• DVCON 2011

    I would have been at #DVCON today but #EDA vendors can't implement the same Verilog standard the same way. Sim works in VCS NCSIM !modelsim#DVCon same here.. very glad to meet, we closely missed each other at Delhi during #IEEE-SA meetingRT : If engineers do the same thing next year as this year, they fall behind. From #DVCon panel.If engineers do the same thing next year as this year, they fall behind. From #DVCon panel. #eda#DVCon - per Rhines' keynote - Recent study says verification engnr... 続きを読む
    1543pv 2011年3月2日
  • [JF3] JP(Japon) earthquake(Séisme) Info in French(Français..

    METEO samedi 9 avril : La pluie tombera a verse aux regions de la cote pacifique du nord-est, la temperature sera basse #jishin_fMETEO sam 30 avril : Temps nuageux avec quelque eclaircies au nord-est du Japon, il pleuvra au soir dans les regions du nord #jishin_fMETEO sam 16 avril : Faire attentions aux avalanches aux regions montagneuses, et au eboulement de terrain #jishin_fMETEO Samdi 19 mars : Mais il y aura des averse locales ou bien il neigera un peu apres midi a la region interiere. #s... 続きを読む
    4480pv 1 2011年3月20日
  • DAM FUNKのブギー/ファンク/その他音源ツイートまとめ(7~8月)

    Margie Lomax - "God's Greatest Gift To Man Is A Woman" • Golden Flamingo Rec. • • (Margie is married to Chris Jasper)[Encore] "Nothin' has changed.... even the bang remains the same" ~ | DFHouse'N Authority - "Surveillance Cameras" • Nu Groove Records / 1991 • | DF[New music alert] SASAC - "Retail Atmospherics #1 Service Encounter" ~ Omega Supreme Records / 2013 ~ | DFKlymaxx - "You're The Greatest" • Constellation / SOLAR / 1981 • | DFLegend flips 's "Mirrors" on the NEW Pete R... 続きを読む
    2028pv 23 1 2013年8月27日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Jan 25, 2015 A

    Daniella Van Graas on Everything But Water Store display #tbt #billboards #SurfExpo #surfergirl…#MastersinFinance mega billboards oa #Amsterdam #Schiphol #Rotterdam mega #buitenreclameDaniella Von Graas on Everything But Water Billboard #billboards #SurfExpo #surfergirl #surfboard…Fergie: Josh Duhamel 'Walked in on Me During My Bikini Waxing'#Lebanon: #Nutella billboards steeped in #sectarianism.Finally watching Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. I like how the other companies are put in billbo... 続きを読む
    1688pv 5 1 2015年1月21日
  • 北島康介選手の友人であり、最大のライバルであったダーレオーエン選手の全ツイート集

    Idrettsgallaen blir spennende:).Men mykje gode utøvere der ute!Koser meg i mellomtida med Vassendgutane si plate!Came to Calella yesterday evening,gonna make this camp count!7 days of training before I fly off to Paris Open,then back to Calella againOne final chance of grabbing a slot for Norseman 2011 and at the same time help fellow athletes struck by disaster...herregud mann,fryser balla av meg her!!Rom-kompisene på leiren her i Calella ler av meg når eg synest at bildeler er vakre.. #b... 続きを読む
    5304pv 2012年5月1日
  • #IAL2010 Internet at Liberty (All the tweets are belongs ..

