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thinkBA @thinkBA

#sgbcn - great history and comparison of XP and #Scrum in the Feature Trap. Roots in disfunction...

2012-10-01 16:36:46
Nigel Baker @nigelebaker

I'm interested to see where Mike Feathers is heading with this presentation. #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:36:50
El Gordo Freeman @thegordofreeman

Cada dia mas las empresa utilizan scrum para la estrategia de negocio #sgbcn #scrumalliance

2012-10-01 16:37:32
Jaume Durany @jaumedurany

"Organizations, as a whole, need to understand the effects of their decisions" Michael Feathers #sgbcn #scrum

2012-10-01 16:38:58
James Scrimshire @Scrimmers

Testing Is Evil! Want to know why? Come to our session at 13:30 in Vivaldi 1 today. #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:40:31
Bjorn Jensen @mirouhh

XP is getting more present again - even at a Scrum Gathering ;) thx Mike #like #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:41:16
Richard Kasperowski @rkasper

People in startups are generalists. Why not at large co's? #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:44:28
Applied Frameworks @Enthiosys

#sgbcn Psyched 2 b here...jet lag fading away since I'm part of biggest SG yet! Must focus mind on 1330 Roadmap session.

2012-10-01 16:45:33
Peter Wolter @heinzmertens

Michael Feathers: growing organisations need to specialise but agile teams are formed around interacting and changing roles. #sgbcn ”

2012-10-01 16:46:33
Nigel Baker @nigelebaker

Be very very careful comparing people to software. #youarenotamachine #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:47:48
Richard Kasperowski @rkasper

All human problems can be solved by removing a level of indirection. Michael Feathers #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:48:48
ᴍɪᴋᴇ ʟᴇʙᴇʀ @michael_leber

@rkasper I think they behave like generalists, but are specialists. Diversity counts, just a matter of way of collaboration. #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:48:58
El Gordo Freeman @thegordofreeman

El problemes entre humans es poden eliminar eliminant els nivells de indireccio #sgbcn #scrumalliance

2012-10-01 16:49:16
Ángel Medinilla @angel_m

@kev_austin ok, but remember, what happens at SG...Errr... I meant... Las vegas... :0)... #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:50:16
Peter Wolter @heinzmertens

Michael Feathers: All human problems can be solved by removing a level of indirection - nice twist. #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:50:33
Craig Strong @craigstrong

Like @mfeathers explanation that developers pay less attention to quality as QA is there! #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:51:38
thinkBA @thinkBA

#sgbcn - some teams pay less attention to quality because they know QA is there @mfeathers

2012-10-01 16:52:21
Jamal DAIKI @jamdaiki

#sgbcn modilarity side effect or being Human

2012-10-01 16:52:42
Jef Cumps @jcumps

Quality is everyone's responsibility in an org, not just the QA department's. #mfeathers at #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:54:15
Richard Kasperowski @rkasper

Systems break at the weakest point under stress, often at the interface between two groups. Michael Feathers #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:54:24
El Gordo Freeman @thegordofreeman

It's been a good surfing weekend by the way, is not all #scrum #sgbcn #scrumalliance

2012-10-01 16:55:14
🔴🔴🔴 Stefan Roock @StefanRoock

@StefanRoock: All human problems can be solved by removing a level of indirection. /via @mfeathers #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:57:09
Jérôme Perakis @jperakis

Quality is everyone responsability, why running separate quality assurance teams? #sgbcn

2012-10-01 16:57:22
Jamal DAIKI @jamdaiki

#sgbcn scrum has also by essence modularity called owner, master, etc

2012-10-01 16:59:40
Jérôme Perakis @jperakis

Don't look at a problem in isolation without thinking the rest of the project or org can't be impacted #sgbcn

2012-10-01 17:00:13