あのシーンを絵にして売ってルーブル美術館に飾ろうとするとは。 ルーブル換算だと35万ルーブルでアメリカドル換算だと5200ドルと言うことらしい。
caposa @Grabaka_Hitman

Khabib places his signature on a magnificent work of art. Hang it in the Louvre. #BattleonVolga8

2018-12-15 02:37:42
Midnite @123midnite

@Grabaka_Hitman it's like the exchanging of crappy shit right is that watermelon slice ribbon shit???

2018-12-15 02:39:55
Jolassanda @Jolassanda

this guy paid 350k rubles (= about5.2k USD) for this Khabib-Conor picture with Khabib's autograph

2018-12-15 02:48:38
Emeric @dati2b

@Grabaka_Hitman lmao he really is on a "I beat Conor's ass" tour

2018-12-15 03:02:42
Gelo @CaptainCoppola

@Jolassanda Is 350k rubles a lot over there? So if I took 15k USD would I be able to live like a king?

2018-12-15 03:07:46
Jolassanda @Jolassanda

@CaptainCoppola middle earnings/month in Russia are about USD500 I think

2018-12-15 03:11:22
. @GsMMA3

@Jolassanda In the US that’s worth around $100 lol

2018-12-15 03:18:35
叢叡世Степин Будимир @kusamura_eisei


2018-12-15 03:20:23
Jolassanda @Jolassanda

@MMATeamDagestan I speak Russian a little. my mother is fluent in it :)

2018-12-15 03:28:08
Donald Macleod @d1a2w3

@Jolassanda @MMATeamDagestan More money than sense, looks like Carlos Condit

2018-12-15 03:45:34
McCallion @mccallion67

@Jolassanda Khabib is good, but very boring. Fedor!

2018-12-15 07:38:36
j1989w123 @j1989w123

@Jolassanda Lol sounds like money they used in Zelda

2018-12-15 07:49:24
Silvia Gutierrez @SilviFeuer

@Grabaka_Hitman @Gat0Cul3 I guess they couldn't make another of him assaulting people outside the octagon :p

2018-12-15 07:57:59
Hooded protection @ProtectionHood

@Grabaka_Hitman the painting should be named "the tap heard around the world,"

2018-12-15 08:58:17