Tech Learn w/English #3 Online Meetup

dz づ | Kazumi OHIRA 🇯🇵 @dz_

I remembered the phrase “On behalf of the organizers,”! (I mistook the phrase at the closing of meetup) #TechLearnEng

2020-04-13 22:47:44
Lena Morita @mirka

I have so much respect for Japanese folks who study English. As an English speaker learning French/German (which are both pretty similar to English!), I can only imagine how difficult it is to learn English from such a different language. #TechLearnEng

2020-04-13 22:03:04
dz づ | Kazumi OHIRA 🇯🇵 @dz_

We talked about how was the meetup and how to improve for next, after tonight's meetup. It was difficult for me to explain my thought( because that is not about technology), but I tried hard similar to today's attendees. It was great opportunity for me. #TechLearnEng

2020-04-13 22:02:24
dz づ | Kazumi OHIRA 🇯🇵 @dz_

Thanks for attending tonight's meetup!! We continue to hold meetups. Stay tuned! #TechLearnEng

2020-04-13 22:01:58
Lena Morita @mirka

Here are my slides for today! Find out how you can maximize the effectiveness of your flashcards using evidence-based techniques and software. #TechLearnEng…

2020-04-13 21:58:45
へー/heisy @heisy

Its great presentation/ conversation than I thought 😍 Thank you for organizers/participant ☺️ #TechLearnEng

2020-04-13 21:37:52
株式会社ジョーレン @Joolen_inc

当社社員が場をとても温めています! トークのテーマとなった #callforcode は英語力の向上にも役立つ素晴らしいグローバルハッカソンです! #TechLearnEng…

2020-04-13 20:43:02
Taiji Eddie Hagino @taiponrock

Ishizawa san session is about #CallforCode Global Challenge 2020 at #TechLearnEng ! with @motumotuo

2020-04-13 20:21:12
Tanaka Seigo @1ft_seabass

Oh! I made a mistake hashtag! I shared again. Thank you very much for listening! #TechLearnEng…

2020-04-13 20:19:03
Ken Azuma @kenazuma

Reason why I asked about English learning program to Lena is, I know many big enterprise like IBM or Microsoft has their own programs. But I want to know more smaller but smart company do for this. #TechLearnEng

2020-04-13 20:17:01
Taiji Eddie Hagino @taiponrock

Next amazing session is presented by @mirka It's her knowledge of studying English language as a bilingual #TechLearnEng

2020-04-13 19:59:53
kun432@VFJUG🇯🇵 @kun432

it's like using English-English dictionary! #TechLearnEng

2020-04-13 19:45:42
Daizen Ikehara @Neri78

今から参加はできないのかしらん? #TechLearnEng

2020-04-13 19:42:25