    Index - Kultúr - Megígértük Amerikának, hogy nem regisztráljuk a blogokat #IAL2010registration law has made especially women more reluctant to accessing internet at cybercafés due to social control mechanisms #ial2010Hope other providers do the same #ial2010especially women are more reluctant to using cybercafés because of the extensive registration requirements - #socialcontrol #ial2010Modular Human Readable Privacy Policies Initiative (via@SamGregory ) #ial2010 #privacyThere we must... 続きを読む
    2219pv 2010年9月21日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Apr 26, 2015 A

    #clarkson aunewse: Billboard Music Awards 2015: Kelly Clarkson, Ed Sheeran, Meghan Traino…Walking talking billboards at the party at #coachella #coachella2015 #nylon…Las Vegas #SmileAcrossAmerica With eyes on billboards, media & social media, we're over 100 MILLION smiles!": Daniel Padilla's Billboard for High Sierra 💋😉 -💦 "“: Daniel Padilla's Billboard for High Sierra 💋😉 -💦 ”Samsung billboard in Milan Italy!“: The stepped up their trash talk game, taking out t... 続きを読む
    1102pv 1 2015年4月23日
  • #or11

    #or11 Applause and laughter for Simeon's Don't Bold the Field Name. In fact, get rid of the field names all together. eg EBay, Amazon, etc.Stanford is hosting #CURATEcamp on 8/15-16. Register now! #OR11Jagielski: "3 Categories of OSS License: Give Me Credit (AL, BSD, MIT), Give Me Fixes ((L)GPL, EPL, MPL), Give Me Everything (GPL)"RT : Lulu and the Lampshades, the UK's premier yogurt-carton-based acapella..Jagielski, Apache Softwr Found, OS licensing ladder: "give me credit, give me fixes, gi... 続きを読む
    3044pv 2011年6月11日
  • dna barcode of life

    Micklos: non-scientists, students and high level scientists can work on the same data at the same time - never done before in biology #bol4Here comes the next batch of #bol4 tweets, topics to include species delimitation, data management, data collection strategies & education.#bol4 - David Micklos descr the 'DNA Subway' - ride rather than walk. Students can work on the same data as scientists, using the same tools#bol4 - Nicolas Puillandre, barcoding 10-40 year old decapods. "This talk is th... 続きを読む
    4063pv 9 2 2011年12月4日
  • #or11

    #or11 Applause and laughter for Simeon's Don't Bold the Field Name. In fact, get rid of the field names all together. eg EBay, Amazon, etc.Stanford is hosting #CURATEcamp on 8/15-16. Register now! #OR11Jagielski: "3 Categories of OSS License: Give Me Credit (AL, BSD, MIT), Give Me Fixes ((L)GPL, EPL, MPL), Give Me Everything (GPL)"RT : Lulu and the Lampshades, the UK's premier yogurt-carton-based acapella..Jagielski, Apache Softwr Found, OS licensing ladder: "give me credit, give me fixes, gi... 続きを読む
    5832pv 2 2 2011年6月11日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Jun 22, 2014 B

    #MastersinFinance #Oranje #inhaker mega billboard #Amsterdam A10 file #buitenreclameBillboard Iklan JYJ Comeback di Samsung Station Korea (Elisabeth6002)Kathniel 💕💕💕💕 lol lahat ng nadadaanan namin na billboard ng kathniel pinipicturan ko 😂😂Pella, you can't keep using me as your own personal billboard. xoxo, the barngimme 4 billboards w/ andrea brillantes :)-- #RecetasNaturale #Headlines #JenniferLopez #LanaDelRey #SamSmithglad I didn't pay for this billboard... They spelled ... 続きを読む
    1046pv 1 2014年6月19日
  • SMBE2018 tweets from 10 July

    I can do #science me #SMBE2018 #brainiac #LegionellaCC: sample alternative sides of a colorectal carcinoma. Glands isolated from distant regions intermingles.Not all phenotypes develop at the same rate, or in the same way #SMBE2018Leo Speidel is gonna tell us about genome-wide genealogies #SMBE2018will present promising results (read: we got them yesterday) on rapid adaptiation to the human host in Legionella.LS: can use genealogies to recover population size history. Works very well on a cha... 続きを読む
    1131pv 1 2018年7月20日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Jul 19, 2015 A

