• クランチロール自社作成カートゥーン、あまりの社会正義っぷりに炎上。

    GET WOKE GO BROKEGet Woke Go Broke.Get woke, go broke.Get woke, go broke.You keep going lower and lower, seriously get woke. #GetWokeGoBrokelol #Crunchyroll , totally woke., or Cowboy Bebop, not adventure time with woke girl magic. - Crunchy Roll Gets WOKE! With Show High Guardian Spice viaBroke: Hating crunchyroll cause they funded some cartoon Woke: Hating crunchyroll cause the akira movie has seventeen adsThere's nothing more hilarious to me than or anime fans trying to go "woke". 続きを読む
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  • #GetWokeGoBroke 社会正義に帯びても利益を得る保証はない。むしろ損失する可能性もある。

    次の #GetWokeGoBroke 案件になるかどうかは誰がファンかをプリパラ公式陣営がよく見ているかにかかる。その為、日本で初の#GetWokeGoBrokeの初の一例とされている。 破産してないだろ、だって?破産しなくても損失は出てるんだよ。海外にはGet woke, go broke.という言葉がある。 直訳、社会正義に目覚めることで破産する。正確な和訳は不明。 この場合、自分の仕事を都合を... 続きを読む
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  • 【ポリコレ算数】海外ポリコレ、2足す2は5だとマジで語る。【2+2=5】

    Noone is going to use woke math at the bank and woke math won't get us back to the moon or anywhere that matters. Pure 🤡翻訳Translation: Woke Minis: 2+2=4は他の結果を迫害する白人西洋数学上の視点Apparently, it's "woke" to try to undermine the truth we all know, that 2+2=4.This is what woke SJWs do to your country. Never let them in especially in education.A bunch of 'woke' mathematicians with pronouns in their bios or activists linked to like BLM/1619 project/etc.As a ... 続きを読む
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  • 茂木健一郎(@kenichiromogi)さんの連続ツイート第2430回「パヨクとsnowflake。日本語と英語の..

    社会問題に気づいてしまっている人たちのことをwoke とかwoke cultureと言うけれども、最近ではコメディアンのリッキー・ジャーヴェイスがwokefinder generalとして活躍しているらしい(笑)。wokeは、「目覚めている」ということについての揶揄なのだろうけれども、snowflakeとひとつづきの印象があるこうやって見ていくと、「ネトウヨ」は「ネット右翼」で語源がはっきり... 続きを読む
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  • 【海外の反応】PS4版ノラと皇女と野良猫ハートの検閲が海外でも認知されたようです。

    「Get woke, Go brokeだ。大豆ニー!」 Get woke=社会正義に目覚める Go broke=破産するGET WOKE GO BROKE SOYNYLooks like Sony is going to shit even in Japan! Yeah, abandon this sinking ship now.At least vita is more subtle about the censorship, and the fact it's far more natural, I likely wouldn't have noticed that it was censored.Which would promptly be used on the PC version.Japan takes orders from them now it seems.Christ, that's worse than Terra Formars's censorship. At l... 続きを読む
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  • チョーマ君の成長記録 2014・3rd album of Тёма from twitter

    The prince licked me, so I woke up. #Тёма #japanesechinWoke up next to these paws. He thought he could hide. #тёма #japanesechinMy son is even beautiful at 04:30 when we (I) woke up today. #japanesechin #ТёмаWhen I woke up, puppy was holding my hand. My son is so in touch... #japanesechin #ТёмаWas laying down to write and looked over to see my boy just zonked. #japanesechin #тёмаMy favorite place in the world. #Тёма #japanesechinТёма is enjoying reading the birthda... 続きを読む
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  • 山下達郎『サンデー・ソングブック』2013年3月24日放送<Vol.1067>・“リクエスト特集” #sundays..

    I Woke Up This Morning / Ten Years After 良い。 #sundaysongbookTOKYO FMでTen Years After「I Woke Up This Morning」を聴いてます #sundaysongbookTOKYO FMでTen Years After「I Woke Up This Morning」を聴いてます #sundaysongbook◖|・o・|◗~♪ I Woke Up This Morning / Ten Years After #nowplaying #sundaysongbook#SundaySongbook #tokyofm 6曲目 ♫ I Woke Up This Morning / Ten Years After [YouTube]TOKYO FMでTen Years After「I Woke Up This Morning」を聴いています... 続きを読む
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  • 海外ツイフェミ、異種族レビュアーズのアニメ化で発狂する。

