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  • Whiskyさんのワンポイント英会話

    というわけで正解は"What would you do if I asked you something in English?"だよ。#jdotは"What do you do"、少し丁寧にして"What would you do"、「もし私があなたに英語で質問したら」は"if I ask(ed) you something"、疑問文だから"?"をつければOK。 #jdotwhat is your answer then?" これは前の分がピリオド"."で完結してるから、whatの頭文字は大文字にしなきゃいかんね。訳はもちろん「あなたの答はなんです... 続きを読む
    1460pv 7 2011年3月8日
  • @TheHobbitMovieでおこなわれたマーティン・フリーマンのライブチャット原文

    RT : #AskBilbo If you could have any super power in the world what would it be and why?RT : #AskBilbo If you were confronted with a tall man who thought he was a wizard, at your door in real life, what would YOU do?RT : If you could visit any location in Middle-earth and you didn't have to worry about goblins or orcs, where would you go?Yes, I would. I did. RT : #AskBilbo if you had the decision, would you go on an adventure despite the risks?RT : #AskBilbo If you could swap characters with a... 続きを読む
    5391pv 26 1 user 2013年3月2日
  • 3/2マーティンのファンチャットまとめ #theHobbit #AskBilbo!

    RT : #AskBilbo If you could have any super power in the world what would it be and why?RT : #AskBilbo If you were confronted with a tall man who thought he was a wizard, at your door in real life, what would YOU do?RT : If you could visit any location in Middle-earth and you didn't have to worry about goblins or orcs, where would you go?Yes, I would. I did. RT : #AskBilbo if you had the decision, would you go on an adventure despite the risks?RT : #AskBilbo If you could swap characters with a... 続きを読む
    8938pv 136 4 users 8 2013年3月2日
  • The HOBBIT DoS Twitter Q&A #AskThorin まとめ

    #AskThorin If you could hang out with Thorin for a day, what would you do?#AskThorin If you could use Gandalf's magic for ONE thing, what would it be?I would like to #AskThorin what would Richard do with Thorin's gold and #AskBard how Luke liked NZ?#AskThorin What would be Thorin's favourite movie? #HairyPotter?You would rather spend time with elves or dwarves? Why? #AskBard#AskThorin if you could pick anywhere to live in Middle-Earth, which realm would you choose?#askthorin Richard, how woul... 続きを読む
    2114pv 15 2013年12月7日
  • #AskAlize at #RG14

    #AskAlize what would you do if you wouldn't play tennis?What is one place/country that you would like to visit but you haven't yet? :) #AskAlizeWhat advice would you give a young kid wanting to be a professional tennis player? #AskAlizecome and visit Indonesia?would u? #AskAlizeDid you enjoy the #RG14 twitter chats? Should we try and do more this week?I think I would work as a scientist, the same as my brother… What do you do to keep fit?! #AskAlize …#AskAlize what are you doing in your f... 続きを読む
    872pv 3 2014年5月27日
  • Glamour Magazine UKによるTwitter Chatまとめ

    RT if you could give your 15-year-old self a piece of advice what would it be? #GLAMOURBackstreetH: To sing on more songs for another 20 years RT if you could have 1 wish, what would it be? #GLAMOURBackstreetRT : H: I'd create an ATM with infinite money RT : If you had magic powers, what would u do? #GLAMOURBackstreetChance I wouldn't wake up. RT What’s the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? #GLAMOURBAckstreetB: That's what makes you beautiful... Oh, oh oh! RT #GLAMOURBackstreet ... 続きを読む
    835pv 13 2013年6月29日
  • Adam Lambert Twitter Party (May 22, 2011 JST)

    If you had a child who was lying on the floor throwing a tantrum, what would you do?if you could do a duet with any singer dead or alive who would you choose? XIf you could go back to any grade in your school days which would it be and why?would you ever get your hair cornrowed? haha(:that would be surreal to do a concert at the sphinx. Can u imagine? Wow.If you could go back in time 100 yrs or ahead in time 100 yrs for one week, which would you choose?It would be more unpredictable.would you... 続きを読む
    1145pv 1 2011年9月24日
  • Buffyfest企画のジェーンさんのツイッターパーティ

    is what would you do if you couldn't fail. My answer is work for jim Henson co. #EpensonchatIf you would write a spinoff show for one Buffy character, who would it be? #espensonchatWhich Buffy character would you most like to kill? #EspensonChatI would've been hitting on Xander mercilessly, but I don't think I would've had much luck. #espensonchatWhat advice would Willow give Regina about getting over her magic addiction? #EspensonChat #BTVS #OUAT #Crossoverif you were allowed to bring 1 char... 続きを読む
    1811pv 2012年11月15日
  • ジェイミー・カラム Jamie Cullum Q&A at #LeicaChat

    if you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?! #LeicaChatWhat inspires your photography and your music? What would you do without either? #LeicaChatif you had the chance, what artists who originally performed the songs on "interlude" would you have worked with? #LeicaChatI wish I could. Jx #LeicachatI've got my around my shoulder while listening to "Can't Get Started." Great AM #LeicaChatI like a live pigeon 2 sit on my shoulder&whisper new lyrics into my ear whilst drinkin... 続きを読む
    1117pv 10 2014年9月17日
  • 2017/05/01- 05/16 #twhz 21h(JST)/ English

