ノンバイナリーっていう敬語の概念のお話ですぜ。海外では非常に重要視されてるわけです。我々日本人がこの話を聞いて思い浮かべる以上の大きな議題となります。そこに宇多田が参じたからこそ、いやーすばらしい、さすがの宇多田ヒカルだ、一歩先の地平を我々に観せてくれますねえ、と絶賛されてるわけなんですぜ。そこに痺れる憧れるってことで、ぼくはくまだけにシュレディンガーの🐻かな? 続きはWebで🎁 http://kusuguri.kir.jp/ https://bookwalker.jp/series/115385/ https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B083367Z2R/


PAUL : 2022 Edition @HuginsPL

Hikaru Utada Officially Comes Out as Non-Binary youtu.be/skul7uBK3ck via @YouTube

2021-06-27 14:10:22


Jesse Pro @JProYouKnow

Utada Hikaru being nonbinary and apparently using the prefix "Mys" as short for "Mystery" was such a wild several minutes of discovery, I have no choice but to kneel to greatness pic.twitter.com/XHu09amRAs

2021-06-27 01:00:49




ザヴァツキ Ⓐ 電書会の年末セール実施中 固定参照📚 @Object357

@apricotfaerie @JProYouKnow Thank you very much. Hikaru Utada is a great artist who is very popular in Japan. I like her too. And this idea is so KEWL, I feeling good too. Although not as good as that, I made an article to introduce as an individual on a Japanese subculture site.☕🐰 togetter.com/li/1736622

2021-06-27 03:25:53
ザヴァツキ Ⓐ 電書会の年末セール実施中 固定参照📚 @Object357


2021-06-27 07:11:01
𝖆𝖓𝖟𝖚. 🌕 venat's gorillagrip pussy. @apricotfaerie

@Object357 @JProYouKnow You're welcome! Utada is very big internationally and I've resonated with her sound since I was a child so seeing her come out as non-binary and share the same gender identity as me at the peak of her career is so inspiring and uplifting. So happy for them to find themselves.

2021-06-27 04:15:44
ザヴァツキ Ⓐ 電書会の年末セール実施中 固定参照📚 @Object357

翻訳:どういたしまして! 宇多田は国際的に非常に大きく、子供の頃から彼女の音に共感していたので、彼女が非バイナリとして出てきて、彼女のキャリアのピーク時に私と同じ性同一性を共有しているのを見ると、とても刺激的で高揚します。彼らが自分自身を見つけるのはとても幸せです。とのことですぜ

2021-06-27 04:26:38
𝖆𝖓𝖟𝖚. 🌕 venat's gorillagrip pussy. @apricotfaerie

@Object357 @JProYouKnow i used improper pronouns. can't confirm because the livestream isn't up but apparently utada wants to be referred to as he/him with mys./mx. honorifics (pronounced mystery/mix). unsure of it so stick with they/them until official statement from utada.

2021-06-27 05:34:08
ザヴァツキ Ⓐ 電書会の年末セール実施中 固定参照📚 @Object357


2021-06-27 05:37:30
ザヴァツキ Ⓐ 電書会の年末セール実施中 固定参照📚 @Object357

@apricotfaerie @JProYouKnow Sure. Utada's famous and impressive song "ぼくはくま" means, I'm a bear. Released in 2006. Utada was maybe, has been thinking about non-binary for a long time, I think. "ぼく" in this case means exactly he/him. I would like to wait for the official announcement. By a KEWL bear.🐻

2021-06-27 05:46:48
ザヴァツキ Ⓐ 電書会の年末セール実施中 固定参照📚 @Object357


2021-06-27 05:50:04


Lulu🌈🎏 @luulubuu

Utada Hikaru has come out as nonbinary, so I have an excuse to bring back this iconic tweet by them pic.twitter.com/GbPJSSacxP

2021-06-27 01:56:40
ザヴァツキ Ⓐ 電書会の年末セール実施中 固定参照📚 @Object357

@luulubuu @apricotfaerie I have summarized the information☕🐰 宇多田ヒカル、海外でincredibleと絶賛される。性差のある呼称ではなくミステリーな"Mys"で名乗った由 - Togetter togetter.com/li/1736622

2021-06-27 04:34:29
ザヴァツキ Ⓐ 電書会の年末セール実施中 固定参照📚 @Object357

@luulubuu @apricotfaerie I'm quick to hear, so an international exis. It means that Hikaru Utada made a name for herself as a non-binary. It ’s sensational news. If a star like her makes such an expression, the future will be much brighter. It's very nice. I will support them from the bottom of my heart.

2021-06-27 04:43:01
ザヴァツキ Ⓐ 電書会の年末セール実施中 固定参照📚 @Object357


2021-06-27 06:16:28
ଘ ꒰ ˘͈ᵕ˘͈꒱ @axoloddle

@luulubuu my sanctuary lady doesn’t have any binanries??? very cool!

2021-06-27 01:59:08
Just an Ott @RotundRdderbutt

@luulubuu @axoloddle Guess the homophobes will have to face their fears 😔

2021-06-27 03:32:08