Code4Lib Conference 2014 #‎c4l14‬ (英語有)

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Ranti Junus @ranti

#c4l14 A very pleasant surprise at the baggage claim area. @yo_bj @TheRealArty

2014-03-23 03:22:22
Matt @mrmzholland

@ClarePlayforth Hey Clare you might be interested in #c4l14 - follow the hashtag and excellent @ranti for info :)

2014-03-23 03:33:39
MJ Suhonos @mjsuhonos

Seems pretty clear this next week will be spent following #c4l14 and preparing for #BCLA2014. #code4lib #BCLA #couldbeworse

2014-03-23 04:02:19
Organo Hammond @brinxmat

I didn't even realize that #c4l14 was being held…in my little bubble, I'm happy-happy-happy. #doh

2014-03-23 04:02:39
chad nelson @bibliotechy

Bringing a few local brews to #c4l14 for the hospitality suite. Libraries, code, and beer: what could go wrong?

2014-03-23 05:41:20
Eric Phetteplace @phette23

Are the #c4l14 tweets already starting? Arg I hope I can make it down early. I have some conflicts that might not get sorted out in time.

2014-03-23 05:48:37
Yuka Egusa @yegusa

さてさて、 #c4l14 にむけて、出発~。

2014-03-23 08:08:00
Masao Takaku @tmasao

成田に来ておる。ここ数年、恒例になっているCode4Libカンファレンスに参加予定。連休中の空港はさすがの混雑だねえ。 #c4l14

2014-03-23 09:38:36
Kosuke Tanabe @nabeta

@tmasao @yegusa 気をつけて行ってらっしゃいませ #c4l14

2014-03-23 09:57:59
Kosuke Tanabe @nabeta

ちなみにぼくは今年はお留守番です #c4l14

2014-03-23 09:59:07
Kosuke Tanabe @nabeta

@tmasao キットカットは買いました? #c4l14

2014-03-23 10:16:03
Yuka Egusa @yegusa

We, me and @tmasao , are now in Tokyo Narita Airport. I'm really looking forward to #c4l14 !

2014-03-23 10:20:12
Yuka Egusa @yegusa

We bring a few flavor KitKats for #c4l14 !

2014-03-23 10:25:26
Bohyun Kim @bohyunkim

60 slides in 20 min isn't happening just like spreadsheets ain't databases. @.@ #c4l14

2014-03-23 10:42:50
Bohyun Kim @bohyunkim

Dang, I forgot to pack beer for #c4l14; do we have a beer-up scheduled this yr???

2014-03-23 10:51:36
Generation Lisa @heroineinabook

I have magically packed ALL swag for the #libtechgender pre-conf for #c4l14 AND five days of clothes into my Tom Bihn carry on. WINNING.

2014-03-23 10:55:02
Dan Moore @MaesterDan

All packed and ready for #c4l14 - that was fast.

2014-03-23 15:35:41
Dan Moore @MaesterDan

Excited to meet new friends and learn new things at #c4l14. Equally excited to see who I StreetPass.

2014-03-23 18:10:08
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