    I love and loathe these billboards all at the same time.1 HARI SAHAJA LAGI !!! COUNTDOWN TO BILLBOARDS MSSP & PROJEK MEGA AJ... 10July 2015; 20 Billboards…grabe ka 3 billboards na nakita ko Dto sa davao from ecoland to puan Lang Yan ha. #KathNielAtStyleOriginCebuSend a Tweet to Coke's Digital Billboard, and It'll Tell You Fun Facts About Your NameADVISORY for July 9, 2015 All billboards in Metro Manila to roll down..[ ito ang BBoard sa Edsa Estrella ]Znika nielegalny billboard przy ul. Kono... 続きを読む
    1684pv 3 2015年7月13日
  • 2016/10/21- 10/30 #twhz 21h(JST)/ English

    #twhz @ takasiko To avoid it, we had an intensive meeting before the recording and wrote down all our strategies in a notebook,…#twhz Some root vegetables are put in Ohsawa Japan's soup, with ginger powder, coconut oil, sesame seeds, and 50g of brown rice mochi.#twhz Stealth Major who tries not to look at the camera lens at Kanayama Megaliths.#twhz One of these two people whose names both read 'Sandy,' which is confusing, spells her name Zandy.#twhz I don't have my own name cards. I want to... 続きを読む
    3243pv 49 1 2016年10月21日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Sep 14, 2014 A

    Just saw Daniel Padilla billboard in SM Pampanga.Amazing billboard defacement effort in Auckland! #SamTheEagle #SesameStreet (via ) ccRegram from cathaggie - pretty tired of elections but this billboard edit is great.Vive la Rentrée: Danielle Bradbery The Heart Of Dixie |Strategically placed billboard or just a coincidence?Gambar Billboard di Anime Tokyo ESP eps 1 adalah Michael De Santa, salah 1 tokoh protagonist di Game GTA V.Best billboard defacement effort so far! #SamTheEagle #SesameStr... 続きを読む
    2122pv 3 2014年9月8日
  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Apr 12, 2015 A

    These billboards went up today at E. 40th and CarnegieThey have billboards in Kansas City for our tournament, so legit!hellomeganlee's photo my cousin is on a billboard in Times Square nbdHow does he feel about Mets fans erecting anti-ownership billboards near Citi-Field and Tradition FieldPretty impressive to see fellow Dutch actor #MichielHuismanD on billboards all over LA! #AgeOfAdaline #actorslifeHe started off selling overhyped religion and now he sells overpriced lawn. Amir Liaqat, soon... 続きを読む
    1648pv 2 2015年4月9日
  • DH2013:収集中

    comparing interpretive strategies of word counting in Henry James' representation of telegraphy to contemp DH #DH2013Peter Robinson, tell me more about how scholars and digital humanists are always not the same people. #dh2013View some of 's sample syllabi @ & #DH2013I made the same exact point in my #dh2013 paper, regarding scholar-driven vs. standards-driven project metadata.Meg Roland on literary editions and GIS: field report of geo-spatial projects that reflect literary editions #DH2... 続きを読む
    5782pv 7 1 user 1 2013年7月17日
  • AGBT tweets 2012 (3)

    #AGBT Emily Hodges: some hypomethylated regions are gained in more committed cell types, eg at CD19 in B cells#AGBT Emily Hodges: boundaries of hypomethylated regions expand and contract in a cell type specific mannerHodges: at any region, differential methylation is "tidal" meaning boundaries expand and contract in cell-type-specific manner. #AGBT#AGBT Emily Hodges: found 50-60K hypomethylated regions in each cell type, not restricted to CpG islands#AGBT Emily Hodges: H3K4me1 and H3K4me3 are... 続きを読む
    1487pv 2 2012年2月19日
  • ASHG 2010 No.2

