• 9/22 #アイドルダイバーシティ 最終発表とツイートまとめ

    IDOL DIVERSITYラインナップ発表されました!!🎈 #idoldiversity #ミルクス本物#NoMaps2018 #IDOLDIVERSITYやはりはちロケ、IDOL DIVERSITYだったかidol diversity今日発表か(*゚∀゚) これも楽しみだ😀ギャンパレには来月のIDOLDIVERSITYで会えるので楽しみにしております!初の北海道、IDOL DIVERSITYにご参加いただきなによりです!よろしくお願いします〜。10.13(SAT)のIDOL DIVERSITY(ZEPP札幌)にゆ... 続きを読む
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  • アプガ2017年10月14日

    IDOL DIVERSITY でした! トップバッターしました! 皆さんたくさんの声を ありがとうっー!!! #アプガ2 #ライブIDOL DIVERSITY @ DUCE アップアップガールズ(2)トップバッター! 札幌を熱く!! #アプガ2 #札幌 #半袖 #ナマ足 #気温7度今日の IDOL DIVERSITY! 久々のライブ楽しかった! そして北海道好きになった🙈 絶対絶対また行くねっー😳👍 次は5人揃って行きます🙋❤️ #ア... 続きを読む
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  • BRT×DDSS〜ラップではじまるダイバーシティな働き方〜 #BRTDDSS #カルカル

    渋谷のイベント「DIVE DIVERSITY SUMMIT SHIBUYA」との渋谷コラボイベント「ビジネスマンラップトーナメント」スタート!電車車掌とトマト農家のガチフリースタイルバトル!ビジネスマンとしてのプライドを背負うライム、これぞ渋谷の多様性!! #BRT #DDSSキャプテンアキハバラ&HIGEのLIVEもありがとうございました!!総じてめっちゃ楽しかった!! #BRT 続きを読む
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  • 日本財団DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS 企画展「ミュージアム・オブ・トゥギャザー」私の心を動かした作品たち

    日本財団DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS企画展「ミュージアム・オブ・トゥギャザー」本日開幕!19日間の日本財団DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS 企画展は本日で閉幕。障害に関係なく39,189人が来場。「どんな人にもひらかれたアクセシブルな展覧会」を楽しんでいただけたのであれば嬉しいです。 #日本財団DA #アクセシブルな展覧会香取慎吾さんと「日本財団DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS 企画展」との関連性は... 続きを読む
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  • 2014.06.24 Pre Augusta Camp@Zepp DiverCity すーレポまとめ

    秦「いやっ、Zepp Diversityで。ライブハウスの。楽屋口にお願いします」 ピザーラ「えっ」 …あまりにも会話が噛み合わないから、秦、またも健に携帯渡すwww秦が「Zepp Diversityで!」って言って、ピザーラ「え?」、秦「江東区青海…」って普通に住所言い出すwちなみに秦さん、「おうみ」って読んでたけど、「あおみ」です、はい。笑夕方に歌収録を朝からしてたっぽ... 続きを読む
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  • COP10: 英ガーディアン記者のtweets #NagoyaCOP10

    UN Biodiversity talks on edge: Brazil delegate "I'm concerned..expected we'd be in better position by now". Typhoon approaching. Hours leftGreat typo in Japan Times front page story today about Nagoya biodiversity talks being held up by "micro-orgasms" (TBFTGoGGI)Nagoya COP10: Another Euro delegate: "Its all positive." Approaching plenary hall now. Its delayed again, but for how long?Nagoya COP10: Dark whispers that Bolivia and Iran may spoil the party. Surely not at this stageOnly hours left... 続きを読む
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  • [OOC 2020]基調講演「keynote: Object Oriented Diversity」のまとめ

    Diversity=多様性 #ooc_2020Diversity == 多様性 #ooc_2020 #ooc_aそこで Object Oriented Diversity #ooc_2020Diversity → 多様性 → Polymorphism #ooc_2020 #ooc_aなるほど、それでタイトルのObject-Oriented Diversityに繋がる。 #ooc_2020keynote: Object-Oriented Diversity 成瀬 允宣 OOC_A #ooc_2020オブジェクト指向のdiversity、それはpolymorphism、すなわちinterface。 #ooc_2020"Diversity" 以外にも "Polymorphism" も多様性を意味する #ooc_20... 続きを読む
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  • 新型コロナウイルス SARS-CoV-2 起源に関する論文と報道(2020.5.6作成)

    The emerging genetic diversity of the virus we found in many countries recapitulates its global diversity, indicating that several countriesEmergence of genomic diversity and recurrent mutations in SARS-CoV-2 - ScienceDirectEmergence of genomic diversity and recurrent mutations in SARS-CoV-2, Infection, Genetics and Evolution (2020).It was a privilege and honour to lead with a great team of scientists in the analysis of the first 7500 #COVID19 genomes.Mutations in SARS-CoV-2 offer insights in... 続きを読む
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  • 小池百合子の言ってる"ダイバー・シティ"についてかんがえる

