• 五反田rb#35 ~再始動!~

    #gotandarb#gotandarb#gotandarb#gotandarb きた#gotandarb#gotandarb#gotandarb#gotandarb#gotandarb#gotandarb 続きを読む
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  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard May 11, 2014 A

    17.31 Imbas penanganan Billboard hampir jatuh di Jl.Margonda,Lalin terpantau tersendat.pengendara dimohon bersabar.bahaya pak billboard mau copot di margonda depan batagor ihsanfangirl alert. gorgeous Jamie Campbell Bower spotted on a Burberry Billboard @ KLCC yesterday #herondaleWe got billboards and shit ,,, SOHO FRI " THE GOODS "Lembrando: Vocês já votaram na Ellie no #ChevyMilestone Award?#5SOSBBMA OMG OMG OMG I JUST SAW THE BILLBOARDS COMMERCIAL AND 5SOS CAME ON OMG IM SO PROUD jbyslhx... 続きを読む
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  • Web Directions South 2010 TL Part 1 (till 15th Oct, 2010)

    Web standards with #wdx #bigpicon stage at #wdx talkin web standards. What's that? A Microsoft guy talkin web standards...you better believe it!RT : on stage at #wdx talkin web standards. What's that? A Microsoft guy talkin web standards...you better believe it!Average of one standard coffee per hour #wdx"if android can't support web standards then android sucks!" Dmitry #wdxPlotting standards v experience v browser support #wdx #bigpicRT : "if android can't support web standar... 続きを読む
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  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Jly 27, 2014 A

    RARE LIONEL TRAINS ORIGINAL PRE-WAR STANDARD GAUGE SET of FOUR BILLBOARDS 1932RARE LIONEL TRAINS ORIGINAL PRE-WAR STANDARD GAUGE SET of FOUR BILLBOARDS 1932Went w/my parents to check out billboards (Barbed wire is to keep vandals from drawing mustaches....kidding)Just a reminder: graffiti is illegal vandalism but corporations slapping up billboards in public space? Totally cool.se acuerdan cuando llevo a esa chica a los billboards?? bueno yo sigo estando celosa obvio #MTVHottest Justin Bieber... 続きを読む
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  • Chikara Pro「King of Trios 2011」Night 3 The Asylum Arena

    Standing ovation and "Toyota!" chant. #kingoftriosCorrection: Cannon got the roll-up. Cannon, Corbin. Cornnon, Carbin. Carbon. Common. Cabbage. #KingOfTrios #ChikaraIsWrestlingTeam two in the gauntlet, representing Minnesota, Darin Corbin & #kingoftrios #SupportProWresDarkness Crabtree and Matt Classic as a tag team? Hooray! #kingoftriosDel Rey pins Dasher. MATT CLASSIC AND DARKNES CRABTREE. #kingoftriosA fine way to spend a Sunday. #chikara #kingoftriosMatt Classic and Darkness Cra... 続きを読む
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  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Jan 4, 2015 A

    “: Christina Aguilera called Mickey Mouse an a-hole in Disneyland ” this is sabotage#painandgain living billboard from the street #musclemonday #psww #paradigmshiftww": Harbaugh billboard in Ann Arbor. "“: Harbaugh billboard in Ann Arbor. ”I think my 4-yr old son stands a good chance making billboards for Chick-fil-A. Give those cows a break.Billboards are up in SXM mad ting see u all Friday #ClubTantra gonna be blazing…Can you spot the Bio-Rad billboards in #SanFrancisco and #SanDi... 続きを読む
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  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Apr 19, 2015 A

    #FOURFOURS Friday 24th April!This show we've got 2 big billboards promoting; 1 on Botanic and 1 just…NRSC to remove sub-standard billboards along road corridors to promote safety and reduce driver distraction#tbt #UpperDarby One more for Happy #WawaDay. Red Arrow 69th St Terminal 1962 w/ and Wawana Cows on billboard.Super-popular YouTuber Bettany Mota has huge billboards at Yonge & Dundas. Why? Who's paying for them?This picture is on 2 billboards in Tulsa and pitt, in the yearbook, and in ... 続きを読む
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  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Nov. 28, 2016(Week47)

    #RussianConnection #NoMandateTrumps on #JackNJones ad: we got it wrong on one of those billboards and I'm sorry this happened.These #Digital #Billboards Show Commuters How Many Lonely Seniors Are Nearby #DOOHWe got Billboards look up you just might see. January 15th at the USF SunDome get your tickets todayA kinda weird thing abt being in Cuba was seeing Fidel's image everywhere, especially roadside propaganda billboardsBREAKING: Soho and Piccadilly plunged into darkness due to London power c... 続きを読む
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  • Song of the Day 2018

