• Clinical Coding Westhill Consulting: The role

    This is, without a doubt, the coldest winter I have experienced. #popsicleMyth: Poor countries are doomed to stay poor:What happened to the % of people living in extreme poverty between 1990 and 2010? The answer is in my Annual Letter:Who’s tried our new Kardashian Sun Kissed products? The Instant Sunless Mousse is to die for!Exclusive Premiere: ' "Walking on Air" music video!Peanut butter- refrigerate it or leave it out?It's incredibly sad to hear the news about Magda. She was so so lovely... 続きを読む
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  • 【LGBT】セックスとジェンダー、性自認と性他人の話、性別専用施設の利用に寄せて【トランスジェンダー】

    experienced gender は、「実感している性別」のような訳が適切かと思います。 gender identity と全くかけ離れた訳は、誤訳です。最近特に「experienced gender」を「経験豊富な性別」とか誤訳して「つまりは女性として実際に経験して生活してるような意味か」と誤解釈して、「実際にその性別で生きてることが大事」みたいなトンデモ理論にはしってますね。ちゃんと英語圏の... 続きを読む
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  • 【Advantages and Disadvantages of the Animator Dormitory】 -..

    With the regular interchange with other animators who lived in the dorm as well as some experienced animators,I was always told by experienced animators that the efforts you put forth to improve your drawing skills are imperative.One thing I regret is I did not have time to ask for advice from experienced animators because I had other things I had to work on.I would advise that you should draw something and show it to the experienced animators and get feedbacks so you can improve your skills.... 続きを読む
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  • 臨床試験について書く(読む)ときの注意点10

    9/10 Report natural frequencies: “13 people per 10000 experienced x”, rather than “1.3% of people experienced x” #trials #wcsj20138/10 Be precise about people/patient who benefited – advanced disease, a particular form of a disease? #trials #wcsj2013世界科学ジャーナリスト会議での講演:論文の取り下げやブログによる指摘、科学者や雑誌の対応など:Can We Still Trust Science? on #fraud #misconduct3/10 Look for other trials by co or group, or o... 続きを読む
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  • 【統一性】性同一性と性自認は同じです【gender identity】

    今は「experienced gender」の訳がどうなるのか心配。「経験した性別」とするとほぼ誤訳になる。英語圏では「gender identity と experienced genderはほぼ同じ」としてるので、せいぜい「実感してる性別」「実感性別」くらいの訳が適切かと。experienced genderを「経験してる性別」と訳して、「その性別で実際に生活してること」「すでに女装とかして女性として生きてること」的の... 続きを読む
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  • 2012年つぶやき始めのメッセとアッキャマン・・・ときどき、たらこセキ

    “: Experienced so much!!Well glad you experienced it.How has the New Year started off, for my friends in Japan?Too all my friends in Japan !!!Randy senpai!Yes Seki, everything is good my body and family also very good.. How is your condition?it is very hot and first food only(><) 続きを読む
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  • Globis IMBA Students' Account 11月のつぶやきまとめ

    Japanese audience likes a story that experienced craftsmen beat managers with MBA ..... :-)It relates to respect to experienced craftsmen who are supposed to have deep insight which is not easily captured by managers from outsideAll courses are provided in English. Faculty has business experience and they bring us real insight of business world.it would not be difficult to handle opposition if she knew what poverty is. but she didn't know it 'cause never experienced it #globis1105RE: Interest... 続きを読む
    1123pv 2010年12月23日
  • Mikuexpo に立ち会ったPete Elison氏のツイート

    There was a strange sort of innocence to everything I experienced tonight that was weirdly beautiful.#mikuexpo was an amazing experience, and I only cried twice. Was honored to do my tiny tiny part for it and have my name in the program. 💖These are very impressed tweets. I hope you enjoy this miku's famous "innocence" song.When I think of Vocaloid, I think of all the DIY songwriters & producers given a voice and a chance to create something that connects usOne of the most touching moments ... 続きを読む
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  • piano me 感想まとめ(英語版)

    Yoko Kanno's was the coolest and most touching anime concert I've ever experienced.Gold pass to Yoko Kanno concert @ Otakon. One of the most touching performance I've ever seen in my life.Yoko Kanno's concert this afternoon was so beautiful, it actually brought me to tears. and I NEVER cry at shows. Thanks, !Piano Me was really awesome and I'm glad I got to hear and see it in person. #Otakon20 was fun.Yoko Kanno signed my Mac charger. This pretty much sums up my this year. ^_^Yoko Kanno did n... 続きを読む
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  • 〈備忘録〉SeanChamilianさんに褒められた

