• パリ協定から5年ー1日だけの国連気候野心サミット

    Great partnership between our team, , USAID, , & others. Commendable leadership by Hon. Wera Mori, !Die Welt schaut auf die EU zur Einhaltung des Pariser Klimaabkommens.It's now been signed by over 400 female #climate leaders. Please share our message to ensure #SHEChangesClimate.PNG is 6th country in the world to submit enhanced #NDC under #ParisAgreement #UNFCCC.EU Commission president ⁦⁦⁩ has called for a “new European Bauhaus”.Congratulations to the 🇪🇺 EU for the submissio... 続きを読む
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  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Sep 20, 2015

    Love that Houston has vanhalen billboards because... Van Halen! #092515…#timessquare #manhattan #newyork #usa #billboards #neon #neonlights #people by _mickdejongStag party in Vegas, First thing you do? Giant billboard with your mate's face advertising genital wart cream. Harsh!Our billboard shining through the Leeds rain . Give her a honk if you’re passing. #JaneWenhamSo you destroy square footage? I don't get it. #Hollywood #dreams #HarshTruths #billboards…FinnHarries: Ha! you're domi... 続きを読む
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  • 2011 Books in Browsers Conference 1日目 (10/27) in S.F. #bib11

    The medium is the message -Marshall McLuhan #bib11Gave an Ignite talk on helping publishers/writers create enhanced ebooks cheaply with machine learning + social reading #bib11Because that isn't hard either!!! #bib11I am exhausted. Today was a good day! #bib11“: "We need to stop 'enhancing' print books, and start to create digital books from scratch." Hear hear! #bib11” Indeed!aspecto fundamental RT : "We need to stop 'enhancing' print books, and start to create digital books from scratch... 続きを読む
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  • DH2014

    SAMUELS (#Semantic Annotation and Mark-Up for Enhancing Lexical Searches) #dh2014so that's when digital scholarship is basically scholarship, as ever? #dh2014Great pic of Paul O'Shea from #dh2014 Lausanne#dh2014 Lukas Rosenthaler - "Digital data is an illusion." The materiality of digital data appears to be emerging trend of #dh2014lausanneSukanta Chaudhuri & in conversation #dh2014fewer resources made his project turn to semi-automatic metadata enhancement -- named entity recognition as 1st ... 続きを読む
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  • 槍が降ろうとも737MAXとボーイングの成り行きを見守るまとめ 10

    the MAX's development when an engineer pushed for it to enhance safety It sought to avoid extra pilot trainingAir Force needs more data before making a decision on enhanced KC-46 vision systemThe old and exhausting question.I am puzzled why no action to detect AoA sensor malfunction using obvious enhancements to built in test.Boeing made the case directly to that 450 inspectors weren't needed in 2019 because of its tech-driven quality overhaul.and regulators preceded two fatal 737 MAX crashes... 続きを読む
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  • Internet Governance Forum #igf2013

    Is there enhanced cooperation? Can it be done? What are examples of enhanced cooperation? #ISOCBali13 #IGF2013 IXPs are enhanced cooperation#IGF2013 Bali WS 324 Enhanced Cooperation for Sustainable Development, Thur Oct. 24, 16:30-18:00, Nusa Dua Hall 2,Bernadette Lewis on regional enhanced cooperation:"No single organisation can do do the work that is necessary" #IGF2013OII Discussion Paper on Enhanced Cooperation #IGF2013In LAC is hard to have a conversation with stakeholder because of priv... 続きを読む
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  • #sagecon 3rd Sage Commons Congress

    clearly relevant - the point is to get data to people like Haussler. I just don't understand the science :-) #sageconKlausner at #sagecon "Credentialing is about marshaling evidence, not just building consensus"Heywood #sagecon keynote: There is an expectation gap. It's no longer ok to do things the old way. Human collaboration enhanced by tech.Richard Klausner, 'Target validation is not a good term don't use it . Abl a validated target only when Gleevec resistant mutant #sageconNeeded #opens... 続きを読む
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  • Real World Cryptography 2016

    "no evidence of any other unauthorized code in ScreenOS" saying "all backdoor enhancing is ours"Nice talk on privacy enhancing cryptographic surveys #realworldcryptoThe moniker for charlatans: #RealWorldCryptoHow does SGX get its anonymous attestation keys? Seems it's from an Intel server authenticated using a shared secret key. #realworldcryptoDisappointing that PKCS#1v1.5 refuses to die in TLS 1.3 because of legacy hardware #realworldcryptoMaybe Chaum is actually Satoshi, and now he's prese... 続きを読む
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  • ブックマーク

    #CharlieChaplin Sessizlikten sanat yaratan büyük ustasaygıyla anıyoruz.Egbert remembers his mother. Now that he himself is a parent, he regrets having judged her so harshly.To shoot it, they returned to Twickenham Film Studios, and used director Michael Lindsay-Hogg who had worked with them on ‘Paperback Writer’To shoot it, they returned to Twickenham Film Studios, and used director Michael Lindsay-Hogg who had worked with them on ‘Paperback Writer’To shoot it, they returned t... 続きを読む
    552pv 2021年1月1日
  • 第9回 低コスト惑星探査ミッション会議