    [Song of the Day] 伊東ゆかり - ‘Too Young’, «Yukari Sings Standards».[Song of the Day] フランク永井 - ‘September Song’ (1973), «Sings Jazz and Popular Standards: The Victor Recordings 1955-1984».[Song of the Day] Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra - ‘Midsummernight in Gotland (Gotlaendsk Sommernatt)’ (1962), «The Singles+».Misora Hibari Jazz & Standard Complete Collection 1955-1966». 訳詞:犬童球渓 作曲:John P. Ordway 編曲:前田憲男 #犬童球渓 ... 続きを読む
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  • ロンドン大封鎖9日目Day9

    When a cartoon like this appears in the Standard, you know that #ExtinctionRebellion is setting the news-agenda and more!To all our friends in London with , we stand with you in solidarity all the way down in Plymouth!Updated schedule of events in #Manchester this week. Forgot to say we’ll have a stall at this Sunday (it’s all amazing vegan stuff!)This #EarthDay the police have swarmed and taken the sound system from the stage at Marble ArchTODAY, 5pm and TOMORROW, 10am, on The Emergency ... 続きを読む
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  • でんぱ組.incが本当にWorld Wideだった

    Got trolled with denpagumi! >=[ kalafibro and i are not amusedToday Dempagumi.inc will appear as Marble Wonderland in Anime Festival Asia Indenesia 2013. #Dempagumi #AFAID13 #MarbleWonderlandTerima kasih atas kunjunkan Sdr MARBLE WONDERLAND♡今日は、「日本祭り」と「MARBLE WONDER LAND ASIA可愛WAY」に参加します〜!AFA with MARBLE WONDERLAND in Jakartaに出演して来ました!おっしゃれー!ダッシュでNIHON MATSURIに移動ー!Thank you for coming to MARB... 続きを読む
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  • Biocuration2013

    Rich Roberts pushing for a Gold Standard database for biochemical functions. Current annotation too nonsepecific #isb2013Rich Roberts feels we miss a real good gold standard database of protein function and sequence. doesn't cut it apparently #isb2013The ghost on the #database? Noo! Te #GoldStandard database! Oy! #ESL teehee #DidYouHear? #ISB2013#ISB2013 Rich Roberts hobby-horse is the "gold standard database" of well curated informationSandra Orchard: stuff people into non a/c room on a hot ... 続きを読む
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  • ビンラディン襲撃作戦のライブツイート

    's legendary swatter should be made part of the Warcraft DOTA weapons!GarbageBut you threatened to go after the choppers with your (now legendary) swatter! :pRT : #Abbottabad : Helicopter crashes near Tarbela : Reportsyeh ghazi yeh pur asrar bande...helicopter and explosions in Abbotabad. God save us.RT Geo is reporting that Tarbela Airbase was used to mount the heli-borne strike. #OBLNeed to sleep after talking to and as they got to me first in person.Finally got the power back and the inter... 続きを読む
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  • 2012.9.16 Chikara Pro「King of Trios」Night 3

    Dang it! Roh wins. Fantastic match though. Standing ovation for sendai. #kot12Oh my God. Colt Cabana, Swamp Monster, Darkness Crabtree and Yohnel Sanders are a team. #KoT12Janetty pins The Barbarian. #KoT12Let's go Sendai girls! #KOT12Demolition vs Warlord & Barbarian. Biggest dudes ever. #KOT12Jigsaw just powerbombed Tadasuke on the apron and then hit a double stomp. #osk_pw #CHIKARA #KOT2012Back from intermission, Darkness Crabtree, Yonel Sanders, Colt Cabana & the Swamp Monster take on Ebe... 続きを読む
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  • 海外広告 - OOH Billboard Jan. 18, 2017(Week3)

    *** Our Bike Billboards are larger than the industry standard ***Landelijke campagne Qredits is vandaag weer begonnen met billboards en radiospots op , enI wish we got Dan and Phil billboards in Australia. You should hear the honking.COMING SOON to #AustraliaDay billboards - mandatory dress code for all women and girls.We need to stand up to shameful Muslim billboard outrage - AdNewsCan't believe theyve got billboards up for videos nowIn Stockholm, a billboard that coughs at nearby smokersWe ... 続きを読む
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  • ロンドン大封鎖8日目

    Or maybe the Chippendales just turned up to wow the Marble Arch crowd with a hot strip routine?Our demands 1 #TellTheTruth - Declare a climate and ecological emergency. 2 #ActNow - Halt biodiversity loss and go net #ZeroCarbon2025. 3 #BeyondPoliticsChristiana Figueres, lead architect of the UN's 2015 Paris Agreement, stands unequivocally in solidarity with #ExtinctionRebellion & #YouthStrike4Climate"We are now standing at a crossroads.The #ExtinctionRebellion Regeneration Game Today, 3 PM Mar... 続きを読む
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  • 北島康介選手の友人であり、最大のライバルであったダーレオーエン選手の全ツイート集

