2010年1月12日、現地時間1653(UTC2153、JSTで13日0653)、M7.0。31万人以上(これまで20万人以上とされていたが公式訂正)が死亡し、300万人が被災。  貧困と暴動の中、コレラの蔓延、政治不安が重なり、瓦礫の除去すら殆ど出来ないまま、再建は遅々として進まず。  一年目を迎えたハイチ関連ツイートからピックアップして、現地時間の12日にあたるJST12日1400-13日1400までのツイートを中心に。なるべく写真拾うようにしてみました。 続きを読む
切り取り線 @kiri_tori

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2011-01-11 00:00:01

Who failed Haiti? Only 5% of rubble in Port-au-Prince has been removed & 1 million Haitians still live in tents |

2011-01-11 02:05:44
47NEWS @47news

米州機構、選管発表覆す ハイチ大統領選

2011-01-11 13:00:22
The Associated Press @AP

A year after Haiti's earthquake, reconstruction is barely under way, a million people are still homeless. -EF

2011-01-11 20:38:01
47NEWS @47news

ハイチ大地震損失は6400億円 GDPの約1・2倍

2011-01-11 22:19:04
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2011-01-12 00:00:02
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

RAM is preparing for today's Iron Market inauguration with Digicel.. Free Concert in Port au Prince Haiti

2011-01-12 01:55:52
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

RAM will be there, Digicel will be there, VIP's will be there, the Haitian People will be there..@eclarekiem #Haiti #IronMarket

2011-01-12 04:08:53
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

The new Iron Market #Haiti Thank you Digicel and Denis O'Brien

2011-01-12 04:15:53
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

WOW!!! The New Iron Market!! Thank you Denis O'Brien and #Digicel

2011-01-12 04:38:32
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

Iron Market of Haiti was originally constructed in 1889 by Haitian President Hyppolite

2011-01-12 04:42:29
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

I hear the police sirens. President Clinton is getting closer to the Iron Market inauguration Port au Prince #Haiti

2011-01-12 05:10:53
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

President Clinton comes to the #IronMarket Inauguration; Pink Shirt #Nice #Haiti

2011-01-12 05:15:28
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

A view behind the new IronMarket.. Lots of work ahead of us.. Port au Prince #Haiti #EarthQuake

2011-01-12 05:52:08
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

Select Press waiting for exclusive interview President Clinton at the IronMarket #Haiti

2011-01-12 06:29:43
RAMhaiti @RAMhaiti

Driving around downtown Port au Prince. Don't recognize where I am.. #Haiti #EarthQuake

2011-01-12 07:45:08
切り取り線 @kiri_tori

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2011-01-12 14:00:01
MirelaMonte @MirelaMonte

The Anti-Rape Condom... Can we order a few hundred thousand boxes for #Haiti? #rapes #women #p2 #rape #crisis #pap

2011-01-12 14:01:22


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