    Never experienced pain like this. Now I'm about to play. Fuck me, right?Betrayal, Loyal to the Grave, and friends. Tokyo, JapanThis pain is almost Emergency Room worthyNeed another one!it was nice to meeting you at the massage salon in Nagoya. hope No More pain! Safe fly home.. matane! (=c ya!) ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ"Hope u have a great show in Nagoya!! ヽ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ" -reiko,massager oxGot an authentic Japanese massage. Back still hurts like no other.i promise ill give u free massage when u... 続きを読む
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  • 深夜24時開演の8時間コンサート「スリープ」レポまとめ。(*ただし「客席」はなし、あるのは「ベッド」)

    Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. thanks andAn exclusive look at SLEEP, the 8-hour live concert experience at #SXSW presented by and .Was fortunate enough to experience Max Richter’s Sleep in its first North American showing.Tonight I’m sleeping on a concert hall stage, filled with 150 twin size beds to listen/sleep to ’s 8 hour Sleep experience.Definitely one of the coolest work experiences of my life. 150 people are sleeping in a concert hall at listening to perform an 8 hour p... 続きを読む
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  • "I want to die..." "My friend is suicidal..." in case here..

    i had never experienced this before today: A friend crying, asking to be held, saying they couldn’t do it anymore, saying the words “I don’tYour experiences matter. Your future matters. There is so much possibility in front of you. #TomorrowNeedsYou #WorldSuicidePreventionDayMy friend said the opposite, and said it in a way that expressed darkness not that they were causing but as something that was happening TO themMy friend expressed that all hope was gone, that it felt like life was ... 続きを読む
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  • プリンセスクルーズ社、インド洋でも入国拒否。なんと今年2月に同じクルーズ船で2度ノロウィルス発生の過去も発覚!

    ⑬ In February 2016, Diamond Princess (the same cruise ship) experienced a gastroenteritis ("gastro") outbreak caused by norovirus sickening 158⑩ Coronavirus fears fuel violent clashes as cruise ship docks on Indian Ocean island Sun Princess, operated by Princess Cruise, has been REFUSED※This company also operates Diamond Princess⑥ 【🚨Princess Cruise "2 consecutive shots" of "NOROVIRUS" on the SAME SHIP on Feb 2020🚨】 ※ Princess Cruise also operates Diamond Princess.port entr... 続きを読む
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  • レゲエ・ウィークエンド・23 ー 20年前、1991年にウケていたレゲエチャート!

    「レゲエ・ウィークエンド23 6」 (イギリス・エコーズ誌) 第1位:バーリトン・リーヴィー&カティー・ランクス "Dancehall Rock" この曲はバーリトンのベスト盤「Too Experienced」にも収録されています!「レゲエ・ウィークエンド23 9」 (ジャマイカRJR) 第3位:デニス・ブラウン feat ブライアン&トニー・ゴールド "Poison" リディムが"Champion Lover"似ですね!レー... 続きを読む
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  • 【トランスジェンダリズム】トランスジェンダリズムの危険性と、トランスジェンダリズムに迫害されている性同一性障害につい..

    ホーム - The Experienced Rock'n roll Feminism【統一性】性同一性と性自認は同じです【gender identity】 - Togetter より【トランスジェンダー】セルフIDの危険性【法的性別】 - Togetter より【GID】性同一性障害診断をざっくりと説明【専門医】 - Togetter より「トランス女性」と女子トイレ問題、terfと呼ばれる女性たちに関しての簡単なまとめ|アクロン #note【】性同一性障害のホルモ... 続きを読む
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  • The_Hermit9の呟き

    Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. (Aldous Huxley)Silence is the best choice.Action is eloquence. (William Shakespeare)Pensez-vous sérieusement à vous impliquer?The poor pierrot said 'If you want a friend, tame me'. 'What must I do, to tame you?' asked sheena.All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words.I am worried sick about too many problems.Taking... 続きを読む
    527pv 2013年2月18日
  • CIA公式アカウントが語る「U2撃墜事件」 #Powers

    At only 30 years old #Powers was the most experienced U-2 pilot, flying more flights than anyone else in the programEventually #Powers published a memoir of his U-2 experience titled “Operation Overflight: A Memoir of the U-2 Incident.”#Powers was given a defense counsel who barely spoke English & was tried for espionage. He lost & was sentenced to 10 years.1965: #Powers awarded the CIA Intelligence Star “for voluntary acts of courage performed under hazardous conditions…”#Powers wa... 続きを読む
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  • Scalaのコミッターの人が「Cake Patternはアンチパターンだ」と言って話題に!