    FUCKING—DUDE, YOURE NOT WOKE.I could smell the woke people crawling up from their sewers....even with wakfu's occasional adult joke they didn't go this far with the honkadonkaroos“It’s an anime about reviewing sex work and respecting it” WELL SHIT IF A CERTAIN GENDER DIDNT HAVE TO MAKE IT A COMPETITION ABOUT BEST GENDEREDCOMPANIONSHIP THEN THERE WOULDNT HAVE TO BE PPL WHO RELY ON THAT TYPE OF WORK AS AN INCOME WOULD THEREMe: You know you can make characters with interesting personalit... 続きを読む
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  • a wrap on glee for 2011

    Was so sleepy when I woke up today but I'm so excited to go home! NYC here I come:)woke up way too early today. ahh well, another big musical number today at mckinley, then winter break...feels like actual high school!You know your tired when you wake up at 2pm....starbucks, then work :)Last day of work before our holiday break!!! Let's make it a great day!!!Vacation starts now in my bed lol probably gonna take a media vacay these next two weeks tooOk. Time for vacation. Our last shot of 2011... 続きを読む
    825pv 2 2011年12月18日
  • 世界中のコスプレイヤーがパンを咥えて「遅刻遅刻~!」をやるオンラインイベント『BreadCon 2020』

    Oh no, I woke up late!I woke up late for school! Yuki, hurry up! We’re going to be late!“Woke up too late for school, so I guess I’m just going to own some n00bs in Starcraft 2 instead.”Woke up late and had to rush out with my breakfast in my mouth for school. I hope I'm not the only one who's late!Surprise it was all a joke!Even if it was an April Fool's joke all along. Stay home if you can guys, this pandemic is no joke. Be safe💕It was all a joke APRIL FOOLS!! #breadcon2020 Pleas... 続きを読む
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  • つるとかめ、正当な注目を浴びる。Woke及び意識高い系のポリコレハフポストがなでしこ寿司を持ち上げる一方で。

    Woke culture is dying as more and more people realize it's a load of garbage"Two years ago, we told you: If you're pushing the fake social justice narrative for clicks, you will not make it." - Context: Verizon is selling 続きを読む
    8840pv 12 2019年11月5日
  • チョーマ君の成長記録 2012 ・A Growth Record of puppy Tyoma

    Тёма woke up from his nap in his furry bed from Aunty and Uncle Jared!How someone do cute can look so angry when he's woken I'll never know. #Тёма #LittleDudeТёма practicing his pike position so he can grow up to be like or .Easy like Sunday morning.Year of the snake and Shishimai costume!Evidence of the 6am pancake attack. #shortstack #ТёмаIt brightens my day when sends me things like this. #ТёмаТёма is finally awake. Beyond excited for me and birthday party tonight!... 続きを読む
    7581pv 62 15 2012年10月9日
  • シーシェパードvs俺

    Woke up to dozens of crude and violent tweets from trolls. Some people have too much time.6分 Woke up to dozens of crude and violent tweets from trolls. Some people have too much time.Shut fuck that bitch , Woke up to dozens of crude and violent tweets from trolls. Some people have too much time.Looks like tweet action worked -- again :)Chicken Chicken troll and stalker listBYE PLONKER! BLOCKEDHello ladies and gentlemen BYE PLONKER! BLOCKEDBlocked :)troll and stalker listyour blocked and go ... 続きを読む
    4553pv 39 12 2014年1月26日
  • S.ブレストンによるL.フィッツジェラルドいじり

    Fitz finally woke up,they are headed home now. Have a good rest of the day everybody.Wow...I didn't know there was 2 fitz... He trying to wake the other one up for a ride home.Fitz seating a in the locker room with his gold chain on.Fitz getting a little workout after practice...some power cleans.Ok clearly we have ourselves a comedian on our hands....lolFitz giving the young "old" rookie wideout Steve Williams some pointers on route running. 続きを読む
    856pv 2010年10月21日
  • ソチ五輪でのキム・ヨナ 日本や海外スケーターたちの反応

    "I woke up like this, I woke up like this".Did she just look complacent when her score came up? Only 74? Ok I guess I'll take it #spoileralert You won the short YunaWow. Yuna Kim. Amazing like she always is. #queenyunaWorking out while watching #SochiGames and even the men focused on the hockey game stopped to watch Kim. She is captivating!!Wow #YunaKim -->just WOW!Like, Yuna Kim has some potentialYuna Kim, she skated like a queen!We just saw two programs that were Olympic gold worthy. Unreal... 続きを読む
    8634pv 2 2015年3月29日
  • 2010/12/11のないすみー♪

