Open Data on the Web Day 1

Julianlstar 🌻 @Julianlstar

Setting off on the journey from Manchester for 2 days of #ODW13 Going to be some fascinating stuff - if I don't fall asleep

2013-04-23 12:33:39
Jaume Fortuny @fortuny

Eager to read her future posts ;-) >> RT @ElaMi5: In London today for #odw13, very excited to meet @philarcher1

2013-04-23 14:41:03
Hadley Beeman @hadleybeeman

I'm looking fwd to exploring the future of Open Data on the Web at the W3C/ODI/OKFN workshop. Tech, policy & outcomes... Great stuff! #ODW13

2013-04-23 14:42:22
Ghislain Atemezing @gatemezing

Oh la starts discussions around the future of Open Data on the Web? Yes, in London with many VIPs, and @datalift of #course.#odw13

2013-04-23 15:00:04
Bart van Leeuwen @semanticfire

after a quiet night on my way to #odw13 looking forward to meet you all at lunch

2013-04-23 15:26:07
Jeni Tennison @JeniT

On my way in for #odw13. Hoping for some concrete outputs from the two days, and looking forward to catching up with old friends :)

2013-04-23 16:04:28
james fuller @_james_fuller

@JeniT #odw13 is this week ? darn ... I think @jpcs is going to this as well, pls do send any streaming info if provided

2013-04-23 16:11:12
giulio quaggiotto @gquaggiotto

Bets are open! Will @ElaMi5 set #odw13 on fire today, as per her usual? :-) [on #bigdata for #globaldev orgs]

2013-04-23 16:21:07
Tristan Roddis @tristan_roddis

Exciting to be going to #odw13 today to talk about @cogapp's linked data work with the @sciencemuseum

2013-04-23 16:31:29
Jaume Fortuny @fortuny

I think so RT @gquaggiotto Bets are open! Will @ElaMi5 set #odw13 on fire today,as per her usual? #bigdata #globaldev

2013-04-23 16:38:21
UNDP Eurasia @UNDPEurasia

Is it #bigdata or small data that will help #development organisations achieve more? @elami5 speaking at #odw13

2013-04-23 16:39:31
Richard Light @RichardOfSussex

@JeniT Also looking forward to #odw13, but likely to be late thanks to train delays.

2013-04-23 16:40:48
Olivia Burman @OliviaBurman

To all taking part in #odw13, enjoy! Very jealous I can't make this evening! /cc @philarcher1 @jecroucher

2013-04-23 16:54:31
Paul Groth @pgroth

For those attending #odw13 the @Open_PHACTS platform uses #linkeddata - makes it easy for developers in #Pharma

2013-04-23 17:03:29
madi weland solomon @madisolo

#ODW13 full house, at the Google Campus, London.

2013-04-23 17:15:02
Yoshiaki Fukami @rhys_no1

#opendata on the web/ #odw13 is beginning! (with Fumihiro at Google Campus) —

2013-04-23 17:21:28
Julianlstar 🌻 @Julianlstar

Me thinks I should of walked down Old St rather than get the bus. Nearly at #odw13 but not quite

2013-04-23 17:22:39
Yoshiaki Fukami @rhys_no1

というわけで、#w3c ODI OKFN 共催のオープンデータ ワークショップがいよいよ始まります。RT: #opendata on the web/ #odw13 's website is here.

2013-04-23 17:23:20
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