    Just had a Zumba class with legendary Kari Jaquesson,and it was a total blast!! So much fun!!"Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expect of you." - Henry Ward Beecherfår håpe det,med tanke på all arbeidet eg legger ned;).LEGENDARY!søndag med regnskapsarbeid og - bordet akustisk på Lydverket.Legendarisk!!leg(g)endarisk!legendarisk type!legendarisk! :)time to make some dinner. meatballs and macaroni!Legendary! 続きを読む
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  • ハッシュタグ『英国名物 it's a British thing』より

    Dustbin sounds so clean. Garbage sounds like garbage!!! RT : I say dustbin instead of garbage #ItsABritishThingwe call it secondary school not high school.....and its UNIVERSITY not college!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #itsabritishthing#itsabritishthing living in cities 10 miles apart and having totally different accents (both of which no one outside the UK can understand)i looked out my window and its horrible and rainey, so dark at 7:72 am! GOSH #itsabritishthingStanding still all day #itsabritishthingEve... 続きを読む
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  • 【号外】10月21日 ヒンクリー・ポイント・C建設合意

    Hinkley Point nuclear plant deal will 'help Britain succeed,' says PM David Cameron London Evening Standard"We've got a PM standing up for energy industry, not hard-pressed families," Ed Miliband tells BBC News ChannelEDF says consumers not on hook for Hinkley cost overruns, but £16bn does include a 'standard' contingency budget - EDF won't say how much."This agreement lays down the foundations for secure, affordable and low carbon energy at a price which is fair for the consumer" (VdR). on ... 続きを読む
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  • シーシェパードの支持者他の「地震ざまぁみろ」発言と、岩手県大槌町を訪れていた活動家の安否を気遣う日本人の対比。#th..

    I don't understand what japan did to deserve this..one day karma's gonna hit mother nature and give us good weather everyday.People are saying Japan are getting karma for what they did to Pearl Harbour. Looks like they totally forgot about Hiroshima and Nagasaki ;/You think Japan got hit because of Karma and you think they don't deserve help? Fuck you! How dare you say that. They have nothing!ok now, someone told me that japan got this kinda disaster is because of karma. srssly =_=The whole p... 続きを読む
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  • "Future Earth" tweets, July - December 2014

    Planetary Boundaries:the pros and the cons viaside event|Recent trends in carbon emissions and sharing a quota of cumulative emissionsRT : Downscaling planetary boundaries concept to regions.Can planetary boundaries be combined with indicators on social justice? | reportsChina, US, EU & India are responsible for 58% of total CO2 emissions #carbonbudget #pcm #CWNYCCan the doughnut go local? Here's how it got adapted for 2 Chinese localities.Just got off stage at #diversitas celebrations asking... 続きを読む
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  • タイラーだけど何か質問ある? #TalkToTaylor

    愛してるよ、タイラー (You cannot maybe understand my wards.) #TalkToTaylorKinda scared. Kinda hungry. A little sleepy.are you a carbon based life form?But I've got plans to get away one day soon. Stay tuned.#TalkToTaylor Glad to hear you're alright. On my end...I've been simultaneously busy...and terrified for you.Oh, and soil. I miss standing on soil. But also you!#TalkToTaylor this is important, are you a marvel or dc kind of person, taylor?Hey everyone, my orbit is starting to ta... 続きを読む
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  • ロンドン大封鎖Day5

    But what we need is role models who practice as they preach and live within the planetary boundaries.The science was laid out clearly and remorselessly. The footage was harrowing and astonishing.A doctor, who's been arrested ("I've got this fantastic sense of relieve that I had actually done something.."), a mother and a teacher explainSamba band arriving at Marble Arch from Oxford Circus #ExtinctionRebellionPlease come and make history with us at #ParliamentSquare, #MarbleArch, #OxfordCircus... 続きを読む
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  • Ride in Peace, Nicky Hayden 20170523 (#RIP #NickyHayden)

    Nicky #Hayden: #MotoGP-Stars bangen - Zustand extrem kritisch #GoNickyMay on my work calendar #KentuckyKid(2) Hayden family, friends, and countless fans. Barbara and I will keep the Hayden family in our prayers.” -Mayor Tom Watson. : “La grandezza di Nicky la si vede dal sostegno che tutti gli stanno dimostrando” #SkyMotoriRed Bull Honda World Superbike Team statement regarding Nicky HaydenDía de QP en Le mans, y mandando toda la energía a Nicky. #gonicky #staystrongnicky #nicky69…G... 続きを読む
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