    G'morning just woke up, and hope you have a good one. #twinglish #eigocafe #niceme #goodmorning 続きを読む
    508pv 2010年12月12日
  • 英BBC、ジャーナリストの48時間スト

    woke to the semi-conscious idea that Emu and the late Rod Hull had broken into the bedroom. Birds do not a show replace. #bbcstrikewoke up wondering whether it was actually Friday, checked tuning of laptop and radio, then conspiracy theories. #bbcstrikeWoke up to lovely show on radio 4 - A History of the Wash. Why don't we have more programming like this? #bbcstrikeGood to know I wasn't only one thrown by absence of Today prog and World News briefing this am. Thought I'd woken up 1hr early. #... 続きを読む
    2445pv 1 2010年11月5日
  • 朝の日本語/Commun Japanese used in the morning

    (kyou wa hachi ji ni okita)】I woke up at 8 this morning. Me he levantado a las 8 esta mañana. #Japanese #日本語 続きを読む
    1638pv 10 1 2012年6月27日
  • 乙武に返り討ちくらい垢消し逃亡した @Miyashi_t が今度は新垢で外人に暴言吐いて憂さ晴らししてる件

    Just woke up, still kind of tired, I don't live in Japan... I can type Japanese, but it may not be accurate that often.「I would like to lick a pussy」why would you even say that?!offended... like thats just rude. 続きを読む
    3431pv 4 2012年6月1日
  • GeoHazardsNCP2018: UTokyo-ANU International Excursion on E..

    Woke up to tremors from the 5.4 magnitude earthquake near the Fukushima prefecture this morning.This was really interesting to learn about as many of us were woken up by an earthquake around 5 this morning! #geohazardsncp18Satake linked the #2011tsunami to one in 1896 & another in 869,& how the 2011 one had elements of the@two earlier ones.Using historicalIn Japan to learn about natural hazards and I manage to sleep through a 5.4 earthquake 🤷🏼‍♀️ Will have to rely on the lectures ... 続きを読む
    689pv 3 1 user 2018年9月6日
  • Husbandsプロモ @HawaiiCon

    I woke up like this...Even at , I don't like to get too far away from Hook and Tink! #onceuponatimeTwo of my biggest fans, and , take a photo with me at #HawaiiCon2014He liked it.& are leading acting & screenwriting workshops ! Info:Writing workshop with the talented Jane Espenson and Brad Bell! #HawaiiCon2014At prepping for writing workshop with Brad Bell (). If you're here, come on by!Quickly, I rewrote the punchline: "Cause I'm a real firecracker." And can you believe it? They laughed!Two ... 続きを読む
    485pv 2014年9月14日
  • 試しに『food porno』で画像検索してみた

    Just woke up so I'm having lunch for Breakfast lol. #late #salad #briyani #food #instafood #foodporno…Look this foooood .. #FoodPorno #onlyRealWomenCook ;)#pavlova #cooking #dessert #merengue #instafood #cake #foodpornoYummy Rainbow Cake #cake #foodporno #instafood #foodpornography #lol #FOOD #dessert #colouful #baked…#Porno #Food #chickens#HomeCook #AyamBerlada #FoodPorn #FoodPorno #MouthGasm #Orgasm #DailyPhoto #MealOfTheDay 続きを読む
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  • 「1ヶ月かかるものを10日で完成させるとはこういうこと」を示した動画がわかりやすい…クライアントにこのまま見せたい

    Woke up this morning to a surprise birthday present of over 1000 new followers. You guys are awesome! Thank you all!Dev: Okay, you decide... about the result.Let me know what you'd like to see next.Hope it's worth the rewatch 😀👍An uncredited low quality version has been made into several memes and viewed at least 10 million times across multiple social networks. 続きを読む
    396840pv 1030 641 users 2640 2018年1月7日
  • 死神の少女:お話(英語)/絵は、ブギーボード(boogie board)で作成

    She woke up."Are you okay? Tired?" a 6tailed fox asked her."No, I'm just having a coffee break," she hold herself and liedShe took something. She treated it cafefully and preciously.She left there without saying a word anymore. "Remember! You are Death!" said the bat."I don't like seeing the death of humans and animals," she replied."Please play with my kids," the big cat asked her. She felt bit happier. 続きを読む
    1168pv 2010年12月26日
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