    Gold: Mission meets enhanced science goals at just above New Frontiers-cost level; full study at NRC web site #lcpm9Now up: Dan O'Shaughnessey on use of solar sailing. #lcpm9Eleven Rideshare opportunities in the next decade -- mostly cubesat. #LCPM9Ogawa: JAXA is planning SELENE-2 lunar landing mission; working to make advanced geophysical experiments survive the harsh environ #lcpm9Tim Larson, EPOXI - science papers will be published soon. #LCPM9The welcome talk from the IAA is concluding - ... 続きを読む
    4498pv 49 2011年6月22日
  • Internet Governance Forum #igf2013

    The one part of the WGEC is to find "a common understanding" of Enhanced Cooperation. #BestBits #IGF2013At the Enhancing Multistakeholder Cooperation session at #IGF2013At the Enhancing Multistakeholder Cooperation session at #IGF2013Brazil: enhanced cooperation is a process we have pursued for years; it is a challenge to organise this summit and not impair that #IGF2013Starting now: Finding Workable Models for Enhanced Cooperation kintamani 1 wkshop 7 #IGF2013Waiting for #bestbits to start #... 続きを読む
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  • 北島康介選手の友人であり、最大のライバルであったダーレオーエン選手の全ツイート集

    satanKjør Subaru... #birgernhaug #subaruexhausted.recharging till tomorrowFlight to Antwerp cancelled cause of snow in Copenhagen.. rebooked to a direct flight to Amsterdam instead..Spending some time at the SAS lounge here in Copenhagen.Flying to Oslo in 30min.Mere beinhard enn noen sinne!battery running low.. #exhaustedOddvar Torsheim på #Spotify? Javisst. Eg rota meg bort i nynorskens skog!Pro swimmer Peter Marshall is trying out the GoPro camera:World Cup Berlin is finished.OK start to ... 続きを読む
    5316pv 2012年5月1日
  • ピークオイル、地球温暖化、自然エネルギー&省エネEVその33ーCOP24の前後

    Broadcasters mustn't give her what she wants. This should start honest conversation about our future - #PeoplesVote must be represented.We have to understand the emergency of the situation. Our leadership has failed us.when the IPCC has sent a stark and scary warning that we have only 12 years,” said .Exhaustion, fear and isolation are their tools. Cynicism is the obedience they seek from you. Refuse to obey: Take heart.Activists and organizers are creating a watershed moment for the planet... 続きを読む
    2838pv 20 14 2018年11月28日
  • 2011 Books in Browsers Conference 2日目 (10/28) in S.F. #bib11

    “I’m suspicious of enhancements of the text itself.” — #bib11 Very important.#bib11 showing us enhanced ebooks with classic Japanese zen UX.Exhausted and grateful. #BiB11 (thank you, Peter). is a veteran of the browser wars and web standards movement, and he has plenty to teach publishers. #bib11"I've become very suspicious of enhancements to the text itself […] books are already interactive." #bib11Feeling like an idiot because I didn't get up the nerve to have a real conversation ... 続きを読む
    4787pv 8 1 user 2011年10月29日
  • @sapinkerさんの新著ENLIGHTENMENT, NOW関連ツイート(作業中)

    What is a correlation? What is causation? And when can we go from the first to the second?But there is no limit to the betterments we can attain if we continue to apply knowledge to enhance human flourishing." #TED2018See e,g, Global Burden of Disease, "Share of population with mental health and substance use disorders."A triumph of scholarship over ideology."An exhaustive, compelling, and uplifting account of human progress."Harvard Professor Steven Pinker says the truth lies in the data via... 続きを読む
    2862pv 25 2018年2月15日
  • DH2013:収集中

    Users @ CMC Ireland more nervous about linked data being used to enhance local experience, happy to see it used to promote and share #DH2013Just saw a feral cat hauling ass across campus. And an unhappy squirrel up a tree. #DH2013I'm hashtagging in Sydenham; interacting what's going on in Nebraska... #dh2013. says honest reason Bentham used TEI for cred, but says she paused when she realized only 36% digital eds use it #DH2013Book with enhanced content, with podcasts, and public reading, can ... 続きを読む
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  • 第26回国際鳥類学会議(26th International Ornithological Congress)のツイ..

