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Sometimes you just want to talk, without being on camera. We’re launching audio-only broadcasting, so your followers can hear, but not see you. Rolling out now for iOS.

2018-09-08 01:32:27
RuinDig @RuinDig


2018-09-08 01:49:33


jack @jack

#bitcoin and chill. #nostr: npub1sg6plzptd64u62a878hep2kev88swjh3tw00gjsfl8f237lmu63q0uf63m


Matt Navarra (I quit X. Follow me on Threads) @MattNavarra

twitter refugee. social media consultant and industry analyst | Drop me a DM for news media enquiries, speaker requests, collaborations.

Kayvon Beykpour @kayvz

ex head of product @ Twitter. co-founder / ceo @ Periscope

Matt Navarra - Exiting X… Follow me on Threads @MattNavarra

@kayvz @Twitter @Periscope It's a nice addition, for sure. Just wondering if those interested in audio-only will turn to Twitter vs. Anchor or other established apps

2018-09-08 00:13:45


RuinDig @RuinDig

音声のみのライブ配信機能(=ラジオ)を試した人のライブ配信 @MattNavarra: Twitter and Periscope launch audio-only live broadcasts…

2018-09-08 02:04:58
RuinDig @RuinDig

動画配信とラジオ配信を切り替えできるのか。 live by @kayvz…

2018-09-08 11:15:14


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