    perhaps more specifics and elucidation of the problems you experienced would be to the benefit of all?I'd love to hear your experiences compared to . He seems to think it's good. Gonna write a blog post?Cake pattern encourages you to nest classes heavily and that hurts performance due to chains of outer pointers.That's an excellent idea. You know how I love reasonably priced monads.I think the real test for any software engineering practice is how resilient is it against programmer's mistakes... 続きを読む
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  • Understanding and Importance of Coach For Sales Managers

    Read more here: #customerexperience #fintech #bankingWE RE HIRING -{Sales and Marketing Manager } ✅LOCATION :Gudivada ✅EXPERIENCED;-FRESHER ✅SALARY- ₹ 12500.00-₹15000.00/-** ✅EXTRA BENEFITS - ✅CONTACTWe are looking to hire a Sales EXECUTIVE Requirements:  Positive and flexible attitude  2 years’ experience in sales  Bachelor Degree in marketing#realme7series #RedmiI expect Sales and Marketing or HR because these two departments are quite easy to comprehend as far as I... 続きを読む
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  • Japan's Secret Shame: Police protected the CHIKAN, but not..

    uncomfortable, but honestly I've experienced similar things before, and was okay.And since the incident I have had 4 bad dreams about chikan.. being touched doesn't seem like much, I've experienced worse by people I know,My boyfriend called immediately and wanted to talk to the police officer, he talked to him, and explained what I had told him.sometimes I couldn't even hear or explain properly to theI send messages to my work and boyfriend during this time to let them know what happened.I se... 続きを読む
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  • The transition of mermaids and their expressions

    Mermaids shows began to spread to other resorts, and by the late 1950s it was not unusual to see experienced swimmers - sometimes in fins andThe 1950s saw the next big resurgence in mermaids.Soon the Modern Mermaid became the aquatic version of the 1920s Flapper, fashionable and fun-loving with a strong streak of independence.Perhaps she couldn't dance the Charleston, but she could still live the Flapper life beneath the waves...Mermaids were first sighted in 1000BC and have been part of folk... 続きを読む
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  • Trip to Bangkok

    Qantas Lounge at Satellite side experienced for 1st time.#FLT_JLNRTBKKDinner at Spice and Rice. Chicken broth soup and crab meat fried rice. Asked extra corriander as I like it vy much.Chao Phraya express boat ride.At Lunch yesterday I had pan fried basilicum with rice. It was too spicy for me.Arrived at BKK airport and catching a express train to city."This is it", forever, Michael ! Had seen the film after a few yrs since released. It's so touchy film. #FLT_JLNRTBKKCabernet Merlot prodeced ... 続きを読む
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  • Adam Lambert Twitter Party (May 9, 2012 JST)

    Was Chokehold written about one or many past relationships you experienced?ya know--- you either got game or u don't. And some folks ain't grown- they run a brand new game. (inexperience)Your wails on Kickin In are incredible. Your inner black woman will not be silenced, Miss Thang was heard loud and clear!"friend Eddie" rhymes w "do to me". He is an "any-he". LolDo you think you will perform every single song on this album, including bonus songs at least once live?I Really like the "Boyfrien... 続きを読む
    1929pv 20 4 2012年5月9日
  • I watched OkunoHosoMichi 2012. (summary and impressions)

    They experienced some far areas have no map data for car navigation.They went to the photo search center of tsunami damaged photos. #okuhosoThey went to SpaResortHawaiians(just reopend 1day ago).This is fun part! Drinking juce, ice cream! FireDance! #okuhosoHawaiians' EdoPeriodBath sound interesting but no movie(they just talked how nice) Traveling they never gone before must be tough. #okuhoso"Last time I met Mr.Tsuda in our emergency tent, I desperately needed we have temp housing. We'll tr... 続きを読む
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  • goyon in UK

    for english speakers, I experienced a crazy day in London. Im not sure if its usual for people in london, but I was very impressed.I met Tony who manages vynal shop in Camden Town, he was very nice! and one of his friends, he is also a Jamaican, bought our goyon CD!!Including Luciano, Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson! I can never have this show for this price in Japan. Amazing.He is very kind. very nice. and bought a ticket for Sugar Minott Tribute show in Hackney. The show was amazing. Many bands... 続きを読む
    847pv 1 2010年9月14日
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