    #twhz And he asked you to call a vehicle. What would you do?#twhz What would you do seeing Stealth something bleeding on his hand?#twhz When the driver asked Stealth, "Where to?", he answered, "I forgot." What would you do?#twhz Then, a bad foreign person sitting next to you cut your palm with a razor. What would I do? See you later!!#twhz The doctor says, "This is critical. I will conduct the sex reassignment surgery now." What would you do?#twhz "If you would kindly live in Myanmar, I would... 続きを読む
    8497pv 36 2017年5月1日
  • 「CG屋のためのプロダクション英会話!」のまとめ:第七十一回〜第八十回

    「CG英会話77」…用法:"What would you do to this?" "Well, let's put it as TBD."「これ、どうしますか??」「うーん、それは保留にしといて…」 #cg_eikaiwaCG英会話71」用法:"What do you think about this, in terms of its composition?"「この構図についてはどう思う?」もしくは"… composition wise?" #cg_eikaiwa「CG英会話78」:用法:"You don't smoke, do you?"「タバコ吸わないよね?(吸うの?)」/"... 続きを読む
    1577pv 1 2011年2月24日
  • 横浜ベイスターズのClayton Hamiltonだけど質問ある?

    If you werent a baseball player,what would you do??who on the #BayStars do you think would play well in the Majors?Which team would you like the most play against?I've never heard anyone say that, and I would say that I'm pretty sure we don't look alikeHave you ever been to Kyoto?(As I live in Kyoto) If not, would you like to visit Kyoto?I've decided later tonight I will take some time to field questions from you guys on any subjects you would like such as baseball, japan etcWe do take a good... 続きを読む
    7845pv 38 2 users 8 2011年6月20日
  • Early Bird @ 41isyoichiさんの英語講座(2020年2月26日分)乗る/語彙は画素数/仮定法過去..

    👉If you saw somebody drowning, what would you do?(人が溺れているのを見たらどうする?)と言うべきで I could pass.... は「合格する能力があった」ということで、実際に合格できたか否かは不明になる。 👉She could (was able to) write with her left hand when she had to.👉If only (= I wish) it would stop raining! これは未来に関してのあまり望みのない願望を表し、「とてもやみそうにないが」の気持... 続きを読む
    253pv 1 2020年3月24日
  • 英語・英会話|ネイティブの感覚を日本語でつかむためのまとめ

    【使える what if 】 〜ならどうする? What would you do if 〜 を省いた形で、口語でよーく使います 頭につけるだけだし時制を無視しちゃっても大丈夫なんで便利ですよ What if you die tomorrow? 明日死ぬとしたらどうする?would rather は to いらないです ほんとごめんなさい!【〜したいの使い分け】 want to:したい(カジュアル) would [like/love] to:(ぜひ)〜したい prefer to:〜のほうが... 続きを読む
    7895pv 2 2014年7月6日
  • あなたならどうする? 日本編 反レイシズム界隈編

    アメリカの「あなたならどうする“What would you do.”」シリーズですね。 この例ならたいていの日本人にも対処可能でしょう。この方々と同様の対処をとるでしょうね。「あなたならどうする“What would you do.”」シリーズみたいなことを日本でもつきつけられて、それが証拠として残りやすくなってきて精神的なストレスで大変でしょうけど。下手に関わったのが一番大... 続きを読む
    666pv 2 2015年4月22日
  • the telephones 石毛さんがツイートに載せた曲集(春号)

    The Polyphonic Spree - What Would You Do?Lapalux - Without You (ft. Kerry Leatham)Ishige Akira - Red Cat (Your Melody)the telephones - Keep Your DISCO!!!DJ Koze feat. Caribou - Track ID Anyone?イタリアの音楽家Ludovico Einaudiの新譜とても良かった。そしてこのライブすごい。 Ludovico Einaudi - "Divenire" - Live @ Royal Albert Hall LondonVondelpark - DraculaGold Fields - Dark Again大好きなÓlafur Arnaldsの新譜はこれまでの作品と毛色が違う。とて... 続きを読む
    1141pv 3 2013年4月11日
  • 常見さんへの@May_Romaさんからのパクリ疑惑