    小池百合子氏「「Diver-City」「Smart City」・・・・???お台場?もしや「diversity」のこと? 小池氏「私は根回し上手くない」 「議会冒頭解散」「自民党批判」が消える。フリップも登場、その内容は「Diver-City」「Smart City」と一変した。ダイバーシティ(diversity)をダイバー・シティ(diver city)と勘違いしちまっている元凶は、まちがいなくお台場のダイバーシティ(d... 続きを読む
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  • アクセシブルな展覧会 日本財団DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS 企画展「ミュージアム・オブ・トゥギャザー」

    日本財団DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS 企画展 #日本財団DA【日本財団DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS企画展 ミュージアム・オブ・トゥギャザー】手で触れて会場の作りを感じてもらう模型。目の見えない方のアイデアから生まれました。会場内で配布しているフリーペーパー「DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS PAPER」の配架先を募集!美術館や書店、カフェ、公共施設などご紹介をお願いします! 詳細→ #日本財団DA... 続きを読む
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  • 「第2回 J-SSEAYP 2013」Day 1 with GiFT Workshop

    【J-SSEAYPxGiFT 20130928】Diversity Dialogue with GiFT curve. Madoka's story share...I wanna hear this more" Just walking around the room, you see the diversity.【J-SSEAYPxGiFT 20130928】Afternoon workshop has begun. The theme is " Diversity Dialogue" by Ms Madoka Tatsuno (GiFT).【J-SSEAYPxGiFT 20130928】Life changing story reveals keys of her life... That opens up the participants' eyes to the diversity in the room...【J-SSEAYPxGiFT 20130928】heart to heart, so that you can enjoy the... 続きを読む
    1730pv 5 1 2013年9月28日
  • Biodiversity Informatics Horizons 2013 (2)

    Go to to register or discover the biodiversity web service you have or need #BIH13Hannu Saarenma: GEO BON aims to deliver Essential Biodiversity Variables. #BIH13COMPSs on "Future computing platforms for biodiversity science" talk #bih13#bih13 Guy Cochrane - molecular biology meets biodiversity #i4LifeBiodiversity informatics workflows are relatively heavy in data preparation says in #bih13#bih13 just learned: Biodiversity Informatics Horizons 2013 #whishtobethere#bih13 Vincent Robert - we ne... 続きを読む
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  • riken single cell symposium

    Mike S: -it works better -global equity -diversity -diverse regions -diversify funding #RIKENSCSScience is diversity, diversity is science. Collaboration, sharing and exchange is fundamental in research #RIKENSCSImmune diversity predicts malignancy of cancer defined by single cell RNA profiling #RIKENSCSHuman Cell Altas wants equity: including all genetic backgrounds, representing broadly human diversity, as much open as possible. #RIKENSCSWnt inhibitor efficiently induces conversion naive to... 続きを読む
    480pv 2017年7月7日
  • Summary List of #SciencyNaturish

    I can perceive a resemblance between the two thing ― biological diversity and diversity of ethnic groups. 生物・民俗文化の多様性の相似… #SciencyNaturishmemorabilia of the fast liver 道楽者の遺品 (民)#博物っぽいもの #SciencyNaturishHakodate city museum #博物っぽいもの #SciencyNaturishClosely written character and some sketch on an ancient‐looking leather 古びた革表紙の手帳にびっしり書き込まれた文字と数点のスケッチ (... 続きを読む
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  • TEDxKobe 2015 まとめ

    今回のテーマは Dive into Diversity...Let's dive into diversity!!!【TEDxKobe 2015 : Dive into Diversity | 】#TED #Kobe #DiveIntoDiversity @ Art center Kobe, JapanTEDxKobe 2015 : Dive into Diversity – TEDxKobe: Ideas worth spreadingTEDxKobe "Dive into Diversity" E Sumoto and Lilian T Hatano will talkテーマはDive into Diversity。神戸でなくてもライブストリーミングで見れる。多様性が受容されなければ私は生きていけない。【TEDxKobe2015 Live ... 続きを読む
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  • dna barcode of life

    Andy Lowe starting with richness, generic diversity, phylogenetic diversity and dissimilarity in the Oz wet tropics.Guzik: genetic diversity in calcrete aquifers #bol4Barcode of Life: Global Biodiversity Challenge - YouTubeoops - ... and overlap as explanation of centers of diversity #triggerhappy #bol4metabarcoding: high throughput approach (using NGS) for biodiversity data次はTaxon diversity analysis for bulk insects by NGS (454 then Hi-Seq 2000) by BGIHere we go. First up, on biodiversit... 続きを読む
    3733pv 9 2 2011年12月4日
  • HMP2010-09-02