    Will be talking saltmarsh #SHARPbirds at Tsukuba University on Saturday, see . Then rice field birds at #ioc26Circus dossenus - extinct harrier from Hawaii just discussed by Helen James at #IOC26 . What next? the #henharrier in England?Evidence now that diversifying intensity and frequency of landscape burning doesn't necessarily enhance biodiversity - Burgess #IOC26First talk Richard Loyn. Fire regime in South East Australia. Importance of unburnt patches in mosaics! #IOC26Millington shows t... 続きを読む
    4794pv 15 2014年8月21日
  • Agile Testing Days 2019 #AgileTD

    Had a great Agile Software Testing Topics on Dinner table..💜💙💚💛🧡❤️ #IndianHaus and many ... #AgileTD #AgileTD2019Can we have standing applause when Kevin finishes the talk? 🙇🏽 👏🏾 #AgileTDDoctors had an hard time acknowledging they were indirectly the cause of patient deaths because of bugs spreading in unwashed hands.You need time for results analysis, maintenance, framework enhancements, etc. People often forget about that. at #AgileTDSuchst Du einen neuen Nebe... 続きを読む
    1848pv 1 2019年11月12日
  • 国際会議 #ISWC2017 まとめ/Compiled list of tweets on #ISWC2017

    (Take that, deep learning image processing enhanced word sense diasambiguation engine)#ISWC2017 welcome reception at the Rathausthe next step in data sharing and reuse via Data Support Services: data in #datasharingWelcome reception at Rathaus Vienna, well organized! #ISWC2017This is the sort of keynote I was hoping for when I finished my PhD almost 10 years ago. Thank you, Jamie #iswc2017#ISWC2017 TownHall, , say "let's leave it to next year's ISWC organisation" one more time! #LinkedResearc... 続きを読む
    1401pv 4 2017年10月28日
  • ニューヨークで開催されたOpenVideoConferenceのイベントログその2

    Visual aides enhance public speaking. #ovc10RT : Visual aides enhance public speaking. #ovc10Just because a standard is widely implemented doesn't make it open. #OVC10You might want to catch #ovc10 stream now ... Susan Crawford keynote (auditorium feed) - very sharp cookieL'audio est épouvantable! #CordonnierMalChaussé RT : Suivez l'Open Video Conference 2010 en direct : #ovc10RT : Just because a standard is widely implemented doesn't make it open. #OVC10too exhausted to make it to #ovc10 a... 続きを読む
    2404pv 2 1 user 2010年10月3日
  • XR日本/XRJapanのツイートより その42 21年7月後半

    Sie haben einfach 0,0 Ahnung vom Zusammenhang zwischen Wetter und Klima. erklärt es Ihnen: Sie sind hier der Scharlatan, wenn Sie diese #Fakten🌎Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has exhausted nature's budget for the year.seems harsh to many.And the enemy got all the tanks, airplanes and warships on their side.Moving people, not cars 🚲🚲 Just watch this ➡️ Copenhagen 🇩🇰 cycling lane moving 8x more people than the adjacent car lane 👇👇 HTThe harsh reality ... 続きを読む
    812pv 12 60 2021年7月16日
  • しましまのFAT*2020まとめ

    I am absolutely living for Issa Kohler-Hausmann discussing and disentangling the role of gender in causal pathways with those great methodologistsIssa Kohler-Hausmann talking about fundamental assumptions of modularity of race and gender in causal models suggested by #FAT2020 Slides:Hooray, enters #FAT2020 as Issa Kohler-Hausmann talks about the role sex plays (or, should *not* play) in fair MLA revolutionary approach would ABOLISH SURVEILLANCE via privacy enhanced tech - including from gover... 続きを読む
    1636pv 11 2020年1月15日
  • DH2012

    Nebraska offers "Carhenge"; Lausanne a special guided tour around CERN. hmmmm. (Lausanne is also a "nice" city. Nice.) #dh2012RT : Nebraska offers "Carhenge"; Lausanne a special guided tour around CERN. hmmmm. (Lausanne is also a "nice" city. Nice.) #dh2012RT : #DH2012 Bodenhamer: a deep map allows us to take the position of someone else, see what they saw at that point in time and space.RT : #DH2012 Bodenhamer: a deep map allows us to take the position of someone else, see what they saw at t... 続きを読む
    3850pv 4 2012年7月23日
  • 【20110214-17】ハイチ 9【復興してない写真など】

    The education in #haiti, a real challenge for the Government, #citizenhaiti...My great-aunt apparently cried when she saw this street. Former luxury stores lined this road in her youth. #HaitiMartelly says education is an important part of his program. He says IRCH should play impt role in #Haiti. #electionsBut still, that kid from my story last week. What do you do when it rains? "We stand up!" Like it was the silliest question.#Haiti #Elections - Manigat and Martelly denounce fraudulent ele... 続きを読む
    1292pv 2011年2月15日
  • [JE8] Japan earthquake Info in English #jishin_e 4/17 13:0..

    EMI stars launch charity for Japan Red Cross #jishin_e1,500 more police officers will be brought to #Iwate, #Miyagi & #Fukushima to enhance securities in disaster area. 4/15 #NHK #jishin_eWellness tools can help in budgetary crisisHonolulu Star-AdvertiserThat's important because th... #jishin #jishin_eFundraisers helping disaster victims one crane at a timeDaily Mail - CharlestonHannah Moore, 6... #jishin #jishin_e6 recovery workers have been diagnosed with tetanus. Pls be careful when handli... 続きを読む
    4100pv 2 2011年4月8日
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