    If you blame him "publicly" like this, you have to prove he copied your idea. If he sued you for defamation, what would you do?うるせえ寝ろRT : If what he is saying is right, or "his source" stole from you (it is also a likely scenarioIf what he is saying is right, or "his source" stole from you (it is also a likely scenario, actually), it is a different story.I really like your tweet and learn a lot from you, san. But I feel this is a bit over the top. Is there any benefit of doubt?She... 続きを読む
    22067pv 120 3 users 3 2012年9月27日
  • 仮面ライダーのベルト買ってもらえなかった女の子の親にこの動画を見てもらいたい

    What Would You Do?っていうアメリカの番組でやってた検証。 続きを読む
    8334pv 9 1 user 1 2019年6月13日
  • 【掘り返してみた】2010年1月12日、ハイチ震災の頃のツイートなど【一周年】

    Today 1,000,000 made homeless by the #Haiti earthquake are still living in tents. What would you do? What should Plan do?Do you remember where you were and what you were doing last year when you found out about the earthquake in #Haiti?RT : if you didn't have the chance to visit #Haiti before January 12. Know that it's a very beautiful country. Hope To see you..#haiti 復興にはそもそもの現地の力も重要なんだろうしな…10年か。果てしない感じがする。 RT : It c... 続きを読む
    1391pv 2 2011年1月12日
  • 「Japanese Level Up」 なんだか日本人にも勉強になるような気がするアカウント

    What would you do here? #土砂降り #pouring #土 #soil #砂 #sand #雨 #rain #となりのトトロ #tonarinototoro #日本語 #japaneseAre you doing what you should? #日本語 #japanese #movie #manga #learnjapanese #studyjapanese #英語 #英会話Where else would you make tea? #臍 #へそ #bellybutton #茶 #tea #沸かす #boil #ジバニャン #jibanyan #妖怪ウォッチ #yokaiwatch #gameWould you take help from a cat? #猫 #ネコ #ねこ #cat #手 #hand #借りる #borrow #日本... 続きを読む
    2645pv 7 1 user 2016年8月25日
  • Yahoo!Answersのトラブルウォッチで楽しく英語学習♪

    /What would you do with a nasty mother in law to be? #トラブル英語/Would you be offended if someone wore a white dress to your wedding? #トラブル英語/Should I do my job?? #トラブル英語what do i do now?!? -/What to do about my Mother in law moving in? -/Should I dye my hair for bridezilla? - #トラブル英語a cheatで浮気をする人。/Should i tell her hes a cheat? Answers #トラブル英語/I HATE Breastfeeding moms like this?......Do you? #トラブル英語/How do ... 続きを読む
    6376pv 44 6 users 9 2012年9月26日
  • JIN's Twitter 7

    im so sleepy rite now. cant fall asleep quickly recently. what would you do when you got into this situation??I suppose I should be hurt when people make nasty comments to me. Haters wanna hate but that's what the 'block user' button is for!!! :-Dsorry I missed your msg! What's up?i counted goat cuz i couldnt sleep with, i think u should try again withoutwhats up??im sorry i couldnt pick up the phone then i was sleeping....Jin→Leo:whats up?? 「どうした??」mori nokoto BAKAnish... 続きを読む
    6566pv 47 12 2011年5月20日
  • Tyler Clementiはハドソン川に身を投げた。彼は18歳で、ネットでさらし者にされていた。

    (CBS) What would you do if your private sexual encounters were broadcast on the Internet? Tyler Clementi, a ...I truly hope that if any of my students felt that way that they would talk to me.Angered over the homophobic outing and suicide of Tyler Clementi at Rutgers University. You think people would have some sense at that age.Tyler Clementi's death sparked outrage. We r asking how concerned U r about cyberbullying & what should be done about it?tyler clementi, you should have just kept wal... 続きを読む
    12648pv 1 8 users 2010年10月1日
  • ジェイミー・カラム Jamie Cullum Q&A #askJamie Jan 29 2015

    what colour would your dream piano be? 🎶🎹 #askJamieWhat cover of a new song of these days would you like to do? #askjamieif you weren't musical genius, what would you be doing with ur life? I promise I didn't say that in my parent voice #askjamieWhat artist would you most like to collaborate with next? Also, Any keyboards on your wish list? #AskJamiewho would you most like to work with in the future? #askJamieI too would pay ridiculous money to make that happen. I guess that's not the p... 続きを読む
    1235pv 13 2015年2月1日
  • タイラーだけど何か質問ある? #TalkToTaylor 2

    what would you do if when you got back to earth you saw an occupier ? #TalkToTaylorWhat's your favorite movie? I would recommend The Martian but it's sorta hard what with you being a black hole.. #TalkToTaylorThat would be enormously irresponsible! So yes OF COURSE I do that.That's gorgeous! What I wouldn't give to dip my toes in a free-flowing river right about now...That would be a strange question if I didn't know EXACTLY what you were talking about. Glitches in the Matrix, I guess.If you ... 続きを読む
    3813pv 1 2016年3月24日
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