    Eisen: having diverse genomes - phylogenetic diversity - important in these analyses #HMP2010Eisen: Wants 'field guide' to diversity of microbes #HMP2010Eisen: have 'barely scratched surface 'of phylogenetic diversity studies #HMP2010Eisen: phylogenetic diversity of genomes studied; need more cultured genomes for better results #HMP2010Kong: want to analyze full bacterial diversity of samples from dermatitis and primary immunodeficiency patients #HMP2010Yuzhen Ye from Indiana U on fragment asse... 続きを読む
    922pv 2010年9月3日
  • 日本人の57%が多様性を日本という国にとって有害だと考えているという英語のアンケート結果について

    57% of Japanese say diversity makes their nation a worse place to live vs 24% say makes it better: pollIt's a failure to communicate what diversity is. Agreed with , there's a confusion about what the question asks.Most Japanese I have encountered are very welcoming of individual immigrants who take an active interest in joining Japanese society.So this is misleading and abets the false narrative that Japan is super xenophobic, racist, etc. It's no better or no worse than elsewhere.Japan has ... 続きを読む
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  • WCPG2017 Gender Gap Session

    #WCPG2017 Discussing the need to respect diversity of communication styles!#WCPG2017 Discussing the need to respect diversity of communication styles!Explicit focus in promoting diversity, and as a data company using data to identify areas of weakness #WCPG2017#WCPG2017 From the audience. Can we get guidelines/quotas for diversity representation on conference panels? No more #YAMMM#WCPG2017 From the audience. Can we get guidelines/quotas for diversity representation on conference panels? No m... 続きを読む
    867pv 8 2017年10月15日
  • Debconf19 のまとめ #DebConf19

    #diversity (For (1/2)Harassment BoF" (no video coverage) 🎥 "Debian Diversity BoF" 🎥 "Geographical Diversity BoF" 🎥 (2/3)a BoF about Geographical DiversityWe have buttons #debconf19 #diversity #quiltbag"Is Debian (and Free Software) gender diverse enough?" #diversity #QUILTBAG (3/3)" and the Debian Diversity BoF in a few minutes in #DebConf19#debconf19 #diversity (Photo contains a photo of bare breasts, (1/2)#Debian #debconf presentation on "Debian Diversity BoF" starting in just 10 m... 続きを読む
    298pv 2019年7月25日
  • 一般用語と学術用語のコンフリクト

    Not to mention the possibility of conflating "biodiversity" and "diversity".Sexual harassment sustains biodiversity via producing negative density‐dependent population growth. Kobayashi, Journal of Ecology.Here is a link to the full paper: Sexual harassment sustains biodiversity via producing negative density‐dependent population growthMore on our latest paper from . Read more about paper on sexual conflict and biodiversity.What factors sustain the diversity of life on our planet? Read ou... 続きを読む
    2331pv 37 2018年12月4日
  • Open Source Summit Japan 2017 / Automotive Linux Summit 20..

    W/o diversity, our community and events would be incomplete! That's why we strive to include everyone: #OSSummitOpen Source Summit to feature new Diversity Empowerment Summit. Apply to speak: #OSSummitPropose a talk for the new Diversity Empowerment Summit at Open Source Summit by June 4! #OSSummit#OpenSource Summit is adding a Diversity Empowerment Summit. Speaking proposals due by June 4: #OSSummitSubmit a proposal to speak at the Diversity Empowerment Summit at Open Source Summit by June 4... 続きを読む
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  • フェミ系作家「男性ヒーローを女性に置き換えましょう!代表性と多様性プロパガンダの為に!」

    Like I said this is never been about diversity and inclusion it's about erasure and replacing. Diversity mean no white men PERIOD.They've tried to create their own characters, and they're so poorly written that they fade into obscurity almost instantly.I think it would be a bolder and more progressive statement to create original female heroes that doesn’t rely on a man’s name and fame beforeWonder will it be as good as the female ghostbusters 🙈And it will never be enough until they ar... 続きを読む
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  • 「人への感染」始まりは昨年末、遺伝子解析で確認

    Emergence of genomic diversity and recurrent mutations in SARS-CoV-2抄録しか読んでませんがwww Emergence of genomic diversity and recurrent mutations in SARS-CoV-2論文(無料・査読後): Emergence of genomic diversity and recurrent mutations in SARS-CoV-2 2020年、Dorp、Balloux(英ユニバーシティ・カレッジ・ロンドン)ら。198 sitesは、ゲノムが198種で亜種の数なのかと思ったけど、ゲノムの中の198箇所っぽい?#Mutations in ... 続きを読む
    2862pv 8 9 2020年5月9日
  • PyData Seattle 2015

    Diversity panel Seattle!!Measuring Diversity in Engineering:Why is diversity important to white dudes? #pydataEngaging discussions at the Diversity Panel at #PyDataSeattle -- no imposters in this room!Our industry needs more diversity. Check out 's talk at #PyDataSeattle !☆☆Reminders (pls RT!)☆☆ 5:45 in Hood: diversity panel 7:00 at the Common's: evening receptionSuper well-done diversity survey template by Localytics Engineering Manager : #PyDataAlready loving this talk on diversity ... 続きを読む
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