-only presentation #imageless #serverless

2016-05-21 21:52:11
Sam Kroonenburg @samkroon

Getting pumped for @ServerlessConf as I fly out for the USA. can't wait to meet the amazing talent of serverless enthusiasts we have coming

2016-05-21 21:54:26
Ryan Scott Brown @ryan_sb

@trieloff @ServerlessConf Don't worry, I've got enough memes for the both of us. Preview time!

2016-05-21 22:33:17
Matt Franz @seclectech

And this my friends is why I'm going to @ServerlessConf next week

2016-05-21 22:43:14
A Cloud Guru @acloudguru

ICYMI: Vote in our poll... we're contemplating running the @ServerlessConf Workshop in London…

2016-05-21 22:51:44
Kenneth Hui @kenhuiny

Hey @mreferre since @ServerlessConf will be in Williamsburg feel free 2 dress in ur hipster best.

2016-05-21 23:48:33
Roman @naumenko_roman

@mreferre @ServerlessConf Don't buy, rent. You'll need it only for 3944ms anyway

2016-05-22 00:12:58
Ryan Scott Brown @ryan_sb

Learn all about @IBMBlueMix OpenWhisk on this week's @thecloudcastnet with one of the @ServerlessConf speakers

2016-05-22 00:34:02