Reaction to ZUN @ AWA

Heidi Kemps and Mauve react to the announcement that ZUN will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta.
k.r. @kransomwastaken

ZUN announced for Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 :O

2013-02-05 16:18:39
H.K // デビル零 @Zerochan

I really, really hope people won't do stupid things around ZUN but that's not likely

2013-02-05 16:23:35
mauve @mauvecow

@Zerochan Given how he's been marketing the franchise harder the past few years I wonder if this is the start of inroads to the West.

2013-02-05 16:30:40
H.K // デビル零 @Zerochan

@mauvecow but you'd think one of the several doujin game publishers would be selling it by now...

2013-02-05 16:31:27
H.K // デビル零 @Zerochan

@mauvecow oh wait, I just assumed Touhou fans actually play the games nvm

2013-02-05 16:31:40
mauve @mauvecow

@Zerochan The licensing for the series is extremely problematic the way he's got it set up. He'd also have to delegate the rights and ...

2013-02-05 16:32:29
mauve @mauvecow

@Zerochan I don't think he wants to do that. (i used to work on the official th games' fan translations, we talked about this a lot)

2013-02-05 16:32:56
H.K // デビル零 @Zerochan

@mauvecow What do you mean by delegate the rights exactly?

2013-02-05 16:34:28
mauve @mauvecow

@Zerochan While the main rights go through a shell company now, I'm pretty sure he likes having direct control over the main series.

2013-02-05 16:35:27
mauve @mauvecow

@Zerochan If it gets localized, there'd be an official fork that wouldn't be his. It might also clash with the existing derivative rules...

2013-02-05 16:36:36
H.K // デビル零 @Zerochan

@mauvecow So he'd rather fan translations propagate, or what?

2013-02-05 16:37:19
mauve @mauvecow

@Zerochan eg there's a rule against foreigner-focused download sites. We know about this because of the Touhouvania2 translation.

2013-02-05 16:37:27
mauve @mauvecow

@Zerochan He's been asked straight up about them in the past and he's said he's okay with it. I think. Hazy memory on this one.

2013-02-05 16:37:55
H.K // デビル零 @Zerochan

@mauvecow Gah, I need to find a way to AWA to get a proper interview. Guy needs a chat on Gamasutra or something!

2013-02-05 16:38:47
mauve @mauvecow

@Zerochan Full agreement. But I think if he was going to localize he would have done so by now; god knows he's been hounded about it.

2013-02-05 16:39:05
mauve @mauvecow

@Zerochan If it does come I'd honestly absolutely love to work on an official translation of IaMP but probably not so much the newer stuff!

2013-02-05 16:42:37