バフィーのファンサイト(多分・・)の@buffyfest企画のジェーンさんのツイッターパーティ。 ジェーンさんの計らいにより、ブラッドとバフィーの脚本を書いてるDrew Z. Greenbergさん @DrewZachary の2人も参加。ジェーンさんとDrewさんのツイートはブラッド絡みのとこだけ拾ってます。
buffyfest @buffyfest

Announcement! Updated time and hashtag for tonight's chat with @JaneEspenson 10 pm EST/ 7pm PDT #EspensonChat

2012-11-15 06:26:52
Jane Espenson @JaneEspenson

CHAT! Ask me, @DrewZachary &/or @GoCheeksGo, but use the hashtag #EspensonChat We'll respond directly to you, so search the tag to see all.

2012-11-15 11:58:27
Jane Espenson @JaneEspenson

To refresh -- @Drewzachary wrote Buffy, Warehouse 13, and writes Buffy comics with me including today's new "Billy issue". #EspensonChat

2012-11-15 11:59:36
buffyfest @buffyfest

Hello tweeps! Please give a warm welcome to Whedonverse greats @JaneEspenson & @DrewZachary and @GoCheeksGo of 'Husbands' fame #EspensonChat

2012-11-15 12:00:02
Jane Espenson @JaneEspenson

And @GoCheeksGo is Brad Bell, created Husbands, co-wrote it & also wrote the Husbands comic books. Plus Pop-Up Video and his own material!

2012-11-15 12:00:45
(((Drew Z. Greenberg))) @DrewZachary

Hello, all. I am ready for my #espensonchat. Which I assume is where we talk about French cats who resemble @JaneEspenson. cc @GoCheeksGo

2012-11-15 12:00:59
Brad Bell @GoCheeksGo

Are we #espensonchat ing? I was on a writing sprint. Talk to me lovelies. How does the evening find you?

2012-11-15 12:02:00
Brad Bell @GoCheeksGo

@Race_Daniels @DrewZachary You didn't ask me, but if I may... this problem won't be the case much longer. ;)

2012-11-15 12:04:50
Jane Espenson @JaneEspenson

@GoCheeksGo Welcome to the #EspensonChat ! Someone wants us in Melbourne. Shall we go?

2012-11-15 12:04:57
Brad Bell @GoCheeksGo

@JaneEspenson Yes. Now? I can be at the airport, like, now. Australia is my dream destination!

2012-11-15 12:06:36
(((Drew Z. Greenberg))) @DrewZachary

@katbeansauce I loved Angelus. And The Nerd Trio. And Buffy coming back from the dead. And Faith. @JaneEspenson @GoCheeksGo #espensonchat

2012-11-15 12:10:49
Brad Bell @GoCheeksGo

@JaneEspenson @katbeansauce @DrewZachary I know most people think it's whack, but I'm a Buffy-Riley guy myself. He just wanted to love her!

2012-11-15 12:11:56
Race 'PhD in social distancing' Daniels @Race_Daniels

@DrewZachary Why, despite advances in other areas, do u think Scifi/fantasy still lags in developing. canon queer storylines?#EspensonChat

2012-11-15 12:04:55
Brad Bell @GoCheeksGo

@DrewZachary @Race_Daniels I'll see to it personally. You have my word.

2012-11-15 12:09:42
Philip Larkin @philiplarkin

@JaneEspenson @drewzachary @gocheeksgo Advice for a panicking TV writer whose just been laid off from his 'pay the rent' job? #EspensonChat

2012-11-15 12:07:48
Brad Bell @GoCheeksGo

@philiplarkin @JaneEspenson @DrewZachary Work your contacts. Write a spec. And don't panic. Believe something good is in the works.

2012-11-15 12:13:22
Jane Espenson @JaneEspenson

@philiplarkin @DrewZachary @GoCheeksGo TV writing is a hard job to get, but as long as you are progressing to that goal, you're OK.

2012-11-15 12:25:41