    Moore's Law in Actions Media Life Technologies Corp & Ion Torrent is showing instant synergies @ #ASHG2010Nicola Camp to discuss anallytical strategies to find high risk variants in large pedigrees. #ASHG2010#FT #Standford #MGH #Media: Reports from #ASHG2010 #Breast #Cancer #P53 #P63 is the same for all #Ancestry#ashg2010 Andy Feinberg telling us his new idea of epigenetics and evolution, which came to him while standing on Darwin's grave.collab WangJun to give talk on Friday 10am RT 1 fo... 続きを読む
    2331pv 2010年11月5日
  • #ISWC2015 まとめ/Compiled list of tweets on #ISWC2015

    and relations as well. Glad to see that he showed the same motivation for this spatial representation as in #CrowdTruth #ISWC2015"Let the games begin!" ... First day #ISWC2015 where #teamBelgium will present some 20 paperHello my name is Chicken #iswc2015Natalia Villanueva-Rosales at #ISWC2015 on using semantic technologies to bridge data sources for biodiversity:Play #WhoKnows at used the same approach of content creation in 2011 #ISWC2015Miel @ mainstage #ISWC2015 explaining opportunistic #... 続きを読む
    1604pv 4 9 2015年10月12日
  • しましまのFAT*2020まとめ

    Q for lawyers: are corrective strategies like this legal?This paper focuses on methodologies for data collection and annotation, calling for institutional frameworks and procedures.Hello! One of the General Co-Chairs here. We have 680 registered participants.however class oppression shouldn't supercede race/gender/etc discrimination - they're fundamentally the same beast, diff ways of exerting powerTalk by at #FAT2020 on "Lessons from archives: strategies for collecting sociocultural data in ... 続きを読む
    1629pv 11 2020年1月15日
  • Wikileaks公式&ニュース系英語tweetまとめ #cablegate [2011年-01]

    Norwegian paper keeps releasing important Wiki cables: Now, secret U.S.-Germany $270 million spy satellite deal.RT : Hillary Clinton says US taking "aggressive steps" to hold #Wikileaks accountable. Wish same was true for torturers(DE) US-Regierung half Boeing beim Sichern von Aufträgen #WikiLeaks #CablegateRT : RT launches! Strategic resistance to corruption, injustice, tyranny: #WikileaksWhat if the WikiLeaks Dream of an Open Society Became Reality? By Eben Harrell || TIMECFR interview wit... 続きを読む
    1634pv 2011年1月8日
  • PyData London 2016

    FREE FOLLOWERS #PyDataLondon Kelsey Campbell Lauryn Hill #TrumpIndianNames #ThereIsAlwaysRoomInMyLifeForThis is why I'm working at to help all scientists that have the same problem. #PyDataLondonIf you're not at #PyDataLondon and worried 2 talks at same time and room, there's a glass partition you can't see.Relearning my stellar lifecycles... #PyDataLondonMethods for dealing with unbalanced data: - subsampling - supersampling - interpolation - clustering+sampling - any others? #PyDataLondonMe... 続きを読む
    1524pv 8 2016年5月8日
  • 米国、中間選挙で『投票してきました』の声&大手メディア速報

    #ivoted and no, not all for the same partyDang how I get my property taxes the same day #ivotedIt makes me feel so... #American! #ivoted #megov (@ Voting at KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HALL)#iwish I could say #ivoted but I didn't register in time#ivoted NO to Election Night the govt lies weather you vote or not...the result will be the sameIf you're registered, get off your ass and vote. #election #ivotedI refuse to go back to the same ideas that cost 8 millions jobs. #VoteTodayAll these #ivoted thin... 続きを読む
    1208pv 2010年11月3日
  • Internet Governance Forum #igf2013

    Kelly: In 35 of 60 #FOTN2013 countries government's have increased surveillance or passed legislation allowing more surveillance #IGF2013Yg mau ikutan nanya sama Sanja Kelly Freedom House soal trend negatif yg di Online bisa ngintil nanti jam 1.30, saya janjian #IGF2013#Pakistan “: Surveillance technologies are too readily available on the market for governments to obtain #IGF2013 #FHdelsampe jam brp registrasinya gus fajar? #IGF2013Sanja: Growing surveillance trend. For eg US. Also other c... 続きを読む
    13020pv 2 2013年10月21日
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